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Tyrant of Words
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On My Kness I Go

Tongue pleasure dishes of fun
Man’s nudity standing under glistening sun
Arrowing dick in haste as you cum
Stain your release all over my tongue
One by One
Ball gags of silence until I’m done

Next dick, even bigger than the last
Past ten, mouth feeling quite satisfied
Last one, umm Big Don
Reputation for a massive pearly ton
Palming his lengthened and northern stance
Grunts to the skies of my suckling romance
Tussling length not won
No Kingdom cum

Assistance here
Two females licking adhered
A Hard nutt to crack
Big Don, now laying on his back
Erection refusing to go
Two tongues going blow for blow
Pumping, licking, groin hairs kissing my lips, still no pearly flow

Three tongues now as we greet
Mouths in succession head bobbing on hard meat
No surrender no retreat

Climbed onto Big Don’s face
All for one and one for all in this erection surrendering race
His tongue parted my slit
Beard and mustache greeting hollow of wetness, his nostrils sniffing my clit
Two hungry mouths lollipoping his dick
Moans of desire as he’s pinching my tits

Sinking my pussy downward, getting addicted to the relentless clit flick
Pussy juices decorating his chin as they dripped
Gripping the brass hardboard with all my might
A pussy honing a tongue for a pleasurable fight
Angrily thrashing that dinner bell inside
Moving my pussy faster where his tongue now reside
The taste of me swishing around as my slit slipped and slide
Riding the intense licking of Long Dong Silver
Gyrating my pussy on his face, his persistent tongue slivering

Mm got my pussy raining, that’s right eat this savory meal
Man’s punishment when kryptonite pussy can’t weaken a dick of steel

Ladies allow me, please
My pussy juices still streaming out of me
On my knees I go
Sun setting really low
Licking the tip, coveting the width
Persistently sucking on a stalling dick
Gagging, choking
Jackoff pumps, mouth stroking
Mmm, dick went completely broke
Eruption squirting in the air
Reputation declared
Mouth, face, in my hair

His monstrous release oozed down between my breasts
Where his cum now rest
Two hands wrapped around his girth, soothing his trembling body moves
My mouth once again heightened the throbbing beat
Prolonging his pleasure, his pearly flow my tonsils did greet
Past my tongue, the current down my throat did meet
My wet pussy bathed Big Don’s Ding Dong
He fucked me all night long
Surrendered moans and pleasurable groans of its echoing song

Fire of Insight
United States
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OMG you've outdone yourself with this one

I'm speechless and erect

Tyrant of Words
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Butter Love...mmm...Sugary Twist

“I’ve got that love you wanna try that sends your tongue up and down my spine”      
Butter Love Sugary Twist          
A beautiful kaleidoscope of stars, as planets align for a lover’s reminisce          
Strokes of his being melting me tenderly          
Wet kisses up and down my spine feelings returned sincerely          
Falling twinkling star          
Taking my mind past the definition of far          
Pulsates are racing, hearts crumbling          
Palms to palms, lips to lips, bodies heightened in pleasure as their tumbling          
Soft submissive murmurs, echoing deep baritone mumbling          
Palms tighten in surrender, slipping, emotional dipping, connected souls hasten fumbling          
I see you liking everything, tongue plunging pass my navel ring          
Embracing you in seductive Angel wings          
Much love and admiration to Cupid’s fiery erect arrow and his straight bow          
Passionate unleashed of shooting stars from a seductive butter rum blow          
Umm…I thought you knew better, and I did covet it real slow          
Sinking the essence of your soul within a sugary twist          
Caught and locked in a tidal wave, a deep abyss          
Gentle souls blown in the wind, a kiss for a kiss          
Sweeten sprinkles of plunging declaration into my sugary gifts          
Butter Love bringing a burst of a rainfall mist          
Showering the mind          
Whispered words surrendering my time          
Drilling into my inner temple          
Butter Love melting my salacious dimples          
Feelings sweetly conveyed          
Bodies matting as we butter love parlay          
Non-hurried touches as we sweetly twist and play          
Mmm... oh yes you may          
Trying to flee          
Shreds of echoes keeps tearing at me          
Sailing inside the canal of my wet sugary twist sea          
Butter Love          
Keeps softly melting my mind from above          
Drowning in my soft smoky eyes      
Between my enticing thighs, making his inner thoughts surrender, his natural rise      
Ecstasy and desires weakening upon the collide          
Coming for more inside my sugary twist          
I have never experienced a yearning for a celestial body such as this          
Butter Love Sugary Twist

