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Blendology Poems [ for 18+ adults ]

Tyrant of Words
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Sheís Like Candy-Coated In Sin

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Tyrant of Words
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The Brothers

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Thank you to all the poets  
Who allowed me to use  
their musing to make this project become a

Poet da_poetic-edifier (Damon)
Poet Numer90 (Numer0-un0)
Poet Kementic1 (Hussein Ali Hill)

Malcolm X : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive
Audio of Nelson Mandela at Freedom Archives
Minister Louis Farrakhan (The Breakfast Club-audio excerpt)
Audio of Martin Luther King Jr at Freedom Archives

All poets works are ©copyrighted 08-08-21

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My Sweet Pea - with SweetKittyCat5

Last night in dreams of Elysian fields when the stillness was. To have been blessed to wallow the scented petals of once beautiful love. Near and silence were at my window the stars gave twinkle. Ordained by the stars. She unto me. We became as one our hearts. We gave without a spot or wrinkle. And the skies open their eyes, for the glory of God Into the realm of forevermore. With the last kiss upon her lips. The absence of my sweet pea to my pod
Written by adagio
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Eternal love is like a rose that never withers with time

Thank you Adagio for the chance to blend such poetic thoughts...

Tyrant of Words
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He Said She Said With Eightmore

I picture all
The rise the fall
erotic lick
Of cunt and prick
Pictures pounding in my brain
As I feel your cumming rain

Mm... such blissful sweeten cream
Thighs open enticing your wet dream
Kisses to the soft lips
Thrusting, slipping in and out with the dip

I'm thrusting in and out, my love
From back, or front or up above
To feel the heat of your moist place
After it climaxed on my face

I do admire where your mind goes my poet
Sentiments more intoxicating then sipping on Moet
Carnal pleasure felt
Hotter than June weather
MmÖ raiding the softness of my butter rum treasure

To have a sweet erotic lick
Prepares your pussy for my prick

Mm... what a blissful gift...
Moans and groans bodies beyond clouds we drift

My shaft is hot in your abyss
Our tongues are touching in a kiss
The sun is rising in the east
Its rays are shining on our feast

Tyrant of Words
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Baby.... Cum And Give Me Something

Candlelight dancing over our embracing silhouettes
Two bodies come together as blended melodies of a beautiful duet    
Love Faces    
Body to body, heart-to-heart- falling emotions under good graces    
Have oneís heart in the right place      
Dick and pussy shared upon silk sheets, our sacred space    
My Tomcat going down on his knees    
His eleventh commandment is to thoroughly appease      
Spreading my thighs, an impatient tongue slipping into my sunken treasure    
His craving draining my butter rum juices in all its ecstasy of measures    
Cupping my buttocks, drawing my pelvis closer to his mouth    
Wetness dripping from my glistening loverís cup as his tongue greedily consoles down south    
His hands extending, palming my perky breasts    
Tongue teasing, pleasing, greasing my soft folds, my body floating, beyond wet    
Labored panting breaths I breathe    
Pussy soaking in the heat of the inflaming needs    
Symphonic love notes, moans cadence to the ears    
Weakening my mind, my body, my soul he propels pass the cosmic stratosphere    
Rapture pushing me over the edge    
Lust, desire, yearning instilled as his body fully pledge    
MmÖ sweet mercy, surrendering as he wickedly please      
His oral fixation, licking, tasting, expunging my carnal needs    
Feeding me the abyss of internal bliss    
Hungry tongue lashes hit after hit after hit    
Tenderly plucking at my clit      
Palming his head, my back arched in submission, his fingers serenading my pussy lips    
His tongue repeatedly dipping inside my juicy slit    
Not stopping until my pussy crests and then creams      
Mouthing my butter rum juices, thighs locked on his face, gyrating on his wet dream    
Silk sheets clenched, followed by earth shattering screams    
Toppling my soft cushion    
Palming his erection, darting inside my silken walls, now heís pushing    
Our bodies instinctively interweaving    
Juices mixing, opulent stimulations weíre achieving    
A soft bite here a soft bite there    
My signature soft scratches in the height of passion, mingled within his chest hairs    
Sinking his hard length, the width parting me    
Come on baby, allow my flow to gush as it flees    
Peaches and cream    
So much tastier and sweeter for all that it seems  
Climatic soft rainfall crashes into his pearly flowing stream    
Lips locking    
Pussy still popping    
Dick inside throbbing    
Taking my breath as desire is robing    
Bodies slowly coming back down to earth      
Dual souls sedated from the fervent needs, my Chi gloving his girth    
This sweet, good pussy got him nightly subscribing      
Mm... the whispers to my mind so weakening, his rapture is my bribing

Fire of Insight
United States
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Great job with the blendology. It gave me an erection that I have not had in quite some time.

