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Tyrant of Words
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Within The Comforts Of Lust Conceals The Softness Of Passion

My gifted words sensationalized to amuse
Bestowed on the worthy to appease, enthuse
Honey soaked words, echoing as I softly speak
A fervent liaison between you and I, epitomized nightly on lavender scented, silken sheets
Words to seduce, lure, draw you in
Playing the sweet melodies of your heartstrings as integrated love slowly begins
Ice cubes drips
Your tongue following the streams to my creamy slit
Droplets resting on the soft folds of my clit
Scrolls of yearning engraved of my erotic poetic needs
Hear the resonances of my body’s love notes I play, as your runaway desires are sinking deep within me
Two bodies frolicking in love, seductive words bathing
Heart-to heart, words to transcribe, the absence of disengaging
Sharing of its warmth embrace
Strokes of tenderness to the skin felt upon my face
The rhythmic serenade of poetry, protects the balance of love
Coveted words blessed by this muse from above
Heighten me sweetly in the mist of sheer pleasure
I’ll shower you with heartfelt words as you gently raid my raining treasure
Mm... you feel the rush my passion
The funneling of love thrashing
Basking the eye found within its arrowing head
Treasure of enlightenment sinkage on a silken bed
Expressive acclamations, moans to tease, enrapture, please
The majestic poetic narratives, behind a lover’s twisted key
Whispered on the winds from afar, from the very heart of me
Surrender of echoes, sailing the high seas
The rivers, and the depths of the oceans
Penned to the heart, gentle to the mind as soothing love potion
Kiss upon this muse of erotic and my sultry love poetry, written of timeless devotion
Soft and tender librettos I lay at the helm of your feet
Tasting, feeling , entwined bodies sweetly give into the chase when passion and rapture under the covers blend upon the greet
In the scent of my written lines,  you will cum to find me  
My sultry words, heating you to feverish degrees  
Part my thighs, my caresses felt within fierce longings as you sink deeper into my carnal silkiness as I appease
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Tyrant of Words
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Honey and Tea

Honey and Tea  
Spooning a drop of my sweeten passion inside, blending me  
Licking up my spine.… oh yes right there…mmm allow our passion to flee  
Fahrenheit of my body for your pleasure at the right degrees  
Sip on me as you please  
Enjoy the taste of my body as I tease  
Hot, tempting for a soothing merriment, as you appease  

Sashaying, hips seductively gyrating  
Slowly undressing, body sashaying, desires for this night between us migrating  
Watch me, as my palms lavish slowly up my Chi  
At…at…at don’t your dare move your eyes  
Shh…no rhythm, reason, or whys  
My body has been awakening  
We’re here, every rule forsaken  
Whispering me over to you  
A sexy tigress crawling up to covet her carnal food  
On my kness mmmm…pleasing you to give you your just do  

Pouring my golden craving down your chest  
Allow my mouth on your dick to sweetly adjust  
Down your body the drops leisurely roll  
My tongue chasing as the stream patrols  
Tasting your manly aura behind the honeyed drips  
Tongue wandering over the helmet of your hard dick  
My fingers, dividing my clit  
Dancing inside with each bobbing head movement inside my wet slit  
Plaming your ass, pulling your girth, tonguing ever last bit  
My mouth locked.. up and down the length of taut throbbing skin  
Mmm…you want to fill inside this compulsion, your addiction, my wet sin  
Lifting me up  
Legs linking around your back sliding your erection up inside my lover’s cup  
Your mouth lapping up dripping honey off my breasts  
Pussy gloving your dick, walls getting even wet  
Pinning my hands behind my back  
Humping, thrusting, nipples gently attacked  
Head thrown back in the cadence of rapture  
Tea and honey entwining, elixirs transferring, rainfalls of desires captured  
Kissing all over a stained honey beard  
Throne of ecstasy escalated bodies soaring  past the stratosphere  
Moans and groans, only two hearts can adhere  
Mmm... enough pearly cream spilling and filling  
My tight lover’s cup filled up  
Pussy juices hungrily sup  
Tea time  
SweetKittyCat’s designs
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Tyrant of Words
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However Did We Meet

