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4th August 8:19pm
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August Senryu Theme: Loyalty
Post your senryu (human haiku) about loyalty.
4th August 8:19pm
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August Haiku Theme: Trees
Post your haiku about trees.
Edited 3rd September 11:19pm
badmalthus Harry Rout

Introduction to Tanka Poetry
Tanka writing is another pre-haiku form of Japanese poetry that is written in a stanzaic form of, five-seven-five / seven-seven pattern. Again, we must remember that this is not our traditional syllable count but onji, word sounds, so a tanka follows the same rules as haiku and senryu writing.
Tanka were often used as love notes sent from lover to lover that expressed desire and gratitude. Initially they were used to express an appreciation of nature. These days they are written on just about every subject, from love to war, politics and religion.
So please, do not hold back...let your tanka speak honestly...let them shout or let them whisper.


sitting silently
beneath the moon
and stars

memories of you
come and go
5th August 9:24pm

wispy limber branch
draped over barren desert
creates healing shade
5th August 9:08pm

united by desire
opposite sides of same coin
whole greater than sum
5th August 7:03pm

Who's Lying?

Who is the liar ...
The one who says, or the one
who misconstrues said?
Written by AnonymousBystander
constructionism ... word's don't have meanings ... people do ... and they use words to express those meanings ... (according to Lord Hoffman (sp?))
4th August 9:58pm

True Friends
True friends should require
real loyalty and respect,
to prove that they care.

21st July 6:03pm
Brie0077 Epiphany

Love Lavender
Love the Lavender.
Purple bliss and fragrant peace
Heals heart and soul
15th July 7:01pm
Ely E.A.Rothwell

Tanka #34 ...tell that to the Cat
Everything I have ever heard
and everything i've read
says cats are strictly carnivores...

Tell the Cat...who's up on the kitchen counter
...eating the last two roasted carrots...
5th July 3:57pm
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Haiku July Theme: Summer
Post your haiku about summer.
5th July 3:56pm
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Senryu July Theme: Courage
Post your senryu (human haiku) about courage.
10th June 8:20am

Mark Kennedy Stone

... did she really give
consent to a man unknown
Mark Kennedy ... ... Stone?
Written by AnonymousBystander
Mark Kennedy Stone