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Dangerous Mind
United States
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What you write about, I see
Our bodies clashing, you and me
I feel your hot and moist yoni
And imagine what could be

Kisses back from west NC

Tyrant of Words
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If you speak to me gently with words, I like  
I will gently creep into your brain will all my might  
I’m what they call Sapiosexual  
Nothing about me is ever perceptual or conceptual  
Could it be I have everything I need  
Money, looks, education, with an empty hearted feed  
Mental sex is my fulfilling creed  
Sentiments from your brain, makes me weak as I emotional bleed  

Sex crazed with such a tender twist  
In this day and time, every man’s family jewels cannot dip or slip inside my sweet abyss  
Have done the dating, mating, engagement, but if your mind is not of my request  
I refuse to waste my time, mentality, or settle for less  
Some here my not believe, for some, yes this falls true  
However, do you think we all incorporate our mental muse  
The people who have the mental power to mentally seduce  

Excitability of the heart with beautiful, transcribed poems  
Written enrapturing words that makes the heart go warm  
Makes the heart feel reborn, torn, or adorned  
I am just bringing this hidden desire to light  
Are we all Sapiosexual on these online sites  
The brain is such a beautiful thing to waste  
Therefore, I’ll follow anyone’s words if I can mentally relate  

Turn me on even more, if it’s words to physically generate  
Especially if your alluring brain capacity is something I can mentally taste  
Back and forth to sweetly debate  
Intellectual stimulation found within man  
God what a turn on where his feet may stand  
His hidden thoughts, speaking on behalf of his heart’s demands  
Being a Nurse so many things I’ve saw  
Clean living is for the good of us all  

So, if I tease you don’t ever be coy or alarmed  
It’s just something about your intelligence that sends my mind pass gone  
Getting hot off the lyrical of your poetic or narrative songs  
Your words sinking inside my brain all night long  
Sipping on my Cosmopolitan as your narrative deeply penetrate
I would never be alone with your words caressed of destiny, kissed by fate  
Intellectual words getting me heated, while making slow love to my brain  
And no, I am not insane  
Intelligent with a very high Ivy League IQ  
If you got the intoxicating words, yes, I have the butter rum essence for you  

Lay me down as you play the seductive harp of my mind  
I have the blindfolds, the wine, the handcuffs and the time  
Umm, so give your words their very best  
Leave the immature mundane details to the rest  
Turn me on, and then turn me out  
Mental love making is what this poem is all about  

Make me softly whisper your name, as my mind glorifies in the claim of your fame  
Until I’m spent and far gone  
As our minds entwine in an attuned song  
Therefore, for all you Sapiosexual beings within society, this poem is dedicated to your mental juice  
I have given you your fifteen minutes of fame, and your just due  
I hope I have done your wandering brain justice, as I’ve come close to feeling the lust of your mental heat  
As your mind bonds with someone you may never see, greet, or even meet  
This is the first poem I have ever written without laying on rose petal silk sheets  

Tyrant of Words
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Santa's Ho..Ho...Ho

Leg stretched out, pressing my foot down on Santa’s crouth  
Making sure the visit down my chimney is not a waste on his watch      
I have been waiting for your appearance all night      
You like my lingerie Santa, it’s all for you to prove my plight      
I’ve been good, my fingers crossed behind my back in a state of Santa being right      
Let my help you out that red suit      
And allow me to mentally and physically soothe you      
Mm… Santa lay back and keep your eyes on this twerking groove      
At…at…you are required to watch and don’t move      
Santa lifting my leg, removed my stiletto the other off in tow      
Tenderly kissing the sole of my foot his beard tickling my toes      
The path of his tongue dragging up my inner thigh ever so slow      
Where it ends up my naughtiness will know      
Mm palming his hard North Pole      
Oh Santa, I won’t everything for Christmas I stated on my list      
Staring first with the twelve days of a wet butter rum wet lick      
From my tight ass hole to my pussy’s deep sweeten abyss      
Santa’s heard my pleads      
While he had me down on my knees      
His girth in and out my mouth reading off my sins, as I teased      
Mm…he exploded inside my mouth      
Then reassured me he would think about taken me off the naughty list no doubt      
After I allow him a taste and to please my wet South      
Santa snaking his tongue inside my pussy giving me my nightly gift      
Palming my hips        
My legs circling his lower back loving the tongue-lashing hits      
His palms clenching my hips while kissing all over my wet clit      
His finger integrating deeper into my wet slit      
Mmm.. oh...yes…oh yes Santa      
Back curved, breasts squeezed, as he’s tasting my pussy on a cold night in Atlanta        
Grunting Ho Ho Ho        
Hungrily licking up down the soft folds of my kissable mistletoe        
Santa rising up      
His beard stained with my pussy juices from his famished sup      
Centering by body under his as he slides his erection into my tight lover’s cup      
My legs he places over his shoulders      
Dick hard than a boulder      
Oh Santa, wait there’s more      
If you listen, I’ll let you even fuck me on the floor      
Then I’ll suck your dick again before your feet hits that door        
Your pearly cum oozing down my throat until there’s no more      
Mm…I would love those twelve drummers drumming        
Each bending me over for a good hard dick sticking, as I’m cumming      
My dildo still inside my pussy humming      
Oh Santa, please, don’t forget those eleven piper pipers      
One by one fueling the flames of my body’s desires      
Oh Santa, for his word his dick is sinking      
Sweet mercy, he has my wet pussy singing          
Santa’s dick is ringing, balls swinging          
My nails branding his skin      
The smell of me ingrained under Santa’s chin          
Hands palming my ass          
Parting me as he pleases, no breaths to last      
Cumming inside me, his pearly release now a thing of the past      
I woke up on Christmas day      
The house, my very own private jet, my BMW, and an Arabian Stallion as I prayed      
Stood under the tree, wow was all I good say      
Voices of twelve drummers and eleven pipers filled within, all stood naked to my dismay      
Happy holiday to all this poetess I bestow      
Santa’s Ho..Ho..Ho  

