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lepperochan said:hullo, fellow homos (sapiens)

If you're putting your competition up for a vote please bear in mind -naming some of the poets in comments below their respective entries is probably not the wisest move ever-

thank you, you're all very beautiful  

You only see those comments because you're a Guardian sir, when flagged as "non entry" by a Guardian, those posts won't show up to others while voting is underway. Guardians however, are burdened with trying to unsee such things when voting, so your advice is sound nonetheless

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Hi everyone—voting is still stalled, but I’m looking to get my Comp closed up by PM vote since I can’t get it into regular voting.

If anyone has time to read through (there’s not many entries) and message me your choice for winner, I’d appreciate the input.

Here’s the link , and will take PM votes until tomorrow morning/24 hours. Votes will remain anonymous .


Thanks so much!

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