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Edited Yesterday 11:15pm
Billy_Snagg Snaggy

poetry 4813
Scenic views across Manmoel Common
24th February 6:21pm
anna_grin ilchruthach

a couple more life drawings
poetry 4806
i am very aware that this is college level thank you
24th February 6:00pm
anna_grin ilchruthach

a couple of life drawings
poetry 4805
sorry bout the lighting
24th February 5:55pm
anna_grin ilchruthach

letís start with a drawing of the moon
poetry 4804
i used a sponge and a silver pen
24th February 1:22am

poetry 4803

#nofilter #noedit
Edited 20th February 10:33pm
Billy_Snagg Snaggy

Bristol Docks (England)
poetry 4801
I took a mini 3-night break to Bristol back in June 2016 & here are some of the results. Now over to you, Anna. ;-)
20th February 8:38am
anna_grin ilchruthach

does anyone want to see my old college work i dragged out from under the bed today? it didnít get the highest marks but i think it has a charm and an edge
18th February 11:44pm

oh, pardon me...
poetry 4798
Straight from the camera, no edits. The bus and car blew the shot at the last minute but the sky turned out so pretty in comparison to the other pics I took that I couldn't help but love it. In case anyone is familiar, this is right across from the Raymond James Stadium, where the super bowl was just played.
18th February 10:50pm

poetry 4797
Peace. Shade. Quiet.
18th February 10:50pm

poetry 4796
No better canvas
16th February 10:30pm

Poppy and Lily
poetry 4790
Another two Flower Fairies Ė Poppy (Papaver somniferum) and Lily (Lilium album) Ė All of them are "genderfree"
16th February 10:21pm

Two Flower fairies
poetry 4789
Here are Johan (Hypericum perforatum) and Saffron (Crocus sativa), another two of this series