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What observations were questionable in nature?
I am 41 and do not do breast self exams. I know all too well that lumps come and go. I have breastfed 11 children so far, preferring child-led weaning and gentle parenting. Mammograms and cancer prevention seem - to me - be increasing mortality from cancer. Not surprising when modern medicine is white supremacy on steroids.

My lived experience, for what it’s worth! 💖

Thank you for replying my poetess, I can understand your frustration, but it still does not affect how I must perform my job as a medical profession.
Those government mandated restrictions were sanctioned by your government. Therefore, if you think the healing of my hands supposed to cease in its assistance, they do not..

There were several medical staff terminated for their beliefs who chose not to take that Covid-19 vaccine,
The Covid-19, yes it was a total fiasco for the American people, which I prefer not to revisit, its past related events and the interchangeable is fruitless.

If you want to raise your voice in arms, about the mistreatment of your government, call for a boycott, strike, plan a march, or make change when you case your vote at the at the ballot, but not here.

When I am triaging my patient, or on a televisit with my patients.  At that time, when they are presenting follow-up symptoms, the onset of new mental health symptom, I am worrying about what the government related issues and the mishandling  of  American people. To be truthful, I do not, I cannot, I treat, and that is what I do

Therefore, as I state, pease redirect your governmental frustration where they belong on the ballot

And regards to your questionable observation, in the beginning, you stated White Supremacy was the
Then you stated lumps come and go, yes they are questionable and quote frankly alarming.

Now I may not be “classy as hell” but I don’t care if I’m a root out of dry ground. This is serious human rights and health issues.

I do think the humbling words of the  poet was not referring to you and I find it very offensive that you would intrude upon someone personal admiration that had no direct bearing on your what so ever.

And please make this the last entry on my Forum, I have been as patience, but I am the Moderation, I have medical and the political science of medicine.

For a person as I stated who advised me she will advocate for a new generation of Spiritual Healers, you need to begin on the path to your own enlighten journey, I have paved my one and it is with good intentions.

Speechifying does not get platforms raised without the intent purpose, it can only clarify the existence of its current state of condition.  

Words, with the absence of progress is only an idle mouth moving without a blueprint of path to success.

And you continue to regress to past related issues, which your hands or my hands cannot change. And excuse me for saying, and I to blame, because I continue to heal, help, save, no. I am who I am, a Healer, board certified who adhere to that Hippocratic Oath, my poetess, and that will always stand rather the government is against or for my profession.

Henceforth, it is you that cannot grasp that concept. Pick a side and chose, but you will not do it on my FORUM.
I have moved on, and I suggest you do the same, my poetess. In addition, I am Mental Health Counselor.

The main objective we will always uphold the moral responsibility to [b]alleviate a patient’s suffering. [/b]

Oh, how I wish that was a factually true statement in practice.

That’s not what happens when the suffering of the treatment is worse than the disease.   It’s also not true if the patient is coerced or deceived, which also happens.

Hospital Birth verses A Home Birth (Planned Natural Birth)

You have been in labor for hours now, the fetal monitor is showing your baby while still in the womb is showing signs of fetal stress, Pitocin is given to assist or speed the dilatation's.

Infant’s oxygen level are the main concern and to assure the parent to remain calm in this per-crisis situation.

You as the patient have now been given oxygen, your spouse is now becoming worried, you saying this is the first time this has ever happened.

The  baby in is the birth canal, contractions are coming on as if you are giving birth, the doctor do not want to use the forceps ( birth trauma/birth rape).

The fetal monitors are now beeping, full stress code and that umbilical cord happens to get wrapped around that infant’s neck, the infant is suffering, a medication flush has been administered through your IV to suppress  the umbilical cord, the baby is still (suffering) the OR (Operating Room) has been contacted and on standby.

Mother is worried, father is praying, doctor must make that ethical decision with the mutual understanding of mother and father (family).
Mothered holding on to this thought she wanted to go natural, time is a factor but to alleviate the suffering of her infant she to agrees to that C-Section

An emergency C-section is performed, successful delivery.

Mother has staples in her abdomen, and for her pain to have brought such a joy into this world.

Now, you ask yourself, how suffering is truly defined, my poetess. It is any less when something goes to the dentist with an abscess on the gum, a tooth is infected, cannot be extracted until the antibiotic has been taken.

Pain is a physical sensations
Suffering is the interpretation of that which includes thoughts, its beliefs or judgments.

