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1st April 11:37am
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Haiku April Theme: Bees
Post your haiku about bees.
1st April 11:36am
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Senryu April Theme: Forgiveness
Post your senryu (human haiku) about forgiveness.
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badmalthus Harry Rout

Introduction to Tanka Poetry
Tanka writing is another pre-haiku form of Japanese poetry that is written in a stanzaic form of, five-seven-five / seven-seven pattern. Again, we must remember that this is not our traditional syllable count but onji, word sounds, so a tanka follows the same rules as haiku and senryu writing.
Tanka were often used as love notes sent from lover to lover that expressed desire and gratitude. Initially they were used to express an appreciation of nature. These days they are written on just about every subject, from love to war, politics and religion.
So please, do not hold back...let your tanka speak honestly...let them shout or let them whisper.


sitting silently
beneath the moon
and stars

memories of you
come and go
18th April 5:02am

17th April 7:51pm

Happy National Haiku Day
I will consume you
Your flesh is mine to caress
Please, oh please, say yes
Edited 17th April 7:51pm

National Haiku Day
In honor of #Nationalhaikuday
My favorite Western haiku:

Haikus are easy
But sometimes they don't make sense-

9th April 11:07am

Paulo Freire

The Pedagogy
of the Oppress'd. ... Synergy
of strangers talking.
Written by AnonymousBystander
Paulo Freire
4th April 7:27pm

Taste Your Blood
I will taste your blood
Viciously you cut my heart
Your death revives me
31st March 12:22pm

I Think That ...

do you ever ask ...
who engineers your consent
... where your free will went
Written by AnonymousBystander
I think everyone would agree with me when I say ...
30th March 9:35pm

Never Fear

neither Rossetti
nor Villon knew he, but still
told of yesteryear
Written by AnonymousBystander
Never Fear
28th March 2:07pm

Raw Truth
Kind of pissed off today.
You best stay out of my way.
Or pain will be yours.
Edited 24th March 7:03am

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