However, did we meet  
That our bodies now blend together under a slew of silken sheets  
Maybe I need to thoroughly remind  
As I mentally bedazzle you while taking your mind back in time  
You liked the essence of my gyrating groove  
At the strip club, my magnetic sultry erotic moves  
That night, I had your dick stirred up  
If the price is right, I can make it erupt  

You whispered in my ear, how much  
To your limousine, we left in a rush  
Stroking your dick, my mouth coveted it as such
Pumping the width, licking up and down the length, swallowing your pearly gush  
In your office now on your Cherry wood desk  
Jamming a finger inside my wet pussy asking me have I climaxed yet  
Is… oh baby, is this how we met  
Creaming your finger  
Hopefully, your tongue is a passionate dead ringer  
You honed your face in, sniffling the essence of awaited pleasure  
Your tongue exploring around my sunken treasure  
Licking up and down my clit  
Umm…closing my eyes, it seems you know your shit  
Got my body twisting  
Hitting strange carnal hot spots, pre-climatic juices coexisting  
Yes…yes…umm…yes right there  
Palming your head, behind the intensity, pulling your hair  
My legs wider spreading  
Wrapping my ankles around your neck, Oh God, I don’t know where this is heading  
My back, flapping as you’re lighting the weakening fire within  
Suctioning noises behind such wicked sins  
You remember now, palming my upper thighs  
Torpedoing your oral assault inside  
Ringing the tip inside my pussy, tasting a liquidity sweeten surprise  
Umm, I grabbed my breasts, your hands stretched up, covering mine  
Grabbing that bottle of opened Romanee-Conti Grand Cru wine  
Pouring it over me for a debauchery blessing in disguise  
You pushed your desktop items aside, climbing between my Butter Rum thighs  
Cupping your dick  
Umm…ramming it pass my sensitive clit  
Palming your desk bending your head, tenderly sucking on my perky tits  
Do you remember any of this  
Sexual asphyxiation in the throne of passion, a teeth mark as I bit  
A loud whimper escaped my lips  
Holding in place the reins of your hard throbbing dick  
Your head thrown back  
Holding you tighter, feeling your ejaculation flowing out of whack  
United as we’re cumming  
Bodies weakening while humming  
Lips to Lips  
Hard dick roaming inside a wet honeyed abyss  
Umm…This office game, I indulge to win  
Your dick gaining strength once again  
Stirring as we begin  
Lights turned on, a pair of eyes stood in dismay  
The Boss caught us, handsome one, how bad do you want a raise  
They say two heads are always better than one  
Way past midnight streams of cum  
Handsome one is CFO now, on the fate of my pussy and tongue  
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Tyrant of Words
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You Give Me Fever

