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Blendology Poems [ for 18+ adults ]

Dangerous Mind
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Poetic Words
By Eightmore

Poetic words of making love
Are not for real, and yet
The mental pictures that they paint
Make cocks erect and pussies wet

When you read I eat your pussy
You can touch your swollen clit
Rub your fingers on it
And make believe I licked your slit

Pinch your nipples as you're reading
That I'm sucking them for real
Just thinking makes me harder
I do enjoy your sex appeal.

As my hand pumps on my penis
The words are going on the page
It's not my hand but your hand
That has my hard cock in a rage

Your breasts are rubbing on my chest
Your lips surround my pole
We're both enjoying foreplay
Fucking later is our goal

Although we're many miles away
I can sniff your pussy's scent
We move on to common climax
After cumming, we both went

Back to our computers
To write another sex filled rhyme
In hopes we both enjoy them
And cum again a second time

Mental sex is quite fulfilling
In my mind it's quite a feat
Satisfaction found in poetry
Will make it better, should we meet

I can feel my penetration
In your hot and sweet abyss
Though we've never met in person
And never had a first date kiss

Tyrant of Words
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Mm.. Are You Ready By Poet Tenderloin (Featuring SKC)

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Seeing you on full display    
I must say  
These hands crave to pull you closer  
sliding them down the smooth    
to tempt you in that groove    
Oh, baby deeper my love, oh yes    
Yes, yes    
I'm working my way down from your lips    
Down to that stirred nipple    
Latching on with my mouth    
And going from one to the other    
Tell me or better yet show me    
How it's making you feel    
Mm.. baby... mm do not take your eyes off me    
Relish your eyes in my curvaceousness and let my body be your tease    
Yes, I'm naked and waiting for your oral pleasure to appease    
Are you ready, ready, ready, ready    
To take my tongue    
Slow and steady, steady, steady, steady    
I want you to cum    
Oo... yes, touch me like that    
Fingers coating, inside my snatch    
You got me now lying on my back    
Oh yes, baby let your tongue and my pussy juices collide    
Palm my ass and then slide between my Creole thighs    
Yes... yes... cup your dick, baby, you know what I want, please, don’t make me beg    
Mm... hum, moving your throbbing length deep inside me    
My legs wrapping around your back eyes closing, addictive to your... needs    
The width of your dick, sliding in and out    
Saturating the creamy abyss of my wet South    
Oh… baby here, here I cum, oh yes, you arresting my mouth    
Tonguing me down    
Sliding deeper and deeper inside the halo of my sugary crown    
Holding you tighter, head denting the pillow    
My pussy caving in, moaning, losing myself in your grunting sound    
Kissing you, you dick bathing in the chasm of my honeydew    
Sss... oh baby… breast nipples licked    
Plummeting my cunt, slower and slower    
Loving each inch as you gyrate in the wetness of my tight fit    
Oh Tenderloin, let my taste of me linger on your lips    
Sweet mercy, yes, you keep me so saturated, in the sheets    
Your body brings me gratifications of your manly your heat    
Oh, baby yes... oh yes don't stop    
Oh yes right there, right there... oh, Tenderloin...    
Oh baby, yes... you can join me in the shower    

Tyrant of Words
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Mmm.. My Wet Sugar Walls

The James Nomad
22 East 29 Street
New York  
James Suite King With Empire State View

I thought we would not meet like this again
Every time you close the door it is an invitation for gratifying lustful sin
In haste he’s ripping my clothes off, sniffing the crotch of my panties without hesitation,  
The rubbing them against his pointing erection
Wearing my scent, he knows in this hotel suite I am worth the wait
Once he finger me then savor my moisten taste

Lifting me up carrying me to his master bedroom
He make such passionate love to me way check out, which is noon
Knowing with him what comes next
His eyes weakening me when I already know what to expect
Stolen moments worth more than any treasure  
Giving in to our dirty secrets such of nasty pleasure

