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Blendology Poems [ for 18+ adults ]

Dangerous Mind
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Permit our lust to dominate
To cum together is our fate
Neither early, neither late

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
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Tasting You In Every Breath I Breathe

Mm…. on my knees, giving you my heart’s fire  
Crossing the throne of hidden desire
Palming my head
Grunts to the sky, is all that’s heard, no words said  
Third time calls for no satin covered bed  
My arrested mouth driving faster, hand pumping quicker as my wicked guide  
Dick pulsating and throbbing, pre-cum down my throat it glides  

Scent sniffed under his balls sending me in a trance  
My handsome one getting weak from my seductive blow job romance  
Head held hostage, the sheen of groin hairs kissing my face  
No vanity needed in this case  
Umm… volcanic release inside my mouth, a warm embrace  
Seeds of life rushing past my throat, no more trace  

Strong hands, lifting me to the sky  
Legs wrapping the back, for a stallion ride  
Dick slithering beyond my silken clouds  
Moans of infiltration for a stiff thrust of pure endowed  
Tongue to nipple licks  
Light brownish peaks puckered between his lips  
Getting intoxicated off my handsome one’s arrowing dick  

Sweet mercy, pussy singing  
His dick is ringing, balls swinging  
Reddish teeth marks decorating my skin  
Dick pounding pussy, snaking deeper, feels so good, I now hear the melody violins  
Hands palming my ass  
Parting me as he pleases, no breaths to last  

Gyrating my pussy walls, around and around  
Up and down  
Oh…what a enticing grip, coveting his in and out pounds
Pulling out sexual depravation, erotic ministrations, eradicating any deep-rooted anger  
Molding his dick deep inside me feeling the mmm. of his wraith, oh what a head banger
To share, sexual decadent without cums .... climatic danger  

Neck clenched, one last slip and slide  
Oooooo, ass cupped, my handsome one allowing this sexy damn to silently enjoy her sexual euphoric ride

Mm.. darling  you send me  

Dangerous Mind
United States 1awards
Joined 2nd Aug 2017
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Sweet Kitty Creole

She writes of the erotic
With the stroke of every key
Every verse that she is writing
Entices turned on thoughts from me
They bring on hard erections

Keeping love thoughts in my mind
I long so to possess her
To feel her breasts and her behind
To kiss her lips both north and south
Yes, she says, to every move

Cumming with her wet orgasms
Releasing hot spray from her groove
Engaging with her sweet abyss
Our sex continues through the night
Let our satisfying fucking
Engage us, 'til the morning light.

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
Forum Posts: 1040

Are You Lonesome Tonight

Are you lonesome tonight  
Do you crave the taste of my lips in the hour of twilight  
The perfume scent of my Creole skin blending with your manly sheen  
Upon your rose petals sheets, treated like a Queen  
In the throne of abetting, coaxing your pleasure to firmly stand  
My fingers, mm... moving ever so slowly up my thighs my jeweled midriff, pinching a nipple, laying against the mounted pillows, giving you an invite into my moisten cove where lovers, entwine, passion shall command
We lose ourselves in the thrill of our lascivious dance

You impatiently sit there watching me as a voluptuous peep show draped in your bed  
The lust in your eyes, when teasing you, then slowly parting my legs  
Concealed hunger in your eyes, the dampness of my dew kissing the skimpy lace  
Waiting, needed you to pull aside my panties and with your finger, taste  
Oh, baby yes, lean in, and let my juices drench your face  
Imprisoning your cheeks for that... mm... feel good, feet on your shoulders, gyrating on your lips, while palming your head holding it steady  
Small kisses to my pussy hole, oh sweet sweet mercy, baby I am wet, ready  
You seized my hands, holding my arms to my side  
Letting your oral fetish consume me in heat as the tip dips farther, deeper inside  
Closing my eyes, falling, don't catch me let me enjoy this tongue glide,  
Seasoning to you, cupping my ass, on baby baby... baby.. panting ..what a ride  

Your faint whispers feeling the hunger, my sugar walls, my creamy essence just a dripping  
Reaching my fingers downward, playing with my soft folds, your tongue traveling over my clit, with each puckered kiss, pinkish lick  
Mm… what sweeten wonders you find when caressing my thighs  
Back arched, moans serenading the skies  
Pleasure myself  
I love to see your inches grow when this pussy is getting wet  
Standing above me, naked, stroking your girth in anticipation  
Oh God, that glossed admission toppling, on my knees, tasting your lust without hesitation  

