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Blendology Poems [ for 18+ adults ]

Tyrant of Words
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Falling For The Softness Of A Sorceress

I do not see that castle up on the hill
If I had, as my first Wizard in command, I might have to break rank and denote you just to get some more of those wanton bodily thrills
I never know scratches felt invigorating to my skin
Until I held her legs up and kept driving my dick in her warm pussy, over and over, again and again
What a night fellow I had
Sound to me like someone got taken bad, you sure she didn’t drug you and then disappear,
You sure you were even out here Captain, no castle, and now you are starting to sound weird

If we are waiting our time out here, you buy the first round out beers
Fair enough, maybe we should divide up
It strange to me, I do not see any reminders in this dense fog where I rested my head last night, we shared some hungering passion where she let taste her scent then thrust in every opening of her lover’s cups
Damn, man, was she that good to you
No doubt, put it like this, I savored in those sugar wall like she was food
I still have the taste of her under my nostrils the flavor of her in my mouth
If I inhale the air, I can still smell the sweet scent of her wet South
That is why I know she is near
You said there will be castle in the dense forest, and we are knee deep in the dark about to cross a moat
That… witch… I mean.. sorceress is worth the parlay to make any man’s boat float

Man, I do hope we are not out here on some I need another feel
Don’t wait my time when I could be with one of those women in the village, to fit that bill
Shh... and fall in line, I was lured by the moon, and the air is changing, it reeks of something sweet can ya’ll tell
Sniff the hair and advise me what each one of you smell
My nose only smell toe this my dick going on a hoe.
Oh well
How about you Sorcerer... I can sniff out a sorceress, its early and if she places the elements under her spell then that concept you want me to believe would be heard to sell

If anyone finds out anything do not approach, do not let those eyes fool you they will tempt, trap you and.. and
Seduce you Captain Warlock, with all due it appears according to you she took you to Disneyland
We meet back here in an hour tops
After we cross the moat, and if we do not find this sorceress, we are searching for then we stop
Yes... see you two back here on an hour or so
And remember this witc.. sorceress is passionate and sultry with that tongue
So, Caption Warlock, what do you propose we do, drop our pants, or run
Whatever you do get it done before the rise of the sun

I could be at home in a woman arm, in a dark forest, my feet hurt
No pussy to dink and a ghost woman Captain Warlock think has some worth
He probably is going crazy
Is that light I see up far up road
I could use something to drink, from listening to all those fabrications my captain has probably told

Who could be at my door and this late
I thought I zapped my castle not to be found at any rate
Inhaling, exhaling, slowly opening my door    
Mm... what do we have here.? A future honey skin dripping pour    

Damn! I mean, excuse me ma’am
No worries, I understand    

Is this the right address...
His eyes leering at my mound of my over spilling breasts
He will look over my shoulder then his eyes will peruse my breasts spilling over my camisole and that’s no lie    
Then in confusion and a state of surprise massage the back his neck    
Licking my lips circling a manicured nail around the rim of my wine glass... to have his full undivided attention is making me wet    
I thought a witch... I mean I heard a... a sorceress I think I may have the wrong residence at best
You are already in my web mm... I am just thinking of the most      
delicious way to spin you      

Would you like something drink.... trailing my fingering down my chest... eat
Hell yeah... pardon me... his eyes raking me over... something moist in the center and sweet
I would love to feed off your flesh as my carnal dew      
Then coiling your heart like yesterday’s food
I was silently reading his mind at the time      
Oh, my darling that’s so cruel      
Mm... once you crossed my threshold, my rules      

Disrobe my love and partake of such warm and sugary treat      
Surely you shall serenade to appease upon the sweeten taste of this      
love potion feast      
You are now under my spell      
Anything I want you will do to the sound of the bell      
Stroke yourself
Mm... you are getting me so wet      

Yes... yes..… pump your elongation...
Losing my eyes in the stretch of the imagination  
Cupping the back of my head without hesitation, I do admire his sense of persuasion
My mouth welcoming the invasion
Over these pretty lips before the sinking in his mouth    
Milking this head for those drips once I hit that South      
Down my throat gagging on the width no lie      
Holding my neck up ... yeah… swallow down these inches so I can      
stick it next in that creamy peach pie      
Oh yes baby…. pump that dick      
Palm my ass cheeks and let that mouth rip      