Mm... he likes when I am near climaxing and I sit on his face
Reaching up palming my tits, pinching them… sweet mercy that is what I call amazing grace
Slowing moving over his mouth, giving him the wetness of my south
My head thrown back, gyrating, he tonguing flicking clit  
Pulling my soft folds back, spitting on my slit
Yes, baby… lick… lick… lick
Ooo... you like when my creamy center to your lips drip

Inching up sliding back
Holding his arousal to reside in my dewy kitty cat
Oh God, he’s so hard, easing up and done the width
Mm... I like when he has me like this
His strong hands grabbing my ass, shaking those jiggling butt cheeks
That pasting sounds of milking his craving, I love when our pelvis meets

My stilettos denting the mattress, with every pussy uplift
Moving, circling when he is deep inside me, what a afternoon gift
Inching off his dick, turning around
On my knees, head down  
Feening for the feeling when he spread my buttocks  
Lifting my dildo, without making a sound

Caressing my sugar walls  
With the humming tip, leaning in tasting my wet rainfall
Burying his nose, sniffing me in, then his plastic toy sliding
Back and forth the dildo, hiding, seeking, smooth pussy riding
On his knees, he goes, my back bent
Head resting on the pillow and there his dick went
Dildo in my pussy humming, I’m spent
Wrapping around his wrist, my hair
My moans sailing in the air
Gripping my hips, surrendering to the tightness of this asshole bliss

Withdrawing his throbbing girth
Cowgirl his tower of pulsating power for all its worth
Reaching my hand downward, squeezing his balls
His throaty grunts thrusting in the midst of my ecstasy says it all
Inching up sliding down, my palms planting on the bed
I had you when I put on those lacy Victoria Secret panties, your favorite color of red

Flapping my ass, he pulls me down my back your body
Making love to me with his two fingers, he does know how to please this Creole hottie
Arching my back, in the throne of passion
His fingers venturing deeper, side-to-side thrashing
Smearing my essence to the side of my neck
His digits back inside my pussy, suckling the flavor of my skin, his loving is like a train wreck
Oh baby... I’m cumming, lifting the dildo, jamming, ramming, it deeper in me, I’m losing my breath

He pivoted my head, wiping the dildo over my lips then hungrily capturing my lips
Oh my.. my.. I’m thankful I did not miss any of this and the rapture of his gist

Mmm.. the same time next week
For sure.. sexy, and bring this honey you keep raving about for the entire, night, and those fantasies, you I will keep

Bye Baby

Tyrant of Words
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Mm.. Big Daddy

The fire in my skin burns internally for him
The seducer being called upon by a handsome smooth talking sin
Persistence hands
Kisses up my spine, his body hovering over mine, yearning from an
illicit sinking dance
Palming over the slopes of my ass, mm slowly down the back of my legs
If I flinch in the moment of rapture, then he’ll whisper in my ear to
let him cum, usually what’s said
Dipping his tongue in my ear canal and then he wolfishly beg

His hand dipping under me, cupping my hairy downy front
Teasing the lips of my moisten cunt
Blocking his growling advancements, I know tonight that’s what he
craves, wants
To have me squirming under him, my pussy he dines, as he fucks me hard
without constrains, labels
Legs linked around his back, my body he needs, I’m willing and able
Turning me over, eyes locked, playing coy, attempting to refuse
Oh, sweet mercy… soft caresses to my abdomen his tongue dipping inside
my navel jewel

“Let me please you under my command. I swear I need this, I want you
so bad, his voice demands
The lust to taste my flesh tonight found in his roaming, coaxing hands
“You are so beautiful when you got me like this
Where all I can see is you deep throating my dick
Sliding the length between those big tits

Then with each upward thrust, kissing the tip
Let me fuck you baby, shit
His baritone voice, chiseling at my weakened stance, flirting with
danger and a tease
His finger inside my tight ass, his tongue, my pussy he thoroughly pleases

Rubbing over the tip of his dick
Layering the salty taste of him on my bottom lip
The obsession to have that pearly flow mingling with my butter rum mist
My legs inching slightly apart
The bulk of his weight settling between my thighs… mmm, to push him
away takes heart

