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Mirror Mirror On The Wall Is My Skin The Fairest Of Them All

Have you ever awakened and went through your daily morning ritual of, showering, brushing, then flossing your pearly whites? Preparing yourself to put your best face foward, only to see the reflection with a beautiful complexion, if not riddled with acne, blackheads, whiteheads, sebaceous cysts to the face, dermatitis, or some other types of facial fungal skin conditions, or skin diseases.            
The skin is considered one of the biggest organs of the body, and how you pamper its presentation plays a major significant to how the world perceives you.    
You only get one chance to make a first impression.            
This brings me to the necessity of this medical journey, the season of summer is just around the corner, and us ladies, we want to have picture perfect skin from head to toe for those bikinis wearing beach days.            
There are so many among society who suffer from some type of abnormality of the skin. And most people suffer in silence or refuse to seek profession help from a Dermatologist (A specialist medical doctor who manages diseases related to skin, hair, nails, and some cosmetic problems).            
Let’s take the time to get acquainted with our skin. There are several components of the skin or to be politically correct, layers of the skin.            
The Three Main Layers Of The Skin              
Epidermis (outer layer), Dermis (middle layer), and the Hypodermis (deepest layer). To keep the suppleness of the skin firm and tight. H2O is always the key to keep your skin hydrated.            
The three skin elements that came to mind that can be nuisance during the summer months, whereas, some, not all people because hesitant in baring their skin. For various unknown reason, or simply feeling embarrassed during a flare-up of a skin element, or just being self-conscious in general.            
The most common skin condition that I think of is Rosacea            
Rosacea is a common skin condition that causes blushing, or you may notice people who suffer have a flushing and at times visible blood vessels to the face. Rosacea may also form small, pus-filled bumps. Given the nature of this skin condition, these symptoms may flare up for weeks to months and then go away for a while. Most people have known to mistake Rosacea for acne, unfortunately there is no known cure for Rosacea, however, to keep the skin looking just as fabulous.            
I would recommend using Neutrogena skin care line. Their products work wondrous for any complexion. Just make sure you choose the best daily skin care regiment, rather you have a normal, dry, or an oily skin tone complexion.            
I wanted to mention another disease, I rather say, to soften the stance, a skin disorder and that is Psoriasis. I know several elderly residents, who suffer from this dreaded condition. There are several FDA approved medications to control the cycle of outbreaks. Talk to your physician or dermatologist about what is best suited for you and make sure you discuss the contradictions and any adverse reactions, if you are taking other medications.            
Psoriasis is in detail a skin disease which can causes red, itchy scaly patches, this skin disease most commonly found on the knees, elbows, trunk and scalp. Psoriasis is more common than you think, subsequently, it is considered long-term and chronic with no cure in sight for the millions who suffer from it. It tends to go through cycles, flare-up lasting for few weeks sometimes months, then subsiding for a while or going into remission.              
There are steroid creams or ointments used to treat mild to moderate psoriasis in most areas of the body. In addition, light therapy, which is always a first-line treatment for moderate to severe psoriasis.            
Now, we all have went through the phase of dealing with teenage acne. It becomes worse when it follows us into our adulthood.            
Acne vulgaris is caused by a combination of unbalanced hormones, oil, and bacteria. During puberty, a hormone called androgen increases and the sebaceous glands will produce more of the oily substance sebum. Naturally, sebum and dead skin cells come up through the hair follicles and out through the pores in the skin. Therefore, acne is very bothersome, when you can showcase on your face more zits than clear skin. I sympathize with anyone as an adult dealing with acne, primality for a woman. There are various medications on the marker to control acne, from antibiotic therapy, topical emollients that contain salicylic acid.            
Salicylic Acid is used to treat, acne vulgaris, calluses and corns, dandruff, hyperkeratosis, and keratoderma.            
A little note to briefly mention is what is called dermatitis is a general term that best describes a common skin irritation. And to be more specific it can be medically classified as atopic dermatitis or a better medical term (eczema).      
Eczema is a condition that makes your skin red and itchy. This condition is more common in children but can occur at any age. Atopic dermatitis is long lasting (chronic) and it tends to flare periodically. Be advised it may be accompanied by someone who has asthma or suffer from hay fever. There seems to be no documented cure atopic dermatitis. But the great news is, the treatments and self-care measures can relieve the itching.            
If you are a smoker, listen very carefully and with a keen sense of understanding.          
The toxin in cigarette smoke damages the collagen and dulls the elastin of your skin, which Dermatologists refer to as the fibrous components of the beautiful skin you are born in, their role is to keep the skin firm, silken smooth, with a vibrant youthful appeal. Be advised without that collagen your skin is more prone to harden, and less elastic, it does tend to deepen winkles and heighten those crow’s feet around the eyes.            
Who wants to depend on Botox Injections for winkle free skin when you can maintain your own skin, with exercise, eight hours of sleep, and maintaining a healthy diet. That goes with saying secondhand smoke can be just as damaging to the skin cells.            
Another reminder if you are a chain smoker, your odds of developing Lung Cancer are very high, and that does not excuse the damage to your skin if you utilize Vapor cigarettes.            
Our skin aids us in the mechanism of when we cut ourselves and at the epidermis level, you tend to bleed, clot, and as the body heals with the aid of those T-cells forming a protective barrier know as a scab. Therefore, never pick at a scab.. it is our own natural defense in progress.            
Some lasting minute annotation to skin in general, make sure your drink at least eight ounces of water daily, double that if after a workout for suppleness and to flush the kidneys. If you are a soda drinker, drink in moderation, it damages the enamel of the teeth.            
Does Soda Really Damage Your Teeth            
Absolutely, sodas are very bad for your teeth. Keep in mind, it is the biggest cause of tooth decay because most soda drinkers don't think to rinse out their mouth or brush their teeth afterward. The sugars sit on the teeth all day long. If you are a big soda drinker, you may want to consider a low calorie or no calorie soda. So, carry that toothbrush and floss when with you after a lunch time meal. I use Colgate Activated Charcoal Toothpaste for Whitening Teeth with Fluoride, Natural Mint Flavor.. it’s the best for gently whitening your teeth            
Natural Masks, Using What is In Your Home            
Moisturize & Hydrate            
¼ avocado            
1 Tbsp raw honey            
½ banana            
2 Tbsp plain Greek yogurt            
Mash the avocado and banana into a bowl and add the yogurt and honey. Stir well until the mask is fully mixed.            
Use a face mask applicator brush and apply over your face. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes and remove with a warm washcloth and water.            
Brighten & Tone            
1 tsp baking soda            
2 tsp raw honey            
1 tsp lemon juice            
1 tsp turmeric            
First, mix the baking soda and turmeric and then add the lemon juice. Mix until the lemon juice is worked into the dry ingredients.            
Once mixed, add the honey and stir until fully mixed.            
Use a face mask applicator brush and apply over your face. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes and remove with a warm washcloth and water            
Exfoliate & Smooth            
2 tbsp baking soda            
1 tbsp water            
Mix two-parts baking soda with one-part water (adjust measurements until you reach the desired quantity).            
Using your fingers, apply the scrub to your face and begin distributing the mask throughout your face or trouble areas using circular motions scrubbing gently.            
Youthful Glow (My Morning Regiment)            
1 Tbsp aloe vera gel            
1 Tbsp coconut oil            
1 Tbsp honey            
1 scoop of collagen            
Mix the aloe vera, coconut oil, and honey and mix well.            
Add one scoop of Super Youth Collagen and stir until the collagen is fully mixed with the other ingredients.            
Use a face mask applicator brush and apply over your face. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes and remove with a warm washcloth and water.            
I do hope you try one of those skin masks, if you are allergic to any of the above products, or have sensitive skin, DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT USING stick with your basic bar of soap that should contain moisture such as Dove or Oil of Olay            
And that has been a medical journey, I am glad to have shared with you.          
Please take the time to love yourself, embrace your presence, and have great thoughts as you encounter others in your path.            
Celebrating Nurse's Week            
SKC, Interim DON, APRN
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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This was my last Straight Talk Live piece, I thought I had already extracted this journal for my Blog/Podcast, apparently not.

