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Blendology Poems [ for 18+ adults ]

Tyrant of Words
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Dream Weaver

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Cum unto my monarch and please this Queen  
Take my body to the throne of passion, beyond the state of serene
I bow at your feet my handsome King  
As I crown your head as I make your body sing  

Soft and willing as I am  
Knights shall fall under my seductive salacious command  
But the handsome King and I  
Entwined by passion, conjoined in lust by and by  

Reign to love ordained by the skies  
Hail to the King unto me he kneels, our ties we bind  
His virality drives me wild  
My eyes in search of another to find  
Never a twin of his yearns, his animalistic appetites by design  

Fusing our temples in the throne of infinity we befall  
He savors the sweeten flavor of my Chi upon my beckoning call  
Giving me his all  

Clasped wrists bound behind my back  
On my knees, gripping the intensity of hair, masculinity taken aback  
Dick darting behind a darken concealed groove  
Domination of my mouth kisses to my lips, so smooth  
Horse tail whip to tease as one must say  
Stimulating distraction to conceal at play  

Prowling against the winds, howling for her midnight touch  
Her lips pleases me when she covets the harden tip of my aroused thrust  
Heat seeking her, interlocked when plummeting into her pinkish lush  
Coasting within, in and out with a weakening insatiable rush  

His voice beckons me throughout the realm of time  
The heat of his breath, whispers to my ear, echoing as Heaven’s chimes    
I feel the presence of his touch, intoxicating like sipping smooth wine  
Sinking in the alluring drawing of my seductive scent  
The rapture in his arm I relishes unrelent  
He leaves my mind, my soul totally spent  

Setting up for an ejecting upstage  
Testosterone hungry upon a silken enclosed engage  
White flag surrendered scorching the mind  
Knees planted to earth draining his Northern pointed gravity of time  

Granted wishes  
The taste beyond her soft folds, so warm, wet, and delicious  
In the throne of her dreams, she is the soul your heart deeply misses  
Mesmerized and enthralled by the taste of her enchanting kisses  

Lay me down, extended hands above my head  
Rose petals crushed upon a silk covered bed  
Rubbing within the Genie’s lamp for a blissful ride between my thighs  
In and out of my dreams, his promises to worships me takes me high  
Falling into the bliss of his pleasurable nighttime sweeten surprise  

A rose in the Garden of Eve her nectar none can compare  
An earthly Angel who dreams I invade becomes mine on an  
astral hope and a prayer  
Within my dreams his caresses upon my body he softly feeds  
The supple of my skin his mouth tenderly tease  
Sliding between the arc of my divinity as I asunder, he leads  
He topples upon me for his engaging ease  
Wallowing in the juicy depth of my good deeds  

Flames turned up leads to a combustible moisten implosion  
Intimate anchoring diversion  
A hard weapon firing into my honeyed ocean upon submersion  
I am her Dream Weaver  
She is my hope, in the dusk of dawn, my faith believer  
My celestial mental healer  
Submitting unto me her silken ecstasy, once deep inside, so tender  

Are you out there my Queen  
The soul who my dreams are gently weaved  
From realty to make believe  
Make my wishes come true tonight  
As the craving found in each whisper takes flight  
The dreams of life  
An universal gift of love  
Mm.. what a dream...that was  
Where is a good sleep when the body needs one  
Come to me sweet dreams for my slumber to be won  
To become entangled and then undone  
Before the rising of the sun  

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Dangerous Mind
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Your nipples and your lips I kiss
My tongue tip enters your abyss
My hardness touches moistened fold
The firmness of your breasts I hold
My length and girth do penetrate
Your depths responding as we mate
Your climax mixing with my cream
You are the weaver of my dream

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
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The Many Faces Of A Seductive Sorceress

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Until the calling of night
Let the Sorceress reflection mirrored
Enticing souls in flight
Unto the soothing voice
Whispers of seduction felt
As a handsome Knight gallops to rapture in the sweet surrender of choice

The song playing in the background of this video is titled, When I Ride, by Ashley Mehta, and is part of the creative app of selective music.
I do not own any copyright to sell, copy, or make legal claims to the nature of the music, it is in part stickily for entertainment purposes only.