He pushed me back on the bed
Let me see you pleasure yours led before I stick in my head  
Oh, yes just like that      
Don’t move those eyes as you watch me part my Creole thighs and play      
with my soft kitty cat      
Lean your face down here my love and hold out your tongue      
Sniff my fingers now ask me for some      
“Can I have some?”      
My essence coating your lips... leaning in giving him a kiss pushing      
your head down to my clit “now lick”    

Standing, palming my hips, posting me for his taking
That slow love making
His body chemistry was more pleasant than what my nostrils whiffed from the forest as it drift  
Panting… breathless, as his finger slipped and dipped in my milky sensation for his arousal uplift      
Stroking his extended girth      
Dividing my butt cheeks, up and down my pinkish ingress the tip for the pleasure of its enticing worth      
To taste of me he smears to his lips      
Placing me over his shoulder across the room in a rush he drifts      
Mm… to the sex swing I now sit      

Waiting for him to appease      
Eyes close sinking into the feeling of oblivion as his touches takes a hold of me      
His fingers tracing up my skin      
A faint nick of his nail dents in      
Licking my blood so gallant of him      
Pushing his arousal deeper inside      
My blood rushing to his tongue heightening in its nature when passion and pain collide      
A night of undulated passion, on his knees, then in my bed, legs braced against his chest      
Licking over my toes, his fingers dancing inside my creamy wet      
Oh, sweet mercy loving the dual desire of this      
Easing his throbbing erection into the narrowness of my moistened abyss  
We both simultaneously released our need, in the heightened intoxication of our body's greed
Blending our juices, serenading kisses, he kept double humping and pushing in deeper his pulsating dick
What the fuck is that we listened for the sounds carried by the wind
We both stopped after hearing someone call out for him
I suppose that is your search party
Let them
Can I come back later, I am still famished
For a Creole dish, with my hot mouth kissing all over her big tits

Dangerous Mind
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love it!!!

Tyrant of Words
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Mmm... Laying Naked In The Wetness Of His Words

To my handsome Sir Knight
Who strings my heart at the coming of twilight
Fall unto your knees
And whisper in my ear thoughts to please
We dance upon the moonlight as stars to the sky greet
Our naked temple decorating rose petals, strewn upon lavender scented sheets

You watch my swaying breasts go by, and sniff my darkened creamy space
Mmm... so addictive, whirling my soft folds as you tease the wanderlust of my moistened place    
My Creole thighs, soft as silk, encasing the sides of your beaded face  
I feel every inch and the tongue pound of you
Gyrating enough to give you the silken aroma of my midnight dew    

My warm nectar coating your tongue as it probes into the center of candy pink    
The slurpy of my sweetness smothering you is so arousing... mm... I see your erect cock is on an explosive brink    
Your mouth taking comfort in the tightening pleasure of my cunt
Throaty pants to release the elixir of your soul resonating to ather, your needs heard in your grunts

Shuddering and shaking, my orgasm drips on your lips
Savoring the alluring spices of me with each lick
Turning around showing you my sexy backside
Opening my soul to you even wide
Giving you my trickles as I slide up and down, squeezing my sugar walls as your girth in and out glide    

Slowly raising up ...oh that feels soooo good... coveting the jingling of your tongue
Feening to your lips the sensations of my butter rum  
The twisting of your head side-to-side... mm.. hum, you watching me uncontrollably come undone
Spreading my cheeks leaning your head upward, holding my ass as my essence drizzles
Reaching my hand backwards stroking the length of your aroused state
Loving the destiny in your hardness knowing the feeling will be my fate

I know you crave to get all up in my honey hive, my sweet wet cunt owns your mouth
My two fingers joining in mingling with the shower of my dampen south    
My ass cheeks squeezing your nose, circling my hips  
Yes baby... that's right, lose your soul in my succulent drips

Mmm.. I like when you need the scent of me, the flavor of my skin, to hear my weakening moans
You know once you undress me with your eyes, I'm too far gone
Carnal bliss with your first lick, oh baby, please don’t make me wait
Yes... yes.. right there... drowning your face in the saturation of my taste    

I love you are content just to lie there, leaning forward, my palms to your upper thighs
Climaxing… mmm… your face sniffing, then tongue bathing in my juicy pussy squirts
I need this man dominating loving for all its worth  
He has taken my mind beyond the stars, his mouth arresting mine to muffle my loud outcries
I love it when he is palming the mattress, ramming deep between my thighs  
Or his tongue, this yoni tenderly rides, once he parts my slit and darts the tip inside

Oh, sweet mercy… go on baby and send me..