Enjoy your evening everyone

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Hum... Is It Shingles

I would like to pass on relevant information. There seems to be a spike in Shingles cases as of late. Some of my residents have been affected, and I just wanted the masses to be advised.  
Anyone who have had chickenpox may develop shingles. It isn't known what reactivates the virus.  

Shingles causes a painful rash that may appear as a stripe of blisters on the trunk of the body. Pain can persist even after the rash is gone (this is called post herpetic neuralgia).  
The rash consists of blisters that typically scab over in 7 to 10 days and fully clear up within 2 to 4 weeks  
Treatments include pain relief and antiviral medications such as acyclovir or valacyclovir.  

A chickenpox vaccine in childhood (Varicella) or a shingles vaccine as an adult can increasingly minimize the risk of developing shingles.  
Who Is At Risk For Getting Shingles
People who have had chickenpox who are more likely to develop shingles include those: if perhaps you have a weakened immune system (such as people with cancer, HIV, people who have had an organ transplant for some unknown reason is affect people who receiving chemotherapy).  
There are other factors of transmission to take into consideration, such as citizens who are over the age of 50, if affects someone who is ill, when your immune system is more vulnerable, and surprisingly those who have been under the duress of daily stress.  

Is Shingles Considered Contagious
Someone with shingles can’t spread shingles to another person, but they can spread chickenpox. However, the varicella-zoster virus is spread through direct skin-to-skin contact regarding the fluid that oozes from the blisters.  
Please keep in mind, the chickenpox virus doesn’t leave your body after you have chickenpox. Instead, the virus stays in a portion of your spinal nerve root what is known as the dorsal root ganglion.  
Therefore, talk to your Healthcare provider to see if you are better to get the Shingles vaccine.  
SKC, Interim DON, APRN

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Gifts Of The Anunnaki I Bear Unto You