Your sweetness is like the coating of honey on my lips  
Ripping my clothes, mouth zooming to the perkiness of my perky nipple tips  
Fever in the absence of light  
Pulling me closer to swim inside my passion in the cloak of midnight  
When your tongue is rolling over my skin mmm…. so right  
Oh, big daddy you know what to do  
To get my butter rum juices raining only for you  
Baring my soul to the tenor of your robust tempo  
Once deep inside me, losing all sight while milking the streams of your pearly flow  
You Give Me Fever  
The flame of your scorching kisses, my heart, my soul to you I lose it
In the height of ecstasy burning me, desires pursuing for your wet gift  
Intellectual loving, when we’re interlocked, the tip of your finger inside me, a silken teaser  
Moaning for you to go deeper, your tantalizing caresses making me a believer  
Oh God you give me fever  
Back arched, pleading, my emotions you’re silently reading  
My emotions following, the maestro of your touches playing the melodies of my body, each candence, I’m seeping, you’re leading  
Consuming my being, your family jewels, seducing, ravishing the pinkish crown of this Queen  
You Give Me Fever  
My body on fire for you, no medications, no cure  
Needing you deep inside me, hips seesawing, craving the thrusting of your releasing tumultuous pour  
Tasting me, losing myself, in your soul, sizzling
An addict waiting for your manly drizzling  
Legs trapping you to me, my body in a fevered heat  
Tongue dipping inside my ear, whispering, I love it when I make you lose control in my sheets  
Cat scratches to his back, intense passionate bites decorating his skin  
Bringing out the animalistic hunger deemed an illicit sin  
He gives me fever, mm… he’s so good to me  
Twist me baby within the cyclone of your weakening appease
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Tyrant of Words
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Hotel 41  
41 Buckingham Palace Road  
London, SW1W 0PS  
Executive Suite  
The lustful nature inside of me, I roam now as I please
A nymph to keep your dick flaccid as your pearly stream flees
Getting me addicted off your dick inside my mouth  
Even more excited when a bearded mouth is down there hungrily lapping at my wet south  
Pussy has been in heat for him all day  
On the prowl for a bearded man to allow him to have me his dirty way  
I need to be fucked  
No love, no sex, yes, oh handsome one, your hard dick will be pumped as it’s getting sucked  
It’s the right time, I have the vintage wine
I just need a hard thrust with a fierce grind  
Tender back scratches to your skin  
Drilling that hard dick deeper inside this silken pussy, welts of pleasure from our wicked sins  
Darn it, my batteries are gone  
The guest in the Junior Suite, been begging to play this sweet pussy song    
Already have given him a pair of my panties, and then my thong  
I glimpsed his package deal upon registration… mmm, oh yes Mr. Dong Long    
Dick hanging like King Kong    
Capable of making this butter rum pussy climax all night long  
No beard, I refuse to adhere  
Go rent one…wait, no a gorilla suit  
Just make sure there’s an opening for your dick to poke through to pussy pursue  
Fuck me you hairy beast  
Beat your chest as you’re slamming my pussy, fucking your jungle feast  
Inflaming the scorching heat inside of me  
You have me alone  
Been sniffing my pussy, you’ve won  
Shoving that banana inside me as far as it goes  
Making me go ape over your dick as you lick over my pedicured toes    
Hair rolling all over my soft gyrating body  
Mm…pussy juices seeping from this hottie  
Palming my hips    
Hairy groin…persistent dick slips  
Pounding me harder, Oh God, I’m almost there  
Muscular pounds dropping on top of me, cupping my buttocks, smothering my air  
Slicing inside this tight pussy, juices mingling as our bodies play  
Dick sliding through my whip cream, popping my juicy cherry your way  
Your hard dick pussy parlaying  
Mm, I have to say you’ve practiced what you’ve preached  
Pleasing a nympho, under you, what page have we reached  
Hacking my pussy for your pleasure, pussy walls stacking your girth  
Had me weak once you took off your shirt  
Opened my soft pages, and slid your dick inside for your pussy research  
Razor stubbles, beards, mustaches    
Three holes to lash, thrash, then making me climax again as our bodies rehash    
Palming your head, pussy suffocating your tongue  
Mmmm…yes…yes right there, head indenting the pillow chasing my climax past the sun    
Back arched, cresting …. pushing your head downward, your mouth sopping the essence of my cum    
Pussy still beating, thumping  
Your tongue swirling inside my juices, licking the current as its running  
How to tease…how to please  
You never told me your name  
As I allowed you to fuck me senseless making me softy rain    
French exclamations behind passion, bodies serenading under the illusion of false names  
Promises to meet again  
To once again tease me and then please me with your carnal sins
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Tyrant of Words
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Joined 5th Sep 2018
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Be My Undercover Nightly Valentine