Tyrant of Words
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WOW sweet and hot my dear friend as you grip my bearded face with your so sexy soft creole thighs riding my tongue and feeding me your sweet nectar I so long for my sweet sexy kitty cat5. longing to feel your tender touch and hear that sweet sexy voice whispers in my ear and take me past the stars

Tyrant of Words
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I... Can't Leave You Aloneeee... You Got Me Feening

Remove my blindfold, my handcuffs and meet me in the middle of the bed        
When emotions cannot be conveyed or said            
I’m exhausted, you’ve pleased me senselessly as my back kissed the bathroom tile            
Then pleading with me to release your stagnation pearly flow for what seems like a while            
Desires that goes beyond the sultry hopes of a Crystal Ball            
Addicting emotions when you’re ramming your erection inside my sugar walls      
Bathe your tongue all over me            
Enchanted illusions with every lick to appease                  
Umm, I hear you deep breathing in my ear            
You’re holding me tighter, my silken cove squealing as my climax is near            
You will come to see me for who I am            
What fetesh I desire. soflty demand            
For you to be that handsome man            
Bring this woman your lengthen arousal, and place the throbbing width in my hand            
Mm… one easing inside so far, you’re hitting a grand slam            
I see no slam, bam, and thank you ma’am            
Oh my...your family jewels erected and pointed for the taking            
Love making            
While you’re gyrating deep inside            
Where carnal pleasures reside            
Mental connecting creations, silent dedications            
Emotions feening, spilling into temptation            
Tender love            
That’s showered from above            
Mmm.. can I have you when batteries just won’t due            
Mind to mind, soul to soul neither one of us will ever lose            
Therefore, sapiosexual between these Creole thighs            
Spoon feed me the taste of my essence from off your fingers then smear around my lips            
Dip the other two digits inside deeper while we tongue to tongue slowly kiss            
The passion behind lust waiting to combust from the sweetest hidden surprise            
Roll me over to my side and spoon              
Karma kissed for fate as you enter me...mmm, let this consume            
Tongue dancing all over my skin like an enticing whisper from the glow of the moon            
Hands sluggishly to the pathway to the ingress of my soft folds            
Oh sweet mercy... I love when your teasing is arrogant, your needs become bold            
On my back just like that            
Eyes closed, enticing kisses to my neck, tongue dipping in my ear canal, ooo... you got me so wet            
Baring my fruity essence to you, inhaling my dew            
Floating under your nostrils to you from afar, butter rum flavor now trickling on your fingers in pools            
A night all over my inviting body            
Slipping knee deep inside this soft Creole hottie          
Steamy, creaming.. kissing  the peaks of my nipples,.. no.. this is not you dreaming            
You will be the equal addition to the minus of my mental math            
Pounding your family jewels with a compulsive wrath            
Wait... wait…wait… breathless, panting... baby slow down            
Legs braced against your chest ... to the moon and back no other feeling compares to this feeling being felt            
Butt cheeks clapping, slapping, mingling with my moanful sounds            
Marinating your elongation in the juices of my tight cunt            
It feels good to you my love... it’s getting too good, I will always be upfront            
I love swallowing an erection in my tight holes that makes the heights of carnal bliss outlast          
Pussy ramming is five star-rated, making you always ejaculate first class            
Strong hands caressing the wet opening            
Blanketing that fervent need that begs to be free once you touch, taste, whisper, then I’m awoken            
A kiss to my pussy, yes…yes... savor the taste            
Mouth bathing your dick for that monstrous release, no debates            
Pleasurable moans            
Grunts and groans            
Umm, love faces            
Dipping, sliding, clenching, kissed by ecstasy graces            
Cuddling now in the middle of the bed            
Seconds, minute, silence in the bliss is all that needs to be heard, not said            
I hear you deep breathing            
Laying on your chest playing with your hairs as you’re mentally perceiving            
Emotionally heaving            
Physically colliding while now believing            
Umm, thank you, and should I also say, one more kiss.... please            
For loving me down, legs spread as you were down on your knees            
This poem is depicted too mentally uplift            
As desires tenderly shift            
Souls interlocked, soaring of its passionate gifts