I have four special presents in front of me, you could say they are the benefaction to humanity’s call      
The secret gifts of life contained in all        
Offerings we set aside as we travel through this dimension, celestial planes cushioned, before the soldiers of light have taken falls        
Close your eyes, as I give you the embracing state of the world          
A time when hatred, ignorance, racism did not have occasions to intellectual unfurl        
Disappointments in learned agenda for an adult boy or an adult girl        
In the first small box, it is the gift of your celestial body, the galaxy, the invading planet of Earth          
Where feet have traveled, souls lowered in remembrance, embedded survival from the means of starvation, growth of its rich soil for a beautiful rebirth        
Destroyed by mankind which will become his curse        
Mud baths in grief, justice rites of the Ashura tribe, religion submissions in remembrance for lost soul’s communion in pain          
The wonder of tears from the sky to enliven vegetation, saturated the green effect with acid rain        
Spiritual ceremonial dance upon Mother Earth to bring luck to a crop’s gain        
The bigger box if you lift, or shake it, will not convey the miracles bestowed in your sphere’s midst        
It will unto you remain a blessed gift to sustain as a reincarnated spirit past the forty days after death shall drift    
The ghost of a soul must crossover or remain encased between two worlds, becoming a supernatural misfit      
The illumination of the ulema tarot moon, the warmth of the sun, the guiding stars        
Formed within the Creator’s hand, perfection of its elements in the realm of time considered us, ours        
Darkness’ reflection in the path of the luminist to lead mankind home, freedom from us, given to me        
Gamma rays coating hues, worshiping temples with a la natural Vitamin D          
Twinkling in the midnight sky, light years away          
On bent knees wishing upon shooting fate, needs, wants to materialize be that it may        
Sliding the next box to you, bowing in respect with a silent prayer        
Slowing raising the lid off, I humbly give civilization regal breaths of air        
From the tapped springs, cool streams saturating your tongue when electrolytes need replenished        
Debauched temples need to purify in ceremonial christenings, as sins forgiven, diminished        
Don’t peer to close, shone your eyes        
Heaven and Hell in the core shall always coincide        
Sizzling needs to mouths it will feed, the elements to heat found in the crackles of fire        
The lifeline support to sustain mankind, burns upon a pyre, feast of famine to partake of its delicious gourmet desires        
Here’s unto the renounce of the third box, hands tremble to reveal        
Armageddon in the Book of Revelation resonances from the foothills        
Atomic radiation permeates the continents        
False contestants will lead to the battle under global pretense        
Death, destruction, up to the horse’s bridle        
Weapon of mass destruction will be to the hands its idol        
Cries, yells, heard in a path of dismal, upon the land, dark        
Sodom and Gomorrah shall rain brimstone, the Morning Star shall raise, taking sinful beings unto his bottomless Arc        
A box the lid cannot be replaced          
Wretched souls, eyes blackened, mouths in allegiance spewing hell, asunder of grace to salvation shall be touched upon every, man, woman, child of every race        
Tears of the left behind shall fall from cheeks upon the mark of the beast’s face        
Signed From The Mothership,        
The Anunnaki          
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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I reposted this piece for various reasons unbeknownst, however, being within sound mind and in sound body, I have seen in my recent travels some unscrupulous occurrences, and yes, I do travel with my high-powered telescope to glance up  at the constellations no matter what state my feet may stand  upon. If you ask me, I take as odd and the grounds to explore further in that beautiful majestic sky.

Enjoy the remainder of your day everyone,

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Straight Talk Live (The Pineal Gland and Unlocking The Core Of Its Spiritually)

The pineal gland is a relatively small gland centered at the core of your cranium (brain) in recent studies it is known to play a significant role of tapping into the higher awareness of one’s self. Once you become aware of its potent spiritual power and the gateway to unlocking the transverse nature of your cosmic being. You can learn to become one with earth and spirit.    
Be advised the pineal receives an abundance of energy among any other gland in your body. It seems there are 17 glands in a human body. Some are ductless and others have ducts. The main way to categorize them is as endocrine glands or endocrine glands.    
In comparison to all of your other vital organs; just to name several, your lungs, your heart, and your brain. However, for such a miniature gland it is the receptive source to receive the highest concentration of energy.      
The pineal gland is overly sensitive to light. It is best known as the component for sleep and waking phases.    
Whenever your pineal gland is compromised, or is off centered. It is an insomniac worst nightmare.    
In essence, 30% of the population in the US suffers from insomnia. It does not provide melatonin a natural effect of the brain that regulates sleeps. In addition,  while stress plays a major role here, we can’t ignore the fact that a compromised pineal gland doesn’t produce melatonin the way it’s suppose to function.    
I will have to say in the spiritual laws of the seven Chakras, the pineal gland primary function as an inner third eye, the Ajna    
Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) is produced in the human pineal gland. In fact, DMT can give a free rein to the mind’s superior powers to hone in and give credence to a higher perception of consciousness.    
For most of us, our pineal gland becomes dormant early in life, in several initial studies once we become an adult, it has been proven it dawdles into a weakened state of existence.      
The main contribute is the fluoride added to our drinking water and toothpaste we utilize, then you must take into consideration several other damaging factors; processed foods, drinks which contain carbonate, and a lack of the ultraviolet rays we get from  sunlight.    
Can your pineal gland ever be restored to its original glorious once channeling into the subconscious on a cosmic level?    
Yes it can, once you begin to as the saying goes, 'you are what you eat' and when you do, please maintain a balanced diet by eating healthy, and pamper your temple, whereas,  it will certainly be beneficial to your, heart, mind, body, and soul, therefore, you can be attuned when summoning positive energy by enrichment of wisdom, boosting your psychic abilities, which, we are all born with the knack, yet most of us are absence to employ.    
The pineal gland is the passage to the doors of a higher realm.    
In life the road that you walk is for your shoes…how tight they may seem to someone else. Have faith as you continue your journey, gain knowledge, it is always the thirst to power.    
And that is another Straight Talk Live for you    
Peace and Love until our souls gravitate to grasp the true principles in seeking the truth

This healthy mental incentive is a prologue to the elements of living your best life, looking and feeling great, and healthy internal benefits you can get from the usage of a five-star-rated Spa, such as a Hip Bath

Which I would explain as time allows

SKC, Interim DON, APRN

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Ladies please make sure you check your breasts for the mount of August

On the set of Dorothy Dandridge my documentary, and yes, I make cameo appearances