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Joined 2nd Aug 2017
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A mental orgasm spasm

Tyrant of Words
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Joined 5th Sep 2018
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Mm... Loving Him When He’s Pointing North

Mmm…early morning skyping with my handsome lover in the shower      
Glimpses of his maleness in the early morning hour          
Taunting, teasing me with his quick wit          
Nice physique supporting a flaccid dick            
My fingers fumbling to comfort my wet slit          
Advertising what’s mine          
Patiently waiting, yearning, face to face for our private time            
Craving his touch, the feeling of such          
Wishing to be fucked under that same nozzle while the water is beating on us      
While he’s thrusting deep inside me in a hasten rush          
Pussy pulsating, my body waiting      
Steadying his cell phone      
Moving it downward, knowing very soon he will be making me moan      
Getting me all hot and bothered for such an early hour          
Finger darting inside, pollinating the abyss of my sweet flower          
Dick lift, mmm…a little shake, ‘I know you wish you can suck this,’ I know that’s what I heard          
He's so far away on a gig for the first time in my life I wish I was a bird          
Screen to screen          
Real time is much better than my imagination or his wet dreams          
Back arched against my computer seat hungering for his passionate love          
In a state of Nirvana if ever there was        
He winked at me when he glimpsed my emotions as he caresses my intellect like smooth wine        
My climax seeping onto my thong by fate's designs    
He knows I am his and he is all mine, he is one of God’s image, a rare kind
A handsome find  
So beautiful to lose myself in him,  
Where the will of my heart, he has as our souls blend        
My Dell screen awaiting his next bodily move          
Gyrating to the feverish heat from my wet groove            
Water cascading downward loving where the streams run            
An early morning present to awaken my silken butter rum          
Rubbing up and down his abdomen forcing himself to cum          
Groin hairs surrounding a harden island of pleasure hosing up and down his wet dick      
He has me panting when I see his pre-cum toppling the tip      
One more jerk than his pearly flow began to drip      
Sweet mercy hypnotizing me with his elongation of power      
Virile masculinity showcasing his North pointing tower      
Calling out my name over and over again like I was there      
Fusing or minds, and the depths of our hearts, mmm... we make such a perfect pair      
Front view and then the back view the water washing away my mental juices          
Asking him to turn back around to give my hungry eyes their just due          
Hair slicked back, a bronze Adonis, bearded and roguish, water rolling down, glistening          
Alarm clock buzzing, I refuse to turn away, acknowledge, or to even listen          
Two screens between our existence          
The man had me leaning back snaking my finger deeper            
Climaxing again, my body trembling under his alluring shower of persistence

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Joined 2nd Aug 2017
Forum Posts: 60

You have me heading for the shower now. If I had your number I would Face time you. Maybe more than face...

