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Blendology Poems [ for 18+ adults ]

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
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Mm...Blissful Thoughts

Come here my handsome man…. mmm… yes, take off your clothes  
Tonight, in the nakedness of my pleasure your tongue shall sow  
The taste of me you seek in the abyss of where ecstasy patrols  
Delights in the comfort of thrills as I lay in his bed    
Wicked thoughts of him have danced within my head    
Slowly pulling down my teddy, captivating my eyes
Mesmerizing me as he opens my thighs    
Wetting his fingers, my pussy pulsating, fixated as I arch her back, quickly darting them inside    

Taking them out, rubbing the clear taste of myself over my neck, a perky tit    
Then under his nose for a quick whiff    
Echoes to the Heavens my soft escaped whimpers    
Gentle kisses to my soft folds, allowing my creamy essence to his mouth to trickle his lips as passion for us simmer  

Tyrant of Words
United States 11awards
Joined 19th Dec 2018
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Oh yes I can test the sweetness of your honey pot the aroma drives me insane for all of you

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
Forum Posts: 1176

Shh... sit back watch me finger myself    
Mm.. you like what you see  
You want to taste me    
Sticking my fingers in your mouth    
Mm yes... taste those pussy juices    
Oh, my love… you forgot a spot    
Sweet mercy... you making me so hot    
With the swirl of your tongue making love to my fingertips    
Laying me down on the bed    
Get… down… on… your… knees    
Spread my thighs    
Sniffing my essence then burying your nostrils in my moistness    
A soft lick, teasing the cove of my nature    
My back flapping as you twist your head side-to-side    
Flooding your tongue in the swishing of my wetness    
Licking up and down my pinkish inviting slit    
Puckering at my soft folds    
Oh, this feels so good, my head rising    
Then finding comfort back on the mattress    
Linking my legs around your neck    
Breathless as you dominate your hunger for my oral obsession    
Oh baby... you got me sandwiching my breasts    
Pinching my nipples    
Lifting them, in the state of lustful bliss    
Licking over my perky tits  
Moaning as your tongue shows no mercy in giving    
Ringing the tip side-to-side inside of me, then in and out    
The scent of my aura sailing through the air    
Oh… God you hitting my g-spot    
My body trembling uncontrollably    
Half sitting, palming your head    
Seesawing my hips, up to your lips    
Head bending backwards    
Losing the slow trickles of my soul    
To the blissful feeling of your Oral Nirvana    
Closing my eyes as you cup my buttocks    
Rubbing the side of your cheeks against my bushy mound    
Your tongue zigzagging through a colony of fine downy hairs    
Clenching my buttocks tighter, my thighs opening wider    
Only for your tongue to delve in and out, the tip sinking deeper    
My creamy essence coating your lips    
The wetness of my aftermath sliding down your chin    
As it makes a river on my silk sheets    
My desires liquefied in the abyss of your tongue tease    
The pulsating lingering as the rhythm of my pussy    
Succumbs to the troll of your tonguing rapture    
Oh papi....    
Mm.. see what you’ve stirred    
Licking me up my body    
Then kissing my lips letting me know what it taste like inside that pot  
You are such a tongue teaser

