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Tyrant of Words
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eightmore said:Somehow my comments are getting attached to the wrong poem. I am not disrespectful of cancer

I know that... and no worries noted... it was a question, and I felt no shame in you asking, and no regrets in me answering, be advised you just gave me more time to explain myself in depth, things happen for a reason or for a season...

Therefore, smile for me and pass the information on...🙏🏽

Dangerous Mind
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I always smile for, and about, you. I will spread the word.

Tyrant of Words
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eightmore said:I always smile for, and about, you. I will spread the word.

Aww.. much silken and poetic love to you, always

Dangerous Mind
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Would love to kiss you in the south
To kiss your lips with tongue and mouth
To be with you in reality  
And not just in my fantasy

Tyrant of Words
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“If You like Pina Coladas” Then Cum With Me And Escape

Pickles Pub    
520 Washington Blvd,  
Baltimore, MD 21230

Me and my bestie walked into this pub, and I positioned my derriere on a wooden stool  
Cruising my surroundings, I saw a handsome gentleman nursing a beer, somehow our eyes did meet  
Flashing him my coy smile, then turned my head, pretending to be shy  
Counting the moments before he made an appearance, with him I see a long night to past the rays of a sunrise  
He looked so good, bowlegged, muscular in all the right places and my eyes did not miss his pelvic bulge  
Mm… a tantalizing appetizer for my mouth to indulge  
Then letting my tight cunt milk his arousal., while he thrusts in the depth of this melting fudge  
My bestie nudged me    
I sensed his approaching in my peripheral vision, what a fucking tease in those back jeans  
Oh yes, hard eye candy in sheets and me on top  
Palming my hips, his dick tapping my g-stop    
Having my pores seeping while loving the way he has my cherry about to pop  
Moaning...  oh baby… yes...yes.. yes  oh, God don’t step  
Good evening, ladies. He turned toward me, I like your shirt, it fits the face  
Licking me lips, his desires, his passion, his sweaty skin, my mind wanted to taste  
I’m sorry thank you  
He leaned into my ear, and whispered, “Can I have this dance.”  
I would never pass the chance, to be enwrapped in his arm, engulfed in his many scent, a thigh-to-thigh romance  
I was led to the center of the bar’s dance floor, other tables limited our space  
He pulled me closer, I inched in more, making sure no gap between us as benefited our bodies blended in a smooth pace  
He calloused hands felt divine roaming all over my lower back  
How did he know I like my spine to be caressed, oh sweet mercy, just like that?  
His check against mine, his razor stubbles brushing my skin  
Mm… hum… dreaming of his fingers easing into my pussy, as he pushed them deeper in  
He smelled so darn good  
Mental pictures of me lolloping his early morning hard wood  
I have a hotel room not too far from here  
I’m sorry, me and bestie do not separate in these times it keeps us safe from facing any unknown fear  
You can bring her, I would like to get to know your better  
He kissed the side of my temple, making my sugar walls even wetter  
Please, you look so damn fine  
I just want to show you some love, while making you mine  
I will give you the address of the hotel and leave a keycard at the front desk if you change your mind  
We can just relax and unwind, the food and alcohol I will provide  
I would like to be a cowgirl and ride this stallion until I’m exhausted and begging for more, while he has me breathless and tongue tied  
He escorted me back to the table, and wrote the address of his hotel down    
He kissed me on my forehead, turned, and walked out the bar, just as sleek as a hushed sound  
Later That Evening  
The Ivy Hotel  
205 East Biddle Street  
Baltimore, MD, 2120  