Tyrant of Words
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Joined 5th Sep 2018
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Urban Desires

Go To Page love  
I don’t want to miss a thing  
Forbidden love carried away by earthly wings  
I don’t want to close my eyes  
Making love from sundown to sunrise  
Hear my heart widely beating for you  
Soar with me, we’ve paid our intellectual dues  
No earthly rules, we’re now among the stars, how could we ever lose  

I don’t want to miss a thing  
Body dangling from a leather sex swing  
Waiting in heat as in the month of June  
Bodies colliding kissed by the stars, minds bathed by the illuminating moon  
Desires instilled as you are creating  
Sinking, surrendering under your powerful innovating  
Stealing my breath as we’re carnal relating  
Moans and groans inflating upon euphoric sedating  
Gratified beyond the sun no debating  

I don’t want to miss a thing  
My heart sings as it rings  
You have channeled my carnal weather  
You’ve crossed lands for us to be together  
I wish I could turn back time as we’re wishing  
Blissful laid out dish, food eaten from a butter rum abyss  
Hungrily eating  
Tongue to soft plate meeting  
Reach out and touch me  
Set me free  
As a stream of endorphins is released  

Mm... oh my sweet... I don’t want to miss a thing  
Your body is as giving as the coming of spring  
Close your eyes my love and feel the fire  
Fluency of such, rising within society’s constraining attire  
Fourth of July skyrockets  
Hold me tighter, ever tighter electrical shock from overloading the current of a tight socket  
Umm…you still have three wishes saved in your pocket  
First wish, turn me over  
Second wish...  yes... yes... pull down the covers  
Third wish...  you enough stamina and longevity will be rooted in this curvaceous lover  

I don’t want to miss a thing  
Gyrating bodies clinging, ecstasy as it brings  
Queen parting her monarch under the arousal of a handsome King  
Oh now now you’re Ding Ding  
We’re now in full swing  
Ringing my bell as my body sing  

I don’t want to miss a thing  
Two bodies, parlaying, playing heartfelt strings  
Genie’s wishes have been granted  
Oh yes... Sailing into a constricted channel has been implanted  
Sweet melodies of echoes... mm feels so good of its own accord  
Dick compass sliding oh right there and slanting  
Tidal waves, persistently hitting against the shore, oh God your vessel ranting  
Grunts conceding of a waterfall spilling forth into a narrow canal of contentment  
No resentments from this liaison commitment  
Resting under silken sheets, whew...sedated in the aftermath of a lover’s scent  
Oh my God... I did not miss a thing...  

Mini-Production Brought To You By  
Another K Production™

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Joined 2nd Aug 2017
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Mental fornication
Raises up my limber meat
Allows me to view your softer parts
Taste the moisture feel the heat

Have your tight abyss surround me
Kiss your lips for butter rum
Enjoy our mental time together
Until we make each other cum

Tyrant of Words
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Joined 5th Sep 2018
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Oh Yes.. A Taste Of Magic Beyond The Rainbow

I am the haloed illumination in the far sky of the west
When thundering rain soothes the skin, the heart and mind Conjoined as I anoint its duality to always be upkept
The cast upon the seas to rattle the shores  
In the pit of the darken depth, lost souls hear my voice, manifesting hurricanes to the world  
Cleansing within my wake upon land, I unfurl  
In the cloak of my mysteries, I give power unto as withered souls to rise  
To the night, I give, Jezebel, Lilith, and Eve my blood drips of immorality, love trance from the sweetness of their eyes  
Upon the bed of lavender, myrrh, swirling clouds of Frankincense    
Enticing the loins of men as I gently spread wide, my potions unto your aura I commence  
A sacred cosmic healer  
The dew of my moistness, more potent to allure than any palliative from earthly medication dealers  
Whispers from the Heavens, my seductive serotonin a gift of twilight bliss calming to your head  
Passion and desires found in the comfort of my rose petal layered bed  
Soothing potions lathed upon your manly skin  
Once touched and seep to pores, to a world we go where the names has no sins  
Mm... taste my raptures, as we make love in Paris atop the Eiffel tower  
To the world we moan our gratification in the midnight hour  
In the confession booth of a cathedral in Rome  
Thrusting inside me, kisses on the sand dunes of Egypt, becomes our home  
Fingers stroking up my thighs, as you plant your lips on my toes  
Dragging up my inner thigh a view for the patrons in a Dubai theater watching our illicit lovemaking vividly unfold  
Mm… you leave me breathless, panting, needing, wanting, into my creamy abyss in and out as it languishes patrols  
Legs entwine your back, my moans serenading the stillness of the dark  
My spine arched    
Looking at the stars above as the nine muses in Greece encircle us and play their Harp  
Oh, my love... make me feel like you are all mine  
Allow the creation of Father time    
To shower our bodies with Argentina’s imported vintage wine  
Clutching the back of your neck as you lick off the sweeten streams from the crests of my tits, real slow  
Your tongue becoming naughtier, hasten as we become a New York peep show  
My powers are weaning you are draining me for this one enraptured night  
To the sheets we find our temples, tenderly blending, love notes sending    
In a hotel suite in Portugal, we lay entangled until the gentle winds awaken us at dawn’s early light