He knows once I cup my breasts in heat, arch my back, then his tongue
slithers inside
Moaning my contentment, in my native tongue, the smell of him, his
girth I need, I cannot lie
His mouth making love to my pussy hole
My sugar walls fitting his tongue play like a tight glove, ss.. giving
up love some love

Uplifting my pelvis, circling the back of his neck, back to the sheets
Gyrating my pelvis up to his face, his tongue deep inside the core of
me, stiff and tapping
Oh… baby … yes…lick that pussy, eyes closed for this wet oral
gratification ride
My body refuse to denounce his pleasure, run from it, or dammit deny

Cupping the softness of my ass
Relishing in my flesh, with each deepened twisting thrash
Oh my God, the feelings he evokes I cannot control
His palms dancing over my body, feasting upon the deliverance of my soul
Electric current of desires, streams of passion, coursing through me
Wicked desires, I submit to him, as he surrenders my pent-up needs
Fucking me, with each thrusted greed

Oh baby…yes…yes right there, break the damn free for the soft rainfall
Hoisting me, hammering my hips, pussy greeting, his dick taking it all
His throbbing erection kissing my pulsating inner pussy walls
Oh…fuck…of fuck my climax trickling …mm… there it goes
My body he tightly clenches, bobbing his head back, his release
streaming into my wet flow
His pleasuring grunts is like music in tow
Kissing me, his thrusts becoming, uncoordinated then real slow
Making love to me over and over to the rise of the sun
Our bodies parting long enough, to shower where I once again made him cum

Dangerous Mind
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I don’t know if I may comment or not or how, so I guess I will not

Tyrant of Words
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Straight Off The Press

The Dialogue    
I have to cast out my fishing pole, to reel you in, two ships sailing in the night, marron with me on a sandy secluded beach and ravish my body upon the sands of times, where time could stand still, and the gentle winds hears our heartbeats, taste the passion in our cries carried away by the still of the night. Moaning out your name...mmm... what a blissful mirage, goodnight my love      
Mmmm..., I just smeared some of my essence on my lips.... lean in and French kiss me, ride your hand down to my wet pussy, slip a finger inside, taste me and then feed it to me... lay me back on the bed, on your knees you go, spread my petals... oh baby you got my pussy wet my nipples perky like marbles, Oh God, please.. please cum inside me... oh yes there you go    
Key5 Response      
Do you know I can make you cum just my massaging the core roots of nerves, or relieve a headache, found in the soles of your feet, it has taken years of practice, but yes I hold your foot out my love, while you are releasing, I can pour honey over your toes and make you have an erection again by sucking them so tenderly, softly...mmmm.      
Lust, desire, rapture, Kama Sutra’s principals of physical law, once you have practiced its techniques, with reflexology…such a beautiful entwined to experience, do you know you can have an orgasm for days, but you have to be in center with your Reiki Chakras and Shamanic Healing.  
Have you ever been ice fucked while in bondage, you must try it… Hot wax drippings down your spine, the more you move as he is getting his dick sucked, the period when pain and pleasure collide, body in a trance state of rapture awaiting the pain for his pleasure.           
Golden shower sex, you urinate on me, while fingering myself, the power of being dominated in such a nasty, filthy way, however, it makes one climax back-to-back, so I’ve heard.     
The foundation for sexual desire I place at the throne of your feet, my body I give unto you give highest praise of sexual gratification The Clip position, for sexual dominating while basking in the heat of ecstasy for the giver as well as the receiver, the Crossed Keys      
As being a Key5 member the pyramid of sex is so much greater than mere lustful words on pieces of paper, or posted poems; it transcends the body beyond the realm of a cosmic connection, why do you think we close our eyes, when we make love, we connect with the spiritual essence, of our greater subconscious, one fifth of the brain we do not know how to channel; it gives us the endorphins, melatonin to please self why giving the other person a piece of our soul and the  transference of our energy, I could go on, however, for you to truly understand me and the levels of my gratification I must take your mind on a path of a spiritual awakening.    
Eroticism does not define what we write we define erotic by who we are, once you are attuned with that inner conceptional feeling, you are a magnetic attraction of so many sexual eons energizing your temple; you can literally make your own self cum by looking, touching, feeling, it’s a sensitivity principal of  an emotion when the heart races, and then dropping, bringing into play the sexual attraction you have, it’s like a high beaming light and most woman/men could feel its  Pheromones of such, you have to practice this in according to your own sexual domination, however, one must take the extra steps to channel this necessity.    
Making tender love to me is the beautiful movement ordained by the guardians of the universe, to speak the same bodily language as the other.
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Tyrant of Words
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Get Here If You Can