Tyrant of Words
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Pearly Eruptions

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Mmm.. some would say never give glimpses under your silken sheets
Does this hold merit in virtual reality my love
This is where you find that mental sanctuary
Right between these Creole thighs
While looking at my lacy pleasure
And your heated thoughts migrating in my abyss
Of my tighten and silk dreams
Taking possession of my tender kisses
To my lips
The hunger of your compassion, I crave
Your intellectual stimulation
Oh, my love it gets me so hot
It moistens the mood
The wine is poured
Sexy satin teddy with matching robe
Coveting my skin, until
Your scent my mind bathes
In with the thought of your smell
The thought of your hard girth
Easing into me
Wiggling, parting me
My thighs dividing without conscious
Body clenched
Breathless after you whisper in my ear
Relax and let us flow
Palms to palms
You sinking deeper inside me
My softness pillowing the stature of your hardness
Your skin lovingly pasted against mine
Feeling inside the tightness of my pussy walls
My legs linking around your ankles
The peak of my tongue licking a shoulder blade
Tasting your sweaty manliness
Your hunger to complete the unfilled desire in me
My heart echoing in union with pure lust
At its finest, and only for you
Fucking me until I admit I’m getting addicted off
Your animalistic high
Leaving a trail of my scent for the prowl
The hunt, in me, the conquer
Mm... your nostrils buried all deep up in me
That jungle heat of my aroma
Keeps you returning to the crime of my passion
Yanking your throbbing dick out
Climbing …mmm… on my face
Just as my lips part, in awaiting anticipation
You cup your girth and sink it past the portal
Of my moistened lips mm… with haste in pleasure you sink
Your strokes back and forth making such deep love within the wet corridor of my mouth
Rolling your palm up and down your stomach
Your erection sliding in and out my mouth with ease
My hand pumping the base, you thrusting deeper
Grunting, groaning, between those, labored breaths
Choking me in the quest for you to explode inside my mouth
Cum inside me my love
Let me taste of you as your flow oozes down my throat
Mm… yes... mm there your… oo essence as it stains my tongue
Swallowing your seeds of life
With pleasure the current galloping down
The ooziness of my throat
Licking the residue off your helmet of your head
For the throne this Queen will sit upon
You leaning down sss… ooo…and telling me
Baby we’re just now getting started
Mm… pearly eruptions

Happy Anniversary  
Another K Production 🍷

Tyrant of Words
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Does She Make You Cream

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Does she make you cream
Is her voice the reflection of my screams
The silhouette devoid of my passion
Inside her when you’re thrashing
Her hands soft on you as she gives you pleasure
Your mouth tasting her sweet treasure

Does she make you cream
My name you moan out
When your dick is deep inside my wet south
Is her perky bosom nice
Her legs wrapped around your back
Does she make you cum inside her, twice
Her skin, you’re preferred taste
Headboard gripped
Gyrating your girth inside me
Oh, my love, we’re lover’s fate

Do you make her cream
Your kisses to her lips
Palms to her curvaceous hips
Her hands clutching the silk sheet, as your erection slips and dips

Does she… make… you cream
Does she taste me on you
Your mouth siphoning my sweet access, your honeyed food
My temple you crave
Inside my ocean abyss we flow as our bodies gently make waves
My Chi giving unto your needs
Begging you over and over... mmm as you please
Our bodies pasted, grooving, moving, the lust of our tease

