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The Gathering Place ( Modalities of Divination )

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Aspecting the Cosmos: Tue, Sep 12, 2023

Today's Lunar aspects may appear challenging; however, challenges are really disguised opportunities because the potential of any chart lies in its squares. Understanding them provides deep insight into navigating the energy.  The below square is a fixed square ( Leo & Taurus ), so its action will be slow and deliberate.

Midmorning the Leo Moon will perfect its square with Uranus Rx in Taurus. If you'd like to read more about Uranus in its Taurian fall, you can do that here ( dated Aug 28 ):


A square is the most difficult aspect between two planetary bodies. Or, in the case of the Moon, a luminary. The Moon represents our emotions and nurturing instinct, while Uranus represents the freedom urge, and awakener. It's a breaker of traditions, and its action is sometimes sudden and violent.

We could feel fenced in or trapped by something or one. Our urge may be to resist the energy or fight our way out, but is that the wisest course of action? What can we take from this experience and use as tools for growth? Size up the situation with patience before taking action.

The remaining two Lunar aspects are Inconjuncts ( also known as quincunx ) that occur between planets totally unrelated to one other. They share neither the same quality nor are they active or passive. It's practically impossible to integrate these energies without some type of adjustment on both sides. Yet even oil and water can be combined with a binding agent.

This adjustment could be our attitude, a habit, or a repetitive pattern. The goal here with these final two aspects is to seek common ground to stand on. That comes down to understanding the planets and houses involved, particularly in your own natal chart.

Collectively, they involve the Moon ( emotions, nurturing urge ), Neptune Rx ( spiritual or escapist urge ), and Pluto Rx ( reforming through destruction urge ). We have an opportunity here to reconcile with something or someone. This doesn't always involve others, it can be solely about ourselves.

When Neptune Rx in Pisces quincunx Moon, we may feel emotionally imbalanced. What can we do to rebalance? The Moon quincunx Pluto Rx in Capricorn, the Teacher and Lord of Karma, portends a lesson here, and learning that lesson is dependent upon OUR willingness to view a situation from a different perspective and seek common ground - without or within ourselves.

If we stick our head in the sand to escape the situation the lesson will return in a more destructive manner. No matter how difficult it "appears" to be, facing it with an open mind will assist the learning process.

Degrees, Aspects, Time

Moon: 22°LEO59'
Uranus Rx: 22°TAU59'
Aspect: Square
Time: 11:06 AM

Moon: 26°LEO27'
Neptune Rx: 26°PIS27'
Aspect: Inconjunct
Time: 6:06 PM

Moon: 28°LEO03'
PLuto Rx: 28°CAP03'
Aspect: Inconjunct
Time: 9:24 PM

Painting: Sizing up the Situation by June Musick

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Pallas 00°LIB00' @ 12:36 PM, Wed, Sep 13, 2023:

Tomorrow Pallas enters Libra, and because Juno also enters Cancer tomorrow, I am posting Pallas' transit today and will follow up with Juno's tomorrow. Or you can get a sneak peek of all this week's transits here:


The asteroid Pallas was named after the goddess of wisdom and warcraft; however, she is never the aggressor. She doesn't go forth to conquer lands and pillage villages. Instead, she represents self-defense, standing firm against those who would attack those she holds dear.  

She is also associated with fabric and creates lasting beauty through weaving and embroidery.  Both of which are used to adorn and decorate.

Pallas brandishes a spear; however, her symbol is the wise owl. Therefore, she is also known more as a philosopher rather than a warrior. Sagittarius, the sign of the higher mind, is the astrological sign associated with her, as well as Sagittarius' natural house, the ninth, representing the higher and the superconscious mind.  

Pallas is perfectly placed in the Cardinal Libra, the air sign of sign of social harmony, but also of law and justice. Diplomatic, artistic, and judicial, Venus-ruled Libra honors the wisdom and beauty that Pallas offers during her transit here. Together they create a formidable partnership that strives for balance and equality while weighing both sides of a story.

According to Lewellen:

"Anytime we come up with a reason or a theory as to why we want to live our lives a certain way, we are exercising our philosophical side. This is where Pallas comes in. When we have to defend ourselves and come up with a strategy to deal with office politics, or school or neighborhood or community cliques, this is where Pallas comes in. When we are attacked by others because of our political or religious beliefs, or our lifestyle choices, or for no reason at all besides someone's obscene desire to vilify and bully us, this is where Pallas comes in.

"We use our wisdom when we need to, and if we have to do battle against someone or something, the wiser we are, the more likely we are to achieve success. When we have to deal with someone, we find it difficult, if we can chart his or her day of birth and locate where Pallas was for our rival or our opponent, we can better understand who we are dealing with.