Be my undercover nightly Valentine
Candy hearts and a nice bottle of wine
Flowers, preferably a rose
Honey drippings to my skin coating it very slow  
Your tongue, following the path supping the sweeten flow
Mmm.. tonight, don’t leave out licking my pedicures toes
My present I suppose is pointing North under that robe
Sexy lingerie to entice your eyes
Hey, I’m a SweetKittyCat, would I lie
Soft music to amuse you
A handsome and muscular body to give credence too
Dinner by candlelight
From love at first sight
Taking my body high as a kite
Skyrockets from the delight
No, don’t bring me down just yet
You know once my mind is set
My mouth of pleasure gives as good as you get
A love affair better than Romeo and Juliet
My lust, my passion, my desires I give unto all men
Mmm…yes...yes...oh yes come again
Well since you ask, let the slow dance begin
No better time to get back inside my butter rum skin
Waiting for that long vessel to sail in
A kiss to my lips, my neck, under my chin
Taking my body back, gracing rose petal silken sheets
My legs wrapped around your back, my body your carnal feast
Dick cupped, wet pussy opening wide
Moaning, grunting echoing from the slippery, slide and guide
Hands palming the bed for the entwined sinking ride
Completely satisfied
You may now release that soft nipple pacify
Kissing my lips, soaring the pleasures of my body to the sky
Umm, I love seductive nights such as this
Makes a man use all his tools, especially his hard dick
Just make sure handsome one it proceeds after a wet lick
Weakening combination, trust me totally bliss
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Tyrant of Words
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A Man For All Seasons

Mmm, a man for all seasons
A different muscular body to idolize, his mind, his loving with such profound reasons
Is he a charismatic season who wears his heart on his sleeve
Cold one moment and then love you so softly as he please
The beautiful sentiments of flowers, chocolates, and then kneeling for you on his knees

A Spring type of man
Firm gratification he gives you on demand
Hope for better days he promises you
Taking him at face value without any rules
Housing the streams of his pearly flow just dues
April showers saturating all over his hard tower of power
The master of his carnal bloom
Relaxing you, seducing you, then he’s gone too soon

My type of man, naked and scorching as the Summer sun
Feed you, bed you, and then leads you to cum
Bodies sweltering, sizzling undercover within basking heat
Parting your petals, the nectar he ravishes, and then homes in on your creamy filled treat
Umm, his tongue buffet licking his treasured feast
Professing his adoration with his oral emotions
His rising sun, and soaring sexual devotions
You are his summer set
He keeps you sweating, and your pussy satisfied and wet

No more pleasure than the man of this next season
Umm, the Fall guy, commitment to submit, is an act of treason
Ask too many questions, does not provide the whys
However, pleases your pussy internally time after time after time
Rendering your mind
The emotional conqueror who brings the lukewarm heat
A blanket of frost he provides, warming intentions below after you meet
Chilling demeanor, within his sincere hypnotic eyes
The stroke of his dick and mouth, a dual pleasure to ride
Forgetting the frost as the warmth of his dick embedded deep inside your soft it abides

Most would say, including me, he’s an unorthodox seasonal treat
Pleasing beyond the undercover meet and greet
Handsome old man Winter has them all beat
Umm… keeping you on your back for months as your pussy nightly simmers his hard meat
Gently rolling his snowballs in your hand
Oh…yes…oh yes for this hard bodied erected man
Frozen all over, yet, a complex lover
Mm satisfaction I give him with my snow bunny lips, as they hover
Keep his dick drained under silk covers

Sips of wine, rapture by a cozy lit fire
Giving you permission to thaw his emotions, of his weakening slip and slide desires
Blanketing you with his body to keep you warm
No greater love than a man’s emotionless comfort when his dick thrashes as it wickedly performs
Engulfing and then freezing the moment of your rainstorm

Mm, no one moves as the snow is falling
Heat transference from my pussy as his dick is hungrily calling
Icicle juices installing
Blizzard of his love is slowly melting and now withdrawing
Bodies basking in the aftermath of a loving blizzard, waiting for the sun to finally breakthrough
Three more seasons one must endure to have a Mr. Winter’s dick snow covering this wet roof

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall
I’m sure we women love them all

Tyrant of Words
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Free Styling This Climax

