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its happining

- Missy -
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Itís interesting Yíknow. Iím at the stage where Iíd really like to be more open about my work and who I am. However... I totally get the avatar thing and the prying eyes when it comes to family, employment etc. Pretty much the same reasonings for having an avatar myself.  

However ó I think what does stop me is there are (and without doubt) some utter nutters on the internet. And thereís always this constant battle between being open and being hidden.

Isnít that the great paradox of the internet? It allows us to be more vocal in terms of being ourselves and yet, we canít be as vocal or as present as weíd really like to be.

I dunno I just find the questions interesting.

Fire of Insight
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Sometimes youíll see a person comment and say theyíve liked the work - no like showing up after the only person on the poem had commented. But thatís (not) cool, some think they tell the truth, even when the lie is in plain sight.

I love seeing what people look like. Itís nice being able to put a face behind the account. Thatís if it really is them, instead of having that illness of doing the complete opposite, pretending who they are and that itís everyone else who are sick.
Iím more than likely to read a person and keep coming back to them, if Iíve seen a/their face, and Iím leant more towards believing itís them.

What gets to me, is them that claim to write on paper, yet upload photos from Google?
I made jokes about peopleís disgusting handwriting, yet that was only for my trolls who hated writing their name on a school book, but thought themselves a poet, when seeing a website like this and a pair of tittyís in a profile picture.

I donít leave my comment section open, so I canít complain about that lol.
And I donít get many views, which is alright. Iím not for everyone and itís okay. But to them who know me by my real name, and have been reading me since Iíve been here the whole time...youíre beautiful, Iím okay, and I hope you enjoy more of my stuff in the future.

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