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1st October 12:08pm
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October Haiku Theme: Hills
Post your haiku about hills.
10th September 5:04pm

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8th September 1:13am

He hasn't a clue
That I love you like I do
That you'll always do

Bodies so nimble
Wishing that I was single
Petting so sinful

Watching your lips curl
Dress me up like your school girl
Under you I'll swirl

It's beneficial
But won't be emotional
Gone artificial

I'll pay him in full
Sheets by the fistful
Now it's typical

You haven't a clue
I love you like I want to
Anyone will do

5th September 9:15am

The hush of the night
The innocence of an eyelash
The glimpse of embrace

The color of flame
Tendrils around her forehead
The sway of a song

The glory of being
Beauty in the motion
The curl of her lips

A soft latent sigh
Clarity of the sunrise
The taste of a tear
3rd September 7:40pm

Bubbling happiness
Perfectly upturned smile, gem

Touch your face with mine
Filled with delight and wonder
My skin is laughing

Arms entwined lips soft
My fantasy brought to life
Sweet to the senses

Silken arousal
Your body brings me closer
Passion crying out

Undulating hips
Rhythm building perfectly
Unrestricted sweat pours

Voracious pleasure
Ride sent into ecstasy
Beloved quaking

Catching breath, smiling
Delight spreads like honey
Bubbling happiness

1st September 8:45pm

To Whom It May Concern
I sit quietly
Enjoying time without you
No darkness, pure light

Broken glass and noise
I triumph over crying
Belief in myself

History now gone
New horizons I can see
True light, new hope, peace

Grass grows and blue sky
You no longer occupy
I am free today
1st September 8:17am
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September Senryu Theme: Birth
Post your senryu (human haiku) about birth.
1st September 8:17am
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September Haiku Theme: Leaves
Post your haiku about leaves
5th August 3:23pm
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August Haiku Theme: Waves
Post your haiku about waves
5th August 3:22pm
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August Senryu Theme: Shame
Post your senryu (human haiku) about shame.
7th July 1:45pm
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July Senryu Theme: Nuturing
Post your senryu (human haiku) about nuturing.
7th July 1:45pm
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July Haiku Theme: Foxes
Post your haiku about foxes