"Likewise, it is a positive thing for us to know where our own Pallas placement is, according to house and sign, so we can determine for ourselves how and in what way we process wisdom, and how and in what way we deal with conflict. The fact that Pallas does not take the part of the aggressor or the bully should give us the encouraging knowledge that she can be trusted."

It's important to note ( or remind ) that Libra is also hosting the South Node through Jan 2025. During the aforementioned battles or bullying, we may feel the tendency to withdraw from our principles and morals in order to keep the peace. But that is way too high a price to pay for peace, which is a Libran tendency. While we are not encouraged to go forth into war, we are encouraged to stand strong in what we believe in our heart to be right.

Here's where Pallas can help us stand strong. Also, call on the host of the North Node, Aries, ruled by Mars, the God of War, for strength and courage to live our belief.

I wish you much success on your evolution from fear to destiny.

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✨Aspecting the Cosmos: Wed, Sep 13, 2023:

💫We begin with two goddesses stationed anaretic: Pallas, the goddess of wisdom and warcraft, and Vesta, the goddess of home and hearth, square one another. [ Note: I did post the Pallas transit earlier today: http://inspiritualservice.com/planetary-transits ]

There are 30 degrees in each sign, so the 29th is the final ( anaretic ) degree and considered a point of crisis that can ignite energy in our personal lives as well as globally. We could experience a plethora of contrasting emotions ranging from an urgency to complete something to excitement and/or anxiety over new beginnings.

What type of energy involves the planet and sign, or, in this case, the asteroids mentioned above. They both are preparing for their entry into new signs: Libra and Cancer, which means change is in the air.

Pallas leaving Earthy Virgo for the Cardinal Air sign Libra will enhance our mental capabilities. Vesta leaving Airy Gemini for the Cardinal Water sign of Cancer settles our focus on nurturing and protecting our family and home. These two placements are excellent and right at home in the element.

Pallas into Libra @12:36 PM: https://inspiritualservice.com/planetary-transits

Vesta into Cancer @ 7:23 PM: https://inspiritualservice.com/planetary-transits

The atmosphere is charged with Cardinal energy; however, make sure to finish the task/s at hand first.  With Pallas in Earthy Virgo, that could mean a humane, industrious, or scientific project. With Vesta in Gemini, it could mean a literary or invention project. Take inventory to see what can be completed and pack only what's necessary for the transits.

💫The last aspect is the Moon in Virgo oppose Saturn Rx in Pisces. Opposition is one of my favorite aspects because in involves recognizing a lack within myself and using the polarity of the signs involved to meet that lack. This can only be achieved through awareness and understanding.

Virgo is Earthy and Pisces is Watery. Too much stirring muddies the water. But with balance, we can see the beautiful rocks at the bottom of the creek bed. Smooth flow is denoted here. Avoid brash or sudden actions that could disrupt the emotional flow.

Be still and allow yourself to float rather than resist the current. And if others throw stones, we cannot stop them. But we can protect ourselves from their energy by NOT stopping to return their gestures. Afterall, that would definitely muddy the waters and create a greater imbalance than the one we are currently trying to restore.

View the image I selected. Despite how muddy things appear outside of us, we can create a clear and pristine existence between and within us.

Pallas: 29VIR49'
Vesta: 29GEM49'
Aspect: Square
Time: 3:02 AM

Moon: 02VIR34'
Saturn: 02PIS34'
Aspect: Opposition
Time: 6:30 AM

Image: Digital Art - Balance

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Vesta 00°CAN00' @ 7:23 PM, Fifth House, Wed, Sep 13, 2023:

This evening, Vesta, the goddess and guardian of home and hearth, the eternal flame that keeps the household safe and warm, moves into Cardinal Cancer, whose maternal nature is devoted to home, family, and domesticity. This is the second favorable transit of the day.

Because Vesta represents the flame inside us, her placement in our natal charts allows us to understand our feelings toward our family and home. Vesta is also considered the very inspiration that helps us survive a turbulent world by fanning that tiny little flame within us. That feeling of accomplishment and joy over attaining a desired goal is attributed to Vesta.

The Fifth House is the natural home of Leo and one of life and creativity! It favors children, love affairs, romance, amusements, our emotional attitude, and the love we give. Because it also favors enterprise, it lends energy toward the fruition of our desires.

Vesta is NOT a goddess to look toward in our quest for love. She was devoted to the eternal flame that allowed Rome to exist—a metaphor often associated with self. She was a virgin and those who tended her temple were known as Vestal Virgins.