Our wicked sins, as we begin
Breath to breath
Heighten the pleasure, my sugar walls oiling your shaft, keeping me moist and wet
Oh, touch me my love, kiss me, divine me as we’ve never met

Do you make her cream
Does she yearn for your fire, your desires
Missing your body, the midnight hour
Needing, feening you, for your hard tower of power
Do you need me my love, do you need her
Her echoes mm…and my soft purrs
We both bring you to your knees
Spreading our legs, as your tongue inside us wickedly tease

Does she make you cream
Making her cum
Over and over, mmm... while you’re slicing, thinking about my butter rum
Mm… me, her, and you
Passion has blindfolds on
Someone has to play the fool
Not me my love, no not I
Take my hand, and my soar, my body to the majestic skies
With her, only lies, her tears falling... mmm… your such sweet wicked alibies
With me…. mmm my love, I love you, but silent goodbye

Does…She…Make…You Cream …My Love

Tyrant of Words
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Hitting That Sweet Spot

Mm... satisfying me, there is never a right or wrong
Soundproof walls when he’s making my pussy sing a moaning song
He’s drawn to my curvaceous form when I lift my dress and shows him my rhinestone thong  
Cunt looking just as pretty as my face  
When he bows his head, his tongue feels like its slipping in silk and lace  
Mm... high-class maintenance, yes, a real tasting sweetie pie  
Have him addicted to my gifts when he’s knelt between my  creole thighs  
I love when he feens for this, what an empowering sight for a man’s dick when in heat  
Grabbing my hand rushing me to his bedroom, rose petals sprayed all over his satin sheets  
The handcuffs dangling from his finger, bondage under the cover when our bodies climax after the meet  
I don’t need a possessive dick who’s super jealous  
When he doesn’t even know about my private stash of other handsome fellas  
Asking me when again, always keeping his appetite on a leash  
He doesn’t have to know I get a high when the tip of his tongue is all up in my juicy peach  
His body still in an euphoric state, a beautiful aftermath of been sexually served  
I still can appreciate the thrills of a naked man whose dick is slightly curved  
I have a virile man, and I have a sexy bitch  
Both vying for me to tantalize the banana and the split  
Pleasing him comes first in my small window of time  
Pouring over my body a stream of white wine  
My legs bent over his shoulders, moaning to the Heavens he’s all mine  
Too incoherent to reply after the first wet lick  
Palming his head, pushing it deeper inside my slit  
My trickling juices mingling with his spit  
Ohh... closing my eyes as he pleases me with a lickety lick  
His tongue swimming deeper inside  
Savoring the flavor of me as his tongue inside my cunt slips, dips  
Jiggling it side-to-side for a weakening tongue collide  
Mm.. what a feeling when I have his tongue tied  
My body beginning to jerk  
Gyrating on his mouth faster, softly humping, reeling his tongue in with my pussy twerks  
Holding his head down in place  
My cunt locking on his mouth, my gushing essence soaking his bearded face  
Mm… grunts against my soft folds serenading my climax in grace  
Slowly swallowing my taste  
My body wishful and needing  
I need more dick, my pussy walls are still greedy    
Sliding his tongue up my body to my luscious lips  
Trapping his body to mine, his two fingers inside me they dip  
Mm... hitting my g-spot... oh… shit…  

Strange Creature
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rfedsa  sdasd     das

Tyrant of Words
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The Stud, The Whore, And Me