Each time you are feeling that pain as a beautiful reminder and hitting that morphine drip to relive that excruciating pain to that unplanned surgical site.

I do not play the opposite of medical advocacy, I have to promote it, if you do see it, than that is something you have to come to your own conclusion until you do, do not narrate any more questions or misleading information to my Forum.

If this had been a Home Birth scenario above, that baby would have been delivered as a stillbirth.

I did not mean to use such realistic entry here, but I have advised you this is the medical side of my hands I push and to see a smile, a patient who is getting discharged from SICU or an infant being discharge from NICU, we feel good about the outcome of the prognosis, not the situation that arose to bring them within our care.

Remember I was a Charge Nurse Trauma/Critical Care Level III when I resided in Philadelphia, prion to my accenting the salaried position of Director Of Nursing in New York.

In the near future if you come on my Forum and insult anyone, or their suggestions, I will personally block you myself.

I stated my mission, and my advocacy, I really do not have any further means for this interchange.

You have attempted to bring your broaden viewpoints that has nothing to do with the mission of healing or preventive care.
Now as a woman, I advised you keep politics off this Forum.

Going forward.
I hope I have made myself clear …and have a blessed day.

SKC, Interim DON, APRN

Any errors, I am on my laptop at work

Tyrant of Words
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Straight Talk Live (Use All The Capabilities Your Mind Will You)

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.    
I was recently asked by a very affluent poet within his own right of existence here on DUP regarding the duality of the brain and the mind and can the theories of either two be divided among the cause of thinking and the specific concentration of specific actions.    
What a beautiful question to ponder and the afterthought to dwell on such a relevant matter when it pertains to human development and intellectual awareness.    
In my studies and relevant theorists based of Einstein’s ideology. The man was simply brilliant in his mental aptitude of creating mind of matter and using all the dynamics of the brain’s two hemispheres. Before we even begin, we must come to understand in brevity exactly what gifts we receive from either side of the brain.    
The left side of the brain is responsible for logic and reasoning    
The right side of the brain controls intuition and the core of our emotions    
Therefore, if a person has had an unfortunate cerebrovascular accident (stroke) the damages to the body such as partial paralysis, speech is noted to be on the left side, then the right side of the body will be affected and vice versa with the complexities of the brain the thought process. With that being said, let’s delve into the beautiful necessaries of life and what the brain’s two hemispheres are capable of allocating.      
The speech pattern, that enticing and alluring vernacular engagement we use daily or in the stare of its receptive responses. Have you ever wondered the phases one must adhere to bring the thoughts into the medium of communication for someone to comprehend its subsidies?      
In simplistic terms of gravities terms, the left side of your brain primarily controls the right side of your body, and the right side of your brain dominates the left side of your body.    
Now comes the intuition of the question, which was asked, can you separate the brain and the mind yet can still operate as a whole from a spiritual level or in quantum physics adaptations.      
You must keep the notion in mind, the brain is made of physical matter and the mind is not.      
In my adolescent years, my grann use to say use your brain and not your mind… reading several volumes of English Britannica Encyclopedias all day long, and not quite understanding the visual dialect, I think I was using my brain and, in my mind, I was thinking how to make an excuse in disregarding them, and finding any means not to be disrespectable to sass her stern educational politics when being self-taught of what my brain evidently came to tolerate.      
Upon that conception, my mind had to systemically absorb a cognitive patten to balance those two hemispheres to finally accept, either I grasp the presented circumstances or continue to be ignorant of information, which was there, although, gibberish, unlearned, and foreign to my mindset.      
Somehow through the grace and many hard smacks upon my hand to pay attention and focus. I became the concept in differing the dynamics of the brain, mental growing into the understanding, it is a very powerful tool of chance in the progress of where we stand, sit, or lie, my motto is, ‘knowledge is power’ it is our most divine reward to separate fact from fiction and discord from the distinction of reasoning; it opens oppressed doors by utilizing dialogue, or by the sense of contributing to the cause and constructive liabilities of its beautiful or haunting actions.      
In essence, the brain is a substantial organ in the body that controls all vital human functions, along with the factual account we only use ten percent of our brain’s compatibles. There are different advantages one could use to unlock its potential; meditation, yoga, Chakra channeling, and adhering to the rare offering to succeed in astral quantum mechanics (it is very hard to obtain in not being spiritually attuned and using the limited of the brain power and central core of the mind-the hidden chamber, I refer to in respect).      
The mind is a terrible thing to waste therefore, when in doubt, use it to your fullest benefit. The mind is merely an epiphenomenon of the brain and can only be recognized in terms of neurology broaden terms.    
The human brain has three primary principalities. The greatest portion of the brain is what we refer to as the cerebrum, its main role is the center for intellectual functioning or reasoning. The cerebellum is the second structure, located at the back of the skull. It helps us in the prominence of balance. The third composition is the medulla, a stem which leads into the spinal column, that section along aids in the involuntary tasks such as respiration.      
These three basis components work together to help carry out the role of cognition, but they are not mind itself. The mind is not a physical entity.    
Regarding the cosmic nature of the mind, the element of surprise has been described for centuries from some of the greatest men of prominence in their field of studies, from philosophers and psychologists; Kant’s theories and Plato, Descartes, Einstein, and Socrates just to a few, in retrospect these legends within their time offered their general musings of the brain and the mind, and in comparison.    
Therefore, the brain versus the mind may not be a scientific question to sustain a quick solution, although, a question of quantum reality it is interchangeable of mind and matter.    
That has been another Straight Talk Live for you, this is a preface to a piece I have been working. I have been doing research in regard to Scientology and their dynamics, mind blowing. I see why so many stars take up their philosophy, it differs from the theory of Kabbalah in so many aspects.      
Stay blessed in your heart, stay focused in mind, and see the beauty in your eyes in everything you perceive and take consideration of others’ beauty in what they don’t.      
SKC, Interim DON, APRN
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Tyrant of Words
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Straight Talk Live (Living On The Edge Of Society)

