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6th February 2:30pm
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Senryu February Theme: Forbidden Love
Post your Senryu (human haiku) about temptation and forbidden love.
6th February 2:32pm
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Haiku February Theme: Cats
Post your Haiku about cats.
Edited 3rd September 11:19pm
badmalthus Harry Rout

Introduction to Tanka Poetry
Tanka writing is another pre-haiku form of Japanese poetry that is written in a stanzaic form of, five-seven-five / seven-seven pattern. Again, we must remember that this is not our traditional syllable count but onji, word sounds, so a tanka follows the same rules as haiku and senryu writing.
Tanka were often used as love notes sent from lover to lover that expressed desire and gratitude. Initially they were used to express an appreciation of nature. These days they are written on just about every subject, from love to war, politics and religion.
So please, do not hold back...let your tanka speak honestly...let them shout or let them whisper.


sitting silently
beneath the moon
and stars

memories of you
come and go
22nd January 5:41pm

Black, unlit darkness
Covers the sky at midnight
No glittering stars
22nd January 10:54am

Flush It Away

Will democracy
be flushed away like a turd?
A bad day for all.
Written by AnonymousBystander
2nd attempt at a Haiku (but people tell me it's a senryu). It's supposed to be expressing the sadness and despair at our behaviour when democracy doesn't go our way.
17th January 12:18pm

Luttwak Nation State

Is it worth breaking
the social contract, and so ...
Luttwak Nation State?
Written by AnonymousBystander
Luttwak Nation State
My attempt at a haiku.
The social contract is the Hobbes to Locke idea ...
Luttwak is Edward Luttwak and after reading his book, 'Coup d'etat: A Practical Handbook' it was obvious that there were/are a large number of Nation States that had/have no relation to their underlying Nations.
16th January 9:30pm
Wordhobo Word Hobo

Haiku du01
poetry 1758
lenten rose broken
imbrued red virulent sky
sanguinary pose

gv 4.13.17

12th January 4:54am
MantriMarku Mantri Marku

HAIKU POETRY - Introduction

Haiku in English Language is a very short Poem which impresses listeners.

It’s a Japanese famous Poetry. A Haiku in the English language is often written in three short lines and read out aloud in about six seconds. Haiku is a world’s shortest poem consisting of just 17 syllables, also called morae or morae. Total Three line poem. First line 5 words (words are called syllables or morae), second line 7 words, Third line 5 words).

Haiku is famous in Japan. Today, Haiku Societies exist in Japan, the United States, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, London, Scotland, Australia, Sri Lanka and almost haiku in use in English speaking countries viz., Germany, Sweden, France, Mexico, The Netherlands, the Balkan countries and Russia, and in few countries in the world.

Almost, Haiku (comes from a ‘first verse’ called hokku) is cherished in 50 Countries in the World. One of them is Croatia.

How to write Haiku poem: A haiku is a short three line poem that uses sensory language to capture a feeling or image. Haiku poetry was originally developed by Japanese poets. People are often inspired by nature a moment of beauty, or poignant experience. To write a haiku, start by brainstorming ideas for the poem. Then, write the poem with strong details and detailed imagery. Make sure you polish the haiku and listen to how it sounds out loud so it is at its best. A haiku expresses a single feeling or impression and contains three unrhymed lines of five, seven and five syllables, respectively.

What are haiku? A hai means ‘unusual’ and ku means ‘verse’ or ‘strophe’. So haiku are, literally, unusual verses.

Example-1: Go for a walk in nature: Many haikus are inspired by objects in the natural world, such as trees, rocks, mountains and flowers. To get ideas for your poem, take a walk I a part nearby or go for a hike in the woods. To head to the mountain trail or a body of water like a river, lake, or beach. Spend some time in nature and observe, it is so you can get ideas for the poem.

Example – 2: Focus on a season or seasonal event or on a natural Nature’s beauty or Nature’s water-falls and mountains: Haikus can also be about a season, viz. fall, spring, winter or summer. You can also focus on a natural event that happens at a certain time of year, such as the blooming of the cherry blossom, trees in your neighborhood.

• Seasonal haikus often focus on a specific detail about the season, naming the season in the poem. Writing about a season can be a fun away for you to describe a particular detail you love about that time of year.

Example – 3: Choose a person or object as your subject: Haikus do not all have to be about nature or the seasons. You can also choose a particular person or object or love or beauty, as inspiration for the poem. May be you want to write a funny haiku about you god. Or perhaps you want to write a thoughtful haiku about your childhood toy.