Tyrant of Words
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Can I
Handsome one can I lay on your chest today
Read me words of surrendering poetry to take my breath away  
I need silence in my life  
From daily polluted worldly strife    
I need a charismatic Dream Weaver  
A hard-chested man who is a mystical believer  
Allow me to close my eyes, hug me tighter, as I inhale and exhale    
Permit my mind to softly imagine as it set sail    
Let me hide in the covet of your mighty arms    
Your body locked deep within mine as we weather the quiet storms  
Let the world outside your window continue to be  
As I block out the world from, running, nursing, being an Erotica Author, who novels define my creed  
My mind needs to beautifully drift, among the sun, the stars, pass the moon  
Soul and Spirit, blending, earthly echoing its attune  
Atoms of my needs, coating my existence unto mother nature, please set me free    
Bow unto God’s ordinance as my revered soul is finally released  
Don’t get out the bed, just stay here and hold me, please  
I need to feel wanted from my hair stands, way below my knees  
Relax and tell me your aspirations    
Your life focuses, your dedications  
Your words are much gifted than my daily meditations  
What does a poet do when he’s not under the silk covers, his passions cooking  
Mental poetry hooking  
When I’m not looking  
Hum… is he a sex machine, tender lover    
Passion of the arts to intellectually stimulate as we discover  
Instill my mind with brainpower as your body hover  
Shy, Bold, Demeaning, Cold  
They say all the glitter is not gold    
However, thank you for giving me the time to be me, and just slowly breathe  
I detest in moderation I must rise from your warm bed, dress, and then silently flee  
Lying next to you definitely helped my balanced Chakras, the femininity of my mood  
I must strongly give credence unto you  
Can you join me for a steamy shower  
Physical deprivation I shall covet as I scale your hard tower of power

Dangerous Mind
United States 1awards
Joined 2nd Aug 2017
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Dare I surmise this was writ for me
I am longing for your arms
To feel the breasts upon your chest
To taste your lucky charms
To have my lips between your hips
Sniff the scent of your abyss
To pucker up for all I'm worth
Give your clitoris a kiss

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
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Meet My Soul Beyond The Clouds

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Oh, my love, is this love ordained from above
As you kiss me … mm I feel your love
Among the stars and the moon
You make love to me from the depth of the Blue Lagoon
You take my body to the Heavens
And then you soar it higher
There is no other love, that I will ever desire
Kiss me my love
Mm… kiss me among the stars
Oh, Venus has found her man from Mars
Spread my legs as you palm my thighs
No reasons to resist, mmm I love your whys
Your tongue slowly crawling up my body
Oh, your kissing, you’re tasting
From this butter rum hottie
Mmm.. kiss me, whisper in my ear
Let me know there’s no fears
I am your dear

Dangerous Mind
United States 1awards
Joined 2nd Aug 2017
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Oh my love it's so ordained
I kiss your pussy, make it rain
Soar you higher in the skies
I can't resist your wares, the whys
Your butter rum flows on my face
Can't let, one drop of it, go to waste.... mmmm💞

Tyrant of Words
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Touch Me

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Touch Me
One touch I fall under the dominance of his spell  
One whisper and I am his to preserve  
One kiss and he has me moaning for more  

Capture my heart my love  
Caress my skin gently as the morning dew cometh  

Take possession of my mind  
Worship the serenity of my supple skin as my soul lays bare  
unto you  

My tender heart, my inner soul, my chi entwined in the breaths  
we breathe  
Infinity, I feel as you touch, speak, console me  

Love me in and out of time  
Write our names in love notes across the sky as  
you feel the caressing of my surrender  

Share my world my love  
take of me all that I have to give  
Head thrown back  
surrendering me, taking me, enthralling, seducing my existence

Tyrant of Words
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Joined 19th Dec 2018
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yes oh yes please do it any time

Dangerous Mind
United States 1awards
Joined 2nd Aug 2017
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Only time will tell

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
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April Rain

Shedding the meaning of clothes, lust consuming our naked desires
Animalistic instincts once the door closes passion fueling the flames hotter than fire
You been tasting me with your words, whispering my ear for me to tame you
Fingering me under my dress, sliding my thong aside, jiggling, then tasting that creamy dew
No one looking smearing my lips tenderly kissing the flavor off like its candied food

The moon is full at the stroke of midnight
Soft lush of silken bodies mating in flight
You are so handsome I’ve been waiting all night for this
Kiss to my skin feening, needing, being greedy for the tease of your hard dick
Grunting to the skies once I impatiently unzip