As of late I have been studying human nature. Society’s pivotal problems, court documented crime cases, bemoans, unusual circumstances at the highest level, the duality of the sex’s indifferences. I have sat in a cushioned chair and listened intensely to the most deep rooted mental insufficient people who cannot seen to cope on a basic superficial level outside the realm of civilization.  
Within my observation, I have come to recognize, no one is better off than the other when it comes to composing our conduct to what is deemed adequate by humanity’s requirements.
We as a whole walk around each other in silent fits of rage, we drive in our expensive cars, travel outside the city limits to our places of employment, live in our suburban homes, and have our executive jobs to keep us afloat at a prestige level of existence. In addition, a lucrative education gifted from generation rites from ivy league institutions.
Therefore, sadly when the mind can no longer compute within the dwelling of self-success or self-reliance to master what is acceptable in the eyes of the law then this is where my expertise comes into play. I have always fathom how anyone who has the epitome to build their own success seem to self-demise. I can comprehend we all come from different walks of life, different upbringing, and social disadvantages for a vast segment of society.  
Could it be the debauched route one would praise of its worth? Silver spoons held in hands and dreams already given on silver platters that lessens our values when we become the prey to the inferiority in our mind who we have curtailed to be.
Most people I have had the pleasure to interact with has worked hard for their legacy, whereas, when the chemical component of the mind breaks down. Most therapists must comb through the two hemispheres with a fine-tooth comb.  
During counseling the mouth becomes a tape recorder we must repeatedly play back to listen, in earnest, to catch that one glitch, which would explain the deviant wheels set in motion to become a malevolent mind.
Segregating the boundaries and the parallels into fine particles; is it the family unit, finding it’s not a deterring factor, most have been reared by parents of superior education values and most have educated offsprings of exception distention, and the gateway to sow future success, it is a lack of sexual preference, desires. Or lack thereof, I cannot quite elaborate, that is moreso a medical related issue, however, it is discussed in retrospect, most may tell you, they, meaning, the majority of men are quite satisfying to the opposite sex.  
I have yet to counsel any criminals with follies toward transgender people to comment a heinous crime, not saying they are not out there, because studies show they are.
After those demographics have been discussed and taken into consideration, then we come into the forensic science of how a precarious mind can develop into becoming sadistic in its own stability to lessen in its value to demoralize in a narrow mindless façade giving way to criminal intent.  
I am new at this; therefore, I am still processing. I am no longer in college, sometimes to read about others and then properly diagnosis someone's sanity does tend to make one question its on. Therefore, when you view those criminal element shows and you see someone in court accused of a violent crime and there is a doctor testifying as a expect witness, take into consideration the countless mental health sessions that psychologist or psychiatrist has spent with that patient trying to isolate the mind from the crime and the person from the criminal determination.  
It is disheartening at times to be the judge and jury of anyone else’s mind, to have to be dispassionate and disassociated from a mind that were once full of vigor, life, now from listening I am still perplexed because you never can come to the understanding what went awry.  
You can grasp at concepts, perceptions, histories, but it will never give you the true reason of is objective, you can medicate to quiet the mental instability.