My bestie decided to stay in our suite for the night  
This night was starting out with possibilities and from my perspective alright  
Curiosity had me driving to the address on the folded piece of paper, cunt moistened from the lust between my legs  
My handcuffs and satin blindfold rested on the car seat, mental aphrodisiacs surely to make him beg  
A little naughtiness to give him an ultimate nature rise  
Knowing this handsome man’s tongue will wander up my inner thigh  
Gentleness as he parts my soft folds where his tongue will reside  
Mm... I do love a nasty tongue ride  
As my pussy juices drip to his lips as my flavor and his saliva collide  
Entering his hotel room, with no inhibitions  
In the mood for some BDSM submission  
Clothes off in a hurry, I could not wait another moment to feel his heat, love bites to his shoulder real soon  
Rushing me back to his bedroom    
Joining me under a heap of covers  
Locking eyes with this Adonis lover  
He lifted me in haste without any delays    
My tight abyss sliding down a throbbing and hard erection if I must say    
Bounding my wrists behind my back, moving the way his dick inside me was grooving    
Ass flapping my cunt coveting his girth while steadily moving  
Standing up    
My hips palmed, pounding harder up inside my butter rum lover’s cup    
Enfolding me tightly    
Mm… feeling the presence of the first popping of his seeds, as I please    
Hands extended over my head    
Deeper and deeper his length sink    
Legs chained around his muscular physique    
Back arched, seesawing our bodies, feening off our uncontrollable needs    
Oh…baby... here…sweet mercy… my head indenting the mattress... passion, ecstasy our bodies feeding the greed  
Pureed strawberries and whip cream is warm to the skin when pouring    
Tonight, I want to hear this sleek panther going deeper and deeper, loudly roaring    
My legs bracing his chest, his dick sliding in and out, thrusting and touring    
Oh God yes…the length of his erection invading getting me even wetter behind the carnal attack    
Clenching him tighter, dick shuffling, breasts palmed, arching my back    
Nipple mouthed with a tease, Oh God…you know I like that  
Licking the sweetness off me  
Then kissing me, transferring the elixir into my mouth  
Closing my eyes as his fingers is easing in and out my creamy south  
I wanted to know what turns him on    
In the heighten of our sweating bodies shifting sweet melodies    
My supple and perky breasts    
The peaks of transferring sensations set apart from all the rest    
My flat abs, jeweled navel pleasing to his eyes    
Sweet talking in my ear while siding back and forth between my thighs    
Shh…. you feeling this… so take it real slow    
Mm… his cock ring prolonging his blow    
Inching deeper inside me giving me every inch bit by bit  
Tickling feelings radiating from my clit, lubricating my slit    
My pussy gloving the plummeting of his dick    
Oh God he has my yoni soaking wet    
Scratching his back, and moaning against his skin to fuck me harder as we’ve never met    
Breasts palmed…the tip of his tongue sailing into my ear    
Whispering for me to satisfy him, droplets of passion is near    
My soft body his pillow    
Cupping my ass, rapture kissing my temple from head down to my toes    
Tenderly kissing my lips    
Palming my curvaceous hips    
Legs wrapped around his lower back, my pussy kissing his hard dick  
Oh yes… getting high from the liquid sensation in his length of his hard persuasion  
Oh baby… here it... oh sweet mercy, I’m climaxing  
He held me tighter his girth jerked flowed into me without any slacking  
Woo… my heart was still beating fast, panting, speechless    
A warm feeling between my thighs, my body he made melt  
The best liaison this Creole Queen has ever been dealt  
Kisses to you, my love from New York  
There is a video that goes with this moment  

Dangerous Mind
United States
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If only I could be this man
To feel your heat around me
Massage your perfect waiting breasts
My would be, would be

Tyrant of Words
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The Soft Whispers Of Infinity

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The Soft Whispers Of Infinity
The tender and ultimate passion of two lovers who embraces the embodiment of true love and to relish in the splendor of its ecstasy

Mini-Production Brought To You By Another K Production™

Tyrant of Words
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My Silken Sheet Lover

Please me my silken sheet lover
Fuck me senselessly under a slew of silk covers
Wrap your arms around my lower back  
Palm your erect dick to engage in a wet pussy attack  
Mmm, as I slide down a tower of love  
Pussy pulsating, gripping your girth as you’re sailing into a wet tight glove  

Wrists bound to ass, no escape  
Heartbeats echoing to complete me, yet making me famished to wait  
Tongue licks bathing my nipples, ever so slow  
Dick gyrating in comfort, weakening my body from the languish flow  
Dueling tongues circling around and around  
My pussy oiling your dick, juices squishes of lover’s sounds  
To my neck, your tongue gently rolls  
Faster and faster, a climax I’m seeking as your dick farther patrols  

Oh God, you feel so good inside me when you hungrily move  
Dick sliding in and out of my pussy, riding the abyss of a nighttime groove  
Taking me back, spine kissing the bed  
Legs in air, plundering my insides for a monstrous ejaculation just up ahead  
Umm baby, you’re hitting the fucking right spot  
Pounding, inching back, and then drilling your dick deeper for that awaited cum shot  