Tyrant of Words
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eightmore said:Great job with the blendology. It gave me an erection that I have not had in quite some time.

We blend so well when it pertains to poetic endeavors if I must say and thank you my love... Enjoy your day and have a great upcoming evening in pursuit

Tyrant of Words
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Code Red A Cut Above The Rest

The Nurse and the handsome Surgeon  
What a cutting slice of life which brings forth all its naughty excursions  
A handsome man above the rest  
Nothing covets his time but the best  
I thought I would move up in the ranks  
More love, more me, means a bigger bank  
Jovial time and vintage wines  
Yacht sails and Harley Davidson ocean front rides  
Who defines me  
Only the essence of my heart and my healing creed  
Who am I  
HumÖask me that after youíve read and dined on my desirable lines  

I just donned my scrubs when my pager beeped  
Looked down, umm, my handsome surgeon must be in need of me  
I go and scrub my hands  
For a face to face quicken mental romance  
Eyes to eyes, until the door closes and then our intimate slow dance  
I walked into the operating room  
Umm what an eye popping sonic boom  
Coral-blue colored eyes just for me as they passionately loomed  
A handsome surgeon, who nightly craves the scent of my essence like Iím his favorite smelling perfume  

We both looked down at the patient with fear in his eyes  
I caressed his hand and reassured him with a lifesaving lullaby  
Sir, you have the best surgeon any man can ask for  
As I glanced into my handsome surgeonís eyes, mmm amour  
I remembered the bed, in the shower, and then us fucking on his bathroom floor  

Doc, how long is this process going to take  
The surgeon winked at me, as he remembered my see through camisole on our first date  
The surgeon cleared his throat and looked down at the patient  
Wondering how he could be submissive and fall prey under a butter rum French Creole relations  
Sir, this is a complex procedure, you will be under for the entire time  
Yes, like the night your tongue tasted the wine rolling down the curvature of my spine  

The occurrence made us both late the next day  
Hurrying in to service the needs of the illís fate  
Can I see my wife first, please  
Youíre asking a man, who this nurse has begging nightly on his knees for a taste, and then a wicked pussy tease, catered to please  
Sure, why not  
The surgeon looks at my lips and recollected how I nightly services his hard knot on the spot  
We will be right back, sir  
Lips eager to taste my skin, as hidden passion between us quickly stir  

I followed the surgeon out the operating room  
He looks around, pulls me into his arms, his lips instantly zoom  
The feel of his unbottled desires, eradicating the hospital's dreariness and daily gloom  
Feelings spinning me such as this  
Umm, I could feel the compass pointing of his dick  
His fingers fumbling to untie the scrub strings, ready to make my body, yearn, sing  

On his knees he goes for a quick lick  
After that, then hoisting me, legs wrapping around his back for an arrowing hard stick  
For now, his face buried, sniffing my essence, teasing my clit  
Friction of his tongue dancing inside, soft moans to the sky floating  
Cupped palms roving up and down the back of my thighs, heated emotions bloating  
Intense hunger from being denied carnal sensations one most note  
Rapture escalating out of control until someone clears their throat  
Two bodies part, freezing eyes pinned our illicit post  
I hope you like the color, yellow  
The CEO, umm, what a tall, muscular, and sinewy handsome looking fellow  

Tyrant of Words
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Code Yellow Large And In Charge

The Nurse and the handsome CEO  
Softly disciplined for disruptive behavior as the quiet wind blows  
Reprimanded in private, has been replaced by bottles of Italian wine  
Trips in a Rolls Royce to the Hamptons in grand style minus any timelines  
Private jets, VIP box seats to see the New York Mets  
Five-star hotels and secluded island getaways  
A lifestyle a nurse can adopt to be that it may, yes, I must say  
A staffed mansion, a beach house with ocean front views  
From sunrise to sunset making love, giving the silk sheet their just due  
The CEO and me, his gentle loving set me free  
The Nurse and the CEO igniting his desires as his release steadily flees  