Subsequently, when it comes to that day in court. These patients stand on the oath of the crime they are accused of as a badge of honor, no regrets noted in therapy, and no remorse, the mind has been self altered and adapted to that particular person way of thinking.
As I will always advise, please take care of the mind, it is a precious commodity in all its beautiful stages of life from birth to the medical diagnosis of its natural decline, Alzheimer’s and Dementia  
Time will be going back momentary therefore, please pay most attention to Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, it is a form of depression, and its silent culprit is triggered by a lack of sunlight. Most people are most often affected by SAD during winter months, when the days are shorter and darker. Therefore, Light therapy, medications, and psychotherapy are the treatments available this disorder…
And that’s another Straight Talk Live For You
Take care of yourself, mask up, vaccinate if you believe, and always be kind to others
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Straight Talk Live (And Whose Tending To Your Mind)

As the say in life, it is quicker to sink then attempt to swim  

This is my last in class assignment I will have until May, which is presenting an Oral Presentation in Adolescent Physiology after a PowerPoint presentation for another junior class with classmates asking questions.  
Then as of next Monday, I will be doing field work... whereas, I will be participating in real time group sessions at a New York Forensic Mental Health Facility.  
I expect not to find anyone from DUP as a new admitting psychiatric patient… okay that was joke.  
With that being said, and on a softer note. I must admit at times, I still have the pangs of I do not know what I am doing, an appropriate phrase would be, “I do not know what I am getting into”, I am just going through the motions by the seat of my pants... if that makes sense to anyone… however, my grades tell me I got this, my preceptor tells me I got this, being a Director of Nursing, I should have this.. but by the grace of God’s will. I am totally petrified, in addition, tomorrow, several of my classmates, including myself, have to report to Human Resource and get medical clearance, a student badge, and a handbook on emergency codes. Thank goodness I am CPR trained and do not have to sit eight hours classroom training and then mouthing mannequins. I am IV certified when I was an Critical Care/Trauma ER Nurse… the glorious days.  
I have to take into consideration the commute from Upper Eastside New York to Brooklyn will be a deterring factor alone, I am still learning from one end of New York to the other. This all seem too complicated… I wanted my first time in a psychiatric clinical setting to be when I begin as a Student Nurse Practitioner during my clinical rotations starting in September 2021  
I am venturing into the last and please excuse the pun, final leg of my undergraduate’s studies, whereas, the textbooks, PowerPoints presentations, online test taking, and my encouraging classmates will no longer be my inspirational guide.  
I now stand on my own to educationally represent countless hours of schooling and breaking my bank accounts to attend… and with my grann’s financial monthly stipends.  
We were told as of last Monday we cannot even take notes during these four weeks during group therapy participation.  
This is the first of many other field assignments I have to undergo; we must listen, assess, and then draw upon the right plan of care, marginalizing a profile case due to act upon the severity of mental health related needs, and refer to any other outside essential services; medical doctor or social services if needed.  
Three out of these seven inhouse patients are not on any medications, as of yet… those are the easiest ones for case managements and a plan of care.  
Please be advised these patients’ mentalities breaks down into several cognitive classifications and disorders. I had to admit it, but would I be cheating if I have my phone recorder on. hey, it was just a thought. It was explained to the class. Do to HIPPA, and the student grants the hospital receives to have this program incorporated. We must act as if this is our place of employment. We will have an incoming tour.  
You would think after five years of attempting to earn this Master’s Degree, I will be mentally prepared. New flash, it is only getting harder and the beginning of greatness, at least I am praying.  
I know I will arise to the occasion once I can clearly see what is in front of me, other than relying on my female intuition of the unknown… and then I can properly dance with the butterflies. I did make one stipulation, I prefer no males during this time, I really need to focus and see where/what my weakness are, and how to differentiate the counselor’s role from the female nurturer role, from which I am, the one I seem to cling too as my preceptor advised me.  
From reading the dynamics of the human mind and all the catalyst of its behaviors, its chemical unbalances, its challenges, its darkness, and its salvage in its most beastly form to mankind. I can only say, please be true to yourself, no matter what, and never give credence or give in to the thoughts concerning abnormalities of the brain, or anyone who asks of you to participate in anything toxic to the heart the mind cannot compute or recover  
In addition, if you are being bullied, or know someone who bullies, please stand up for yourself, or for them. Most adolescent from the age of six years old, mental illness begin from some form of child abuse; verbally, or physical or being the victim of being bully. I've heard the report on the news, but when you read someone's case file and realize the traumatic effect it has on a vulnerable mind; the mental scar that never heals.  
If you do not have a cause, please make that one it; it is not a joking matter, and it is quite discouraging hurtful, and degrading to read the metamorphosis a young mind undertakes during development, and then subjective to a house of ruins, or society’s cruelty. Some may survive, and others, let’s just say, its not a great ending for all left behind.  
And That Has Been Straight Talk Live for you  
Until our souls soar as we fly in unity for the greater good, be true to yourself as you give of yourself to others  
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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I will be embarking on some broad-ranged ideas, as we speak, I am doing much needed research on relevant topics, which would affect individuals as well as how cultures, and various ethnicity would come into play.