Oh...God...oh...God... fuck here it comes  
Mmmm…two releases mingling as one  
A kiss to my lips, tongue to tongue  
Oh no handsome one, we are not remotely done  
Pull out your dick, turn me over, and show me how the west was won  
Ride my ass Cowboy slow and easy, until I scream out, and once again cum  

Pleasure and pain colliding behind the constricted infiltration and friction  
What better love to have then this dominating sweet hole addiction  
Ass up in the air, dick ramming inside of me, fingers on its own expedition  
Hips gripped for your sole pleasure  
Little do you know I’m pleasing my own wet treasure  
Umm…I’m getter wetter and wetter  
Your dick sailing into my tighten treasure, baby it’s getting better and better  
Groin plastered to my ass  
Oh God, why did I even ask, the feeling surely never outlast  

Your pearly release locked in, winding inside my snuggly anus as your dick greedily bask  
Mmmm….don’t move ..fuck baby... I’m cumming  
Dick still inside my ass just a humming  
Woo…send me anytime  
Last one to the shower, gets to ride

Strange Creature
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Wow! I really like this

Tyrant of Words
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Beautiful Immortality

Beguiling darkness cloaking the full moon illuminate's ecstasy, wishes the insignia of desires, hangs                
Human seductress to craving immortality pangs                                    
Carnal salvation, siphoning the trickling of his blood                            
My handsome Master I feast upon, the red river of death, draining him in the name of immortal love                            
His throbbing veins, drinking the fountain of his generational bloodline                              
In the cathedral of the afterlife, my body, sleeker, hungrier, anew, freer than the sands of time                            
Drips of my blood ravished from the feast                            
In the abyss of damnation, we entwine upon the meet                            
The Queen of the thirteenth element, the suspension of immoral of aether's principles                            
Blurred lines for the mind, takes its toll, give into the beguiling temptation, it's so simple                            
The passage of rite when eyes wide shut has bargained the core of the soul                            
My earthy concubines grovel at my feet, giving them wisps of power to infiltrate as seductive words seep as they flow                            
The dividing of my thighs, nations of tongues softly licking my sacred creed                            
From the yearns, the appetite of my mouth, my tongue, satisfies in threes                            

Fingers, hands, mouth, I bestow to the 33rd degree                            
Craving for the justice of my pleasures, within my sacred Chi                            
Seductive entities bow unto the alliance when reality and other worlds collide                  
A sphere where hellish souls once reside                
Roaming under the majestic moon, upon the darkness they scatter then hide                
Landing on earth to have escaped the Mothership                
Bellowing chants on the wind that slowly drifts                                      
No cosmic alliance to look upon to console                            
Stealing souls on the edge of limbo                          
Silent whispers to the ear you hear                            
Shh... listen carefully to the beckon of the night my dear, have no fears                            
The swirls of fog rendering you helpless, the soft touch you feel, cannot see                            
Coming from the astral plane into my silken cove, creamy honeyed love                
Your drippings stirring deep inside me                            
Holding me closer for an encore tease, fading after you lift off your knees                            
Savoring the flavor when you awaken still tasting that succulent peach                
Calling out to the Heavens... feel me in the touch when my flavor is out of reach                            
Feeling those standing hairs to the nape of your neck                            
To be mine, sinking my incisors deeper, joining me in the shadows of death                            
Unto this moment, your old life remembrance, passion, lust, now worth more than wealth                              
My touch, a kiss, no refusal, I give you immortality                            
Fetishes coveting of my universal individualities                              
Appetite for the mystique of my lineage skin                            
Poetic hieroglyphics shrouded in Cairo, embedded tales of this sovereign’s lustful sins                            
Ancient tongues pleased, endowed from the tease, over spillage by streams of his seeds                          
Vexatious of the moon, into the night I go, my fate foretold                              
Flattery, unto you, the toast of my tongue                            
Addicted to silk and satin caresses of my silken butter rum                            
Half mortal from your awaken dreams                            
My hypnotic voice to soothe, coax, when penetrating inside my honeyed cream                            
Smokey grey alluring eyes, enticing you with the softness of my carnal thrills                            
The entice of my Huntress Moon lavishing you, mmm...swallowing your wet spills                            
Sinking deeper and deeper inside my bodily thrills                  
Entwined in the heat of the night, Nirvana we worship of thy free will                            

Tyrant of Words
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Cum To Me

Riding the peak of his pleasure
In my silken valley of Nirvana, his desires occupy
Upward slide thrusting
Whipping his lust
While wallowing in the creaminess of my sensation