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
Forum Posts: 1176
Mmm... can I ride your arousal all night long        
No words, this is the coating of action          
Watching you beg, for this illicit tongue satisfaction          
You feel my cunt my love pulsating on that erection of yours          
Oh yes, palm that breast and lick over my nipple          
Yes... oh you’re sticking a finger deep inside my wet pussy          
You know you always wanted too... mmm…. you know you need too          
Oh, my love, I see you’re getting quite hard          
Now push me down to my knees            
Whisper it in my ear for me to please          
Oh are so hard          
You like my tongue stroking the length of your taut skin          
You giving me into my nightly sins          
Driving me crazy with your…sss... and your echoing hisses          
No….no…no….no.. open your eyes          
I want you to watch me please you, this tongue lust comes with a naughty surprise          
You know I can lick you all over up and down, until sunrise          
No rhyming here…this the sheer of my tongue bathing you my dear          
In your face, I want to see the shadow of lust cross your face          
Mmm… let me just kiss the tip...please          
Licking around the dome as the length slides back and forth between my lips, as it tease          
Oh, your pre-cum ... mmm slobbing all over your knob          
Shh...... you know you want to see it dissolve          
You know you love this blowjob          
Male readers …just touch yourself for me          
Close your eyes…...oh yeah… you feel the faint of my lips… my tongue slowly smearing your pearly drips          
Moving my hand aside          
Placing your dick between my breasts...oh yes you like that          
Oh, sweet mercy…go on my love… make love to my breasts          
I want to feel your warm cum squirting all over my dark brown nipples          
Your streams of satisfaction dripping through my fingertips          
Tasting …. oh God tasting as I lick you off my fingers, oh yes          
Baby…slow down… wait a minute… wait.. wait.. wait.. wait palming my head          
Holding your erection with the other one... easing that hardness up and down my clit          
Kissing the tip....oh baby...cum      
Oh yes... mmm... throw your head back          
Umm…hum…. your grunts making my fingers wet my pussy...          
Taking your girth deep in my mouth...sucking your soft throb          
Tasting your cum, saturating oo… just to feel inside my wet south          
Inching my lips back          
Licking around your head          
Your drips sliding down the head of your dick... Mmm… you like this          
Oh, now you want me lay down…part my thighs and watch me please myself          
Running a finger ever so softy over my slit          
Smearing the essence on my nipple…then licking it off          
That excites you… mmmm…. opening my legs wider          
You like that pink opening          
You want to slide all up in it          
Mmm.. hurry...hurry up my love… oh the honey is already warm for the pour

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
Forum Posts: 1176

On The Other Side of Moon

I will close my eyes, and you close yours  
Let our hungry minds travel to a moment where the honey over me you slowly poured    
I was yours and you were mine    
That night in the dense of the forest, among the calling of Mother Nature, you loved me in and out of time    
Your beguiling whispers, mm…. gently breezed over my soft skin    
Kisses under my earlobe, as you begged to love me once I let your soul ease in    
You carried me over the threshold in the need to thrust over and over inside the satisfaction of my gush    
Impatient lips savoring the sweeten flavor of my submissive touch    
Blending moans in the haste of a feverish pitched need    
My body pressed against your muscular stature trembling with desire to glorify in the lust of your carnal greed    
His knees, followed the yielding of my willing body    
Deeply sniffing the yoni of this hottie    
Oh baby... a quick kiss to the opening of my slit    
Pushing his head in my crotch, to get me wet, does not take a lot when you watch    
His tongue ringing side-to-side, inside my sugar walls    
Grasping his hair, making sure he gets it all    
Scrunching those covers, as I gyrated on his face    
Yes… yes… my palms flapping the bed, moaning, lick... Oh God, relish your obsession all up in that butter rum taste    
Smothering my lips, his tongue slipping inside my mouth    
Mm... French kissing me, he stilled his girth inside the soaking abyss of my dampen South    
Controlling the drizzles of my candyrain with his in and out plummets, withdrawing his width to the tip then a dip and slip stroke    
Palming his sweaty back, pulling him forward, licking over his nipple, his head bent backwards, grunting as his body jerked  
His nutt throbbed then flowed    
Oh God…. yes... yes… my body twerked    
My climaxed bathed the length and width of his still pulsating girth        
I can still feel the imprint of his spirit as we made such sweet love    
My honeycomb fitted his dick like a tight glove    
Well do you, my love