Vesta in the Fifth House, ruled by the Sun, highlights our individual expression with fortifying and vitalizing action.

According to Lewellen:

"Vesta is the place in our charts that belongs to us and us alone. She is the inner spark we need to survive all odds, and to keep our spirits intact on the darkest day. She is also the light that guides us and allows us to take joy in our lives, and in our accomplishments.

"The more we use the astrological goddesses of knowledge, relationships and self-fulfillment, the better able we will be to learn who we really are and make more informed choices for ourselves."

I wish you much joy and success throughout this transit! May your flame burn bright, resulting in beautiful creativity.

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HAHAHAHAHA! Truth! Except it's what Nana is bringing!

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✨Aspecting the Cosmos: Thu, Sep 14, 2023

🎂Happiest of Birthdays to my Son, Ian! ✨💫

New Moon in Virgo: Post forthcoming or sneak peek here: http://inspiritualservice.com/celestial-events

Ceres enters Scorpio @ 8:48 AM: Post forthcoming or sneak peek here: https://inspiritualservice.com/planetary-transits

💫Early morning a sequisquare between Jupiter Rx and Pallas will perfect. A sesquisquare is an abrasive aspect similar to a semisquare. It precipitates tension that accompanies challenging circumstances; however, is considered mildly adverse. Think 'The Princess and the Pea" metaphor. Nothing harmful, just irritatingly uncomfortable.

With benevolent Jupiter backpedaling through Pisces and Pallas newly placed in Libra, we could feel a bit of restlessness or impatience. Antsy might be a better word. We want to move but are not sure in which direction. We want to do something but may be unsure of what. This is a time to wait it out and focus on something other than doubt and uncertainty.

Creating, writing, reading, and painting are all good things to currently focus on. We are exactly where we are meant to be.

Degrees, Aspect, Time

Jupiter Rx: 15°PIS42'
Pallas: 00°LIB52'
Aspect: Sequiquadrate
Time: 10:15 AM

Image: Patience by Yossi Kotle

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New Moon 21°Virgo58', Fifth House, Thu, Sep 14 @ 9:40 PM:

With the Sun and Moon in Virgo, and the Ascending in Taurus, we've got a LOT of Earth energy right now. We may feel grounded and even somewhat heavy if we're not comfortable in that environment, i.e. - Air signs.

This New Moon presents motivation and inspiration with a side-helping of reality in regard to future plans, beginning with a desire for our own personal well-being. This could be physically, emotionally, spiritually, or all!

Virgo Energy encompasses simplicity, as well as an appreciation of beauty. The Virgo lesson is adaptability to ever-changing circumstances. Combined with the energy of this new Moon makes is a perfect time to slow down and get organized to avoid the overwhelming of complications. Virgo is a strategist; therefore, is in their element when planning.

Life is full of the unknown and we never know what curveballs will be thrown our way on any given day.  This Earth energy will keep us grounded and provide a better chance of navigating through the things that are coming. Resetting enables us to transmute lower-vibrational energies stemming from fear so they can better serve as opportunities.

And aspect of this Moon is an opposition with Neptune, representing the spiritual or escapist urge. With the emotional Moon involved, we may feel an impulse to avoid deeply emotional circumstances, especially with the Moon's placement in Earthy, unemotional Virgo. Acknowledge all emotions that may rise with this lunation, and as a breeze, allow them to pass through by breathing into them.

Instead of avoiding a situation that triggers our emotions, delving beyond the symptom to the source can eliminate future recurrences. Healing can be painful, but it's always miraculous.

Another thing to watch for is Virgo's laser focus on the details, which could come off as criticism, but it's a part of Virgo's love language: they want to improve everything. This can also cross over into perfectionism; therefore, keep the criticisms to a minimum regardless of how good your intentions. Tune into the energy around us.

Focusing on our own goals is always encouraged. Virgo's flexibility will be beneficial to us, and may even lead us on a different route. It may also take longer to arrive; however, it will still carry us to our desired destination.

All this Earth energy creates a perfect platform to spend some peaceful time in nature. Because Virgo is all about health, focusing on healing through meditation in and/or communication with nature is beneficial. Perhaps we're ready to pick up a healthier habit by releasing an old one.  Now is the opportune time to put it into motion.

Afterall, New Moons are all about beginnings.

Finalize any outstanding projects that procrastination has been delaying. The more we clear out and empty, the more room we have for a brand-new cycle.

• Don't avoid rising emotions
• Visualize goals
• Have a backup plan
• Use Time wisely
• Plant seeds
• Focus on beauty

Lastly, look for divine signs which will keep us motivated and inspired. And don't forget to recognize the divinity within us, as a child of the Universe who fully expects magic and miracles in their life!