Sheraton Grand Hotel, Dubai  
Dubai - United Arab Emirates      
Presidential Suite
Hushed words carried away on gentle winds        
Reminiscences fades over time as a new hard dick slides in        
Hot oil, whip cream, a leather sex swing, blindfolded as our naughty games begins        
Shh, don’t tell, the seduction of my hips while I’m riding on your dick        
Bribing your silence with a tongue to tongue kiss        
That threesome for your birthday I glimpsed from off your wish list        
It’s yours throughout the night by two horny wet clits        
Your hungry mouth sapping the creamy essence of my slit        
She’s between your legs, licking over your balls, and up and down your hard dick        
Extending your palms upward, squeezing my perky tits        
She softy bit my ass        
Her finger traveling inside my tight ass as it thrashed        
Her nostrils, sniffing the crevice between your thighs, your grunts heard throughout as sensations will last        
Your wet tongue climbing inside me deeper        
Her finger wiggling inside my enclosure, pushing it even steeper        
This whore is a fetish keeper        
Wet pussy riding my lover’s flickering tongue        
Galloping with desire, head thrown back pussy juices on the run        
Her lips meeting mine…umm two strikes against one          
Your mouth siphoning as you’re swallowing my butter rum        
Her mouth coercing your pearly release, your eyes closed, I can assume the feeling is better than none        
Jealous my pussy didn’t feel your monstrous cum        
A soft wet tongue roving over my back        
Palming my breasts, kissing my neck like my skin was her duty to attack        
Strapping her dick on, divided my ass, her relentless passion refuse to lack        
Inserted her plastic toy inside me like I was her main whore laying on my back        
Slipping your dick inside        
Dual pleasure from the hungry ride        
You bound my wrists behind my back as you thrust up inside me        
Both genders using my body for the sake of pleasure and victory        
Plastic toy dick in, his hard dick out        
Aiming for my Holy Grail, drippings from my pussy flowing as from a  water spout        
My lover gyrating my hips side to side        
Moans of delight heard throughout our hotel suite, where lust filled bind the ties        
Someone banging on the wall, wishing to join in for the wet slip and slide        
Sex filled the air of the room        
My pussy was the pursuit, for this sexual bride and untamed sexually dominating groom        
This slut rode my ass        
Plastic pleasure inside me as my lover’s dick marinated my pussy to outlast        
Her insertion and his dick sliding inside with a hard thrash        
My juices swooshing with a raging splash        
Holding my hips in place        
Desires of penetration invading the duel space        
I came with an earthmoving shudder        
Her tongue kissed over my back, his dick slicing into my pussy, now soft butter        
Dicks out my canals of grace, satisfied, too wet to rehash        
I flipped her over parted her wet pussy, she did not have to ask      
My tongue was on a selfish mission to eat this sexy bitch’s cunt my tongue licks not to be deterred        
Placed her legs over my shoulders as I lapped at her tasty slit, my contentment to lick her pussy as I purred        
My tongue danced through her fine downy hairs
Hands cupped her buttocks, pulling the scent of her into my mouth, without any cares        
Her soft cries filled my ears screaming at me for her release        
My tongue was her spoon, and her pussy provided the lubrication grease        
She arched her back, her climax was near        
My tongue snaked farther, moans of her surrender greeted my ears        
The taste of her drooled down my chin        
The best night ever as we fed off our wicked passion of sin        
Wait until my birthday stud, a foursome will be its next lust of kin
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Tyrant of Words
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Honey and Tea

Honey and Tea  
Spooning a drop of my sweeten passion inside, blending me  
Licking up my spine.… oh yes right there…mmm allow our passion to flee  
Fahrenheit of my body for your pleasure at the right degrees  
Sip on me as you please  
Enjoy the taste of my body as I tease  
Hot, tempting for a soothing merriment, as you appease  

Sashaying, hips seductively gyrating  
Slowly undressing, body sashaying, desires for this night between us migrating  
Watch me, as my palms lavish slowly up my Chi  
At…at…at don’t your dare move your eyes  
Shh…no rhythm, reason, or whys  
My body has been awakening  
We’re here, every rule forsaken  
Whispering me over to you  
A sexy tigress crawling up to covet her carnal food  
On my kness mmmm…pleasing you to give you your just do  