To the top as he hammers his ecstasy
My hips palmed he brings me downward to hunger for more
Needing the completion of his nestled erection
With raw passion to the bottom
Urging to uplift, over and over

Every breath I breathe
Closing my eyes as the indulgence of my body submit to the arrowing of his will
I take him deeper within
Heaven hears the outcries unto, Oh God, I echo into ether
The spirit of him pounding into my core

Rainfalls of satisfaction his girth taste
The gyrating movements of my body
Begging his erection for a toppling explosion
The thrust of his pulsation weakening my soft pinkish compressions
Misting him in the wetness of glory

Euphoric streams in my delightful reckoning
Mm... oh yes, cum to me

Tyrant of Words
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Coercions Of A Kind Purpose Part 2 With Tenderloin (Featuring SweetKittyCat)

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Coercions Of A Kind Purpose Part 2 With Tenderloin (Featuring SweetKittyCat)

She hadn’t realized how much
he had gotten into her mind
on their last visit

She found the ache as of late
- incessant

She dutifully put the apparatus in place
each day since he left
just as he’d instructed

The secret in itself was a thrill
prompting her to imagine it
on several occasions

What it would feel like?
How quickly she might cum?

He would be there in minutes
and it took all resistance on her part
to not race ahead for a quick release

When he came in the door,
she practically jumped him
Her lips directly to his,
already undoing his pants

“That is the warmest welcome,” he said,
pulling her tight to his body

She knew his length intimately
having had it several times inside
and bearing witness to the spell
her mouth had on his growth

“I’ve been so wet, “she said. “You have no idea.”
“Certainly, what I want to hear,” he responded.

She’s already stroking his hardness
and drops to her knees
to rub him upon her ample breasts

“Stand up,” he demands
“and get those panties off.”

She follows his direction
and see’s the pleasure in his eyes
and she turns her bottom
to show him that it is just where he’s left it

He moves across the room
to get the lube.

“You might not need that” she teases.

He returns and his cock is effortlessly inside her
“Oh, move it faster”
“Goddamm, girl! You are.. wet!"

He has entered her from behind
And gently pulls the plug from her tight opening.

He thrusts his cock into her a few times
while coating his finger
In a generous amount of lube
before easing it inside her

She can’t stay still
the fusion of sensations
compelling her to push against him

She feels him pull out from her drenched pussy
“Get in there now, baby!" she orders

He places his tip gently to the other hole
adding another generous dollop of lube
to work it in

And she immediately pushes back
Inching his dick into her ass

And such sounds escape her
as she takes control
using her bottom to take him
Into sacred tightness

My love yes baby right there… Oh fuck.. Oh Tenderloin, harder baby.. oh baby make me cum
Oh fuckkkkk

Poetic Words By

Tyrant of Words
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Naked Inhibitions

Standing naked on a draped white sheet  
The silkiness caressing my body, draped down to my feet  
In front of your eyes where I pose under your command  
Your eyes softly caressing my skin as I stand  
Paint me with the tenderness within your eyes  
Fill me in softly as your palate of colors shall meet upon my curvaceous outline  

My colored favorite lipstick stained your dick, a wanton sacrifice
Paint the sweetness of my sugar and spice and everything nice  
Mm… close your eyes  
Paint me in a land far away from time  
Where my sugar and spice,  
And the taste of me off your tongue is so nice  
In my nakedness, my body yearling, for an entwined entice  
Between your teeth, you roll over my skin a cherry cube of ice  

Mm… moving the veil of my hair aside  
Whispering in my ear from behind, would you like me to ease inside  
An appetite for a lengthen golden shower  
Soft body in the line of its draining hard tower  
Lust and dominance felt under its submissive power  
Bathing within a stream of glory in the midnight hour  
Hot wax drippings up and down my back  
Oh God what a feeling when the tongue chases the carnal knack  
Pain and pleasure colliding  
Cries and soft whimpers coinciding      
Ecstasy breathing unto my sultry needs  
Oh, sweet mercy, silent fetishes beyond the strip tease  
The addiction outweighs the cry of such a beautiful release  