Head easing up and down, lips teasing the width, the length  
You smacking my ass, appreciating the view of my apple bottom rounded derriere, while my spine is bent  
Inching back, spitting on your dick  
My breasts sandwiching your hardness, making love to my tits  
Slurping my tongue all over the fatten tip  
Mm… that’s right papi… loving that satisfaction in you sss... and your manly hisses  

Taking down the tautness of your arousal inch by inch, drools streaming down my chin without any cares  
You pushing my head I your pelvis, my mouth kissing your beady groin hairs  
Moving your erection, thrusting deeper inside my mouth  
Reaching over for a cherry flavored ice cube, sticking it in my creamy butter rum  
Disappearing in my south  
Let the drizzle of my juices mix in your mouth when I cum  
Then pound your erection deep inside my slickened abyss until I become spent and undone  

Mmm.. Are you Lonesome Tonight  


Tyrant of Words
United States 11awards
Joined 19th Dec 2018
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Yes come and then I will not be lonely anymore

Dangerous Mind
United States 1awards
Joined 2nd Aug 2017
Forum Posts: 81

OMG!!! Sounds good to me!!!

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
Forum Posts: 1040


The silhouette of your spirit, impels the feverish enrichment of my heart, mind, body, and soul
Minds intermingling in beautiful, undulated chaos
Reminisced longings discarding the barriers of time’s abscond      
Partaking in the discovery as we lay      
Upon the sacredness of my offering, I give unto      
Parting the chasm of its fruitful giving you take      
Our naked souls gravitating in the wondrous of its entanglement      
Fusing, as we wallow in the bliss of infinity’s ecstasy    
Temples sluggishly exploring hot desires      
Engraving the melancholy of your scent all over my flustered Chi      
Surrendering deeper into the hunger of each plunge      
No residue of skin shall remain unfretted in the deficiency of your caresses    
Moans uttered, yearns wished, veiled passion in its quest to seek within the depth of my soul      
Ordaining the necessity in me with your christening touches      
Covenant vows promised with each deepening thrust      
Eyes closed, tongues speaking, bodies praising of its beautiful relinquishing
Composing the echoes of our names among the galaxies        
Rhythm was his special joy      
I felt it tenderly in the tenor movement of his sheet music      
The lyrical of his notes, playing me so soft, my body so sweetly      
Breathlessly clenched as one, we spilled forth into the calling of the night      
Unbind we asunder in the contentment of glory      
In the element closure of time, peaks heightened beyond the epiphany of rapture      
Once again coming together in an echoed beautiful rhapsodize escapade

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
Forum Posts: 1040

Help Wanted

Love Changes
Yesterday Stone Ages
Help wanted... shh it’s a request, very recluse
I need a handsome bearded mental muse

Soar my heart, inflame my soul, and seduce my mind
No candles needed allow me to sip on your mind like fine wine
Intoxicating melodies to sweep me up
Passion to spill over as your dick siphons from my silken cup
Your pearly flow, my mouth sups

Allow my seductive words to slowly draw you in
Adam and Eve created the dialogue, infused with a twist of my illicit sin
Mind to mind, no love, no pauses as ecstasy begin
Naughty dialogue to get you hard
Passion, lust, ecstasy, desire, never to disregard

On my back, narratives gently slipping in and out
Caressing my pleasure points, your arousal trolling, making me moan and softy shout

Craving your smooth lines
Make love to me with words of old not of this time

I have nine lives, pussy kissed by destiny’s nine muses
My Chakras spinning you by fate to peruse and soothe
Mm, climaxing inside your smooth lines your release free
Pleasing me
Make me weak with your hard dick tease

Mm…Help Wanted

Dangerous Mind
United States 1awards
Joined 2nd Aug 2017
Forum Posts: 81

Job Application - Eightmore

Love it when my dick's excited by your words upon the sheet
Can feel your lips and cunt surround me as you take my hardened meat
Sliding in and out of you, whether Northern lips or South
Whether in your gushing pussy, or in your all absorbing mouth
My cock is up and standing, my hand has got a grip
Stroking up an down on it, from the base up to the tip
Wish you were here, my hand was yours, and mine on your abyss
With my fingers fucking you, and lips locking in a kiss
Consider this my application for the lover that you seek
I would love to eat your pussy, make love to you in ways unique
Propel my pearly flow in you as you spray upon my balls
I will gladly be pro brono. You know, for you, my duty calls