Image: Collage by Lori Menna

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✨Aspecting the Cosmos: Fri, Sep 15, 2023

💫Mercury stations direct: http://inspiritualservice.com/celestial-events

💫New moon in Virgo, 5th House ( Thu, Sep 14, 2023 ): http://inspiritualservice.com/celestial-events

💫 A lovely trine between the Moon in Virgo and Pluto Rx in Capricorn happens mid-morning. When the Moon and Pluto make a favorable aspect, there's an emotional depth ( Moon/Pluto ) in analytical thinking and planning ( Virgo/Capricorn ). Grounded Taurian energy prompts us to inventory our lives, actions, and goals and then plan accordingly.

💫 Mid-afternoon the Virgoan Moon is going to conjunct a Libran Pallas, goddess of warcraft, wisdom, and weaving. Our emotional intuition will be heightened and yet balanced by our ability to reason. It's a perfect time to get down to brass tacks about where we want to be the end of the year.

✨Degrees, Aspect, Times:

Moon: 28°LIB02'
Pluto Rx: 28°CAP02'
Aspect: Trine
Time: 9:49 AM

Moon: 03°LIB58'
Pallas: 03°LIB58'
Aspect: Conjunction
Time: 3:41 PM

Painting: Exiting Routine by Gisella Gaffoglio

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The third and final asteroid transit of the week, Ceres, entered Scorpio about an hour ago, Second House.

Ceres is the Archetype of Mother Nature, representing provision and nourishment. The myth is a metaphor for nurturing and reflects how we care not just about others, but ourselves as well.

While Ceres does point to our well-being and self-care, its placement can also indicate past traumas, particularly childhood vulnerabilities and struggles. A well-placed Ceres would indicate a parent who is balanced, loving, and nurturing and whose children grow up to be independent and self-sufficient adults.

A poorly placed Ceres in your natal chart could indicate abandonment issues, bouts of melancholy, and eating disorders, and could indicate an overbearing parent who attempts to control their children to the point that the children become co-dependent.

Ceres is argued by some to be the true ruler of Taurus. The Second House is the Natural Home of Taurus ruled by Venus; therefore, Ceres is very comfortable in this Home of freedom and values.

Along with entering the Second House, Ceres enters Scorpio, the watery sign of the Scorpion, ruled by Pluto.

Scorpio invites Ceres into the underworld ( Pluto ) of connection and discovery. This placement enables us to shed those layers that are weighing us down so we can rise as a phoenix ( a symbol of Scorpio energy ). Pluto embodies transformation through destruction, it will tear away at the unwanted before fusing a deep connection. This means we may experience vulnerability in its rawest form to face our innermost fears.

There is unseen wisdom in the depth of Plutonian-ruled Scorpio; however, it requires us to walk bravely into the darkness of the unknown to face what awaits us. Both Scorpio and Ceres hold transformative powers of resilience through cycles of change.  

Absolute trust in us and the knowledge that every experience we encounter is an opportunity for transformational growth. It starts with nurturing our own needs and intuition. This placement will add strength of resolve as a goddess that delivers us from the temptation of martyrdom at our own expense.

Taking care of ourselves takes care of others in turn.

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I spirit told me someone needs this today:

“Some periods of our growth are so confusing that we don’t even recognize that growth is happening. We may feel hostile or angry or weepy and hysterical, or we may feel depressed. It would never occur to us, unless we stumbled on a book or a person who explained to us, that we were in fact in the process of change, of actually becoming larger, spiritually, than we were before.

Whenever we grow, we tend to feel it, as a young seed must feel the weight and inertia of the earth as it seeks to break out of its shell on its way to becoming a plant. Often the feeling is anything but pleasant. But what is most unpleasant is the not knowing what is happening. Those long periods when something inside ourselves seems to be waiting, holding its breath, unsure about what the next step should be, eventually become the periods we wait for, for it is in those periods that we realize that we are being prepared for the next phase of our life and that, in all probability, a new level of the personality is about to be revealed.” ~Alice Walker

art: Alyse Russell

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This is so valid for me right now. However, loss is always a terrible feeling, even if it is for our greater good.........

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AaronBraveHeart said:This is so valid for me right now. However, loss is always a terrible feeling, even if it is for our greater good.........

Loss is one of the most difficult things to release, ironically. It can be a very lengthy process. As is growth. <3

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Fri, Sep 15th: Mercury stations Direct 08°Virgo00' @ 4:22 PM EDT, 9th House.  

Mercury's post-shade period will last another two weeks, giving us time to acclimate to the forward motion.  