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Beam Me Up…

I have decided to write my first refreshing Straight Talk Live piece concerning this phenomenal occurrence; however, it is not without its prominent discredits or its supernatural castoffs.  
The relativity theory from my personal observation of astral traveling seems to coincide based on various facts, which is related to mystical connections of self and the subconscious of many dimensions where we seem to tap into its unknown origin.  
There are many facets of atrial projection/traveling. Before I explore such a wonderous quantum physical outer body spiritual channeling. Allow me to explain or define what many have come to term what precisely is Astral Traveling.
According to Wikipedia
The astral plane, also called the astral realm or the astral world, is a plane of existence postulated by classical, medieval, oriental, and esoteric philosophies and mystery religions.[1] It is the world of the celestial spheres, crossed by the soul in its astral body on the way to being born and after death, and is generally believed to be populated by angels, spirits or other immaterial beings.[2] In the late 19th and early 20th century the term was popularized by Theosophy and neo-Rosicrucianism.  (Cited 04-29-23-SKC)
Within that definition of such an embracing transition from a channeled mind to reaching that elevation spiritual awareness, then once into the zone of that divine awakening it become a sacred blessing given unto the intellect, and for me, it has always a cerebral cleansing to become one with the Creator, that pathway when the mind is in its most transference euphoric state, and please take into consideration the practicing of astral projection is not an ideology that is an inborn characteristic trait we possess and can be snapped into reality on a whim notice, please reconsider that it takes years to understand the dynamics of the concept, the brain power, and the perseverance to curtail the passion. It becomes a universal commitment to allow your Chi to manifest here on Earth as a human being of course yet can meditate in phases to reach an ultimate supreme mental uplifting to a divine state of existence.  
Those conductions of those Chakras interaction on the mentality play a very significant role here.
I can only refer to it as drawing positive energy to heart, mind, body, and soul, an indirect mega pathway that we all possess, which is a compliment of the Pineal Gland (The sector in which the physiological role of the body, and its close association with spiritual beliefs and the mystical experiences its pilgrimage).
This inner part of the brain’s hemispheres is where we ascend and enlightenment we connect through the brain/body) those unanswered questions to life’s confounded questions we seek in the space of time.
You learn to see, well maybe I should say, attempt to see beauty and grace in all things revealed unto you.
Then you have the spiritual movement of astral projection (also known as astral travel. The term used in esotericism is to describe an intentional out-of-body experience (OBE).
During this stage of cognitive meditative awareness, the existence of the body, known as the astral body or body of light, can function accordingly to separate from the physical body and travel throughout the astral plane.
A broader view on the history of Astral Traveling does go back to ancient centuries, this practice was heavily influenced by the assumption astral projection was associated with dreams or medication induced.  
Lucid Dream -vs- Astral Projection
In a Lucid Dream, you can control everything around you. You can instantly do whatever you want just by thinking about it.
In the Astral World sense of traveling, unfortunate is not permitted.  
The main reason why Lucid Dreams are so different than Astral Projection is because a Lucid Dream is just in your head. This is why your mind can do whatever it wants in a dream. Astral Projection, however, is in the astral plane and not just in your head, make sure you know the difference.
Déjà Vu
Déjà vu is a French word for the phenomenon of feeling as though one has lived through the present situation before.
This is not so much an aspect of astral traveling; however, it correlates with the feeling of the persona entering various dimensions throughout his/her his lifespan, which takes this concept back to reiterate the perception energy never dies, which brings on that infamous line we have all said to ourselves. “I’ve seen this before.”
That is a manifestation worth exploring at a future date, which I shall it is more complex than what that statement applies too.
The weather has been so inviting as of late, therefore, make sure you get some Sunrays it provides natural Vitamin D, exercise, (run, hike in Mother Nature natural park trails, brisk walking, just move, if you are elderly move in moderation and I would suggest with a walking or runny companion.  
This is one of the reasons vitamin D is called “the sunshine vitamin.”
Be advised when your skin is exposed to sunlight, it creates vitamin D from cholesterol. In essence, the sun’s ultraviolet B (UVB) rays makes contact with cholesterol in the skin cells, which in part provides the energy for that vitamin D synthesis to occur, and it keeps the skin radiant, and please make sure you use a sunblock always.
Vitamin D has many roles in the body and is essential for optimal health. Here are some essential foods you may want to incorporate in your diet if you are not an outdoor person, or some form of occurrence where it is not permitted due to your circumstance for you to maneuver outdoors.  
Henceforth, then make sure you include cod liver oil, swordfish, salmon, canned tuna, beef, liver, egg yolks and sardines in your diet.  
Below, is my Sunrise Surprise

Brain Boosting Smoothie

½ avocado (flesh only)
¼ banana (organic peeled and sliced)
½ cup blueberries
6 walnuts (if you are allergic to nuts please delete this part)
1 scoop Vanilla Grass-Fed Whey Protein (For a different twist try Chocolate, I prefer the Chocolate whey Protein, I use 1/4 scoop, since I am a marathon trainer less is more)
A dollop of Organic Greek Yogurt
A pinch of Flaxseeds
½ cup ice chips
Place all ingredients into a blender.
Blend to your desired consistency and enjoy!
Enjoy, it is a great mental enhancer and a boost to your metabolism when facing the beginning of your day.
This is another Straight Talk Live for you, take care of yourself, always, and be mindful of others as you encounter their presence.