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
Forum Posts: 1040

Mm.. A Blissful Night In SweetKittyCat

Umm, you are such a winner, you craved this wet tease    
I lost therefore, this evening I need to be pleased      
Demanding you drop to your knees          
Spread my soft folds and pollinate the sweet essence of me          
Shh…it’s just us          
A man of poetic words, his gentle touch, I do trust          
Undulated passion will not be denied for us, echoes of desire it’s a must          
I need to be parlayed into the calling of twilight          
It’s always a pleasure to feel your erection inside  me, ramming it in and out with all your might          
Lean closer and circle your nostrils all over this wet dream      
It’s as real as these words get.. finger me and taste what I mean            
That’s right, my sweet smelling pussy I need you to make it cream          
You want me like a sweet treat…mm… then do let the warm honey to my body slowly pour          
When I say drop your pants, and stick your dick inside this tight pussy, you ask me “do I want more”          
Pulling my hair and asking me to say your name          
Mmmm, lick over my pussy hole, sniff it before you make it rain          
You got that hard dick, now brand this tight pussy and put it all up in this hall of fame        
Hoist me up, wrapping my legs around your back, come on big daddy ... make this pussy glove your love, while moaning out your name          
Mm... yes.. just like that, nice and real slow… I'm surrendering to the hard gift of your throbbing bliss      
Oh sweet mercy... yes that's right...fuck me like you own this          
Slamming your family jewels into my wet slit          
Ooh…baby...oo..oo..oo.. you gonna make me cum          
Yeah …  ss... sinking deeper and deeper inside my  wet butter rum          
Place my legs over your shoulders, divide my clit, sop my pussy juices as they drip          
Throw me on the bed, spread my legs          
Extend my wrists over my head          
Cup your dick, shoot it inside me, and hammer this pussy like its being fed          
Mm, circling my legs around your back          
Biting my skin, nipping at my titty nipple, moving your groin inside this sweet kitty cat          
Dick plunging deeper, my pussy gripping your erection for that wet addictive attack          
Scratching your back, juices mingling, fusing          
Oh God... you feel so good inside me baby… fuck yes.... this tight pussy, your dick is amusing          
Double humping me…mm, I love the feel of your throbbing girth          
Uplifting my pussy to meet your thirst, I feel your dick starting to squirt          
Cupping my ass, sinking in the wet bask.. you keep doing that, I'm not going to last          
Fuck me love.. oh baby its yours…you don’t even have to ask          
Erection digging deeper and deeper, that’s right love let me feel your lust bust inside these sugar        
Mm… my climax kissing that dick head and all          
Oh…baby… I feel your release like your desires were starved          
Keep moving that length inside this pussy, and don’t try to think about going too far          
My body needs fucked, my mind mental stroking          
And I’m sure your dick needs my gagging, my mouth choking          
Be good baby, until I get horney again, with my dildo          
As your pearly stream flows          
In my pussy or down my throat it goes          
Lean in and suckle the tips of my fingers, … their glossed essence smells just like me          
A rose sweet as can be, and a tasty lick savored like creamy centered candy  

Dangerous Mind
United States 1awards
Joined 2nd Aug 2017
Forum Posts: 81

OMG -  this is perfection
Has given me a hard erection
Has caused my pearly white to flow
Without the use of hands below

Your  words erotic, on the page
Put my hard cock into a rage
As I was reading them alone
My hot orgasm left my bone

Hope as you wrote, you got wet too
Hope your thoughts were me and you
Hope you made your pussy squirt
OMG, you're such a flirt