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
Forum Posts: 1176

Louisiana With A Haitian French Creole twist  

Louisiana with a Haitian French Creole twist
Feeling in the mood for a little generational reminisce    
New Orleans on my mind    
It’s time, I relax, wine, and dine    
The soothing sounds of the Jazz Clubs    
A city of my embedded history I have so much love    
Creole and Cajun food, the various articulated accents    
A true homecoming to hear stories of old with kinfolks, always well spent    
Hear me talk, Haitian Creole Yat, combined with an Eastern enunciation twine    
Years trying to bury, I tell you no hidden lies    
Linguistics diversified    
Talking to patients, with listening intentions in their eyes    
Glimpsing the raised eyebrows expression in their whys    
Butter Rum skin tone, doesn’t match the deep southern-rooted, Haitian in disguise    
Engaging voice by a profession, healing decree by foretold choice    
Something I’m proud of when conversing, as my ancestors in their graves rejoice    
Wine, pleasure seeking, you hear that twine, it tends to roll out    
No resentments to adhere, or lingering doubts    
Muscular eyes popping open, inquiries as to what language is spoken    
Entwined Haitian Creole as tongues have slipped and awoken    
My native dialect, east coast flair, merged into one    
My family’s generational homebound of nationality has been proudly won    
Wealth of history snatched by French designs    
Moorish Forbearer, Lineage, Ancestral to stand, questioned by the tormentor’s whips and lies    
Nubian Queen? You damn straight    
Times such as this, pride refuse to wait    
My lineage is not open for debate    
Or words of my doctrines to rate    
French stole, Spaniard claimed it, here today, it’s just too late    
For the history that runs through my veins    
My creed, my presence is all of me who remains    
Hispaniola Saint-Domingue    
Coffee and Sugar Cane    
Sweltering heat, no rest or shelter in the pouring rain    
Code Noir    
Cries from the cotton fields no more    
French Revolution    
Freedom was the ultimate solution    
My ancestral broken chains, their civil resolution    
Blood on hands from plantation retribution    
No forefather’s ablution    
Given a one fifth citizenship, documented in the Constitution    
Sins of the forefathers, medication now controlling their children’s mental pollution    
Queen of Queens, yes within my birthright    
However, embezzled legacy from the French Rulers in dawn’s early light    
Give me Liberty or Give me Death    
The fate of my lineage, scars of whips, to give other countries their treasured wealth    
Fleets of ships that sailed    
Bodies dropping like heads or tails    
Breathing Heads accounted to live    
Expired Tails, a sea coffin, no free labor to give    
A Mambo Asogwe of Haiti, village Appointee    
Healing from the element laws of spiritual degrees    
Oh yes, part of the seeds of my heredity    
Practiced in colonized solidarity, now an adopted creed    
I may have to brush up on my French very soon    
Two-sided dialogue in attendance, under one roof, is like a mental trip to the moon    
A tale of two cities will soon meet trifold    
Haitian French    
Mulatto Parentages    
Haitian Creole    
Everlasting Kingdoms of warriors, carnage from royal, no longer roaming souls    
From the Native Islands to the Louisiana Bayous, to the East Coast spiritual advisers to console    
This is the introverted reason why I have adopted universal love    
To collapse the invisible restraints of detestation God has stored in me from above    
It never hurts with a touch of Love and Hugs  

Dangerous Mind
United States 1awards
Joined 2nd Aug 2017
Forum Posts: 101

I do

Dangerous Mind
United States 1awards
Joined 2nd Aug 2017
Forum Posts: 101

O M G  I want some more…. Mmmmmm

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
Forum Posts: 1176

Hungry Eyes

Hungry Eyes  
Tonight, no disguise  
No lies, coveted passion, comes as no surprise  
Shh…take my body pass the stars  
Venus needing the erotic desires of Mars  
Heavenly paradise beyond the word far  
The element of awaited heated surprise  
Release the hidden passion within, refusing to subside  

Roam your palms over my body slowly, gentle, easy  
Wet kisses pass my navel ring, to my inner thighs to thoroughly please me  
A dip and then a thrusting slip inside  
Palming your head, cupping my breast for the blissful tongue ride  
Strong palms cupping my buttocks burying your nostrils in the warmth of my slit  
Your angry tongue licking the soft flesh before, spanking my clit  
Oh God, right there...oh...oh please don’t move  
Your tongue in and out, piercing the core of my wicked pussy groove  

Wildly moving my hips, no time to console  
Kissing me senseless, illicit movements uncontrolled  
Your dick circling on its own patrol  
Yanking it out  
Over my lips it rolls  
“Mmmm, I did not mean to drain your dick handsome one under my covetous demise.”  
Blame it on the hunger of my smoky gray eyes  
I like this wish list and the naughty surprise  
“You can shut the door on your way out love.”