The Ninth House is the natural home of Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter: The Greater Benefic.  This is a house of aspiration and life, highlighting our higher mind and superconscious. Mercury's mental capabilities, and thus ours, will be magnified in this Jupitarian home. Along with religion, science, philosophy, and psychology, profound mental study and discourse is highly favored.


Fortunately, this is one of the more pleasing transits of the year because everyone is more comfortable in their own home. This holds true for Mercury as well, being he is exalted in his Virgoan castle. When relaxed, we have little need for defenses and demonstrate our greatest quality: Authenticity.  

Here Virgo is not only ruled by Mercury, but Mercury comes to full strength, displaying its most positive qualities:  the ability to communicate and a fine, analytical quality to the mind. Facts become very important, and we could often find ourselves thoroughly researching before making a decision.

As this aspect denotes a meticulous nature, we need to guard against judgment or impatience toward those who are less organized in their thinking or actions.  


In Virgo, Mercury is non-emotional. Natives who have this aspect in their birth charts are most likely uncomfortable in emotional situations. However, it's this very emotional detachment that makes them excellent researchers, scientists, or even teachers.

They almost possess a photographic memory, able to absorb information quickly and memorize long pages of material easily. However, they should guard against eagerness to take too many things on at once, which drains their energy. No one can be everything to everyone.

Once depleted, they can become nervous, suffer from anxiety, and be hypercritical. It's important to learn when to rest. That may prove difficult, being that one of the most difficult things for a Virgo to do is put off tomorrow what can be done today.

Here's hoping that'll change!

Image: The Conversation by Vanessa Bell

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✨Aspecting the Cosmos: Sat, Sep 16, 2023

🎂Happiest of Birthdays to my Daughter! 🎂

💫Today's Lunar aspects begin early morning with a semisquare with Black Moon Lilith. A semisquare isn't as powerful as a square; however, it's irritating. With the Moon involved, it's going to be an emotionally irritating one. Accepting ourselves for who we are at this point is paramount. If there's something we aren't very proud of, then ask, "What steps can I take to change it?" We should not beat ourselves up for being human.

However, we should not ignore the irritant attempting to get our attention. Accept. Plan change if we don't like it.

💫Late afternoon a conjunction between the Moon and Mars perfects. Since a conjunction is the strongest aspect between two planetary bodies, this is an intense one. Our emotions could be triggered, and we may be tempted to react in a volatile manner. Be prepared for an emotional clash but be armed with the sacred pause, which will provide time to contemplate our actions.

If possible, avoid confrontations; however, if not possible, let our mantra be: "I will not impulsively react but wisely respond when I am ready."

💫This evening we're going to get some relief when the Moon sextiles Venus. A sextile creates ease in understanding the energy that's exchanged between the two, as well as expression. It's a very cooperative aspect. Here we have an emotional, intuitive, and nurturing Moon exchanging energy with the affectionate goddess of love and beauty.

It's a wonderful evening to indulge in a move or creative project.

✨Degrees, Aspect, Time:

Moon: 08LIB24'
Lillith: 23LEO25'
Aspect: Semisquare
Time: 6:31 AM

Moon: 13°LIB57'
Mars: 13°LIB57'
Aspect: Conjunction
Time: 3:53 PM'

Moon: 15°LIB11'
Venus: 15°LEO11'
Aspect: Sextile
Time: 7:57 PM

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In the Celtic tradition, there is a beautiful understanding of love and friendship. One of the fascinating ideas here is the idea of soul-love; the old Gaelic term for this is anam cara. Anam is the Gaelic word for soul and cara is the word for friend. So anam cara in the Celtic world was the "soul friend."

In everyone's life, there is a great need for an anam cara, a soul friend. In this love, you are understood as you are without mask or pretension. The superficial and functional lies and half-truths of social acquaintance fall away, you can be as you really are. Love allows understanding to dawn, and understanding is precious. Where you are understood, you are at home.

The anam cara experience opens a friendship that is not wounded or limited by separation or distance. Such friendship can remain alive even when the friends live far away from each other. Because they have broken through the barriers of persona and egoism to the soul level, the unity of their souls is not easily severed. When the soul is awakened, physical space is transfigured.
Even across the distance, two friends can stay attuned to each other and continue to sense the flow of each other's lives. With your anam cara you awaken the eternal.

—John O'Donohue

You can find the magnificent book Anam Cara, here: https://amzn.to/483xYuR
art | Mystical Conversation, Odilon Redon, 1896
His beautiful art here: https://amzn.to/3Lf9Pri
from The Sacred Feminine For Life

*Ald, unsure of what you're apologizing for but okay.

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