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7th May 5:15am
Jade-Pandora jade tiger

Racing to Flower

( a Renga )  

bluebells bursting—  
swallows over Sahara
chasing their rebirth  
racing to flower  
before air becomes acid  
like no other spring  
or vengeful hornets  
killing bees as they forage  
—nothing will grow  
warm days come on wings  
but who shall harvest  
far from a garden  
more silent than birdsong  
__empty streets  
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Written by Jade-Pandora (jade tiger)
About nature & the pandemic.
6th May 9:26pm
Wh1skeySwagger Swagger


Wh1skeySwagger (Swagger)
Visual Senryu I put together
Edited 19th May 11:31am
anvinvil Anvillan

The Course...
The sea is angry
Spinning white caps on my bow
Stay the course or die
26th April 10:44am
anvinvil Anvillan

Nighttime, sliver of light
Inspiration in the void
Darkness nurtures me
16th April 6:35am
seekingkate kateA

night strolls in with you
lightning flashes of the past
nothing but fools gold
6th April 10:13am
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