I am also in training to compete in a full marathon with my running crew..., next month.

Everyone have a safe and blessed Resurrection Day weekend.

SKC, Interim DON, APRP

Tyrant of Words
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The Om and the Ba-Rah-Ka

There are three elements to the Egyptian concept of the soul: Ka, Ba and Akh. Ka is the life force or spiritual double of the person. The royal Ka symbolized a pharaoh's right to rule, a universal force that passed from one pharaoh to the next.        
I have been on such beautiful enlightenment channeling a higher cosmic wave since my grann from Haiti has been within my midst.        
Her spiritualism and her ancient beliefs, passed down from each generation has been riveting and has broaden my sense of fortitude for me to tap into the mystic of my inner abilities. Those divine secrets, which when the Ka and the Rah are in alliance and the mind, body, and the spirituality of the soul are in unity it is a covenant you build with your own soul, whereas, mankind cannot put asunder.        
Indoctrinating the force with a seeded belief in the holistic healing elements utilizing natural remedies derived from plants to the blending of liquidated of spices.        
Applying the natural laws of healing thyself within, and not incorporating toxin agents to be bio-engineered to offset the metabolism and alter our DNA structure.        
Such a the beauty adaptation in that, when recently learning of lead and arsenic found of low calibration  not to alarm the FDA, but surprisingly a detrimental deterrence when organs are at its most vulnerable developing stage.        
We are all Gods, from the knowledge we are capable of tapping given to us to adjust, adapt, and assimilate in this realm we call life.        
In as much to store intellectual wisdom and then decipher to dissimulate those universal coded messages found in the core of the two hemispheres of our cerebral cortex encasing the brain matter to the food we ingest on a daily basis.      
Food once consumed, metabolizes into tiny molecules, the primary fueling substance we need to bodily function the colonic process of riddening its waste that cannot be used.        
Thence forth, the concept of you are what you eat is a very true statement worth adhering too.        
The body needs food to propel the source of energy, and heighten the powers of the brain to ponder. You will be dismayed how many people do not practice that resolution, polluting their sacred vessels with sugar, eating of unclean fowl or swine. Only years later to be advised you have Hypertension, Diabetes, or some form of cancer has invaded and has metastasized.      
I asked my grann, is there such the way to place the mind above all until the point, whereas, it breathes for us every aspect of our life, from dating, to sleeping, to uplifting our cognitive awareness.        
She advised me to close my eyes and feel the vibrancy of the frequency around me, please be advised my gran is ninety-seven and still practicing in Haiti as a midwife. I am a Director of Nursing and pushing to obtain my Master’s Degree in Nursing come tomorrow. I was silently thinking those ways are not accepted or my logic way of thinking.        
I closed my eyes, inhaled to appease her and she wanted me to listen, just listen. I am thinking to what? The only sound I heard was cars passing in the near distance and my brownstone is soundproof.        
She advised me I am not spiritually attuned, she stated she heard the rustle of the bird’s wings, she felt the air circulating past her. She wanted me to feel the universe around me, its potent power, I begged to differ with her, citing I meditate and practice Chakras religiously; she stated if you have to meditate to find inner peace then you will never possesd it, summing up her notion, peace is a state of mind.        
