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Hey ppl I wanted to ask for some feedback on some lyrics for a blues song.

Any questions let me know i'll try to get back to you asap.

I'm the Draco from hell been a long time coming
I'm the Draco from hell king of the living dead

oh please can it be one more Great War of misery, I'll set the rivers of blood free, paint your doors red, girls and boys,
Cause lucifers saying we're late sent me cause his got to much on his plate
And I know what needs to be done I know the score little one

Im the Draco from hell trapped in the abyss of each persons
I'm the Dragon from hell im the dragon from hell

Been moving been moving since the dawn of time, the reptile inside your brain,
The devil be here soon to take you all away
All the towers burning the mushroom clouds tear the sky away
I hope you are all ready to die

I'm the Draco from hell been coming a long time
I'm the Draco from hell

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Hi bit of a songwriter myself thought the chorus is to short needs more HOOK suggested extension
my dream is frazzle when you feel the heat
flames lick all around your feet
your soul consumed now that's the trick
burned to embers in an aeons blip /regards slipalong

- Missy -
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I’m of a musical persuasion... is there any way we can hear your song? I always think you can only really know if a song works when you hear it.

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