• Try to only focus on one person or one object or one specific subject in the poem. Haikus are short and you may not have enough space in three lines to write every thought you have about the person or object of on nature or love etc.

Writing a haiku requires intense effort but the poem is well worth it. It is easy to feel a sense of perfection when viewing a perfectly formed Haiku.

Mantri Marku has 400 Haiku poetry kept ready, and are in the present tense.
This Haiku poetry could well be utilized in Movies/TV serial plays, Radio. Also, many Advertisement Companies, throughout the world, in almost all the major countries, use the contents of this selected Haiku Poetry as Labels for various products that are manufactured. Even the Advt. Labels, are used as main captions for the finished goods.

The short and sweet poetry consisting of three line poem, (5+7+5=17 words/syllables/morae), is the highlight of this Haiku, which is now well in demand in all the major Countries. The poetry categories are varied on various subject matter, which include Nature, Love, Romance, Peace, Charity, Rehabilitation, War, Forest, Beauty, Service Business, Governance, Industry, Film field, Water, Air, Sky, Earth, Research, Science, Education, Culture, Arts, Dance, Tourism, Sports & Games, Gamble, Entertainment, Adventure, Invention, Discovery and many more.

The beauty of the composition of Haiku Poetry lies in the presentation of language, which is so impressive and equally good, when compared to English literature. The present trend is Haiku Poetry, which is in vogue all over the world and being used and utilized in Movies/TVs/Radio/Album/Label. Haiku Poetry is viable and Haiku Writers/Lyricists/Poetry Writers are well recognized and handsomely paid for their Haiku work. There is no doubt in it.

Presently, Haiku Poetry is much in demand and also its present trend and market demand is good. All the Haiku writers need good experience to write haiku poetry and one should have good command over English. The way which the Haiku Writer think through his ingenious vision about a subject of his dream thought, the presentation of poetry version on paper, would be excellent, and even at times, it outsmarts the English Literature.

People/Music Lovers/Musicians/Singers who read or listen to Haiku Poetry feel happy. Haiku is in use and exists from many Centuries.

The future of this Haiku Poetry, People would be pleased to hear more through various means of News Channels and also through Films/Movies/Advertisements/Radio/Television relays.

Mantri Marku’s 400+ Haiku Poetry could well pay the attention of Readers from the World and hope that the Haiku Poetry is utilized in Movies/TVs/Radio/Album/Label purposes. Short, Sweet and compact is the Haiku Poetry. I request Producers, Film Makers/Musicians to please contact for their requirement of Haiku Poetry. Please feel free to contact Mantri Marku. Hope to hear from you soon.

Presently, short poetry is being the trend and in use, people residing all over the world including major countries, is following this type of poetry usage. Moreover, it is very easy to grasp the subject theme and one can remember well and can sing anywhere, even at home or outside travelling place. It is also very easy to compose, tube the ragas by Musicians and it is very easy to sing the poem like a song by the Singers. The literary writing, duly compressing with a beautiful words for the creation of short poetry, is a typical task for the poetry writers and one should thorough in English subject knowledge, to become this type of short poem, especially like Haiku Poetry.

Great sense of commitment, dedication, and knowledge is, of course, needed apart from time sparing to write the poetry/poem, which enhances the shrewd thinking power of a Poetry Writer leading to his/her getting fame and reputation at one point or the other in the society circle and spread to people all over the world, because, the communication tools and social media is an asset and plays an important role in sphere-heading the news.

Thanking you and with warm regards
All the Best and Good Luck,

Mantri Marku
Haiku Writer, Lyricist & Story & Song Writer

5th January 11:53pm
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Haiku January Theme: Birdsong
Post your Haiku about birdsong.
5th January 11:52pm
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Senryu January Theme: Rebirth
Post your Senryu (human haiku) about rebirth, renewal and new beginnings.
18th December 5:00am


time borrowed  
for another year  
...still good  
two kittens  
round my ankles  
softly winding  
appreciate today...  
still theory  
bite my tongue  
make decision...wiser  
not to speak  
too see our  
Tamarind tree bloom  
with you...  
Written by Ely
written for Missy's Self-love Haiku Comp
Edited 18th December 5:11am

Tanka #10

warped mirror
warped images...

time to acquire
an honest mirror...
Written by Ely
Tanka #10
anothe pre-haiku form...