Sitting at my computer naked and wet    
Sipping on a glass of my Moet  
Fingers' riding down to my sugary crown  
Legs gap, on my desk I am wide and open    
Been horny all day, passion spoken...    
Baby just step closer... my heated desires need to be awoken    
Reclining back    
Think about you softly licking this creamy kitty cat    
Oh, baby... pinching at my nipples    
Nothing about you and I is ever simple    
Reaching over, grabbing from out my glass an ice cube    
Down my belly, rubbing it around my pieced navel jewel    
Mm... melting as the stream run, dipping it much lower    
Playing with my pussy lips a little slower    
Oh, baby I see you out there    
Rolling the tip through my fine downy hairs    
Mm... sinking it inside my cunt    
My sugar walls scooping it up    
Oh.. yes.. gyrating to the beat of One More Try    
Caressing over my thighs    
Tasting my essence.. mm tasting all like the filling of a peach pie    
Back arched...    
Licking around my lips.... pussy dewy, yet parched    
Oh yes.. wiggling my fingers side to side    
then two fingers, tight grip yet feeling good upon the collide    
My fingers slipping deeper.. mingling, cold, yet my pussy stirring    
You ever heard a cat in heat softly purring      
Gasping for a climax... licking over a nipple, panting    
Up down.. fingers jiggling, slanting    
Oh...this feels good... closing my eyes    
Cannot help this feeling but to go with the ride    
Looking at the avatar    
Oh baby.. taking this pussy to Mars    
Mm... my sweet essence cresting, resting    
Coated my fingers that's still all up in my wet nest    
Teasing my soft folds... here taste me    
Wiping my creamy release all over my computer screen    
You like    

Tyrant of Words
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I Am Relishing all

(an answer to SweetKittyKat5's – Relishing All My sticky Icky)

I'm listening to the melodies in your deeply thinking mind
Watching as you suck my length and I'm savouring the wine
Watch as you finger fuck yourself as I'm releasing my hot cream
As you continue jacking, I'll not awaken from this dream

It's nice to know my love's addictive and you're more than just a flirt
 I would love to lick your clitoris and to make your pussy squirt
To sniff the essence of your sex, to plant a satisfying kiss
To slide my throbbing cock into, your hot and juicy, wet abyss.

I palm your ass and lift you up with your legs wrapped 'round my head
I'm coveting your kitty cat, my hungry lips are being fed
I'm pinching on your nipples, they fully pass the stand up test
My tongue's making the circuit, your wet pussy gets no rest

My thoughts of you, my hot emotions, are running through my thoughtful head
Your body and the scent of you, your moistened pussy rules my bed
I pour sweet honey over you and lick it from your skin
I love your cunt's acceptance as you take my hardness in

I center myself on you, you spread your wanton lips out wide
You wrap your hand around me and guide my swollen cock inside
You're responding to my thrusting and your walls are pushing back
You taste your pussy on my tongue, that resulted from my snack

My protuberance is pulsing, can you feel the cumming heat?
I can feel your body shaking as you squirt upon my meat
Your butter rum is flowing and it's covering my balls
My own sweet cream is mixing as it's filling up your halls

I know you like my climax to be shot upon your chest
But I thought this time was better if you felt it in your nest
Did you feel me as I blasted, my warm semen in your slot,
As your pussy was responding, with your orgasm, nice and hot

As you said in your closing... Oh, baby yes..
Written by eightmore
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Relishing All In My Sticky Icky