SKC, Interim DON, APRN
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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The Evolution Of The Black Man

Walk with me through this journey of life    
I have no insurance to be held accountable for my wisdom, or knowledge, my professed sensibilities, is my daily strife  
The token of my skin tone, hieroglyphics from my birthright bared and atoned    
Mummified generational of anguishes has spoken    
The blood of my sacred ancestral tribes has been awoken    
My Ankh, my Sword, my Staff    
The North star, freedom from the embedded scar’s of my lineage better half    
I hear your voices of rejoice in the wind, I bow unto greatness, as time mends    
Eyes will never hear, or come to see the mirror of the past as he is I who stands    
No color, no creed, can disavowal the Lion within a man    
Balancing life, liberty upon the death of my Strawman’s wealth    
In God’s image I stand proud, oh thy glory to believe    
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, reincarnation by whips, as Jesus died on Calvary    
To my foreskin circumcised to the rite of my passage to be    
I am the fifth wonder of the world, deliverance, through life experiences    
The fifth dimension, my vessel tattered from plantation sweat to nightly lynchings    
My third eye speaks    
Given a Christian book to turn the other cheek    
Animism my blood is dipped in the quell of its spirituality, denied after the foreign settlers’ impartiality    
Asunder and forced of the pale’s man twisted hospitality    
To lessen the hearts of the forefathers’ free labor morality    
Land stolen, heritage tainted, name changed, yet we bow to an ideology to a child in a manger    
Claiming unto the honor of false Deities, insufficient love to ever sign a skin to skin peace treaty    
Patents of greatness buried, another name under to reap once sold, no future allowances to behold    
From the pulpit, the boardroom, the bedroom    
Cannot unlock the shackles of the past’s gloom and doom    
If you have not walked in my shoes, you have no room    
To speak as if my history needs to be swept under the rug with your broom    
I am a man who society has already sealed my tomb    
I can’t breathe    

Tyrant of Words
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Signs Of An Unbalanced Heart When Minus The Crown Charka

In my college studies, and then during my residential internship there were so many mental health cases I had to study in the dynamics of Forensic Psychology of how the innocence had followed the path of their mind, in the form of retribution onto society, soothing their malevolent actions in the form of theoretical jargon, the devil made me do it, they had it coming, or I tried to refrain but I lost my mind.        
I stated that above, regarding the recent mass shootings that have been making the news as of late.        
And in the credibility of these repeated incidents, most were mild-mannered, no criminal history, and in some instances, mentally unbalanced.        
I never understood the question, I never seen it coming, there are always signs to a person who hides himself/herself in the bed of their own darkness. It is called denial to any observant if you are not attuned to know what to look for.              
This world it is getting meaner; mass shootings, fighting on planes, killing thy neighbor, it makes one ponder is evilness gaining ground.        
Most people in population are not walking around in the right state of mind. Conflicting attitudes in the way we look at society, how we judge others, it places us at a disadvantage when dealing in the real sense of reality.        
I could not begin to speak on being misplaced and succumbing to an indirect mindset on those who have locked their identity behind the screens, from your TicK Tock platform to any social media outlet.        
Have we as mortals made our homes, our livelihood, or sense of peace by keystroking, building up falsehood illusions in a world that does not rotate beyond our computer chairs.        
I am seeing so many young ones, who have embraced virtual as their sense of reality, from shopping to online dating, ranting, shows of downfalls. And lewdness in all its vividness being recorded from a cell phone, and it is now becoming the norm.        
Are we on the throne of a new dawn era whereas, we are losing that physical connection among each other, the sounds of vocals to soothe the mind, and missing the receptive equation to respond?        
It is disarming, if you have not noticed in passing when families are gathered around a table out eating and it appears, two or more people seated are on cell phones, non-communicative by their presence is saddening to me.        
These are the youths who are commenting heinous acts of violence and recording the slow process of death.        
Ideals and acceptance in my culture and homelife has always started at the table, it fosters the notion, you are acceptable by your peers within, as the outside world still exist in its simplicities or complexities of its glory.        
Therefore, above all, love yourself, you are the face of your own beautiful DNA, the sacred code to your existence in this realm we call life.        
And never, ever allow anyone to get into that space, it’s yours to own, and to program how you want to be accepted by self first, and I say that on a positive tone.        
Signs Of An Unbalanced Heart Charka        
Circulatory Issues        
Blood Pressure Issues        
Respiratory Issues        
Lack of Love        
Poor Decision making        
This has been a Straight Talk Live for you.        
You are the reflection of your soul and the heart and mind of your spirit, feed them both well with the simple things in life, love, and peace.        
SKC, Interim DON, APRN


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Soft Petals Of A Gypsy

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Deeper and Deeper    
My vivid emotions are scaling steeper and steeper    
Falling into the enrapture of my sweeten abyss    
I can’t swim, holding on for a floating reminisce      
No breaths of rescue, but empty perceptions amiss      
A thrilling rollercoaster ride to surrender under my seductive womanly creed      
Giving you my wants, my desires, all of my needs      
Endangered narratives, so allow my emotions for once to softly bleed      
No Band-Aid needed, just permit it to seep and flow      
Merging the essence of my heart and soul as it goes      
Let my eyes see things undone      
No need to straighten things out, this is my salvation, I have fought and won      
I have lifted myself out of the elements of solitude      
My mind screams out for peace among gratitude      
It feels so good for the mind to have no plans      
Just me, myself, and I where I presently stand      
Gypsy girl without my banjo      
Dancing in the wilderness, the winds shaping my heart, enlightening me from head to toe      
In the midst of the sweetest emotional freeze      
No time to get back down on my knees      
I am loving to just write as I plead      
The rambling over spilling, unchained, and running free      
My ability to shelve my salacious creed as I please      
For the first time, I will allow someone else to take the wheel      
Lead my heart into the dark world of forbidden passions to fulfill      
I refuse to find my way      
My thoughts within self is quiet and peaceful as a child is learning to play      
Blue skies on the horizon, making tender love to my mind      
For once, separating myself from my presence, my time      
No designs, yet, grateful for God’s echoing chimes      
I can run, I can walk, I can soar      
No restraints holding me down, refusing to bust down a hurried door      
Feels so good as naked as I am      
Flying high without the constrains of man      
Eyes wide open      
The winds carrying my thoughts have spoken      
Reality advising me this is not a dream      
My mind is suspended in a state of total serene      
Soft petals of a gypsy  
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Another K Production™  

