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Tyrant of Words
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You're absolutely right, SKC! We should make America Great Again! Let's go back to the time of Tulsa between 1905 and 1921 when it was thriving prior to its demise, despite the list of horrors I posted occurring between 1900-1920 in other parts of the country - which would, eventually be the demise of Tulsa too.

Yes, unfortunately, centuries do not last forever, only the scars of its hideous past. in remembrance of the citizens of Black Wall Street. Researched, with respect, and deeply proud in its remembrance.

Metaphor, political campaign, analogy, idiom, red baseball hat, bumper sticker, t-shirt, billboard, or any other reference I may be inadvertently omitting, "Make America Great Again" is fictitious on any account because it has never been great to begin with.

I will refrain from an argument on that notation, Hopefully, Ron DeSantis, if elected, and I say this metaphorically, try not to enlist our ex-President Trump’s ideology.

There is nothing to return to that wasn't surrounded by murder, rape, beatings, thievery, and destruction - which would eventually destroy the very things you keep mentioning returning to: Tulsa and Rosewood.

I never stated there was no viciousness and that rings true in, America, centuries upon era’s, religion inequality from; Puritan, Catholics, Jews, Romans were all ensnared with debacle and depravation.

The windshield is larger than the rearview mirror for a reason. Let's not look back to "Make America Great Again" - let's look ahead to "Make America Great" for the first time in history—because there is nothing, no decade or century that decent human beings who are abhorred by historic atrocities

I would have to think, no one wants to inhabit a country that is not for ‘we the people’ or a dictatorship, communist, or an uncivil democracy, yet, on America soil, and the country cannot seem to unite, and separately as a nation we try to cope, socially and economically.

But you go right ahead and advocate for it. Metaphor or not.

I never have in the beginning, why start now, and that is not a metaphor... it is what it was all along in the beginning, the parallels of an American ex-president, our present POTUS, and the possibilities of the next incoming political administration , proceeding to showcase a thriving, henceforth, denied justice to expand wealth to its future generations, a time in African American history, versus the gaffe of separatism and racism that has destroyed the fundamentals of America’s Constitution oath as to incorporate, the pledge to uphold , 'we the people' and for all.

Enjoy your evening, my poetess.

Tyrant of Words
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America existed before the United States. The Egyptian/Greek Indian ancestors named it thousands of years ago. America is forever. 💖

Make it great, again. 🦅

Tyrant of Words
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Ron DeSantis, hum... Could he be the next President of the United States in 2024? The possible POTUS to taking this nation forward, or the Next Political Anti-Christ to destroy the shaky ground of America.

This is just a question I have heard some asking in passing.

Ron DeSantis is becoming increasing popular in his presence, and he is pushing to run for the president of the United States in the year 2024.  

He will be going on his book tours very soon, a morale booster.

What does this move have to do with the African American dreams of interest, the LGBT community, or higher education.

According to DeSantis’ recent speeches. He is and I quote, trying to make Washington like Florida.

I am a young professional New Yorker, and I wish he would further clarify his statement. Ron DeSantis is on a clandestine mission, I can only assume either take this country forward as a being bipartisan, or regress to divide a falling country that is already separated in stigmatized philosophies when dealing with gender inequality and racial disparity of race relations.

Polities in my opinion should be about we the people and for the people.

As the saying is for the military, no man left behind, it would be so feasible to adopt that philosophy for no race left behind. We built as one, and become united, by doing this, I can only hop, America will prosper.

If you look at all the other countries that may experience political opposition toward their government, however, when it pertains to their country, it will always be them and the impending forces of other neighboring countries.

The country seems to unite in military to combat, and in the wars of technology seem to heighten on a global scale (espionage).

As a Licensed/Certified Nursing Profession, and as a reminder, I strongly advise to take measure of precautions as these upcoming politicians vows, promises begins to seep into the core of your intellect as they are soliciting you for your vote, during pre-election candidates. It is a known that society seems to suffer more with of stress, anxiety during this time.

I will go into more details in my upcoming Straight Talk Live pieces. I will be going into details of what really is the #WOKE movements and how it correlates with ceasing the lesson of the past, and primarily oppressing political agenda as we move forward.

Speaking of that notation. I recently had a meeting with my Nurses, CNA's, Physicians, and Intake Personnel.

As the Director of Nursing, I had to implement an approval policy by our CEO for my staff to use the proper langue (pronouns) when addressing genders.  

Have we reached the point in our society, whereas we must change the dynamics of our salutations when addressing the congregation of society. The terms of endearment, which now stands, If you are a man, gentleman, sir, etc., a female, ma’am, woman.

That concept has been abolished; gender referenced greeting must be reintroduced to accommodate the acceptance of society's standards.

With that being said, the neutral gender-related words, I subjected my nursing staff had to heed to. This new phrase of dialect is even more challenging when counseling patients, it becomes even a daunting task after the sessions with patients when interacting.

There is specific gender-based language my staff must utilize at all times doing patients intakes, the usage of appropriate words to adopt in order not to defend anyone's gender.

That is what DeSantis' agenda. Eradicating African American studies in colleges, the banning of neutral popularity books, that is my biggest concern of his political agenda, and he is gaining momentum on that itinerary as we speak, and he is only the governor.

This 2024 upcoming election, make sure you vote for the best man that is responsible to take this nation forward, strengthen our ties with our allies. Since I cannot vote, because of my dual citizen, I am always interested in the agendas being brought forward and to pass on the insights to constituents...

Until our evolving and beautiful souls find way to seek, reach, teach, or preach.
Always enjoy your day everyone and make the most out of its time invested.


Dangerous Mind
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Someone is evidently highly indoctrinated in Marxist ideology

force or oblige (someone) to do something.
force to come or go in a particular direction.

Also a fascist bully subjecting staff to such nonsense.

You shouldn't facilitate people's mental illness and delusions

Fire of Insight
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The backlash to progress is always ugly.
DeSantis is George Wallace standing at the door of Foster Auditorium in 1963.

Joshua Bond
Tyrant of Words
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The real controllers are having a field-day through the ancient and well-proven strategy of divide-and-rule. They are after one form of address only "you, the plebs, do this ...".

Tyrant of Words
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If two thirds of people REFUSE to vote as an act of conscience, the election will be called as a non-election. Why compromise and vote for bad leadership? Since I witnessed corrupt, rigged primaries and elections as a young adult, I decided my biggest power play would be “NO” - to all the above.

I’m now 41 and expecting to have my 12th homebirth in the next 6 months. The medical establishment is white supremacy. If you love black peoples and people of all colors, promote midwives, herbalists and natural shaman practitioners.

The Democratic Party has managed to be racist and sexist against everyone! What a feat!

Ron Desantis is going to destroy the racist Democratic Party this year because of it’s support of slavery, so what do you think of that? Should the party of slaves be allowed to continue, anyway?

But if this happens, it would be great because I expect a new party would rise to dwarf the ones before it in power and glory.

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