Dangerous Mind
United States
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The world lies at the very feet
Of our erotic fore
My mouth consumes the juices
Flowing from your moistened core

My hands massage your swollen breasts
Guided by the hands of fate
Our tongue tips meet in passion
As my hardness penetrates

And though this only happens
In the caverns of my mind
I feel your warmth surround me
As our hot orgasms bind

Tyrant of Words
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Bowing To The Crown

I have stepped up in the illumination of Heaven and I have stepped down    
Between the temple of my thighs, many nations have craved, as I lay, I am your Royal Crown  
Intoxicating you with my faint whispers of care  
In the cloak of compassion, I will renew your faith, and tell you the history upon your head, every single rooted strand of your hair    
Your tongue quietly adulating my skin, calling out my name, within the cathedral as I make you my Knight    
A Queen bowing to the desires of her King, in the blessing of midnight    
Taking your mind, coveting your stature as you bathe your soul in my silken abyss    
Indoctrinating you with lavender, myrrh, Frankincense the reminisce sultriness of my ancient gifts    
I am the light-bearer, the water carrier, the salacious Moor, who wields a sword upon dueling as we parry    
Invading your nocturnal wet dreams, with an indulgent touch of my lips    
To your ears, my bedroom lullabies to allure, gently drift    
Marinating your aura in the silken sensations of my timeless butter rum tasting cream    
I cannot be contained, defined, or, enticed by words, my voice is as majestic as the wind calling far and wide, the Raven, the Eagle, the Hawk, the biding of my monarch commanded by the Hummingbird    
Unto earth tones, the caressing wind to your cheeks, when you think you are all alone    
Close your eyes, and attune to the Harp of my Luna songs    
My name have burned books, glossed in fables, wishing upon fairytales, to the stake, if you take a glance, a look    
In the galaxy my energies shadows of the dark    
With the flavor of enticing sin, stealing, then pampering your beating heart    
The candle of seduction is my beautiful works art    
Take your left hand side of my thigh, my King, allow life to give credence to us as we play our parts    
Inhale my sweeten melanin on the wind    
In the coming hours of morn, clenching my salvation as my back bends    
A storm of nations, my Chi has enthralled as our essences blend    
The Ankh, the traveling portal will take you around the world in a matters of minutes    
Aliens greet upon the astral meet, hushed civilization, and higher intellect to stay in it    
The crown of old filled, who, I have rendered unto, the secrets of the Freemasons, the Knights Templars, the Illuminati, I have graced them all    
As two remain erect, until my emblem, my crest, the practice of unholy hoofs, one sacrifice has taken a fall    
Dust to dust, bowing unto thy seal of my trust, my sovereign I bid you, until earth, is thy must    
My Insignia 5,    
The Crown

Tyrant of Words
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The Eve Before Christmas

Mm…  I hear Santa’s whispers enticing me in the wind    
My nice and naughty list he needs, and how the pleasure of my aura to him softly blends   I love when he grunts ho…ho…ho    
Slowly pouring honey over my feet then licking over each toe    
I just quietly slipped downstairs to say hello and give leave out my list
Signed with my lipstick kiss
And hopefully, not to get caught
Knowing I am his once sought
Last year I sat on his lap while he tenderly kissed the peaks of my tits    
He had me in the throes of his orgasmic bliss    
Tongue to tongue, licking around the contour of my luscious lips    
Kissing over his saturated beard    
He was aroused to the point of fulfilling my naughty list, from what I remembered... oh dear    
Santa lifted me up    
Sliding my thong to the side, wetting his finger, then snaking the length in my lover’s cup    
Easing his North pole deeper into my creamy south    
Capturing the pleasing moans while serenading him from my mouth    
Smearing my essence to the side of my neck    
Passion marking my skin… oh sweet mercy, he keeps my pussy so wet    

Dangerous Mind
United States
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And down the chimney he came! Ho, Ho, Ho. Merry Christmas !! And to all a good night!!