Get Here If You Can
Close your eyes, hear my sentiments as they cross faraway lands
A hard felt contender
For a soft pillow of surrender
Don’t be scared, shh, never be afraid  
Now that echoes are silent serenades  
Emotions now hiding behind a quiet masquerade  
A never ending female’s dominating charade  
Once had it made  
Dopamine was the game, mentally parlayed  
No one is getting compensated for words portrayed, or displayed  
Get Here If You Can  
By car, bus, or a Boeing airplane  
You can reach me by surfing the waves of honey streams  
Feel the heat of unwavering passion as you touch me when you daydream  
Heart concealed in veiled clues  
Minds afloat playing by society Check Mate rules  
Get Here If You Can  
Cross the desert dunes of the Egypt sands  
Footsteps guiding through the everglades  
Marching behind a brigade  
By a Helium Balloon floating in the sky  
Much closer than a goodbye, I tell you no lie  
Get Here If You Can  
Waiting for a spark of romance  
Closely matched mental dance  
Much given space  
Bowed out under grace  
For now, still privately mine  
Don’t worry, my motto, all in due time  
Get Here If You Can  
Cross the Red Sea as a pirate, deliver your treasured pleasurable plan    
Breathless waiting  
The canvas of my body, your finished painting  
No words, as we’re physically relating  
Stagnated breaths in a steamy shower  
Warm water cascaded over two combined bodies in the midnight hour  
Reach me by the stars in the sky    
Come unto me where inner spirituality resides  
Down there too many earthly questions outweigh the whys  
Strong arms needed to hold  
Journey through the storms to comfort me, mentally console  
Get Here If You Can
Enrapture and dignity felt for a hero within man  
A horse carriage, inclining steep hills through Mother Nature’s challenging weather  
Touch compared to a caressing silken feather  
Keeping bodies and entwined souls together  
Where he stands, where he lays  
Heavenly nights as bodies set ablaze  
Love, Hugs, Kisses, and Rubs, what a fitting intoxicating phrase  
As you enjoy the inner depth of my cerebral cortex maze

Dangerous Mind
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Travel for penetrating adventure

Tyrant of Words
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Poetically Scented

What’s in an appellation other than the universal’s sweetest energy unspoken words to say
The breeze of time when serenading whispers sway
Poetically scented you draw of me when wet
The beautiful alluring of silken lyrical annotations and the tender emotions they covey
From the mind to the heart such beguiling ink
To caress, to entice, to soothe within the fountain of my lover’s cup, I pour, in thirst, you drink

Take off your moccasins you stand upon my holy ground
My scepter and my orb shall comfort you in the warmth of vibration, our harmonic sounds
Mm... step closer, my handsome one, closer, as you disrobe to sniff and then taste the soft folds of my pinkish rose
Guide the hunger of your hands over my temple you yearn
Caught in a tsunami of his slow burn
A sculpted Adonis’ physique illuminated by the casting of the moon
Once you slide in and out the mystics of my destiny
Serenity plays the tune of Heaven’s bassoons

An indulgent kiss to my lips, as you now stand naked, allowing my eyes to relish in the wonders of God’s gift
Mm... you have hypnotic eyes, once staring in the pools of mine
Can I twine my legs around your ankles, while my back is arched, you deep stroking all up between my Creole thighs
That suctioning cream making... from my body you crave, a woman knows those sensations when she’s getting the taste of paradise