The first day as a Nurse Administrator I walked into my office to take a seat  
The door opened, I pivoted my head and a hungry smile greeted me  
Umm hello handsome one I say  
And a muscular body to take a womanís breath away  
I have opening night tickets to the opera tonight  
And I have a surprise for you that will bring more heat than light  
The CEO reached behind himself to twist the lock  
His bluish-colored eyes darted to the wall clock  

Iím out of my linen suit jacket, my skirt, bra, and thong dropping to the floor  
The CEOís facial expression beams, anticipation for our union oozing from his pores  
Face to face  
Heated breaths falling under the throne while rising to amazing grace  
A fluffy carpet cushioned my back  
Hands roaming in haste for a tantalizing afternoon pussy snack  
Emotions are not the only thing going out of whack  
Dick hard enough to seek, invade, dipping inside a silken ocean for a sinking attack  

A knock at the door  
Passion forestalled, a male rhythm larks behind, pulsating for more  
Pre-cum slowly seeping, pussy wildly moving, buttocks flapping to the carpet floor  
Attempting to bring the flood gate of a pearly release galore  
Repeated knocks, the ears could not ignore  
We have a date tonight and then a quick kiss to my lips  
Regrets of an interrupted pussy coveting a hard dick hits, twists, and penetrating dips  
A quick reversal of fortune deep inside a butter rum abyss  

Castaway marooned, pussy now basking on a wet island to go on, alone  
Staff meetings, budget assessments, naughty boardroom liaisons, and soft moans and groans, echoes my daily song  

Peace at last  
My past a thought to silently rehash  
I missed the patients, the staff, and the hustle and bustle of the ER  
I quickly changed into my scrubs, memories comforted me of Iíve come this far  
I opened the door and a hard chest I bumped into  
Mahogany colored eyes roved over me for concern as a golden rule  
Are you alright, a smooth voice asked with a picture perfect handsome face  

I looked up into his hypnotic eyes, an Adonis, who had to be from another time, another place  
AwwÖyes thank you, wait, what code is this as my mind searched for a mental list  
Can I help you, softly slipped from my glossed lips  
Yes, Iím here to meet an Administrator Nurse Smokey Eve for orientation  
Itís Smokey Eyes I said, for the debut of my professional dedication  
Youíre Smokey Eyes, the Administrator of this hospital, a clearance password I must give you to trust  
YesÖ, I wanted to say. I could give you my bedroom resume filled with steamy, desire, and lust  

Eyes roved over me in a matter of minutes  
I looked down, umm, it appears his dick just jumped in it  
Security backup was immediately called  
Marched down the hallway by this handsome man in front of all  
I wanted to say Code Green  
Side profile was so handsome, however, his relaxed grip to my upper arm was so gentle, serene  

Tyrant of Words
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Breathless In The Moonlight

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Breathless In The Moonlight
As soon as my legs unfold
Lust and desires between my inner thighs, is already foretold
Like kryptonite in my pinkish pearl heíll explode  
Umm, the needs of a passionate feast we great, our bodies serenade  
Soul to soul, lips to lips consoled, scaling rapture we patrol  
My body shaking getting me weak  
Bringing me to the throne of ecstasy I feel his throbbing at its peak  
Only to wake up, for the craving of his carnal pleasure in our sheets  
His blind fingers inching farther down  
Easing inside my creamy haven where passion is softly found  
Tasting me, legs spread, cupping his arousal    
Then circling the width around and around  
Mm, he feels so good inside this pussy, leaving me breathless, his  
echoing moaning sounds  
Legs braced to my chest while his groin is slamming into my mound  
Like a speeding bullet he never releases too fast  
My cunt Iím sure will keep him to outlast  
But in a continuous minute he will be fucking me  
Driving his lust into the darken hollow of my ass  
Dick basking inside my wet pussy walls, monstrous pearly release    
Oh God  
Iím cumming to past  
Mm my cunt...  sssÖ oh the walls enclosing still humming    
His dick inside me still drumming    
Oh sweet mercy... cumming, cumming  
oh mon amour.. je tíaime  
Brought To You By    
Another K Production