Tyrant of Words
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Love Spell

Yes, kiss all over my curves as you think of the pleasures that shall be given from this woman donned in a thong of red
Handcuffs, warming oil, satin covered bed
Naked in our Garden of Eve
Teasing, pleasing, in the sultry acts of my needs

Tyrant of Words
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Blow Pop

I am a sucker for anything that is hard and good
And has a surprise for me in the end

Dangerous Mind
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“Marinating your elongation in the in the juices of my tight cunt”
While my lips surround your nipples
To have your body’s what I want

Tyrant of Words
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A Song Whispered In The Wind

Feed me grapes from the vine of its lover’s cup    
Sweeten elixir streaming down my chin, you slowly lick it up  
My back rests on a soft patch of moss  
Take my mind and body, surrendering my words unto thee, suspending me for a weakening passionate loss    
Umm…what a beautiful tumble and a toss    

Adam and Eve would be so proud    
Moans in the garden, rapture spiraling, cohesive minds going around and around    
Lips journeying a wet path as you go down    
Where the key to unlock the door of passion could be found    
Soul to soul    
Two bodies indenting, sinking, slipping, gratifying as we gently console    
Mind to mind    
Transference of positive energy as our souls physically dine    

Love and Hugs    
You will always share my temple, my body, and my gentle kisses and rubs    
My silky paradise I offer to you, this I would    
I give you the universe, the creation of time if I could    
We will make the first, only to be our last, a new beginning, our sacred love ruled by a higher divinity    
Bow to the seven wonders of the world as we relish in the stars of its trinity  

Greek Gods and Greek Goddesses, sultry sway to the echoes of the harp    
A rainbow kissed by the Moon and the Universe, passionately larks    
I have descended from the sky you clasped my hand    
This is no ordinary love romance    
Feeling the hard girth of your winding dance    
Tenderness reflected while looking into each other’s eyes, touch me I softly say    
Caressing my body from head to my toes as we forget about daily strife as we play    

The Universe and the Moon    
Doves flying in sequence over the Nile Blue lagoons    
The gentle breeze blessing our bodies, desire escalating as fiery heat in the month of June    
Swans swimming in our enjoyment heading to the horizon    
Clasps of hands, laughter heard without ever realizing    
Bare essences cocooning one another    
Kisses to my skin, as your body slowly hovers    

To the Heavens, as you scream out my beautiful name    
A rainfall, and then the body shudders in paradise as you please this sexy dame    
Allow me to please you without any earthy shame    
Gold plated plague as love sinks into its own lust filled fame  
Love giveth love received    
Only for you and me to ever believe    

Hushed feelings to ascend as far as the eyes could see    
Emotions leads our path as passion flees    
Enrapturing the union of our desired needs    
Making sweet and slow love from dust to dawn    
A love song heard in the sky as bodies hum along    
Angels dance in glee    
For this lover’s union to be  

Tyrant of Words
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My Thong Culprit Has Been Sought and Caught

My thong thief has been sought and caught    
Umm, no average Joe here  
This handsome one had me screaming, moaning, begging, and submitting, as he rode my body into high gear  
After making love to my thong thief until he lost all sense of reality, grunts echoing of his sound    
Thought it would be easy, being in control is always my common ground    
Think again    
This handsome one invented the carnal rule of sexual sins    
He justified all of them in one night    
Had me on my knees confessing unto his fucking justice, until dawn’s early light    
Golden showers as he marked his territory    
To retrieve my thong, I submitted to the eleventh sin of his purgatory    
Surrendered in guilt after I let him snake his family jewels deep in my ass    
Stirring nine inches of hard glory as he hungrily basked    
Could not stand the erotic torture of my mouth    
Withdrew his dick, lifted my legs in the air and invading my wet south    
Had me cumming and cumming a tidal wave in submission    
Doggy style, 69 his favorite thrill, plummeting my pussy over and over again in the military position    
This eager student overindulging the teacher    
Taking the will of my body pass the stars, and then suspending my climax at his leisure    
Begging him to release my pinnacle of ecstasy without a breather    