Praying unto salvation of such wicked and twisted sins    
The eleventh commandment given unto passion as time begins  
Bodies surrendering as forbidden desires slithers in  
Back graced upon a silken covered bed    
Blindfolded, horse collar, wrists handcuffed, arms stationed above my head  
Legs in haste spread  
Back arched awaiting from the sinking feeling of my wet pussy being hungrily sup  
Hot honey idle in a China cup  
My darkest obsession slowly poured all over my skin  
Drawing my breath in  
Fingers caressing my body as playing the melody of a violin  
At the throne of passion  
Body to body giveth of wishes in any fashion  
Lifting my hips my cunt worshipping unto his mouth  
Encompassing tongue funneling into the wetness of my South  
Dipping his tongue deeper into the fountain of youth    
Licking up and down the divinity of my Sacral and Chakra root  
My sweeten pussy juices staining his tongue  
Drools streaming down his chin, savoring the taste of my gushing cum  
Darting a finger in my tighten space  
Smearing my creamy trickles under his nostrils over his face  

Tasting the coating of my butter rum sticky icky  
Covers clenched, moaning for mercy with each heightened craved licky licky  
Flames igniting the longing of my pussy wick  
Sinking and drowning his girth deep, withdrawing to the tip circling his hard width  
Hammering deeper and deeper in the essence of my honey abyss  
Oh, please don’t stop...  
Wrapping my legs around his ankles, his thrusts kissing my g-spot  
Toppling a pillow of soft cushion  
Mm…oh yes... my buttocks cupped for the hard pounding, pulling, and soft pushing  
Ooo…baby, yes … don’t move  
Surrendering in ecstasy behind his plummeting grooves  
Back scratched, moans echoed in the height of pleasure  
Oh…yes…yes… his family jewels raiding the goods of my sunken treasure  
Mm…his pearly flow and there it goes  
Oh…faster… oh… my climax coveting his throbbing dick in tow  
Two bodies infused, panting, breathless, sheets drenched  
Woo…satisfied trying to catch our breath, asunder, and now content

Tyrant of Words
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Tease Me Softly

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Mmm... can I ride your arousal all night long      
No words, this is the coating of action            
Watching you beg, for this illicit tongue satisfaction            
You feel my cunt my love pulsating on that erection of yours            
Oh yes, palm that breast and lick over my nipple            
Yes... oh you’re sticking a finger deep inside my wet pussy            
You know you always wanted too... mmm…. you know you need too            
Oh, my love, I see you’re getting quite hard              
Now push me down to my knees              
Whisper it in my ear for me to please            
Oh are so hard            
You like my tongue stroking the length of your taut skin            
You giving me into my nightly sins              
Driving me crazy with your…sss... and your echoing hisses            
No….no…no….no.. open your eyes            
I want you to watch me please you, this tongue lust comes with a naughty surprise            
You know I can lick you all over up and down, until sunrise            
No rhyming here…this the sheer of my tongue bathing you my dear            
In your face, I want to see the shadow of lust cross your face            
Mmm… let me just kiss the tip...please              
Licking around the dome as the length slides back and forth between my lips, as it tease            
Oh, your pre-cum ... mmm slobbing all over your knob            
Shh...... you know you want to see it dissolve            
You know you love this blowjob            
Male readers …just touch yourself for me            
Close your eyes…...oh yeah… you feel the faint of my lips… my tongue slowly smearing your pearly drips            
Moving my hand aside            
Placing your dick between my breasts...oh yes you like that              
Oh, sweet mercy…go on my love… make love to my breasts            
I want to feel your warm cum squirting all over my dark brown nipples              
Your streams of satisfaction dripping through my fingertips              
Tasting …. oh God tasting as I lick you off my fingers, oh yes            
Baby…slow down… wait a minute… wait.. wait.. wait.. wait palming my head              
Holding your erection with the other one... easing that hardness up and down my clit            
Kissing the tip....oh baby...cum        
Oh yes... mmm... throw your head back            
Umm…hum….your grunts making my fingers wet my pussy...            
Taking your girth deep in my mouth...sucking your soft throb            
Tasting your cum, saturating oo… just to feel inside my wet south              
Inching my lips back            
Licking around your head              
Your drips sliding down the head of your dick... Mmm… you like this            
Oh, now you want me lay down…part my thighs and watch me please myself              
Running a finger ever so softy over my slit            
Smearing the essence on my nipple…then licking it off            
That excites you… mmmm…. opening my legs wider              
You like that pink opening            
You want to slide all up in it              
Mmm... hurry...hurry up my love… oh the honey is already warm for the pour  

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