Body and mind on a content high
Elevate me beyond the calling of the clouds and bring me back to this realm, its music to his ears when I sigh
Nipping at his shoulder blade, Bébé plus profondément, fais-moi plaisir, oh ouais … pardon my French, can I not help it, if he feels soooo good sliding in my moistness dew as he thrust deeper inside
Licking the taste of your salty skin
Slow down, my love pressing down his buttocks... sweet mercy, taking the hard width of you all in

You got me talking in tongues to the open skies
Heart pounding, purring like you are my bedtime lullaby
Oh, don’t move, just let my trickles coat your girth, and me feeling your throbbing arousal about ready to let loose
Kiss me baby... mm… hum.. yes …slowing down to the enticing soothe

Parley me until our bodies merge as one
Making me climax until I am spent and come undone
Coveting your heart in my sheets to the rise of the sun
Throughout the portals of time words written upon stone walls
For Kings and Queens’ dialect history, we now decipher to enthrall
Was it the soft touch of hands that held the carnal secrets of man
Carved into stone upon lover’s embrace, stolen moments we may never comprehend
Can I compose upon your chest my deepest desires
My finger softly tracing across your skin as I stoke your manly fires

It is a longing unbeknown to savor the sacred sanctuary of a man’s soul
His naked emotions, circulating ecstasy manifesting when his loins and my yoni console
Faster… the volcanic of his emotions rushing
Gyrating under him, knowing I am the sole recipient of his thrusting,
Awakening my senses, clinging to him, does he feel me slowly gushing
Eyes closing, lost to the state of Nirvana's equate
Harder... mm... for the spills of his anticipate
Lips locking, his beautiful fusing, teasing to cave in my g-spot

This muscular man, pleasing me with the benediction of his soul, the extension of his mind
Siphoning off the spirit of my soul, with each in and out grind
Laying on top of my femininity
Two worlds blended in the duality of releasing in gratification their identities
My derriere palmed... oh sweet mercy, his groin pulsating, deeper slithering
His neck strained, basking in the moments of my candy rain
My body quivering
The joining of our temples transferring
Me caving, him releasing in the sweetest sensation as our souls deliver

Now you know what it feels like to be touched by an Angel

Dangerous Mind
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To kiss your lips, thrust in your hips, are what I'm dreaming of, you know
To be inserted in your yoni, above you or below
To feel your heat surround my meat and your moisture wet my balls
Every stroke, I stroke, I'm parting you, and stretching out your pussy's walls

Tyrant of Words
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Mmm.. Return To Sender

Moulin Rouge
82 Boulevard de Clichy,  
75018 Paris

Madame, you have a letter from someone unknown
I just got finished dancing at the Moulin Rouge and I was weary to the bone
Are you sure it is for me, with a smile highlighting my face
Sniffing the letter, who could have guessed my perfume fragrance and sprayed it over the envelope in haste
Well, are you going to open it
A letter addressed to my stage name, a sweet thoughtful gift
Who even writes letters in this day in time and have them delivered
I caressed it in my hand, it softly tingled in anticipation to be revealed, the excitement of its contents made me slightly shiver