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By Any Means Necessary (Happy Birthday Martin Luther King, Jr.)

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I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Mama, I know why the caged bird really sings  
When the mind as an offering hears sovereignty echoed from the mountains let it ring          
From the cradle of birth is to give authority to our mental dreams          
Our deferred aspirations we seek to the highest of our esteem          
How can I learn to fly when my heart cannot even walk          
Animosity, resentment is always found in wagging tongues who doesn’t know how to intellectually talk          
Defacing its own beautiful temple forbidding to asunder such venomously stalk          
Flapping wings, feet planted, in the bitter winds you can hear their self-demise squawk          
Mama, will the caged bird’s nest allow the true nature of the conscious to self-reinvest    
I want to be free for the world to hear my quiet songs          
In the comfort of my darkness my melodies of goodwill for me to someday atone          
The hindrance of bars confining me, demolishing the doctrine of my creed, I cannot see the forest from the trees          
Condemning my beliefs in a realm of success, closing my eyes, depravation is surreal, make believe          
I will take one step and then another          
Finding ways to bridge disparity between my Nubian sistas and Moorish brothers    
Many regards given unto hues from any other mother          
Mama, is the caged bird the imagination of the mind          
If it remains netted in a private Hell not ordained on God’s time          
Child, you must cherish your pearls and cast away doubts, then pray for the swine          
All I want is my presence to roam, to be free, provide the indignant, the ill-will the core of its universal needs          
A kiss to serenade Mother Earth as I bow to the footsteps who made the journey before me          
Liberation to become my own person          
My heart and soul never to become doomed to the fate to get worsen          
The cage door has been opened, my mind awoken, the tastes of freedom in its victory has spoken          
Bestowing to my generation the last rites of my earthly gift          
From Earth to the Heaven let my commemoration to my past uplift          
Mama, does the caged bird learn to finally fly          
Child, I tell you no lies          
You sail through life          
Allotted by the segments of celestial time          
Life, living, and death is measured second by seconds, it welcomes the hardship, glory, as we pray in strife          
It’s all by the Creator’s design who governs the temple          
I am at the door spreading my wings taking flight, the soaring becomes so simple

Power doesn't back up in the face of a smile, or in the face of a threat of some kind of nonviolent loving action. It's not the nature of power to back up in the face of anything but some more power.

Malcolm X

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Pittsburgh Possibilities

The second bet in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was to wear for this excursion the shirt you last wore when you were out of town.
I was peeved because I do not even wear the same pair of panties twice, so I agreed to it
This was the last shirt I wore in Texas to the Spa
And we had to eat three Oysters out of Seven

My bestie from West Virginia went first, we thought we had it
She made it look so easy

Then it was my turn I had a shot of tequila on standby, someone said it pairs well with the aftertaste

This Was Me And My Bestie Second Bet
A am a vegan and I held me nose, the oyster smoothly slid down my throat, the tangy taste was wet
I tried.. I tried.. nope ..hold it, yes, up they came
I thought I lost the bet, a quick drink of my tequila to soothe that taste of defeat in shame

Her turn, she was arrogant thinking she got this
A swig of her Hennesy and a kiss to the air with her scarlet painted lips
All Boston prim and proper and there the bet goes past her teeth, and then.. wait.. her hesitation
Into her drink her oyster went belly up floating… oh, what a sight, we laughed, and that was my Friday night highlight in the land of Pittsburgh nation

I won the first, we are tied at the second
I will be bringing the video in its entirety soon

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Detroit Dreams (Picture Taken In Canada At Their Border)

I do not know if this was a challenge to break the tie of our second bet
But my bestie has threw into the Game of Thrones a Thelma and Louise strategic calculation upping the stakes, yet
I have never backed down or out of a challenge that has been swiftly dealt
I suppose it is time for me to swim with dolphins to end this game
Uganda or the Ski Slopes.. hum... who shall reign

She got me on that one…seriously ...but oh the fun.. the anticipation of not knowing.. and she was on Youtube live with her feed and the comments, oh my goodness ... we are notoriety.

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Evaluating Your Self-Worth

Ladies, please make sure that you check your breasts for the month of October, this month is considered the official National Breast Exam Month.

Diabetes I or II

For anyone who has been diagnosed with Diabetes I (Insulin) of Diabetes II (Non-Insulin) before it become colder as the seasons interchange, I will advise you to get an overall physical.

In addition, a diabetic eye exam, to rule out any type of abnormalities of the eyes, Glaucoma, Graves’ Disease, or Diabetic Retinopathy, just to name the most important one's that hinders vision acuity.