Tyrant of Words
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Code Green Security Of The Heart

The Nurse and the handsome Security Force
Not to worry, he is the only one serenading me with his deep baritone voice    
His muscular body keeping the nights warm    
My heart has been totally disarmed    
Body to body, rainfalls to set off all types of alarms    
Candlelight dinners, caressing on a bearskin rug near a roaring fire    
No home invasion for this salacious dame, only escalating flaming desires    
A trip to Paris, China, and yes, even Italy    
My handsome Proprietor of his own Security Firm certainly loves me    
Flowers and chocolates delivered daily, ummÖI think Iím in love    
Deep pockets, and his family jewels is loaded, fits inside me like a hand inside a tight glove    
Nightly bliss for a nurseís resume of naughty gifts    
Tongue to skin, and then a wet kiss    
Without a doubt, I love his stroking grooves the best    
Passion felt under him than all the rest    
A finger caressed down my arm as I laid in bed    
A hard pillow chest wall of comfort from a night of being carnal fed    
Sexy woman, what would you like to do tonight    
Take in the city lights, a little Salsa dancing, and then dinner by candlelight    
A kiss to my forehead for the acceptance of a plan    
Maybe a little tease below, for an evident erected stance    
My hand creeping under silk sheet covering    
Pussy walls awaiting a hard dick to invade and then hovering    
Watch it woman, you are going to be late for work once I start giving you a hard poke of this sticking romance    
I will take my chance    
Be wary for what you ask for    
Je ne sais quoi, amour    
Umm, I adore    
Covers slid down    
Dick invading my butter rum abyss with a hasten force    
Mmm, a feeling dear to my heart, I love of course    
Souls mending    
Juices swishing, breath to breath, hot passionate sex blending    
My handsome security force providing my body with so much more    
Pleasing my gyrating body, erection dipping deeper, raiding my pussy center core    
OhÖbaby, itís mine, dammit its mine    
Easy was not my handsome oneís dick drilling designs    
Taking my mind pass cloud nine    
Back scratches engraving his skin    
Tattoos worn from my hunger I cannot defend    
FuckÖfuck, he roared over and over again    
Bullseye shots, weakening my pussy as he continued to anchor in      
Climaxing all over his hard dick    
His release drifting from his pulsating vessel, his essence filling inside my wet slit    
Damn woman you satisfy this pole once it passes that clit    
A pair of mahogany colored eyes looked down into my smokey eye  
A handsome face sharing my bedroom time, bringing the sexual toys, the wine, and the bodacious surprise    
Marry me Sexy Woman, a kiss to my forehead for all it seems    
Eyebrows instantly arched, did I just hear the M word that sounded so serene    
Pushed out the abyss of pleasure my handsome one laying angrily on his back    
Handsome, weíre good as we are, why tamper with that    
I have a career, I love my freedom, control my own purse strings, I love my writing knack    
If the eyes were the windows to the soul, I hear an upcoming manly verbal attack    
For once you must quit code consorting    
Bed to bed grand touring    
Allowing men seeds constantly pouring    
Dammit whoring    
This shit of having me go home after fucking is getting rather boring    
And then a hard smack    
This mean and green code will be the one to attempt to lessen my emotional carnal snacks    
I do not need this flack    
Fuck you and your needs    
Iím out of here, let your battery operated toys bring you to you fucking knees    
Heated minds have now prevailed    
Mind fuses curtailed    
After we went back and forth    
Neither one of us giving in for a recourse    
Pulling me into his arms to erase what was just said    
I told him to just bail    
Too late, words cannot be taken back to no avail    
Fucking crazed sex broad, he screamed at me before he stormed out    
I had no words to follow or shout    
The door slammed closed without answers, or even a verbal debate    
Feelings and emotions for him Iím sure will slowly dissipate    
Code Black to set my chagrined mood    
The feelings behind the loss of a lustful greedy groove    
Is he right about my wanton moves    
The essence of the spiritual and healing properties of me, should not be pitied as being a fool    
My French Creole grann instilled, since being in America, have I allowed it to just flow free    
Without regards of my own emotional and wellbeing needs    
A knock on my door interrupted my musing    
For my own mental self-abusing    
I opened the door, a bouquet of long stem red roses and chocolates welcomed my smile    
I do not know if codes can stay awhile    
Time will tell, I sensed Code Black lurking    
Fate against Destiny one of them is working    
The nightly makeup sex while interweaving on silk sheets made amends    
However, is this the beginning or the end    