Playing the melodies of my philosophical mind, showers of ecstasy on his time          
My lips taking his length down, his head bent back, while downing a bottle of vintage wine        
Escaping drops rolling down his chest, touching my lips, now wet          
In the spaces between his manhood and my mouth the drips collide        
Tasting him and the sweeten intoxicant, double fingering myself, swinging them side-to-side          
Waiting for his monstrous nutt  
Head bobbling, gagging, mouth milking the sensations, drooling from the suck                
A blessing to be his luck                
Mmm…making him grunt, jacking his width… rolling my tongue over the tip          
Paradise between my soft folds, my passion, it’s the real deal              
His addictive loving rules the quite core of my mind                
These arms, this willing body takes care of those fantasies by my designs                
A feen, in the sheets I can be…          
Giving in to him, when he’s tenderly seducing me            
He whispers in my ear, he’s craving my essence like the flavor of his dessert        
Loving when I am on his face, his tongue thrashing to my clit, making my pussy squirt              
Music to my ear to hear him begging for this                  
His nostrils kissing this slit                
In his groin hairs he smells the juices from my wet abyss              
Palming my ass, pulling me down farther the silk covering sheets                
My legs draping his shoulders, my slit his tongue feasts                
His oral fetish coveting my kitty cat, climaxing as his silken treat              
Palming my breasts, arching my back                
Swallowing my pussy juices, no time to give each other rest                
Mmmm… his tongue lashes I know best        
Already has me moisten, wet                
His emotions I share, bedazzling him, coveting his intellectual head                
My scent, my body, my pussy rules his bed                
Pouring honey all over my skin                
His tongue catching the droplets...mmm…my dewy essence rolling down his chin                
The weakening feeling making my head spin                
Licking the runaway golden stream completely off my skin                
Centering himself between my thighs, smearing my lips with my taste        
A quick kiss before I open legs wider and let his desires bathe        
Housing his throbbing erection        
Steering his girth inside me without hesitation        
Oh God his dick reeling inside me, what a beautiful blending knack                
For our bedroom late night lustful snack            
My body, my flesh, his undercover wicked sins                
His dick keeping this pussy wet as he’s driving in and out then back in                
Once his tongue parades all over me                
I’m the woman he kneels for on his knees                    
Nipping at my tits then coveting my lips              
Draining his energy down to a pulsate, gyrating, off the release of his flowing leak                
His grunts turning me on as he’s diving deeper and deeper inside my tight pink                
Labored breathing, slow thrusts worshipping in this creamy butter rum                
Riding the throne of his King’s dick making him jerk then once again cum        
Snatching his elongation out, his drops layering my nipple peaks          
Pumping his dick for the last escaping seeps        
Oh, baby yes...  

There is No Other Satisfying Feeling Than Being Ravished

Fire of Insight
United States
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you have once again outdone yourself
I will never be the same
Your moist and hot tight pussy
Is definitely calling out my name

Tyrant of Words
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Mm.. A Blissful Night In SweetKittyCat

Umm, you are such a winner, you craved this wet tease  
I lost therefore, this evening I need to be pleased      
Demanding you drop to your knees          
Spread my soft folds and pollinate the sweet essence of me          
Shh…it’s just us          
A man of poetic words, his gentle touch, I do trust          
Undulated passion will not be denied for us, echoes of desire it’s a must          
I need to be parlayed into the calling of twilight          
It’s always a pleasure to feel your erection inside  me, ramming it in and out with all your might          
Lean closer and circle your nostrils all over this wet dream      
It’s as real as these words get.. finger me and taste what I mean            
That’s right, my sweet smelling pussy I need you to make it cream          
You want me like a sweet treat…mm… then do let the warm honey to my body slowly pour          
When I say drop your pants, and stick your dick inside this tight pussy, you ask me “do I want more”          
Pulling my hair and asking me to say your name          
Mmmm, lick over my pussy hole, sniff it before you make it rain          
You got that hard dick, now brand this tight pussy and put it all up in this hall of fame        
Hoist me up, wrapping my legs around your back, come on big daddy ... make this pussy glove your love, while moaning out your name          
Mm... yes.. just like that, nice and real slow… I'm surrendering to the hard gift of your throbbing bliss      
Oh sweet mercy... yes that's right...fuck me like you own this          
Slamming your family jewels into my wet slit          
Ooh…baby...oo..oo..oo.. you gonna make me cum          
Yeah …  ss... sinking deeper and deeper inside my  wet butter rum          
Place my legs over your shoulders, divide my clit, sop my pussy juices as they drip          
Throw me on the bed, spread my legs          
Extend my wrists over my head          
Cup your dick, shoot it inside me, and hammer this pussy like its being fed          
Mm, circling my legs around your back          
Biting my skin, nipping at my titty nipple, moving your groin inside this sweet kitty cat          
Dick plunging deeper, my pussy gripping your erection for that wet addictive attack          
Scratching your back, juices mingling, fusing          
Oh God... you feel so good inside me baby… fuck yes.... this tight pussy, your dick is amusing          
Double humping me…mm, I love the feel of your throbbing girth          
Uplifting my pussy to meet your thirst, I feel your dick starting to squirt          
Cupping my ass, sinking in the wet bask.. you keep doing that, I'm not going to last          
Fuck me love.. oh baby its yours…you don’t even have to ask          
Erection digging deeper and deeper, that’s right love let me feel your lust bust inside these sugar        
Mm… my climax kissing that dick head and all          
Oh…baby… I feel your release like your desires were starved          
Keep moving that length inside this pussy, and don’t try to think about going too far          
My body needs fucked, my mind mental stroking          
And I’m sure your dick needs my gagging, my mouth choking          
Be good baby, until I get horney again, with my dildo          
As your pearly stream flows          
In my pussy or down my throat it goes          
Lean in and suckle the tips of my fingers, … their glossed essence smells just like me          
A rose sweet as can be, and a tasty lick savored like creamy centered candy  

