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Blendology Poems [ for 18+ adults ]

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
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Mm.. Too Far Gone

Mirror the reflection of desires in the heat of the rush
Allow me to drizzle my body with honey, your tongue to bathe my skin as such  
Blend us as one, the death of passion, only we shall part, come undone  
Enrapture song of a sultry clandestine one  

No beginning no ending  
Attuned hearts beating, pluses escalating, sending  
Lips, heart, bodies mending  
Time for us suspending  

Eyes closed, feeling the dominating sheer bliss  
Today, tomorrow, the present of our yesterday’s reminisce  
Coveting my lips, the extended domineering of your soul, seeking  
Funneling, moaning, erection inside, tweaking, inch by inch peaking  

Basking in the warmth of my inner soul  
Appetite to restrain, completing me, uncontrolled  
Love in the act of making  
Weakening me powerless as you’re hungrily taking  

A King of Heart’s passion is overwhelming his dick lashing  
I’m sinking, he’s still locked inside, solid length piercing deeper without remorse, thrashing  
A cascade of love, giving into, bodies shuddering from the thrill of a flowing rush  
God created muscular beings to submit women to a feeling as such

Kissing me tenderly from head to toe, a blessing to experience, no disguise
Make me cry out your name, hands touring my skin, as passion dances in your eyes
This day for you, slowly unwrap the bow, and play with your awaited surprise
A comparative heart, a fluttering blush  
Getting lost in the arms of a man’s inebriating touch  
Becomes weakening, captivating, the yearn to fulfill is never too much  

Tyrant of Words
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a sweet spoken word

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
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Mm... Softly Snagged in His Lair (COTS)

He asked me to remove my clothes      
Standing in the light of his glory      
Devoid of my hindrance concealing the gateway to my soul      
He laid me upon his holy ground      
His hypnotic eyes held mine under arrest      
As his beguiling mind breezed over me in a favored pitch of undulated ecstasy      
Holding out my arms out to the lust of my midnight salvation      
Cocooning his physical in the magnetic tenderness of my craving      
The twilight of his spirit      
Joining me in the sweetest ambience of rapture      
Where our names will make history on silken sheets for where our, minds, and bodies shall emotionally speak      
In a faraway land exploring the secret covenants of my temple      
Where droplets of passionate love feel as a gentle caress      
Hushed whispers echoed, butterflies' dances in the glee of our merriment      
Sustained within the hourglass of time for two pulsating hearts flowing in communion      
Worshipping me in same beautiful place you take me to nightly as our blended souls kiss the stars      
Where you softly caress me on the moon      
And then make such tender love to me under the warmth of the sun      
He keeps me grounded in the wrath of his love      
Parting the sacredness of my Chi with the adulation of his deep      
Thrusting inside my torments, my pains, my wishes      
Giving me the balance of his needs      
Mm... my body breathless in his soulful acceptance      
Hands clasped bringing the stupefaction of lost times      
No loss in his whispers as he fornicates them upon the softness of my skin      
Calling out my name in the fall of his benediction      
Reeling in his emotions, his devotion      
Feening off his wants      
Dining on the intellect      
Enticing words resonating when locked in my carnal sanctuary keeps me wet      
Until the sun rises high in the sky      
He is the wine, and I am his peach pie      
Intoxicating in the effect with the ascent      
Over the heights of Nirvana’s peak, we reach      
Clenching and blending, sloppy kisses mending      
Famished passion sending us over the top      
Mm... such a tidal wave to be under the dominance of his hunger while my cherry caves in, giving him the gushing of the cherry pop      
His neck strained raiding my g-spot      
As this man to this woman, he makes me sooooo hot      
My body unto his encased      
My lips are the last he tastes      
Then reassurance whispered in the ear while lovingly stroking my face


Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
Forum Posts: 1257

Get Here If You Can

Get Here If You Can
Close your eyes, hear my sentiments as they cross faraway lands
A hard felt contender
For a soft pillow of surrender  
Don’t be scared, shh, never be afraid  
Now that echoes are silent serenades  
Emotions now hiding behind a quiet masquerade  
A never ending female’s dominating charade  
Once had it made  
Dopamine was the game, mentally parlayed  
No one is getting compensated for words portrayed, or displayed  
Get Here If You Can  
By car, bus, or a Boeing airplane  
You can reach me by surfing the waves of honey streams  
Feel the heat of unwavering passion as you touch me when you daydream  
Heart concealed in veiled clues  
Minds afloat playing by society Check Mate rules  
Get Here If You Can  
Cross the desert dunes of the Egypt sands  
Footsteps guiding through the everglades  
Marching behind a brigade  
By a Helium Balloon floating in the sky  
Much closer than a goodbye, I tell you no lie  
Get Here If You Can  
Waiting for a spark of romance  
Closely matched mental dance  
Much given space  
Bowed out under grace  
For now, still privately mine  
Don’t worry, my motto, all in due time  
Get Here If You Can  
Cross the Red Sea as a pirate, deliver your treasured pleasurable plan    
Breathless waiting  
The canvas of my body, your finished painting  
No words, as we’re physically relating  
Stagnated breaths in a steamy shower  
Warm water cascaded over two combined bodies in the midnight hour  
Reach me by the stars in the sky    
Come unto me where inner spirituality resides  
Down there too many earthly questions outweigh the whys  
Strong arms needed to hold  
Journey through the storms to comfort me, mentally console  
Get Here If You Can
Enrapture and dignity felt for a hero within man  
A horse carriage, inclining steep hills through Mother Nature’s challenging weather  
Touch compared to a caressing silken feather  
Keeping bodies and entwined souls together  
Where he stands, where he lays  
Heavenly nights as bodies set ablaze  
Love, Hugs, Kisses, and Rubs, what a fitting intoxicating phrase  
As you enjoy the inner depth of my cerebral cortex maze
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
Forum Posts: 1257

She’s Like Candy-Coated In Sin

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Mini-Production Brought To You By
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Poetic Words of Inspiration
Poetikmind (_---_)

West Coast Girls Full Mix
Bobby Cole
(Licensed for Usage)

Tyrant of Words
United States 12awards
Joined 19th Dec 2018
Forum Posts: 29

I will get there

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
Forum Posts: 1257

Falling Into The Softest Whispers Of Time...

“And the last of this tour concludes with the painting, many galleries have attempted to showcase. This gallery was fortunate enough to acquire such a unique find. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Cleopatra.”
All the patrons’ eyes looked up and affixed their attention on the painting hanging on the wall.
“What a sexy painting, which would look fabulous over my King size bed.”
“As long as you share the feast of what lays under your covers  
“Who said that.”  
“Look into my eyes handsome one.”  
“Did you just say something miss.”
“No ma’am.”
“A talking portrait, how different,” the patron mumbled under his breath  
“Look up here my love... and close your eyes... touch me as in a faraway land.”  

Needing the comfort softness tonight  
The luxury of a man’s virality, hardness and deep thrusting with all his might  
Gentle hands upon me when my mind is lost in the dark  
Shadows of me in the light lark  
A soothing whisper as he lays me down  
Understanding my fallen tears trapped in a frame, yet my mind strokes is my only sound  
His fingers softly roaming over me kissing over my misty eyes  
Arching my back for his silent invitation, needing no whys  
His fingers snaking deep inside, tasting my hunger, my needs  
Mouthing the peak of my nipples... my pussy pulsating awaiting him to please  
Saturating the tip with his drools…oh…God…turning up my body as my soul he tenderly lease  
Kissing around my belly ring, his caresses gentle as a breeze  