Tyrant of Words
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Blending Me Beautifully

Offering my soft passion unto the core of his hardness  
The feet of his masculine existence
Rooting me to the silk covers for which my back graced
Anticipation to explore the gift of manís virility †
To be satisfied as a woman yields unto
His gentle kisses from my toes
My skin, his postal stamp of approval
Delivering my body to an erogenous state of his care †
Softly kissing me, tasting the ambrosia of my passion fruit
His tongue deep inside me
Capturing the wet aura of me
Digesting the elixir of awaited time, Iíve wished upon
Mm.. succumbing to the feverish craving of a manís touch
Body hesitant, yet willing
Gentle palms spawn over me
Absence of a manís touch, my body submitting
Foretold of this surrendering night

His scent is now my perfume
In the throne of my naked lust for his raw hardness
The longing to be taken
As he is receiving
Calloused palms softly playing my body †
Fine tuning the depravation residing inside
Wrapping my legs around his eagerness drive
Masterful loving soaring my body to heights unimaginable
Eyes closed as my body kissed the stars
Manifested onto his alliance of our mingled bodies
My breath sealed by his
Our palms interlaced †
Thrusting inside me repeatedly
The soft mummers echoed of being a woman for where I lay
Settling the creamy passage on top of his throne  
My silken gyrating crown, up and down his head, my reign, kinging him for the bliss
Palming my tits, then cupping the back of my neck
Drawing my face downwards capturing my soft lips
Dominating his desires †
Hungry moans drifting †
Sailing on winds of forgotten time
My soul seeping
I could not have diminished the moment
Or recoiled from the weakening torture of his first touch
The first taste of him, heighten my pleasure when heís driving in and out my lush
Oh yes, faster his girth soaking up the essence of my gush
His whispers to my skin as he possessed my existence †
Giving me his name to borrow for his ears only
Two souls beautifully blending in the still of the night
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Wine, Chocolates, Roses

Wine, Chocolates, Roses
Mirror the reflection of my touch
Allow me to drizzle my body with honey, your tongue to bathe my skin as such
Blend us as one, the death of passion, only we shall part, come undone  
Enrapture song of a sultry clandestine one  

No beginning no ending  
Attuned hearts beating, pluses escalating, sending  
Lips, heart, bodies mending  
Time for us suspending  

Eyes closed, feeling the dominating sheer bliss  
Today, tomorrow, the present of our yesterdayís reminisce  
Coveting my lips, the extended domineering of your soul, seeking  
Funneling, moaning, erection inside, tweaking, inch by inch peaking  

Basking in the warmth of my inner soul  
Appetite to restrain, completing me, uncontrolled  
Love in the act of making  
Weakening me powerless as youíre hungrily taking  

A King of Heartís passion is overwhelming his dick lashing  
Iím sinking, heís still locked inside, solid length piercing deeper without remorse, thrashing  
A cascade of love, giving into, bodies shuddering from the thrill of a flowing rush  
God created muscular beings to submit women to a feeling as such

Kissing me tenderly from head to toe, a blessing to experience, no disguise
Make me cry out your name, hands touring my skin, as passion dances in your eyes
This day for you, slowly unwrap the bow, and play with your awaited surprise
A comparative heart, a fluttering blush  
Getting lost in the arms of a manís inebriating touch  
Becomes weakening, captivating, the yearn to fulfill is never too much  

Tyrant of Words
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Heís my tiger in the midnight hour
Roaring his carnal pleasure when deep inside me in the midnight hour
Whispering enticing words in my ear, love notes floating in my head
If I did not know any better, he pleases my pussy like weíre making passionate love in his King size bed

Tyrant of Words
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Midnight Pleasure

When I get out of this
Iím going to fuck my friend up really bad
And if he even thinks he is going to
Whack my ass with that piece of wood
This motherfucka got another thing coming

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