Pouring my golden craving down your chest  
Allow my mouth on your dick to sweetly adjust  
Down your body the drops leisurely roll  
My tongue chasing as the stream patrols  
Tasting your manly aura behind the honeyed drips  
Tongue wandering over the helmet of your hard dick  
My fingers, dividing my clit  
Dancing inside with each bobbing head movement inside my wet slit  
Plaming your ass, pulling your girth, tonguing ever last bit  
My mouth locked.. up and down the length of taut throbbing skin  
Mmm…you want to fill inside this compulsion, your addiction, my wet sin  
Lifting me up  
Legs linking around your back sliding your erection up inside my lover’s cup  
Your mouth lapping up dripping honey off my breasts  
Pussy gloving your dick, walls getting even wet  
Pinning my hands behind my back  
Humping, thrusting, nipples gently attacked  
Head thrown back in the cadence of rapture  
Tea and honey entwining, elixirs transferring, rainfalls of desires captured  
Kissing all over a stained honey beard  
Throne of ecstasy escalated bodies soaring  past the stratosphere  
Moans and groans, only two hearts can adhere  
Mmm... enough pearly cream spilling and filling  
My tight lover’s cup filled up  
Pussy juices hungrily sup  
Tea time  
SweetKittyCat’s designs
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Tyrant of Words
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Urban Desires

Go To Page love  
I don’t want to miss a thing  
Forbidden love carried away by earthly wings  
I don’t want to close my eyes  
Making love from sundown to sunrise  
Hear my heart widely beating for you  
Soar with me, we’ve paid our intellectual dues  
No earthly rules, we’re now among the stars, how could we ever lose  

I don’t want to miss a thing  
Body dangling from a leather sex swing  
Waiting in heat as in the month of June  
Bodies colliding kissed by the stars, minds bathed by the illuminating moon  
Desires instilled as you are creating  
Sinking, surrendering under your powerful innovating  
Stealing my breath as we’re carnal relating  
Moans and groans inflating upon euphoric sedating  
Gratified beyond the sun no debating  

I don’t want to miss a thing  
My heart sings as it rings  
You have channeled my carnal weather  
You’ve crossed lands for us to be together  
I wish I could turn back time as we’re wishing  
Blissful laid out dish, food eaten from a butter rum abyss  
Hungrily eating  
Tongue to soft plate meeting  
Reach out and touch me  
Set me free  
As a stream of endorphins is released  

Mm... oh my sweet... I don’t want to miss a thing  
Your body is as giving as the coming of spring  
Close your eyes my love and feel the fire  
Fluency of such, rising within society’s constraining attire  
Fourth of July skyrockets  
Hold me tighter, ever tighter electrical shock from overloading the current of a tight socket  
Umm…you still have three wishes saved in your pocket  
First wish, turn me over  
Second wish...  yes... yes... pull down the covers  
Third wish...  you enough stamina and longevity will be rooted in this curvaceous lover  

I don’t want to miss a thing  
Gyrating bodies clinging, ecstasy as it brings  
Queen parting her monarch under the arousal of a handsome King  
Oh now now you’re Ding Ding  
We’re now in full swing  
Ringing my bell as my body sing  

I don’t want to miss a thing  
Two bodies, parlaying, playing heartfelt strings  
Genie’s wishes have been granted  
Oh yes... Sailing into a constricted channel has been implanted  
Sweet melodies of echoes... mm feels so good of its own accord  
Dick compass sliding oh right there and slanting  
Tidal waves, persistently hitting against the shore, oh God your vessel ranting  
Grunts conceding of a waterfall spilling forth into a narrow canal of contentment  
No resentments from this liaison commitment  
Resting under silken sheets, whew...sedated in the aftermath of a lover’s scent  
Oh my God... I did not miss a thing...  