Dangerous Mind
United States 1awards
Joined 2nd Aug 2017
Forum Posts: 101

no sleep-over for this one

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
Forum Posts: 1176

The Girl Above The Clouds

In the realm of darkness, he comes to me  
Satin sheets slowly withdrawn  
Breasts palmed in anticipation of his bidding  
Eyes fluttering close    

The vapor effervescent of his presence dons my sagacity  
My needs he wants to feed  
My body in heat he wants to claim  
A celestial Goddess to the moans he enlists from speech    
Infinity we shall become as one  
Unbridled carnal wisps of delights found in rays of light  
Meandering over my feverish skin of obscurity  
His mistress of the night to beguile  
My passion he instills, only to be awaken, intimately aroused  
Under him no bounds of time shall asunder  
Mm... resilient hands of yesterday  
My thighs slowly parceled  
Lapping at the ingress of a hunger to repast  
Curvature of my spine to receive  
Bridging my body for the empowering lust of joviality to devour  
A zigzagging tongue in the quest, a sluggish wet trail it leads  
Imbibing from the cascade of my moisten essence, it follows  
Erratic heartbeats echoing in the still of the night  
Eyes staring at my overtness    
His desires gradually tease, driving deeper inside me  
Bearing the fit of his commanding foray plunges  
Entwined of me, intangible of him  
My scent hankering his pores  
I ache to become his  
Wicked tales of seduction as I partition my divinity wider  
Into the flames of fire, we dance in desertion  
Flames of lust consuming our regal entities  
Combustible, we tighten, caged raptured disbursed  

Tyrant of Words
United States 11awards
Joined 19th Dec 2018
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my friend what a sweet spill of your thoughts of pssion and pleasure

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
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A Wild Cat

Keeping a tiger’s mind aroused
Curtains drawn his clothes off mm... oh, he’s well endowed
Loving in the midnight moments when he’s taming this wild pussy…. cat  
Tempting my wet cunt, when he comes to my bed with big balls and a hard swigging bat    
Ripping my panties off      
Mm... he is the consuming flame to this sexy moth      

Pushing me back on the bed      
Dropping to his knees, no words ever need to be said      
Legs over his broad shoulders, my palm gracing the top of his head      
Oh God the first lick so tender, so soft      
Eyes closed, sandwiching my breasts, mind totally lost      
Then aggressively, moaning in sweet surrender from the clit flick      
Saturating his lips with the juices raining from my slit      

Pumping the length of his dick      
Back flapping
The tip of his tongue swimming deeper in my pinkish butter rum abyss      
Uplifting my pelvis as he’s gripping my curvaceous hips      
Giving him the trickles of my nightly gift      
Head pushed downward, nostrils sniffing, tongue siphoning the sweeten essence with each head twist      

My creamy cunt coating his mouth
Dancing the curvy tip all up in my tighten South    
Holding my hands to my sides
His fingers joining in the passion collide
Palming my buttocks, circling the tip, sending me over the edge
This wet pussy to him.. mm... without hesitation I pledge    
Clenching the silk covers, he got me breathless, my handsome lover      

Giving him my sultry gyrate, my silken pleasure, my seductive tease      
Feening for the thrust of his hard need      
Oh baby... yes right there… mmm anchoring his girth to please      
Riding his pulsating erection with a compulsive animalistic greed      
Echoing moans, groans, dipping deeper inside me feeding me his pearly seeds  
Mm... relishing in my sweeten carnal food          
Then turning me over, ass up, buttocks dividing, …. a constricted access for his family jewels  
My common sense to deny the nature of his animalistic charms keeps overruling      
When it’s his girth I need deep inside me, I’m pursuing      