Did my grann know I am moving into Forensic Psychology? And I know how the mind and all hidden forthright of its labyrinth complexities function. Then we spoke of the embodiment of the soul and my inborn my gift passed down, which she seem to think I have sequestered since adopting western cultivation and civilization ideology of popping mood stabilizer medications, unprotected sex, and fornication.        
She went on to explain to me in lament terms for me to fully understand the gist of her words.        
The soul is the pinpoint of our existence, which by nature is eternal (it is without birth or death or it has no beginning or no end) the soul is of substance and it does differ from that of the physical body which has its own consciousness.        
Our soul is always reflected in our personality. Our spirit does quite differ from our soul because our spirit is always pointed toward and exists exclusively for God, whereas our soul can be self-centered        
The true magnifications of the soul        
The Ba is most often in reference to ‘soul’        
Ba, in ancient Egyptian religion, with the ka and the akh, a principal aspect of the soul; the ba to its contrary will appear in the form of a bird, thus articulating the movement of the soul after death.        
The Platonic soul consists of three parts        
The logos is the mind, nous, or reason, then you have the thymus, where we are gifted with emotions, spiritedness, or (masculine) and the Eros, which is appetite, desire, or (feminine)        
The nine components of the soul        
Jb (The heart) was an extremely important part of the Egyptian soul. In ancient Egyptian mythology, the heart was the key to the afterlife.        
Shuyet (The Shadow) is always present. The ancient Egyptians believed the shadow summarized what a person represents in their true stance.        
Ren (The name) was another crucial part of the soul. A person’s Ren was given to them at birth and the Egyptians believed that it would live for as long as that name was uttered.        
(The personality) The Egyptians believed that Bâ was everything that makes a person unique in its own characterizes        
Ka (The vital spark) According to the Ancient Egyptians the Ka was a vital concept in the soul as it distinguishes the difference between a living and a dead person.        
Khat (The Body) the Khat was referred to by the Ancient Egyptian as the physical body which when deceased, provided the ling between the soul and one’s earthly life.        
Akh (The Immortal Self) according to ancient Egyptians, the Akh was the transformed immortal self which offered a magical union of the Ba and Ka.        
Sahu (The Judge) The Sahu was the aspect of Akh which would come to a person as a ghost or while asleep in dreams        
Sechem (Another aspect of Akh) It was considered the vital life energy of the person which manifested itself as the power that had the ability to control one’s surroundings and outcomes.        
 After all these years without the blessings of my grann’s spiritual  guidance, I thought I was living, no, I was just surviving off money, looks, and notoriety to self, a pretty vessel but spiritual deficient. She has reinsured and has reinstated so much knowledge of my French/Haitian doctrines of old, it’s as if I was if looking for answers to all the wrong questions.        
As you meditate and chant Om 108 times to channel the beautiful positive forces of your Crown Charka        
The number 108 is of the wholeness of existence. This number also connects the Sun, Moon, and Earth may you find the divinity within yourself        
For further reading, I recommend,        
The Mind of the Soul: Responsible Choice by Gary Zukav        
Cited (06-01-21-SKC)        
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Tyrant of Words
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The Transference And Then Conversion of Cosmic Energy (Journal I of Journal III)