Glaucoma is an eye disorder, which primarily affects the aging population it is a disorder that could potentially damage the optic nerve. Take into consideration, damage to the optic nerve is most often always related to high pressure in your eye.

Graves’ disease although it is an immune system disorder that results in the overproduction of thyroid hormones (hyperthyroidism). This disorder can be a crucial hindrance to the eyes as well. Although a number of disorders may result in hyperthyroidism, Graves' disease is a common cause.

Macular Degeneration (AMD) is a problem with your retina. It happens when a part of the retina called the macula is damaged. You do not have to be a diabetic for you to develop Macular Degeneration, however, it can be discovered during a routine eye exam.

Diabetic retinopathy is considered in the medical field as a complication that affects eyes. Keep in mind it is caused by damage to the blood vessels of the light-sensitive tissue at the back of the eye.

Foot Care and the Vascular System

Having diabetes is a major cause of amputation of a toe, foot, or leg. Nonetheless, many amputations could be prevented with simply basic foot care. I am quite sure no one who have diabetes would like to lose feeling in their feet due to damaged nerves in your legs and feet.
There is a medial term for that, which is referred to as diabetic neuropathy.

Having diabetes can reduce the amount of blood flow to the feet, in the end can cause sores, deformities, and various infections.

In addition, diabetes also affects the flow of blood, which can make it take longer for a sore or cut to heal. That is referred to as peripheral vascular disease.

If you have high cholesterol, and hypertension, you definitely want to be the advocate for your own healthcare.

During a routine physical exam please make sure you asked your Primary Care Physical to give you a referral to the Podiatrist for a routine foot exam.

Ladies if you have been diagnosed with Diabetes Type I or Diabetes Type II, please make sure you are watching your caloric intake, lessening your starches, and anything high in fructose, saccharine (sweeteners) and I would strongly advise you to stay updated with your Pap Smears, it is noted that women who have diabetes are more prone to develop yeast infections or reoccurring Bacterial Vaginosis (BV).

As a general reminder, make sure you are changing the batteries in your Smoke Detectors of Carbon Monoxide Detectors as well.

If you are visiting a pumpkin patch, makes sure your selected pumpkin(s) are a deep orange in color, firm to the touch, and if you are carving, make sure the inside prior to removing the vine of pumpkins seeds is juicy in its appearance, and once the seeds are removed the hollowness should be clean and yellowish.

And do not decorate with real candles it is best to use battery operated tea-candles, the effect looks just as realistic if placed around the indoor or outdoor of your residence.

Have a blessed Monday, have faith in all things not seen, and cherish your existence as you praise your worth and always be considerate of others in your daily mantras.

Everyone please enjoy your autumn days going ahead and take in the vividness of the seasonal changes that Mother Nature provides.

SKC, Interim DON, APRN

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Taking Care Of The Silhouette Of The Mind

Hello everyone, we are nine days into the month of November, we have gained another hour of sleep. The holidays are fast approaching where we tend to travel more and extend our presence among friends. Therefore, this will be the time to cradle those lucid thoughts, and to keep the mentality in its thriving capacity.

Ladies, please make sure you do your breasts exam for this month.
Gentleman, as always, I strongly urge you to also get a prostate exam.

Depending on where you reside, we will be layering our attire once the colder months begin to settle in, however, the glory in the seasonal transition is to always best to be prepared.

November is considered Mental Health Month, so I thought I would highlight this month and some of those nuisances when pertaining to those two brain hemispheres and the deterrence components to thrive once they become unbalanced.

If you are feeling any signs of sadness, hopelessness, or emptiness, losing interest or pleasure in activities that used to be enjoyable, or having mood swings, from extreme highs (mania) to extreme lows (depression), This is a major one around the time of the year, feeling irritable, angry, or restless, having trouble sleeping, eating, or concentrating, or if in the silence of your home, you are having thoughts of suicide or self-harm, then I will suggest you seek some form mental health counseling.

Seasonal Affective Disorder

There is one concern that I need to discuss, and that is Seasonal Affective Disorder. This is the one disorder that seems to affect society in different phases and most people who this generally affect, will start showing signs around the late fall and it becomes detrimental once we fully transition into the winter months.
Just know there are different ways to manage or treat Seasonal Affective Disorder through the means of, light therapy, psychotherapy, medication, or a combination of counseling and medication management.

Make sure if you do not suffer from SAD, and these symptoms begin to exhibit, please make sure you discuss your concerns with your physician.

Brain Boosting Smoothie Recipe

½ avocado
½ banana
½ cup blueberries
6 walnuts
1 scoop vanilla flavored collagen protein powder
½ cup water

Add all ingredients to the blender and blend until smooth texture is reached.

If you are allergic to any of the ingredients, then do not consume.

The window of your soul speaks from the heart, after it manifests what it thinks from the mind, pamper both as the spare air you inhale and exhale.

SKC, Interim DON, APRN

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In This Life You Must Be Weary For What You Wish For

I wish as a prominent published author, my published novels made into Oscar and Academy award winning movies, plenty of opportunities for television roles soliciting at my door, the prestige by the recognition of my face, mmm… handsome, healthy, and virile men at my beck and call, pleasuring me in bed (hey a girl can dream can’t she).  

Well hard work and dedication to a five year education goal, minus one for life experience to earn a Master’s Degree in Nursing, and then submitting my intellect of academia training and scholastic learning of higher education to a grueling, hard, complex board exam to become a licensed therapist and utilizing my own money from my 401K investments to be an entrepreneur to branch out and operate to own my production company (Another K Production).  