Persistently fucking me on the floor, in the pool, in the den, on the pool table, and then in the shower    
God help me, I must admit, I became addicted to his dick thrusting tower of power    
Interrogating him had my body in disarray    
Scratches, love bites to his chest as his dick drilled inside my wet pussy as he parlayed    
His mouth coveting my pussy hole, his tongue of pleasure tantalizing as it patrolled    

Arching my back for such a sweet cajole    
Then he climbed over me, ramming his dick inside my mouth, my tongue tasting the essence of my soul    
Releasing his pearly seeds inside    
Demanding I swallow his release down my throat to hide    
A thong raider smooth talking Casanova be that it may    
Fifty Shades of Grey, yet, done in his wicked and dominating way    
Bound wrists, blindfolded, a willing actress in his reality play    
Two bodies feenin without morals for the pleasure of its good    
I relinquished my ice cream, cake, and he ate me like I was food    
Lust filled desires throughout the night, my pussy walls enhacing his mood    
Return my thong now, please    
Then pull it slowly up my legs and pass my knees    

Gliding your tongue slowly up my thighs my thong following pursuit    
Mm, I see you looking and thinking about my exotic juicy fruit    
For the pleasure of getting my thong back you came to please    
Enticing my body, giving into you willing, as you teased    
Your wicked tongue and hard dick as an arsenal as they invaded to appease    

Once inside of me…an action that needs to be certified as you made me cum    
Wait…wait you pulling my thong back down again, throwing me on the bed dipping inside my silken butter rum    
Oh God this feels so good for me to even attempt to run    
Pleasuring me, pleasing me, getting me addicted, straight fucking me until the rise of the sun    
Slipping, dipping, and ramming your dick inside me once again while on my back    
You have me sore in places, for me to even speak or react    
A thong thief to please, a gifted knack, fed me pleasure my body will know when it lacks    
My thong is safety back in my drawer, a sweet undercover testimony from Sweet Kitty Cat    
I knew it was you, the one whose passion stirs my illicit moods    
Providing the feast for my mind’s mental food    
Ladies if this handsome one happens to invade your panty drawer, the blessing cums when you are trying to get them back… très bon  

Dangerous Mind
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Would love to fuck you hard and long
If only you would drop your thong
Or I could move it to the side
And still give your cunt a ride

Tyrant of Words
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Just You....

Mm.. I love your teasing caressing words
It reminds me a Dove awaiting the calling of a charismatic Hummingbird
A poem of the mind whispered from the heart
See I told you, you are good for my soul in the absence of your works of art
Screen to screen, mm... just look at you
Stripped down, fully endowed in our world we have no rules

Our bodies in rhythm as we brand the sheets, where lust larks
Love droplets toppled in the cloak of dark
Giving him an erection upon the paradise of my body once felt
Making him harder than he thought he could never get
Oh, sweet mercy, massage my toes, raining kisses upon feet
Loving where his tongue patrols his tongue sniffing my pinkish candyland upon the greet
Dragging the tip up my inner thigh
Parting my pinkish paradise, moans to surrender heard as an alluring nighttime lullaby

Swiping his eager tongue all over my dewy skin    
Inching his cock into my silken cove as he pulls it out and the sinks it in again and again  
Mmm... loving the way his tongue rolls    
Parting my soft folds, plunging deep inside me creamy wetness    
Penetrating my sunken hole    
Blessed unto the calling you get a sniff of my dewy thong    
The sweet taste and smell of me encased between my pussy lips all day long    
If you had a night with me in your bed    
Back arched, my arms bound above my head    
Would you bring that dream into reality, giving me a golden shower      
Executing over me your ruling power    
Spacing my legs wider, teasing my cunt with my dildo hour after hour    
Loving the indulgence of feasting inside my moistened heat    
Tonguing bathing me as you do best, oh sweetheart, you are good enough to keep    
My body submitting to yours, submitting as I please    
Keeping me under the covers, my pre-climax already signed with the tip of your tongue appease    
The lure to entice me to you is always there      
Our sex scent drifting on jasmine odorous laden air    
Once I slowly disrobe    
A soft kiss blown to you
On your knees you go, sniffing my cunt before your face probe    
Mm...  sending my body into the sweetest oblivion like you always do    
Then dividing my cunt, shooting your elongation inside this slicken carnal food  
Making me climax out of control, your pearly flow marinating my juices with your plundering moves    
Squeezing my breasts, body still jerking    
Cupping my buttocks, his erection soaking inside my oceanic cove as my pussy on his dick still twerking
Mmm... I just love the way your tongue rolls    
How you asunder my soft folds, plunge deep inside me with your hardened pole    
Climbing all up in this as he wish    
Penetrating each and every sunken hole  