Why I chose this particular subject manner. To answer your question(s). I will give you the specifics to your intrinsic thoughts.    
Since the beginning of time man has attempted to harness the concept of what categorizes energy and within its properties what is the single particle for its usage and the dynamics of sound, mind, and body.    
Surely the pioneers of relativity at best honed the law of physics (the study of state of its existence) granting us such greats patented invention from Alexander Graham Bell and the official patented granted for his device on March 7, 1876, giving us a better understanding of the conduit of electrical signals, in addition, Benjamin Franklin’s lightening rod and the mainstream of utilizing his models    
on the usage of its source of power as vibration.    
If we were to ask Sir Isaac Newton here today will his concept on the laws of motion and gravity still stand on its oath in regard to the adaption of technology in broadband interchanges and the revolution of vibration that constitute as relative energy.  
Would his ideology slightly vary with more attuned variables, modern technology at the speed of megabytes and gigabytes, NASA’s exploration of the galaxy and the creation of aviation      
Let’s explore the meaning of energy in its truest form.    
Energy is not made it up it is a source that has been around since the beginning time, it cannot be created, lessen in terms, or destroyed it shall always remain to be.    
Within the five elements of the exchange of energy for the necessity of life is water, wood, fire, earth, and metal.    
This perception and intrinsic journey I had to research and explore was due in part to my five-hundred-page clinical thesis on Psychiatric Medicine and its Properties of Energy and its relativity stimuli and the chemical alterations the brain’s hemispheres functionality when biochemical imbalanced or induced can offset.    
I had to write, research, and then prove my hypothesis. As an undergrad, to show several variables, which had to be explained according to the fundamental transformation of energy transference, to be candid, it became tedious to explain factual in theoretically terms. A part of my goal in submitting my ethics and with proficiency as prior to getting my Master’s Degree in Forensic Psychiatric Nursing. My dissertation was well received.      
Take under advisement I did consult with two Neuroscientists to explain and help me to correlate my findings with their scope of expertise to explain the laws of energy after one has expired of earthly life death.    
The extension of my research led me in the direct path of researching and studying Dr. Kevorkian’s ideology. (The late Jack Kevorkian was a U.S. physician who assisted in the remedial decision to advocate patient suicides).    
His segment will be what occurs after death and the sequence of energy if the body expires by natural cause versus intravenous by western medication, in addition, if you can recollect if you have studied physics, vital energy is used for the functioning of the physique.    
The essence of any person never truly dies. In its place, embodiments are finalized and the soul, what I deem the Higher Self, or spirit will move on giving into a comic rebirth. Keep in mind we may mourn for the vessel, however, the grieving process should give anyone great comfort to know energy is released back into the universe and only because everything is complied of energy, which will never be destroyed; only transformed and metamorphosed into something else.    
Therefore, I have laid out my preliminary findings, objections, and conclusions for this first posted journal there are three in all.      
And I am considering resubmitting to the American Journal of Psychiatry in September a article of Postpartum Depression and what your Obstetrician is not relating to you during those pre-natal consults. Trust me I’ve tried and was flat out rejected at the time simply because I was a student and not enough field work.      
I will explore this three-part series and if there are any Physics Major/Undergrads feel free to add your input with a module of scientific data.      
There are numerous elements to discuss when channeling energy in religion, spiritually, my favorite topic.      
The next segment I will elaborate on the transference of negative and positive energy. To be less cavalier on the subject, have you ever listened to an chagrined person while conversing, and you are in the right frame of mind. The aftermath of their unstable intellect has become yours to bear, their emotions have transferred, and this person walks away feeling much better, yet you are now the host of their negative energy.      
 Energy is perceived as attention in motion.    
For further reading and an excellent book to engage the mind    
Living Energies: An Exposition of Concepts Related to the Theories of Viktor Schauberger by Callum Coats (2001-07-05) Paperback – January 1, 178    
And that was another Straight Talk Live For you    
Until our souls takes a rest from the chaos of the world where your mind can rest upon my canvas, please take care of yourself and always take a moment to check on each other.    
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Footnote (04-27-23)