Mini-Production Brought To You By  
Another K Production

Tyrant of Words
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In the midnight hour where your soul silently roams  
Between the realm of yesterday and tomorrow  
Into my care you come to release your earthly sorrows  
Slowly we peel the hindrance as we stand  
Giving unto the nocturnal creatures
Of this night until woman and man  
Let the moon in its enticement spill forth  
Once deep inside the abyss of my sacred walls your mind teleports  
To a land before time  
Where gypsies danced around ginger vines  

Silken touches of passion, desires to the eyes, hearts, mesmerized  
Rapture once locked to covet the nature of the rise  
Chants to beguile, enthuse, hips shifting, pelvises uplifting  
Dominating of the silken ride  
Stolen embraces for the surprise in the surmise  
The scent of the hunt unto mother nature it drifts  
Eyes closed inching closer feeling the heat of my fire  
In my bed  
You salivate to taste me by the soft whispers echoing in your head  
A damsel in distress  
Hypnotic eyes enchanting you in the nakedness of my undress  

Come to me… let me in  
Within the veil of the night marrying my skin  
The scent of me draws you  
Shh… you feel my voice as savoring the flavor of my honey dew  
Thrust deeper into me you sink into  
Mouths given unto each other hungry wishes  
Palms locked, blissful kisses  
Hands stretched above, you feast of me, cradled buttocks  
Moans in the synagogue of euphoria refusing to stop  
Caving walls, cresting, blending every drop  

Spreading me wider for your pleasure  
Your finger outlining my lips resting inside my mouth  
The hardness of your girth bathing in the wetness of my treasure  
Easing into me deeper past my soft folds, under you no where to go  
Expanding in the eagerness sinking in the creamy of its heightened peak  
Nails raking across the back, spine arched in gratification as temples leak  
Clenched tighter in the moment essences running free  
By the sweat of the brow  
Ecstasy we caressed unto Nirvana we bowed  
Within my covenant satisfied by streams from his endowed  
Tick tock in the span of here, reversal of time as now  

In reminisce... devoured…

Fire of Insight
United States
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Tyrant of Words
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My Thong Culprit Has Been Sought and Caught

My thong thief has been sought and caught    
Umm, no average Joe here  
This handsome one had me screaming, moaning, begging, and submitting, as he rode my body into high gear  
After making love to my thong thief until he lost all sense of reality, grunts echoing of his sound    
Thought it would be easy, being in control is always my common ground    
Think again    
This handsome one invented the carnal rule of sexual sins    
He justified all of them in one night    
Had me on my knees confessing unto his fucking justice, until dawn’s early light    
Golden showers as he marked his territory    
To retrieve my thong, I submitted to the eleventh sin of his purgatory    
Surrendered in guilt after I let him snake his family jewels deep in my ass    
Stirring nine inches of hard glory as he hungrily basked    
Could not stand the erotic torture of my mouth    
Withdrew his dick, lifted my legs in the air and invading my wet south    
Had me cumming and cumming a tidal wave in submission    
Doggy style, 69 his favorite thrill, plummeting my pussy over and over again in the military position    
This eager student overindulging the teacher    
Taking the will of my body pass the stars, and then suspending my climax at his leisure    
Begging him to release my pinnacle of ecstasy without a breather    

Persistently fucking me on the floor, in the pool, in the den, on the pool table, and then in the shower    
God help me, I must admit, I became addicted to his dick thrusting tower of power    
Interrogating him had my body in disarray    
Scratches, love bites to his chest as his dick drilled inside my wet pussy as he parlayed    
His mouth coveting my pussy hole, his tongue of pleasure tantalizing as it patrolled    

Arching my back for such a sweet cajole    
Then he climbed over me, ramming his dick inside my mouth, my tongue tasting the essence of my soul    
Releasing his pearly seeds inside    
Demanding I swallow his release down my throat to hide    
A thong raider smooth talking Casanova be that it may    
Fifty Shades of Grey, yet, done in his wicked and dominating way    
Bound wrists, blindfolded, a willing actress in his reality play    
Two bodies feenin without morals for the pleasure of its good    
I relinquished my ice cream, cake, and he ate me like I was food    
Lust filled desires throughout the night, my pussy walls enhacing his mood    
Return my thong now, please    
Then pull it slowly up my legs and pass my knees    