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
Forum Posts: 1040

It’s Been A Long Time

It’s been a long time  
Since I’ve laid on your chest and listened to your heartbeat in union with mine    
It’s been a long time since you whispered so sweetly in my ear    
Elevated my mind, eradicated my fears    
Made love to me so tenderly bringing the surrendering fallen tears    
It’s been a long time, since you deeply touched my soul    
Fingers affectionately caressing my essence where love once beautifully patrolled    
It’s been a long time since I felt I was the only one    
Soft rains of contentment merging into your kingdom come    
Love was made, not given on the run    
It’s been a long time    
Time stood still, no haze of thoughts, spoken words with meaningful designs    
Bodies fluidly moving in succession as an hourglass rushing the sands of time    
Intoxicating love, drunkard feelings felt as the effects of smooth wine    
Worshipping inside my Chi, coveting my heart, my soul, and my mind    
It’s been a long time    
Since you floated my thoughts on the calm currents of the sea    
Allowing me to be the Queen Honeybee    
It’s been a long time    
Whereas you pleased my senses from my head past my knees    
Thank you and please, as your body submitted under my silken tease to please    
It’s been a long time    
Not meant for fate to ever lose a twinkling star, by a blindside    
Who knows what the heartstrings may bring    
As emotional words resonances as a bird beautifully tweets when it sings    
It’s been a long time    
The cascading off our temples merged upon the drift    
Soothing words, purging essences with a tender kiss    
Blissful showers of pleasure with each thrusting uplift    
You will always be my star, my galaxy, settled beyond the illuminating moon    
A serenade in the wind, eclipsed too soon    
Soft remnants felt as a melody of Heaven's bassoons    
It’s been a long time

Dangerous Mind
United States 1awards
Joined 2nd Aug 2017
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All of this I'd love to do
If only I could be with you

It has been a long time..... forever!

Tyrant of Words
Joined 5th Sep 2018
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An Angel’s Heart In Exile

Chapter One out of Chapter Five

Heaven B.C
Pearly Gates Avenue

“Come and sit down dear and tell your mother what ails the heart of my beautiful Angel daughter.”
“Earth dilemma, mother.”
“Again, and if this is so, no more visits will be granted to earth.”
“I’m sorry, mother, but this is different than the rest; saving a lost soul was not my required mission.”
“That will always be an Angel’s mission.”
“Mother, if you could only hear his harp; he plays the most gifted music for earthly souls’ ears to hear.”
“Is it Archangel Michael who has captured your heart, again.”
“No, a handsome earthling who tantalizes the comforts of my wings mother.”
“I see.”
“Is it the heart, the mind, this…this earthling has captured?”
“Unfortunately, mother, both, and I do not know how to get them back.”
“May this be the reason you continue to return to this humble abode.”
“Mother it’s so different down there. People do not see the beauty or the necessity to love but find so many motives to hate.”
“Dear child you are an Angel, breath given from God’s nostrils himself. You do not stray in an earthly situation, you must make it better for all souls involved.”
“Mother, I’ve tried on numerous occasions. Earthlings do not unlock the spiritual powers of their minds, they keep it hidden in clouds of darkness and gloom, then once it cries to be free, the heart does not permit it.”
“I see you have learned quite well from the immoral intentions of earthlings, and they do not understand why Angels must roam unaware.”
“Well mother, this one earthling…you would love him. He’s tall, handsome…hum, let me see here, oh, he plays his harp for me.”
“Is it Orion, Cupid.”
“No mother, he’s a charismatic earthling.”
“Oh, dear me, you did say that, please continue.”
“I do not think this earthling is ready for an Angel such as me, and the true devotion of my giving being.”
“Since Angels cannot love in the physical sense, they…. Oh, dear God, wait, those Fairy friends of yours did not offer their Pixie Dust to you, did they.”
“Ah…unfortunately yes, mother. I know it was in poor judgment.”
“Child you were forwarded of mixing the faith of your essence with Fairy’s Pixie Dust; it distorts the cognizance senses of an Angel, making one thinks she is human. Whereas you will begin to feel with your mind and harbor such emotions within your heart.”
“I’m sorry, mother. I did not know the effects will last this long, my Fairy friends and I were just having a girl’s night out.”
“You must be punished, no more earthly visits for a month.”
“A month? How will…how will my earthling hear my Heavenly serenades?”
“He won’t. A month, and you are asking for two, if I hear anything other than silence.”
“Yes mother.”
“I need to speak with our Heavenly Father about this; this revelation could have dire consequences.”
“But mother…”
“Shh, you have caused enough discord by falling for an earthling…and according to you, who plays a harp.”
“Oh yes mother, the most beautiful and spellbinding lyrics any Angel and an earthling could lose their heart in.”
“Well, if this spell cannot be broken, you will be condemned to that earthling, and lose your Angel wings.”
“Seriously, I cannot be earthbound to be saved by an earthling to get my wings, again.”
Umm, lucky for me the first handsome earthling who saved me, is the one I am trying to hide from.

To Be Continued

(588 Words)

I will be posting all five parts...

Dangerous Mind
United States 1awards
Joined 2nd Aug 2017
Forum Posts: 81

I like where this is going. Angels have feelings too. Looking forward to the continuation.

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