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allowing anti-vaccine is irresponsible

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i don't plan on getting the vaccine -- especially if a US Vet like me can't get it for free.  i feel that ALL Vets (homeless or existing within homes) should recv the shot for free.  i am a realist and know that ain't gonna happen but it should.

i live in a retirement community but do not qualify for the phase one shots as i am under the age requirement.
i thought this would be a godsend and the animated neighbors would leave me alone ----------- sadly, this is not the case.

i am the youngster in this community and my doorbell rings waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than my introverted self wants.

i DO wear my mask when i go out though i know 2 neighbors have gotten the virus (one a nurse and one the resident handyman) and both recovered (thankfully).  

Me, personally, i harbor NO fear.  This could be a way to LEGALLY commit to a life's end -- which i entertained for many many years and attempts.

BUT i do not believe i will get to go that easily!!
i told my Sister and her Husband i WILL NOT GET CANCER OR ANY LIFE THREATENING DISEASE because i don't believe it will happen.  i never shared with them my everlasting desire for suicide and so they take my words as words.

Damn...................Why am i still here?!  

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fiveamtuesday said:There is already an abundance of evidence that exists that assure that vaccinations work. Because you donít believe it doesnít mean itís not real.

Iím very well versed in history. Did you know that measles infection was already decreasing before the vaccine was distributed?

Itís not the first time thatís happened with diseases we vaccinate against.

Before vaccines there were measles tea parties. Then they quit doing those and sold live measles infections in a needle. But they first got people to stop spreading wild-type measles, so the infections were dropping first. Then they took credit for the reduction in disease.

Now if you get measles symptoms from vaccines they donít count that as an infection but a side effect.

I obviously canít make you believe in it. If you want to be smug and discredit my points, then thatís really not my problem.

But I thought YOU were the smug one...

Iím just trying to do my part wherever I can.

Right-o! 👍

Some of us see God in the laws of organized dissipative structures. Some prefer to listen to Darwin.

But ultimately we donít chose to believe, we simply either do or we donít. I canít stop believing in what Iím convinced of. Neither can you.

But we can give ourselves a chance to consider other possibilities.

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