Gliding your tongue slowly up my thighs my thong following pursuit    
Mm, I see you looking and thinking about my exotic juicy fruit    
For the pleasure of getting my thong back you came to please    
Enticing my body, giving into you willing, as you teased    
Your wicked tongue and hard dick as an arsenal as they invaded to appease    

Once inside of me…an action that needs to be certified as you made me cum    
Wait…wait you pulling my thong back down again, throwing me on the bed dipping inside my silken butter rum    
Oh God this feels so good for me to even attempt to run    
Pleasuring me, pleasing me, getting me addicted, straight fucking me until the rise of the sun    
Slipping, dipping, and ramming your dick inside me once again while on my back    
You have me sore in places, for me to even speak or react    
A thong thief to please, a gifted knack, fed me pleasure my body will know when it lacks    
My thong is safety back in my drawer, a sweet undercover testimony from Sweet Kitty Cat    
I knew it was you, the one whose passion stirs my illicit moods    
Providing the feast for my mind’s mental food    
Ladies if this handsome one happens to invade your panty drawer, the blessing cums when you are trying to get them back… très bon    
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Tyrant of Words
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You Pay For What You Get... Or Not

Kinky sex, freaky sex, more than once or twice  
More than you’ve paid for some, naughty and some nice  
Twisted visions of perfect sex, broken later like glass  
Forget the champagne room, if you come cheap you won't get a sniff of this sweet ass  

But with a call, anything can be done  
Just pay and lay out your plan  
Money gone but hopes elevated  
By two bushes in his hand  

Sweet promises of things to come  
Clothes shed and tossed aside  
“Let's play a game, you can have it all  
But first you must be tied.”  
Naked bodies taunting him, perfectly curvaceous in every way  
His lust and erection growing bit by bit  
A soft palm stroking him, kissing the tip of his dick    
Denying his pleasure until he satisfies these two chicks  
He thought he knew what he wanted  
But somehow it all went wrong  
His two sirens, black and white, we were expecting climaxes to last all night long  
Tonight we’re singing a different song  
Bound and down, our handsome victim of trust  
Laying helpless and full of sinful lust  
A dark bush suddenly consumes his face  
My palm wrapping around his erection holding it up in place  
He volunteered to use our sexual skills  
Our freaky intentions became his nightly thrills  
With no chance to protest or scream  
Standing over him, one stiletto to his six pack, squatted, feeding him my golden stream  
Gulping and drinking, he was gasping for air  
Hoping he wouldn't yank out my whore’s long curly hair  
Finally surviving but without much fight  
I said, “Mm… I think you liked that, right?”  
His manhood stood reaching farther to the skies  
My warm ruby lips took it down by surprise  
My whore’s dark wet pussy that sat on his face  
Lifted up, turned around and settled in place  
A warm dark crevice came into his view  
He was yet naïve, not knowing what to do  
Then softness closed in, "Mm... go ahead, lick it"  
"And if you do as I like handsome, I’ll let your dick tease all up in this moistened gift."  
While my whore licks all over my perky tits  
My butter rum taste and sensations so bold, fresh, and anew  
Made him lose instant control, pre-cum toppled his cock as it steadily grew  
He felt my hand pumping  
My warm mouth humming  
His head denting the pillow, getting addictive to my head bobbling while up and down drumming  
Pleasing us, his desires, negated  
The length touching my tonsils, the width hungrily pulsating  
Getting up before he could cum deep inside  
Taking turns...our climaxes milking his dick with a gyrating slip and slide  
For hours and hours, as he first did ask  
Giving us pleasure was his only task  
During our orgasms, his was repeatedly denied  
His body ached so bad, he stroked his balls, his dick, until he cried  
Having given us control, he was to blame  
And for the lesson, there was no shame  
He had consumed all our warm silken honey  
And in return we took all his money  
But once he was freed, released from our plight  
He weakly asked, “Are you two free tomorrow night?
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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