Fishing in your trousers, your boxers. Oh you so big... licking my lips
A little kiss, then a slow languish lick
I like when you look down
Jacket, shirt, tie, hitting the floor without a sound
Your palm overlaying mine
Jaws milking to dine

Steadily my head, mouth bobbing, tongue slobbing
My breasts catching those dripping drools
On my tits, globs of spits with each lick, landing on the carpet in polls
Pulling your reaction out my mouth
Pushing me to the bed, ripping my thing off, opening my legs, sniffing my south

Tasting the hunger for you from off my clit
Licking your fingers, as you dip in and out my welt abyss
Sniffing my insatiable appetite found between my thighs
My body I give unto you, a sacrifice under the majestic skies
Come unto me and feast off your cravings to please
Parting my salvation to appease
Your tongue slithering inside the wet fountain of me

Fingering me, and tasting my creamy pleasure
Dipping your oral fixation deeper into my dripping treasure
Oh yes…yes
Linking my legs around his neck
Oh sweet mercy.. to be donated by a man is weakening feeling when felt
Pussy quivering his tongues wet, delivering..
Trying to reach over for the bottle of honey
Darn it I wanted to drizzle it while his tongue it all up in me running…

His sticky face, twisting side to side, tonguing all in my creamy place
Half sitting up, burying his face, making sure, his spit blend with that sweet taste
Head hitting the pillow, breasts massaged, spine bend
Tossing this soaked pussy up to lips, palming my hips, loving the addition when his tongue won’t relent
Lifting my legs out... sucking my inner thigh, then bracing them together
Licking up and down my asshole like it’s a prize treasure, two fingers darting in and out my snatch
The duel feeling making my heartbeat even fast

Kisses adoring my slit, my inner thigh, my scared mound
Back arched, head pushed back down
Palming his crown
Surrendering unto the calling as his tongue twirl inside my clit like merry-go-round

Oh…yes… yes... stay… right there
The tip of my tongue swiping over nipple, pulling the short strains of your hair
Daring you not to move as I threw my pussy hole up in the air
Oh…sweet mercy…Oh God… please don’t stop
Pussy pulsating, your tongue got this damn on lock

Pelvic gyrating
A river of drools pouring, his mouth salivating
Closing my eyes his tongue deeper and deeper patrolling, marinating  
Breasts sandwiched, back arched to the abyss of ecstasy peaks
Up and down, my pussy hole to his face, silken as it greets

Moans to the skies, his head ringing side to side
Palming my hips, drawing his face to the opening to my clit
Uplifting, hungered grip in each tipping dip
On his knees, pussy juices sweeten smelling of me
Kissing my lips, transferring the honey taste to my tongue with ease

Shooting inside his hard and throbbing elongation
Groaning from the wet and tight hesitation
His head thrown back, legs tangled, my soft body, cushioning for the hard pushing
Clawing my skin, natures entangled, milking your pearly flow
And there he blows

Pussy juices oiling
His manhood throbbing, roaring
My surgery walls, clenching, bursting, and then pouring
Deeply thrusting into my wet Kryptonite
Palming his gluteus, draining his weakness with all my might
Mm… letting the crest go
His kingdom cum floating into my butter rum flow
Submissive moans, yielding grunts
Still humping my cunt

Back to back… loving his nasty recourse
Needing him more and more after his explore pore …69ing until our sweat dripped from every pore
Whew... drained, satisfied
My pussy hairs glistened, locked in your arms, whispered assurances before the goodbyes
Departing before the morning dew christening by sunrise
Sedated bodies coming back down
Quietly as we came, echoes reminisce of our sounds
Does the wind hear our acoustic silhouettes for one another when no one else is around

Dangerous Mind
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My tongue is tied
That's it for me!!!!

Tyrant of Words
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Write Me Within The Space Of Infinity

Write like your rushing energy possesses me, my sultry creed  
Write like my essence longs to be free, channeling my carnal needs
Write like our hearts beat as one  
Write like shared secrets of the universe begs to be undone  
Write like bodies in celestial exile kissed by the warmth of the summer Sun  

Write me as ecstasy sweetly concedes  
Write me as famished lovers’ surrenders unto licentious greed  

Write like you are deep inside of me, body to body, breath to breath, palm to palm  
Write like we are slow dancing, Gemini twined, a spiritual verse found in Psalms  
Write like thrusting deeper inside of me, peace, calm  
Write like coveting the core of my Chi, your mental soothing balm  