Signing off, we both sedated satisfied in the mind
Releasing your nature from my naked voluptuous sultry grind
Loving you in the universal space of time

Oh, yes... I know how sweet it is
I can tell by those pearly palm drips
The pleasure you see, my gift
Come closer and feel the flavor of my kiss

Tyrant of Words
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Doppelganger Emotions

Doppelganger Emotions  
A mirrored image stealing my breath with the elixir of his sweet love potion  
Blinded by such sweet charismatic devotions  
Have the hands of kismet karma given hearts a twosome dance  
Whispers felt from afar for a whirl wind romance  
The second coming of lust, desires, rapture between woman and man  
Leap of faith for a rare revolving chance  

Doppelganger Emotions  
Beautifully sinking my heart in its divinity purified ocean  
Kiss me up and down my spine, the footprints of love, blanketing stalwart auras in slow motion  
Covet my reality to the reincarnation of Heavenly chimes  
Love me over and over again, in and out of time  
Feelings of old shall be anew unto us  
Moans and groans of ecstasy when climbing the destiny of our lust  

Doppelganger Emotions  
You feel it… shh...don’t wake my mind up  
Intoxicating sensations caressed as you’re sipping from my lover’s cup  
Serenading me, as your tongue licks blissfully pleases, roaming as it slowly sups  
Soar my body past the stars of passion, rapture, desire, lover’s trinity  
Blending our names within the majestic skies of infinity  
I’m breathless  
Close your eyes and crave the destiny of my butter rum wetness  

Doppelganger Emotions  
Feel my erratic beating heart  
Remembrance of two bodies dancing undercover in the governess of dark  
My naked canvas, awaiting the fill in, as you sketch our desires from start  
Doppelganger Emotions in such vivid colors, torn and reborn while we were apart  
A collage of two souls blending, sending, masking its beautiful work of art  
Bodies, minds, hearts, souls coinciding  
Doppelganger Emotions unto this moment colliding

Tyrant of Words
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Chocolate Cake Is On The Menu

Mm… you said you wanted some exotic beef cake with those potatoes..
I can give you me and as you can see, much more
Which piece would you like first...

Tyrant of Words
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Oh... That Little Black Dress..

I love when you remove my little black dress
The thong always follows next
A delectable sweeten treat    
My naked essence where fused reality and dreams meet  

Calloused palms slowly contouring my voluptuousness body  
Pleasure given unto a sultry loving hottie  
Intoxicating like a totty    
From my feet, slowly caressing up my legs    
Between my buttocks as your tongue silently begs    

Planting tiny kisses to my clit    
A tantalizing lick, then nursing on my slit    
Yearning for the sweeten drooling of its taste      
Kisses down my back settling, passion await    
Stalling the path, the tip of your tongue, licking here, teasing there    
Lipping my fine downy hairs    
Standing yanking off your knotted towel    
Mmm... evidence your dick is beyond the word, aroused    
The sweet abyss of a climatic shower      
Enjoy my soft rain kissing upon your hard tower    
Tender lips upon yours as desire flees    
You’ve waited long enough to bring me to my knees
Nailing you down on my wanderlust table    
I’ve tried the mind, mmm...and even the erotic fables    
I'm impatient to appease, I’ll run to you, if I must    
Desiring the explosion of your load of nutt    
I want to feel your craving, your desires, your enveloping passion    
Thrusting deep inside, my pussy hole wildly rehashing    
Mm… you’re such a disappearing tease    
Leaving me to battery operated devices at times, and my own fingers self please    
Mm...when you whispering me, you appreciate the private show
I have the blindfold, the whips, the honey, the warm massaging oil, just so that you know    
Submitting to the sensations .. oh yes, loving oozing  pearly shot    
Allowing my tongue to savor the flavor, and then swallowing those magical dewdrops    

Mmm, say no more    
Just take me right here on the floor    
Make me cum over and over again, soft rainfalls galore    
That’s all I’m asking for    
So, come here you, lift me up, and lay me on the sofa and permit lust to dominate unto our bodies roar

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