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25th June 6:27pm

poetry 5749
Hello frenz
Edited 23rd June 4:05am

touch is perseids on a movieless night
poetry 5744
Their place of original magic is Africa, where on a movieless night, the primal mystery is his Kirlian aura upon her bare skin and the touch of ghost light from Perseids upon her eyes. Though her soul has known her man through many lifetimes the virginity of her body is renewed with each rebirth. So she feels the magic with each christening. The nuptial knot is never broken for these lovers who turn through centuries of summer in their karmic migrations across Buddhafields where they join hands to ascend on ribbons of Dharma. They are lovers from a past life who can be visualized in a circle of yurts of yak herders on the vast steppe of Asia, or among the Peruvian Indian's tents scattered in a lush green valley in the snow-capped Andes; or when they were Aborigines dancing around a fire in the cool outback night; or the guardians of Turtle Island who handle serpents in the Hopi snake dance that is so ancient that the writer Frank Waters states that it is most certainly the oldest prayer.

Cover Art: Bearded man with hand on shoulder of young woman. Photo by Fitz W. Guerin. Rights Advisory: No known restrictions on publication. No Date. Source: Library of Congress
13th June 11:03am
absinthe Fats

Managing Dysregulation
poetry 5733
In heaven with two sows and a boar.
12th June 2:38pm
absinthe Fats

poetry 5732
Various intensities of dysregulation 0/100. This is at 80/100.
11th June 11:52am

poetry 5730
Makez fir difficults writtingz
7th June 2:11am

Son of The Moon
poetry 5723
A fun MSPaint portrait
7th June 2:03am

Linnean House
poetry 5722
This is a greenhouse at the Botanical Gardens here, they have renovated it though and they did not bring back the stained glass :(
4th June 6:42pm

poetry 5716
Edinburgh Sunset
3rd June 3:26am

We are Madness, We are Beauty
poetry 5713
pen and marker drawing of heart and lungs as carnivorous plants, surrounded by other carnivorous and poisonous plants and a scorpion
1st June 9:40pm

Drawing (Work in progress)
poetry 5711
Something I worked on today, hope to finish it tomorrow <3
24th May 1:49am

poetry 5701
Yep, more MSPaint lol.
Edited 23rd May 3:58am

he oils her in the delicacy of a rice paper haiga
poetry 5700
We lived on the sidelines of the yuppiedom depicted in Hollywood blockbusters where people dream big but eat ramen noodle soup at night while drinking the broth to sustain them in their hungry hustle.

Her brogue was the Irish Cream in my coffee when we filled our mugs with arabica instead of chicory but wore threadbare jeans that once were a fashion statement but became baggy from a diet of pasta and pizza sauce that goes with the gourmet wine drunk in a toast to Gatsby while still in our roaring twenties.

Cover Photo: Man painting woman's back. Harris & Ewing, photographer, Rights Advisory: No known restrictions on publication. 1925 January. Source: Library of Congress