I need to be loved, take my mind past the rise of morning glory  
Allow our desires to stain our sheets until we become the pages of a passionate story  
On his knees, as I close my mind to chaos  
Palming my thighs, his fingers, inside me getting lost  
In and out then a tongue dart to tease  
My moans of rapture, submitting to the weakening submission of his appease  
Parting my thighs slowly for his pleasure  
Bending his face in, sniffing the scented aroma of my dewy treasure  
Beg me  
Planting my hand on his head  
Pulling his head inward, his tongue following, inside my pussy it has wed
Oh… I needed this  
The lenient touch of this handsome man pleasing my slit  
Mm... the tip of his tongue circling arounf my pierced clit  
Drawing out my pre-climatic drips  
My legs wrapping about his neck  
His palms extending upward to my breasts, tracing over the nipple, making me wet  
Let me feel your pleasure, climax in my mouth  
Oh…oh... yes, his licks becoming glutinousness, marinating my wet south  
Lifting my mound up to his face  
Suckling my jucies, then the tip of his tongue diving back inside my tighten space  
Oh... yes… his tongue in precession  
My gasps, stabilizing his the sides of his cheeks under his oral obsession  
Make this pussy climax I scream in surrendering  
Locking his face between my thighs his tongue tendering  
Oh... yes…my rainfall coming in waves, blanketing his tongue  
Sqeezing my pussy, making sure he savors my cum  
My mind, my body, my soul needing mending  
Reality and illusion, blurring, blending  
The depth of my heart he’s emotionally sending  
His tongue soothing me in the aftermath  
Reaching out for me again in the midnight hour
Kisses to my lips in a flash  
Hips up, parting my buttocks, the hardness of his arousal sliding into my tight ass  
Mm… inside me marinating, fingers inside my pussy hole just a thrasing  
Echoing whimpers as the pinnacle of climax on my digits basking  

“Miss.. ahh... who is the woman in the painting... captivating from where I stand, I mean… the imagery is very expressive, to think you heer her soft whispers across the land.”
Can someone, anyone, paint me a duplicate of her, not to leave out nothing from her strands of hair to her captive eyes, which holds a timeless flare?”  
“I’m afraid not, the imported paint utilized for this particular piece is very rare. This painting is not for sell, it’s on display all eyes to admire where it hangs.”  
“I can be very persuasive, if need be, a private contribution to the gallery if you can understand.” The patron looked down at the Curator’s shoes. “Hum. perhaps a pair of Vera Wang.”
“Not interested, this painting stays where it remains, here, enjoy your day sir.”
The patron walked away
The Curator looked up at the painting.
“What ancient stories will you bestow on my ear this evening. It’s a shame, all the male patrons have tried to confiscate you and if I told them the mental pleasures you are capable of giving, it will only lead to disbelieving
The Curator looked around and then walked away

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
Forum Posts: 1257

Between The Softness Of A Queen’s Thighs

A muscular utopia of pure endowed    
Chiseled of reminisce from the scrolls of the Creator’s image        
Molded in His perfection, mmm… His likeness        
A blessed commodity as he stands in his own destiny        
Devoid of his rib to have been conformed from thee        
A weary pilgrimage to allow him to covet me with famished kisses to adorn my mouth              
For thy love is greater than elixir drips of sweeten wine        
Savoring of good emollients of doleful hands languish christening my supple skin        
The name upon my lips is as liniment soothing forth to heal thy heart        
Therefore, do the virgins dance love thee          
Bathing my temple in sacred oils from the nectar of eminence          
Softly kissing upon the veiled famished of my anticipating lips          
Harken unto my name as it beautifully drips from off the doctrine of thy truthful tongue          
Flogging my scented sanctuary with emollients of pure ecstasy        
The journey unto our souls’ melding on the calling of nigh        
Touch me in the faint calling of yesteryear’s dream        
Rest your head upon the mounds of my bosom        
His feet at the beckon of my bed        
Indenting the down feather padding upon the grace of his crown      
As the warm florescent of moonlight cradles our temples in divine serenity        
Lay me down upon the bed of forevermore        
Mm... softly whisper upon my melanin skin the hymns of our ancient forbearance incantations        
Lost youth of passion betwixt my thighs famished desires to savor unto me        
Asunder the moistened halo of my lineage  
My nightly promise unto him I relinquish        
Where prominent Kings and Queens of olds shall cry of life beyond the cocoon of my womb        
A passionate journey of hands slowly meandering upon the nakedness of my sovereign        
The chaste of my breathless pants serenading aether        
Sensations overtaken, eyes fluttering close        
Twin minds, pulsating hearts, souls intermingling        
Palms interlocked, tighter secured in the heat of need          
Surrendering my existence unto a man found in the Bible of love’s creation        
Invading my yoniberry, infused lashes of sinking in and out of blending desires        
The scent of lavender mist awakening his manly allure        
Cupping his family jewels, inhaling, exhaling        
Dividing the enticing passage of my sacred chasm ordained by divinity        
Aligning his physique on the pillow of my mystique femininity        
My body has been awakened        
Falling for every interwoven penetrate his body is making        
History unto this moment we’re creating        
Our mouths meeting in the grandeur of completing, basking in the sheen glory        
No escaping the seepage of its prophecy        
Written of words that shall become a doctrine in the next lifetime        
Upon satin sheets my body furloughs in the softness of reminisce        
Bedazzled by time to have laid under supremacy of royal prominence        
Touching my lips in remembrance
As I bowed in submission unto the King’s royal lineage