I have been taught by my grann, never try to outshine someone else’s beacon of light, it is not yours to claim or covet. Walk your own path in spiritual enlightenment, and there, you will find your own truth, and that is my creed and have been for twenty-nine years.  

What if those quiet thoughts spoken can become true if I had not been in the position to gain those requests in a timely manner, obtaining them through perseverance and hard work, and I wanted the fame on a higher plateau, as in now, to manifest, and shape the core of one’s path throughout life to creating it, however, if you have no self-recognition in the arts of what you are wishing to become in its relationship of reality, and for that to occur, the devil is always in the details.  

The oath to achieve such lucrative prosperity is to step into the limelight of fame, rather it be the music industry, active roles in movies, or feigning the ladder in the political arena.  

You must ask yourself, is what you’re bargaining for in return worth the sacred vows you must initiate to offer your soul or choose a blood sacrifice in the diabolical wishes of your notoriety to occur.  

Let’s explore in mediocre terms just what is a blood sacrifice and how it contrasts to the Hollywood elite.  

Blood Sacrifice and a Human Solstice Sacrifice  
Offering unto a Blood Sacrifice it is a known practicing fact that it is happening here today… To become the wealthiest, as they say transiting to the twenty-million club in Hollywood and for a higher position of financial servitude from the hidden elite, you will need to make a human blood sacrifice.  

Winter/Summer Solstice Illuminati Sacrifice  

“The Navarre” and it’s the location where the Illuminati Council of 13 sacrifice an infant on the Summer and Winter solstice every year.   The Winter Solstice sacrifice happens in the early morning hours of December 21st this year. The Navarre is a reference to the witch’s high procession. During this ritual the thirteen seat is always unoccupied, which is considered Satan’s seat. Paraphrased 11-19-22 (SKC).  

I have always suspected some of Hollywood’s most prominent citizens to be involved in these satanic rituals, and now that I have the evidence after years of research to finally confirm my suspicion.  

Is it worth the morality to the mind or the living spirit of the soul in allowing someone else’s dark priorities and their guidance of riches under the Illuminati or the Freemasons to govern the common sense to forsake yourself and the spirituality of sound mind principles.  

This is where the saying for me takes precedence, ‘money is the root of all evil’ I totally agree with that analogy, it will make you sell your soul or enslave your conscience, or take the breath of someone you love, someone close to you.  

The reminisce of ‘do thy wilt’ no longer becomes decently in the options but smeared and blackballed in the quest.  

The blandness is so visible these days, larking in hindsight if you have not opened that third eye using the gift of your pineal gland.  

Most would think this world is ran by the Democratic and Republican party’ jargon, simplistic puppets from Bloodlines, some by the brotherhood opportunities of secret societies, and all sworn by secrecy to thrive.  

The agenda of humanity is the hidden power that rules this word, and the Illuminati’s numerology, I am speaking in reference to the detrimental endeavors, which is historic on events that have manifested here today, and everything going forward that will continue to occur in the world.  

Be advised the Illuminati in extensive research have granted deemed celebrities as a human blood sacrifice, it brings into play, all these missing children, sadly, as I write this, children’s blood is a huge conglomerate in Hollywood, and Mel Gibson did blow the whistle on how Hollywood uses the blood of children like drinking on vintage wine for the vows to the Illuminati.  

‘Hollywood studios are ‘drenched in the blood of innocent children’ according to Mel Gibson who claims the consumption of "baby blood is so popular in Hollywood that it basically operates as a currency of its own.’  

In a shocking exposé, the famed movie producer has blown the whistle on the epidemic of "parasites" who "control Hollywood," stating that "every studio in Hollywood is bought and paid for with the blood of innocent children.”  

No that has been traded upon I can only assume there is lot of pedophilias in Hollywood, "Hollywood is an institutionalized pedophile ring," but for some children it is but a steppingstone to be drawn fully into Satanic covens where they are sacrificed. This is where many of the missing children have disappeared to.  

An extension of the Black Mass is abortion, which is considered a sacrifice to Satan. Abortion is the negative current that charges the devil’s battery and gives him power over man. It is a preferred sacrifice through which Satan is strengthened and glorified on earth.

All Mel Gibson’s italic paragraphs above were paraphrased 11-19-22 (SKC)  

And Mel Gibson stated this, a well-known Hollywood actor, most tried to discredit the truth of his words, later to be declared he was antisemitic.  

Here is the link to his words in full exposure  


The Lineage of a New Blood Libel  

Adrenochrome is a word one should be familiar with in the medical field it is simply a hormone secreted into the bloodstream when a person becomes frightened.  

Pinealectomy experiments have revealed that the pineal gland is hyperactive in children at puberty. That can be another reason for the criminal interest in children between the ages of twelve through sixteen.  

This is the hormone, Adrenochrome is most requested in Hollywood, whereas, celebrities will pay top dollars for the benefits of this hormone once siphoned from a child, this filibuster can make the person youthful in appearance, and feeling lively, some theorists have remarked this is another reason most children come up missing, and if you check the national registry for missing kids you will applaud; some of those children were abducted for sex trafficking and I can only assume to reap the benefits of Melanin or their Adrenochrome content.  

The dark forces of this word we reside in goes so deep it will take me a lifetime to bring you all the critically acclaimed information, which is always rechecked against all relatable sources, biblically and academically.  

I will continue my last part with those Hollywood elite who have sold their soul, by human sacrifice or have died due to Solstice Sacrifice.  

SKC, Interim DON, APRN  

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