I slowly lifted the flap out the back, and peeked inside,
There was an assortment of rose petals to my surprise
I lifted the letter unfolded and read
To my love through the portal of time I feel your warmth, the absence of your aura and this is what it said
Do you remember a stormy night when I held onto your hand
We looked out into the darkness at the downpour shielding the vast of land
You felt my reassurance in the vows we were to partake
Blending the window of our souls for the love we shall make
You smiled at me, reeling me in, as you inched back and turned around
Clothes silently dropping to the floor, the thunder crackling was a soothing sound
Making lover to you while the rain pelted against the windowpane
Inhaling the scent of you, while looking deep inside your eyes, the wind knows our name
These rose petals you laid upon
Parting your thighs for this King who will come, as you slide up and down my throne
Unto my Queen, our essence we will blend, breathless as our souls become undone
You saddled atop of me
Kisses to your perfect breasts, my tongue lavishing the glistening of your darkish-brownish nipple, I tenderly teased
Burying my nostrils in your cleavage your essence engulfing my heat, letting you know of my needs
You inched up and slid down the lustful hardness to my girth at ninety degrees,  
That beautiful night you give me your heart to unlock, my body was your ancient key
Neither one of us moved
In the feeling of lust, will found the slow cadence of our rhythmed groove
I leveled your beautiful face to mine
You had me weakened in your honeypot with your saucily grind
Savoring the leisure of your lips that had me intoxicated, more addictive and one of a kind
I felt your heart quickened with my gluttony nipple licking
You remember when I flipped you over, looking into the destiny of the moment mirrored in your eyes
How I spread you wider, positioning my body between your thighs
I made love to you with the tip of an ice cube
My tongue following the streams as a lube
In and out I pushed the melting ice into places I yearn to combine my family jewels
Our lips, tongues bonding, as I sunk into the ecstasy of your moisten pools
Remembering as I am writing this letter to you, my tongue in the memory still drools
The flavor of your sheen seeping from your pores
I can still hear your screams you couldn’t take me pounding inside you anymore
Whimpering in the drizzling mist of you gifting my body, I gave you, allowing the roaring of my soul to soar
Holding your legs up, bracing them against my chest
A man knows when he is being satisfied when the shore is tight and wet
Licking over your toes, your sugar walls homing the hunger of my heat
Slapping those sheets opening your legs, laying on top of you
Cupping your perfect apple bottom ass cheeks, plundering deeper, your arms linking around my neck
Giving me the satisfaction of drifting in and out the feel of you, the best feeling I recall was always sinking in your love nest
Our souls crying against the sensations to complete one another
How can you refuse me now, we were Gemini lovers
Listen to the breeze comforting you as my pleads to you will always hover
Madame, are you alright, you look a little flushed
I need you to return to sender with a rush
And tell them this address is unknown
Whoever this letter was intended for, I believe her heart would have atoned
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Tyrant of Words
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Miss. Philly

Philadelphia state of mind I must speak of    
Soft and silken Sisterly affection blanketing by some weakening Brotherly love  
An addictive inner city of carnal pleasure seeking distractions  
An enticing tour to roam deep within the soul, a rapid pulse for private satisfaction    
Mm, sandwiched between New Jersey and New York    
The main dish of butter rum a la carte can be enjoyed without any spoons or forks    
Palate dining pleasure catered for three    
Swinging balls enjoying the holes in one of Philadelphia’s main course as a grand symphony    
Ascending the essence of one’s soul    
Sliding, gliding, into the internal allurement for the lust of the city extol      
Eagerness, already foretold    
Enjoying the snuggling comforts as the passion for Philadelphia consoles    
Seeking the crowns of pearls and the rapture to seek as the flow patrols    
As soft raindrops vanish into the gulf of a wishing well    
Ding Ding, side-to-side ringing of the tongue’s Liberty Bell    
A sweetened flavored stamp of approval not found on a postcard to mail    
Change of direction in touring    
Minds and bodies to explore all the city’s energetic yearning is now pouring    
Mm, curiosity of the depth of the city slowly heading down the lands known as the wet south    
Pleasurable tourist sounds to the ears as a soft lick by reputation, savored by mouth    
Coastal journey of the nightlife for the tease    
A city known to cater as the euphoric brings any tourist down to his knees    
Do enjoy Philadelphia’s ecstasy, as I speak of my city, the desires reside in the deep core of me    
Home of the Philly Cheese Steak.. For me, only my Tasty Cake dessert as you eat to please    
Cum into my city and enjoy the flow of the scorching climatic heat    
Thrilling from the rush of each uplifting and down casting beat    
Licking your lips as you slowly eat the buffet style city’s gourmet feast    
Into the abyss of enchantment as the heightened pulse of the city greets    
Never a fee to enjoy, only thrills and more    
Bodies and minds in alliance to employ as the extension of your soul deeply explores    
Allow the nature of your being to set your spirit free    
Inside my city walls to the powers that be    
Miles and miles to pound for that unforgettable souvenir treat    
You will return to enjoy Philadelphia after the first initial meet