Remnants of those smooth lines, intoxicating like fine wine      
Lust in my bed have no time      
I’m his tempting treat, when he’s submerged in my moisten heat, drowning me, in the pools of his addictive sublime every time our flesh blends upon the meet
Keeping him on a prowl, yet, once deep inside my soul…he's grunting from my indenting nails  
Addictive to the rush… shh… I will never tell

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
Forum Posts: 1176

Mm.. Cake it’s your birthday today
The time of the year the tiger and a sexy kitty come together when at play  
Silk sheets upon feverish passion as we lay  
No clocks for the space of infinity's molten desires  
Candles flickering, shadows of dancing fire    
But first, a glass of champagne to toast to quell our thirst  
My love you can have a seat  
Okay, one kiss before this cake you eat  
Tsk...tsk, it appears you're already aroused before our skin even meets  
Let me turn around for you    
Baby you have to wait, and patience for now will have to do  
Alright, just an enticing lick birthday boy of this carnal food  
Pulling my head downward, blanketing your lips, tasting on your beard strands my moisten dew  
Stepping back, from your arousal state  
If not, the carpet you will have me, and it’s your birthday I cannot debate  
Tilting your head as you mentally sample your undercover feast  
This night is all about this beauty seducing your animalistic craving under an array of silk scented sheets
No stop that, no hands allowed, just yet  
I need your undivided attention before you make me all creamy and wet  
You know I could never refuse you when you make this heart melt  
Unzipping my bustier, my hips swaying side-to-side  
Feening for my touch tells me by that hungry look in your eyes  
Tossing the flimsy attire, the top of your head is where the garment now resides  
Would you like to be deep inside this  
Wetting my finger tip  
Dragging it down my cleavage to my clit    
My rhinestone thong hiding the taste of your wet gift  
Mm... I do know the meaning behind your lust when you lick your lips  
Come here you tell me  
Sliding my thong down my legs, to attend to your needs  
A stiletto planted on your upper robust thigh  
Teething my lacy garter for the pull… placing my foot on the carpet, as the garter continues to ride  
Lifting me in haste  
Baby wait...centering me on the table near your birthday cake  
Digging your five fingers for a glob of icing, smearing my slit  
Tongue darting… mmm... famish licking up and down your birthday wish  
Oh baby…. we …we’re...oh dinner can wait, palming your head, with each tongue roll  
Honey drips as they patrol your tongue the flavor of me consoles  
Oh…baby…hap…happy birthday to you, blanketing a nipple with your mouth  
Jigging a finger in and out my sugary south  
Climbing on the table between my thighs  
Palming your girth, my hands coveting for the steering inside, arching my back, oh my  
Bodies moving  
Erection plundering in and out, seesawing my hips, misty grooving  
Skin softly bitten, scratched in the throne of animalistic passion  
Leg wrapped your back, my silken walls gloving your deepening thrashing  
Oh…baby…baby…. our juices mingling  
Moans and groans, deeper thrusting, whimpers as you’re bringing  
Capturing my lips, my body covered in your sweat droplets  
Mm… the best birthday dick this tight pussy has ever felt, inside this butter rum where you always sky rocket  
Enjoy my tender kiss as you slowly withdraw from my creamy and sweeten hot pocket

Mmm... kisses

Tyrant of Words
Scotland 29awards
Joined 4th Dec 2018
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Explicitly (tasting my core)

this ache unrestrained
anticipating your breath
all over my skin

 explicitly writes
her sin upon my swollen
hot pulsating flesh

'til an overflow
of trueintoxicating
elixir graced

wanton hungry lips
licking the sticky core of
my being so clean

Written by AspergerPoet56
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