Write the melodic sounds of our passion tenderly colliding  
Write the winds softy blanketing our skin, faint pleas coinciding  

Write like you are stealing my panting breaths  
Write like strokes of love lashes has been felt  
Write like your family jewels, silkily gloved, its hunger met  
Write like my sunken treasure wets  
Write like you’re dipping your girth unto my lovers’ cup, no given of rest  
Write like an addiction to submerge your seeds as bodies console, tenderly melts  

Write like lips capturing my whimpers, my moans in the height of pleasure  
Write like the sphere of life does not matter outside our bed of yearning, for us to ever measure  

Write like the sands of time has ceased, the outcries of our desires echoing in the wind  
Write like alluring notes of poetry plays over our bodies as stalwart beings cum and blend  
Write like leaving me breathless as we ride the throne of rapture carried over again and again  
Write like we’re making love on the moon  
Write like juices of needs instilled as rapture looms  
Write like the stars are aligned as my sex Chakra consumes, as soft rose petals awaits to bloom  

Write me in your memory as our spirits are soaring  
Write me when I can’t say I love you anymore  
Write me like you’re clenching me tighter as your pearly seeds of life are pouring  

Write like beautiful ink inscribed on my body, staining my heart  
Write like you’re whispering in my ear, entangled souls refusing to depart  
Write like fervent movements on naked canvas as our bodies slip and slide creating a masterpiece work of art  
Write like speaking of native tongues shall be bind  
Write like the third eye of faith which leads lover’s blissful ride, providing light when hearts are blind  

Write like our souls are in the book of lovers fate, kismet karma, kisses by destiny designs  
Write me in infinity throughout the depths of time  

Write Me  

Tyrant of Words
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Between The Softness Of A Queen’s Thighs

A muscular utopia of pure endowed    
Chiseled of reminisce from the scrolls of the Creator’s image        
Molded in His perfection, mmm… His likeness        
A blessed commodity as he stands in his own destiny        
Devoid of his rib to have been conformed from thee        
A weary pilgrimage to allow him to covet me with famished kisses to adorn my mouth              
For thy love is greater than elixir drips of sweeten wine        
Savoring of good emollients of doleful hands languish christening my supple skin        
The name upon my lips is as liniment soothing forth to heal thy heart        
Therefore, do the virgins dance love thee          
Bathing my temple in sacred oils from the nectar of eminence          
Softly kissing upon the veiled famished of my anticipating lips          
Harken unto my name as it beautifully drips from off the doctrine of thy truthful tongue          
Flogging my scented sanctuary with emollients of pure ecstasy        
The journey unto our souls’ melding on the calling of nigh        
Touch me in the faint calling of yesteryear’s dream        
Rest your head upon the mounds of my bosom        
His feet at the beckon of my bed        
Indenting the down feather padding upon the grace of his crown      
As the warm florescent of moonlight cradles our temples in divine serenity        
Lay me down upon the bed of forevermore        
Mm... softly whisper upon my melanin skin the hymns of our ancient forbearance incantations        
Lost youth of passion betwixt my thighs famished desires to savor unto me        
Asunder the moistened halo of my lineage  
My nightly promise unto him I relinquish        
Where prominent Kings and Queens of olds shall cry of life beyond the cocoon of my womb        
A passionate journey of hands slowly meandering upon the nakedness of my sovereign        
The chaste of my breathless pants serenading aether        
Sensations overtaken, eyes fluttering close        
Twin minds, pulsating hearts, souls intermingling        
Palms interlocked, tighter secured in the heat of need          
Surrendering my existence unto a man found in the Bible of love’s creation        
Invading my yoniberry, infused lashes of sinking in and out of blending desires        
The scent of lavender mist awakening his manly allure        
Cupping his family jewels, inhaling, exhaling        
Dividing the enticing passage of my sacred chasm ordained by divinity        
Aligning his physique on the pillow of my mystique femininity        
My body has been awakened        
Falling for every interwoven penetrate his body is making        
History unto this moment we’re creating        
Our mouths meeting in the grandeur of completing, basking in the sheen glory        
No escaping the seepage of its prophecy        
Written of words that shall become a doctrine in the next lifetime        
Upon satin sheets my body furloughs in the softness of reminisce        
Bedazzled by time to have laid under supremacy of royal prominence        
Touching my lips in remembrance
As I bowed in submission unto the King’s royal lineage