Go Philadelphia Eagles ..We Fly

Tyrant of Words
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Mm... Hot Pocket

My body’s sensations reaping
Erratic heartbeats spiraling into a tornado of passion
The sweeten taste of ecstasy slowly seeping
Laying my temple upon the bed of his fortuities
Inhaling the ambience of my endorphins
The fragrance of my aura drawing him nearer

Standing in the silhouettes of time
Stroking the gift of his aroused insignia
His finger slow dragging the utopia hue of my skin
Soft whimpers in the anticipation by his supremacy to claim
Anchoring in the haloed silken passage of my divinity
The persona of his pleasure tasting the Heavens of my silken yearn
Breathless in the surrendering of my Sacral Chakra embodying him
Brushstrokes where ink stains have tenderly tattooed my heart
My cognizance fading into the invocation of my fervent skin
Its carnal feast of savoring I do indulge
Falling prey under the masterful calling of his primitive craving
My body trembling with an overshadowed need
Mysticism of its trance from its heightened greed
Head thrown back relinquishing me, taking me, enthralling me, seducing my existence
Chained to his voice of command, the intention of his cosmic wishes evident
The ecclesiastical of my body, opening for the benedictions of his stroking desires
Imprisoned in his madness, ecstasy funneling deep within my soul,  
Thrusting in the veil of my hot pocket
Begging to ignite the sanctifications of my Crown Charka  
Deeper in the celestial cortex of my mind he intellectually plummets
My heart he comforts, the offering of my body to bow until the woman within  
Oh, sweet mercy, I beseech you, locking my eyes, searching the window of ecstasy he has awaken, opened
Carrying me on his whispers
Eyes closing, the curtain of enlighten has been drawn
The master key of my sugary abyss has been unlocked
Physical atonement, remnants of it desired reasons has reached its feverish zenith
Mm... the pinnacle of my soul pulling the essence from within his virility
In the cocoon of my endorphins my body creating
Trapping by the surging of his fusing adrenaline
Limbs entwined in the beautiful battle of seduction's will
The dueling passion our minds taste, or bodies forgo  
Drowning in his dominating velocity  
Mingling, cascading, and creating the passage to flee
Free me, oh God free me from such sweet torture
Love lashes, my fate cannot flee, the feeling I cannot hide
Alliance of mind, body, heart, and soul
Begging for the feeling like it’s my drug of choice
No air as I lay in his lair  
Stimulating, demanding, softly erotically playing the lyrics of my body
Is there such a name, is there such an escape of this emotion
Ripples of colors as paradise I have climaxed unto
Self-pleasing myself
Laying my nakedness on the throne in the aftermath of his desires
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Tyrant of Words
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Dusk, Dawn, Midnight

He comes to me in the dusk of midnight  
Asunder of a dream and the state of reincarnation... mm... his presence upon this world feels so right  
He knows I cannot move, I cannot turn him away  
The pleasure of me needing him, his scent, his care, keeps me bound to his midst at bay
My neck he softly siphons from dawn until the rays of twilight, I am his, when his hunger cannot wait  
My honeyed essence he feens to tastes

Worshipping my skin, he covets me in his faraway whispers  
I hear him calling out to ether, relishing my senses, his voice couldn't be any crisper  
When the moon is high,
I become the temple of his fate by and by, hollowed be his grunts, he overtakes me, his lips covet my kiss, forestalling my sighs
Laying down upon the slew of his internal covers  
A gentle breeze, the faint heat of his body I need released deep inside me when he hovers  

Giving him the offering of my creamy immortality  
Blissful sensations as his hands sluggishly drags up my thighs, spreading my legs wider for his joviality  
Welcoming the first adoration in his penetrating glance  
My eyes transfixed in the arousal upon his stance  
Loving the moments when he’s blending into my softness, fulfilling his appetite from my supple flesh  
Into my soul he plummets, our bodies gyrating, seesawing in the realm of time, we carnally mesh  