Tyrant of Words
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When passion echoes as the essence of my juices slowly dwindle
Palms with nowhere to go, planted on the window
Bodies in heat, compacted space
Moving my black panties aside of French lace  
On my knees, denting the softness of his leather passenger seat
Buttocks divided, his tongue stimulating for the butter rum love feast
Creamy and smooth mmm… hurry baby before someone walks by and see us

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
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And Then Came You

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
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Coercions Of A Kind Purpose Part 2 With Tenderloin (Featuring SweetKittyCat)

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She hadn’t realized how much
he had gotten into her mind
on their last visit

She found the ache as of late
- incessant

She dutifully put the apparatus in place
each day since he left
just as he’d instructed

The secret in itself was a thrill
prompting her to imagine it
on several occasions

What it would feel like?
How quickly she might cum?

He would be there in minutes
and it took all resistance on her part
to not race ahead for a quick release

When he came in the door,
she practically jumped him
Her lips directly to his,
already undoing his pants

“That is the warmest welcome,” he said,
pulling her tight to his body

She knew his length intimately
having had it several times inside
and bearing witness to the spell
her mouth had on his growth

“I’ve been so wet, “she said. “You have no idea.”
“Certainly, what I want to hear,” he responded.

She’s already stroking his hardness
and drops to her knees
to rub him upon her ample breasts

“Stand up,” he demands
“and get those panties off.”

She follows his direction
and see’s the pleasure in his eyes
and she turns her bottom
to show him that it is just where he’s left it

He moves across the room
to get the lube.

“You might not need that” she teases.

He returns and his cock is effortlessly inside her
“Oh, move it faster”
“Goddamm, girl!  You are.. wet!"

He has entered her from behind
And gently pulls the plug from her tight opening.

He thrusts his cock into her a few times
while coating his finger
In a generous amount of lube
before easing it inside her

She can’t stay still
the fusion of sensations
compelling her to push against him

She feels him pull out from her drenched pussy
“Get in there now, baby!" she orders

He places his tip gently to the other hole
adding another generous dollop of lube
to work it in

And she immediately pushes back
Inching his dick into her ass

And such sounds escape her
as she takes control
using her bottom to take him
Into sacred tightness

My love yes baby right there… Oh fuck.. Oh Tenderloin, harder baby.. oh, baby make me cum
Oh fuckkkkk

Poetic Words By

Dangerous Mind
United States 1awards
Joined 2nd Aug 2017
Forum Posts: 106

You are the cloak of my sexual night
Your butter rum flowing
Your sweet abyss tight
Your heat that surrounds me
At dawn's early light
You are the cloak of my sexual night

Dangerous Mind
United States 1awards
Joined 2nd Aug 2017
Forum Posts: 106

A whiff of your cunt
Is it only a tease?
Spread your legs widely
I am down on my knees
Spreading your soft folds
To do as I please

Dangerous Mind
United States 1awards
Joined 2nd Aug 2017
Forum Posts: 106

I'm trusting my thrusting
Is serving you well
My cock's at attention
You're wet, I can tell
In and out sliding
I'm ringing your bell
In the night air there's a sexual smell

Dangerous Mind
United States 1awards
Joined 2nd Aug 2017
Forum Posts: 106

I dine on your cunt. Your lips are devine.
When they're sucking my cock and you're drinking my wine
I drive and I thrust, put your puss in a lock
In and out fully, we in outer space dock

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