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
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I have never in my life admitted such force of nature I cannot reckon with, until today. I am the captive of my own sweet lust, the wet feeling between my thighs I cannot control. The fever only the medicine of him driving deep inside me can cure, can tame, can control.  
His strong hands roving over the suppleness of my body feeling my mind when he asks me to disrobe, standing back admiring my flesh as I reveal peaks of me to his arresting eyes.      
Pushing me over the bed, sliding down my thong, placing it inside my mouth, to his knees he goes, ever so gently kissing over my buttocks, jiggling the other, soft bites into the softness of my flesh. His tongue following over the reddish discoloration. I am his to command, to use my skin at his discretion where pain knows no acquittal and time has no sense of direction. Only my moans to feel the blending of our essence, begging to have an ounce of his affection lavished on, and in the wetness of my pussy.      
Sapiosexual, enchantress, is not what it seems as one must add, its mental damnation and physical daunting, without the object of one’s desire.      
I pant in unbridled passion, with my legs closed, just to hear myself echo out his name so many nights, so many times in my mind, thoughts of his palms locking within mine, him stirring his hard manhood deeper inside me, the pleasure of sweat pockets, blanketing between our skin, leaning his head downward kissing my lips, my self-control slipping, the façade of my equanimity is surfacing, and at a steady pace.        
My soul within, igniting an illusion of self-gratification, unclasping my palms in his, in haste, opening my thighs wider, enfolding them around his stature, smashing on his buttocks, pressing him deeper into the abyss of unfulfilled lust, driven by desire, ordained by my fetish appetite for him, my pussy hole coveting the extension of his soul, bathing his width in my creaminess, surrendering, submitting, echoing moans ringing out as my body serenades unto the feeling of being taken, my sense of direction overruled. In this moment, he is the victor I am his prey.        
His sexual being moving all over me, gyrating the power of his dominance for me to fall, refusing to leave a drop of his pearly stream behind, my temple being invaded by novelties of his choice, my outcries pouring, echoes of pleasure falling on deaf ears, licking around my mouth savoring my ecstasy on his tongue, sticking it out for me to partake in the flavor of me.      
Strong hands cupping my buttocks, easing into me, hands gripped, over my head they rest, his muscular hairy legs, trapping me, spanking the tips of my nipples, nipping at my peaks, then humping me into a state of physical oblivion, physical damnation, owning my soul on a plateau where my mind and body belongs to him, feels him, yearns for him, I need the smell of him on me to wear.      
Oh God, save me from this sweet self-torture, destiny continues to deliver me until the garden of Eden’s downfall, no will unto me as not to open the flowery petals of my nature, his stemmed apple feeding the wanderlust of my core, providing homage unto my aching needs, heeding unto my cries of pleasure, begging to be free.      
The rainfall of my Chi, allowing this man, and only this man, to reap the rewards of the feast of me, the escaping juices of my fortune, staining his lips, his body marking mine in the presence of pleasure, the absence of pain.      
Ohh…. sweet mercy, I’m fucking seeping the solstice of me, I’m lost, drowning… my body trembling, my mind gasping between the sweetest surrender flowing from me, we, becoming as one, seeking the desires of my wondrous juices, he drinks of me, draining me, leaving me between the realm of Heaven and the nonexistence of his affection, Hell.        
I’m not complete, until his lips are claiming mine, his mouth teasing my nipples, his grunts within the delight of me, becomes the art of my wishes, my sounds, the ecstasy of his erection slicing into me, driving deeper, his width kissing the walls of my silken core, taking me by free will, giving him every inch of my naked aggression, he has awoken, eclipsing my soul inch by inch, overshadowed in the honor of my needs worn around his heart like a badge.      
We are locked as one, milking, each other’s pleasure zone, passion colliding without escape, not knowing where the longitude of our lust begins, or the desires of our latitude shall end.      
His palms cupping my ass, his erection plummeting inside, retreating to hear my cries, suffocating my moans with his mouth, then double humping me like an animal in heat.        
Spillage seeping, scratches to the skin of deniable hunger, whereas, the body can be ravished, seduced, controlled unto the resolve of someone.      
This is not right, to want, to need, to taste the fire, reap the spoils of the human flesh of another. In the sphere of time, his mind is mine, my body belongs to him, the bed, the magnification of our earthly sins as we lay, consumed by the calling knowing the night belongs to us.

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