Mm… the thrust of his allurement, feels so good, fits so tight  
My wrists contained over my head, my back arched, craving his love bites  
His lips upon my skin, undulate yearns escalating, making love, sensations felt in its primitive state  
A Superman when his loving is flowing, more potent without his cape
He’s my Batman when I give in to his dominating ways
Enjoying his gifts when he’s all up in my Eden bliss  

A Don Juan of midnight, I am his wandering Eve  
In and out the sheets, I keep him famished for more when he has to suddenly leave  
A cosmic inferno when we ordain the sheets  
When we come together its earth shattering in the bask of our meet  
He’s the raging storm  
Funneling in the abyss of my sea, his body keeps me warm  

Addictive fangs of passion, skimming all over my Chi, intake of breaths, pulling him into me, lessening the space, exhaling upon the appease  
Sinking his desires deeper and deeper, instilling his ecstasy at a hard ninety degrees    
Mm... he has my body seductively latching on, while he's thrashing  
Centuries found in one touch, he has my mind, heart, body rehashing  
Mingling rapture  
My soul he’s slowly capturing  
In the height of pleasure, we are as one  
Mmm… leaving me wet, sedated and a languish memory before the rise of the sun

Tyrant of Words
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Mm... The Sexy Cat Bulgar

Hands in the air and slowly turn around    
Mm…. I have never robbed a handsome naked man, so please don’t make a sound        
Yes, I’m here to steal your cash        
So, no questions asked, just give up the hidden stash        
Your jewels, your authentic paintings, and your money        
Say… wait, we can bargain for something pleasurable if you have some organic honey        
At…at…don’t move        
How tall are you, over six feet two        
Mmmm.. and I do admire your hard point of view        
Makes me want to feel your deep thrusting groove        
Any more men in this home          
Or any security force that’s on foot patrol around your grounds, or on the roam        
No, good, I do my best work under the covers when we’re all alone        
You give me what I need, want, and just like that, I’ll be gone        
What is the combination to the safe        
I need to get my goods and out with haste        
You said no          
If I were you, I would just go with the flow        
Drop your remote and get down on your knees        
No funny business I have the barrel aimed at you, and you will provide the please and the tease        
Now crawl over to me        
And pull my panties down        
Don’t worry, I’m a soft kitty when no one to witness is around        
You want to survive right        
Then tenderly stick your two fingers inside my pussy, don’t worry, I have all night        
Mm…yes... right there, oh yes….you can even go deep        
Pull your glossy indulgence out and now taste of me        
You like, that’s what you’ll be licking in one minute        
Part my thighs, you satisfy me, then your dick snakes up in it        
No, the weapon stays trained on you        
And do remember, I can still see what you do        
Lay me down on your King size bed          
Arms under my knees and yes, pull me to the edge        
Raising my legs, placing them over your shoulders        
Burying your nostrils in my pussy juices, passion, in the fate of the beholder        
Craving your tender licks        
Spitting on my clit, then tantalizing the opening to my slit, with your soft tongue flicks and hits        
Oops, my weapon almost slipped        
Palming my hips, then uplifting        
Tongue dancing inside me with each funneling tongue dipping        
Mingling, pussy heightening, then slowly dripping        
The taste of my desires coating his tongue        
Oh…yes…make this cat burglar’s pussy cum        
Smashing his head down into my pelvis, the tip of his tongue bathing inside my wet butter rum        
Weapon shaking, body quivering        
Weakening from his tongue lapping delivery          
Lust overtaking, the impulse to climax much stronger        
I can’t take the wrath of his oral thrashing any longer        
Palming my breasts          
His tongue, swimming inside my tight wet          
Pulsating until my pussy crest, on his tongue my essence slowly melts        
Mm…my thighs clamping the sides of his face        
His tongue sinking deeper lapping at the oceanic seeping space        
Oh... yes…stealing his time, between my thighs        
Sinking into my ecstasy of a carnal heist surprise        
Now back up and stand right there        
Sitting up, retouching my curly hair        
Lifting my bag of stolen goodies from off the floor        
If only I had time, I would have given you more        
Running to the window, down the rope I go, disappearing into thin air        
Your worthy possessions in tow, I have ensnared  

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