Tyrant of Words
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Mmm... Warming Sensations

I suppose you may be wondering why I am naked in the snow
Well... if you must know
I kind of left my Victoria Secret rhinestone thong at the ski lodge
I tried to go back and retrieve it
And slipped
My parka became wet
And I had to take it off
Don’t worry, my handsome one opened the door and cuddled me in a warm towel so soft

To my handsome Sir Knight
Who strings my heart at the coming of twilight
Fall unto your knees
And whisper in my ear thoughts to please
We dance upon the moonlight as stars to the sky greet
Our naked temple decorating rose petals, strewn upon lavender scented sheets

You watch my swaying breasts go by, and sniff my darkened creamy space
Mmm... so addictive, whirling my soft folds as you tease the wanderlust of my moistened place    
My Creole thighs, soft as silk, encasing the sides of your beaded face  
I feel every inch and the tongue pound of you
Gyrating enough to give you the silken aroma of my midnight dew    

My warm nectar coating your tongue as it probes into the center of candy pink    
The slurpy of my sweetness smothering you is so arousing... mm... I see your erect cock is on an explosive brink    
Your mouth taking comfort in the tightening pleasure of my cunt
Throaty pants to release the elixir of your soul resonating to ather, your needs heard in your grunts

Shuddering and shaking, my orgasm drips on your lips
Savoring the alluring spices of me with each lick
Turning around showing you my sexy backside
Opening my soul to you even wide
Giving you my trickles as I slide up and down, squeezing my sugar walls as your girth in and out glide    

Slowly raising up ...oh that feels soooo good... coveting the jingling of your tongue
Feening to your lips the sensations of my butter rum  
The twisting of your head side-to-side... mm.. hum, you watching me uncontrollably come undone
Spreading my cheeks leaning your head upward, holding my ass as my essence drizzles
Reaching my hand backwards stroking the length of your aroused state
Loving the destiny in your hardness knowing the feeling will be my fate

I know you crave to get all up in my honey hive, my sweet wet cunt owns your mouth
My two fingers joining in mingling with the shower of my dampen south    
My ass cheeks squeezing your nose, circling my hips  
Yes baby... that's right, lose your soul in my succulent drips

Mmm.. I like when you need the scent of me, the flavor of my skin, to hear my weakening moans
You know once you undress me with your eyes, I’m too far gone
Carnal bliss with your first lick, oh baby, please don’t make me wait
Yes... yes.. right there... drowning your face in the saturation of my taste    

I love you are content just to lie there, leaning forward, my palms to your upper thighs
Climaxing… mmm… your face sniffing, then tongue bathing in my juicy pussy squirts
I need this man dominating loving for all its worth  
He has taken my mind beyond the stars, his mouth arresting mine to muffle my loud outcries
I love it when he is palming the mattress, ramming deep between my thighs  
Or his tongue, this yoni tenderly rides, once he parts my slit and darts the tip inside

Oh, sweet mercy… go on baby and send me..

Tyrant of Words
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Roar Tiger Roar

Surrendering unto a Tiger
Preying on the hunt, the insertion of imbedded desires
Four legs roaming the jungle within the night
Patch of moss, under dawn’s early light
Stars for us, heavens insight
Generating more heat than light

Roar Tiger Roar
C’est l’amour
Hypnotic eyes you cannot ignore
Passion escalating the hunger as never before
Planted paws, meal in wait
Sniffing softness of his tender fate
Feline curiosity taking the bait
Hardened arrow one’s tugging to nest
Within the hungry beast, stirring a creamy invest

Roar Tiger Roar
Silken locked in, arrowing its center core
Neck stretched to the heavens roaring out for more
Mating ritual dancing in the night
Milky Way scaled in flight

Roar Tiger Roar
Food of the Gods laid at your palate’s door
Growl of the tiger’s release, sanctuary covets its soft bites
Animalist desires, sinking deeper with thrusting might
Souls interrogating
Echoes of the beast matting in the night correlating
Cravings inspiring
Hydration transpiring

Roar Tiger Roar
Anchoring expedition of the wet explore
Stripes weakened the feline beast
Roars echoing its jungle heat
Two comic souls yearn and meet
Cloud nine to the fifth wonder
Wilderness fever asunder

Roar Tiger Roar
Soft cries unto the night reverberated evermore
Contentment of bravado as calm waves kisses the shore
Bodies contended sighs of sound
Paws planted as Tiger now stands his ground
Sniffing over the finished plate
Licking the diluted lining from a ravished mate

Roar Tiger Roar
Desires rains galore
Before and after has been fed
Tiger roams to rest his head
Arms you lay, cum unto me
Dreams of such, in the depth of the deep sea
Abandonment juices pouring so free
Savory the feelings of enlightened jubilee
Tiger is what man does
Interchangeable paws in the name of love

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