Tyrant of Words
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Baby Cum And Give Me Something

Candlelight dancing over our embracing silhouettes
Two bodies come together as blended melodies of a beautiful duet    
Love Faces    
Body to body, heart-to-heart- falling emotions under good graces    
Have one’s heart in the right place      
Dick and pussy shared upon silk sheets, our sacred space    
My Tomcat going down on his knees    
His eleventh commandment is to thoroughly appease      
Spreading my thighs, an impatient tongue slipping into my sunken treasure    
His craving draining my butter rum juices in all its ecstasy of measures    
Cupping my buttocks, drawing my pelvis closer to his mouth    
Wetness dripping from my glistening lover’s cup as his tongue greedily consoles down south    
His hands extending, palming my perky breasts    
Tongue teasing, pleasing, greasing my soft folds, my body floating, beyond wet    
Labored panting breaths I breathe    
Pussy soaking in the heat of the inflaming needs    
Symphonic love notes, moans cadence to the ears    
Weakening my mind, my body, my soul he propels pass the cosmic  stratosphere    
Rapture pushing me over the edge    
Lust, desire, yearning instilled as his body fully pledge    
Mm… sweet mercy, surrendering as he wickedly please      
His oral fixation, licking, tasting, expunging my carnal needs    
Feeding me the abyss of internal bliss    
Hungrey tongue lashes hit after hit after hit    
Tenderly plucking at my clit      
Palming his head, my back arched in submission, his fingers serenading my pussy lips    
His tongue repeatedly dipping inside my juicy slit    
Not stopping until my pussy crests and then creams      
Mouthing my butter rum juices, thighs locked on his face, gyrating on his wet dream    
Silk sheets clenched, followed by earth shattering screams    
Toppling my soft cushion    
Palming his erection, darting inside my silken walls, now he’s pushing    
Our bodies instinctively interweaving    
Juices mixing, opulent stimulations we’re achieving    
A soft bite here a soft bite there    
My signature soft scratches in the height of passion, mingled within his chest hairs    
Sinking his hard length, the width parting me    
Come on baby, allow my flow to gush as it flees    
Peaches and cream    
So much tastier and sweeter for all that it seems  
Climatic soft rainfall crashes into his pearly flowing stream    
Lips locking    
Pussy still popping    
Dick inside throbbing    
Taking my breath as desire is robing    
Bodies slowly coming back down to earth      
Duel souls sedated from the fervent needs, my Chi gloving his girth    
This sweet good pussy got him nightly subscribing      
Mm... the whispers to my mind so weakening, his rapture is my bribing

Fire of Insight
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Your silken folds are on my face
The heat of you is felt
The honey dew that comes from you
Love the cards that I've been dealt

Never get lost in the shuffle
Of the poker that we play
I'll ante up and play the game
With any wild cards that you say

Each hand I win a pleasure
That takes away your clothes
I must be fair, yet get you there
Fully naked head to toes

The beauty of your being
Takes my shallow breath away
Your heights and depths amazing
Your luscious body on display

We meld ourselves together
To connect we two as one
With love and longing, through time and space
Until we're satisfied and done

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Night Whispers

Night Whispers
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Fire of Insight
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I feel the heat of your caress
I long to have you, I confess

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