I am working on the concept, what does a woman do with her Placenta after birth, readers, I have had some strange, emailed replies from all over the globe, I am very interested in this observation.

That beautiful conduction that contains those enriched stem cells are no longer being stuff in a Bio-hazard bag.

This is a sacred in my culture with what the women do with the placenta after birth
This will be my next Straight Talk piece, I am just answering my blog replies on this sacred decision, I say sacred because in some religion the placenta is revered more than what reaches the eye.  I will continue to gather relevant information as I present it to you in its entirety.

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Ladies, please make sure that you check your breasts for the Month of May 2023

Tyrant of Words
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Bleed (Straight Talk Live)

Love, respect, honor, is the root of the universe    
Men’s kindred spirits saturating his sacred seeds of life in the bed of Mother Earth    
The land of ancient rites of his passage he bestows    
Bequeathing the beautiful expansion of crowned Kings, Queens    
To the throne of grace, his reverence speaks of his greatness    
We kneel, bowing our heads in the benediction of unity    
Chanting to a higher calling to bestow, truth, justice, peace    
Whole Blood, Plasma, Serum    
Galloping through our veins    
Yet, we claim power, uplifting to the madness    
Falsified insignias we parade in hindsight    
Glorifying, gloating of self-righteous power, privilege, and hindrance of one another    
Are we not the same when the lights go out      
I hear you cry out, yet, I cannot see your fears    
I reach out for you in comfort    
Darkness shrouds my way    
We are not of our Creator’s shame, we are the same    
The womb, the cradle, the suckle, the crawl in the beginning of life    
Common necessities of survival we share    
We all wobble to stand in this world, our identity defines our stance, once erected      
It gives us our Strawman’s marking for the progression of our wayward footsteps    
Segregated in the minds by tones, dialects, cultures    
Only do we humble in daily strife, as we all befall to grief, as a whole    
An ungodly intellect speaks in the dark what an ugly heart refuses to surrender in the light    
You may censor me of my free will with agitated words, bind my presence with unorthodox deeds    
However, never, the power of anyone's life force that blinds their hearts seeking truth, covers their eyes in disparity , and restrain their hands from need    
For which we all bleed, let my soul uprise for the past seepage in the fields of swaltering labor    
I am the corporation of my soul that embodies my minds, gives credence to my heart, and passion to my oral dialect    
When you walk pass me, do not shudder, tremble, or turn away    
By the chance of fate, it could my blood that pumps through your veins    
Extending your life, your lineage as I bleed for you    
This thoughtful inspiration came upon me when I had my nursing staff, and doctors donate blood today, as I sat there, intently watching my commodity centrifuge I wondered where my donated pints of blood would end up and within whom.    
United We Stand, Divided We Fall    
I am in the midst of gathering pertinent information about my Strawman’s Account Piece. Measuring out the bureaucratic ways to see if you can really emancipate your person from the dividends of the government and be your own individualized corporation, whereas, you get paid, and become exempts from paying taxes. Be advised that number on the back of your birth certificate is only a rhetorical trade-off for government purpose, who utilizes your person, as a borrowing and trading tool.    
From the information, I’ve gathered this far, it is much deeper than what meet the eyes.. and very confusing in the beginning    
Be safe and vigilant my friends    
Now that’s Straight Talk Live For You    
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Straight Talk Live (Incorporating Realism Within The Darkness Of The Mind II)

This is one of those Straight Talk Live segments, I had to step out of my comfort zone to give credence to the originality of its merit. I have always stood by my creed; the mind is a terrible thing to squander and the heart is an organ that requires the gift of love.  
In essence, my convictions in life are always to accept everyone’s core values, in addition, to give them insight as civilization would accept their accounted presence.  
What happens when your faith, your belief, and everything you deem spiritual as a necessity to survive has come upon the test of time; do you claim your honor, do you assume your outlook is the way to the light, or do you learn to acknowledge and teach.  
Henceforth, since I am venturing into Forensic Psychology at a Master’s Degree Level (A subfield of psychology, involves the application of psychological knowledge and methods to both civil and criminal legal questions).  
My professional credentials will grant me access to conduct screenings and assessments on inmates, consulting with attorneys, advocates, conversing with prison staff, or any judicial personnel on the mental well-being of inmates, in addition, administering court-ordered psychological evaluations,.  
Those particular assigned patients who have been entrusted within my professional care, mental status needs to be validated, whereas if perhaps they are under my care and his/her mindset has somehow been traumatized; emotionally, or mentality has been altered/brainwash to become dangers to self or others, directive menaces from suffering from post-stress, or any random act of abhorrence.  
These related issues becomes my jurisdiction to uphold my medical oath to see that individual is capable to survive, outside the norm of what his/her mind has altered in compensation to believe the consequence of their wrong in not fostering the permission to curtail their liable actions as being correct.
This was the ideal opportunity in allowing me to understanding my personal assessments, clamored with much dignity and respect.
I must bow out of sacred respect to the sovereign of my French Haitian Creole ancestry for such a bold written piece upon my sacred scrolls of disavowal, however, it is to be done and this too shall pass.
In my Straight Talk Live Poem entitled Step Up Into The Light, it was an introduction to hypothesize my conclusion on religion theories and how it can act as a catalyst for the means of a person to plea one of the four mental disorder defenses; M’Naghten, Irresistible Impulse, Substantial Capacity, and Durham to in a court of law. I gave you several avenues from demonolatry worshipping aversions, and several ways one can mentally submit and then using that as defense as a variable to getting admitted to a forensic psychiatric facility or institution.  
Without my Sax’s warmth, I will most likely be sleeping with the lights on for the hours of research for a 100 page my thesis I have to submit prior to graduating on several of psychosis disorders versus.
Psychosis is a syndrome or group of symptoms
Schizophrenia is a mental illness that causes psychosis

Genesis 6:4 reads as follows: The Nephilim were in the earth in those days, and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bore children to them; the same were the mighty men that were of old, the men of renown

There are numerous epochs for the revelation of this write I must take into consideration before I systematically contemplate without sounding bias, or facetious. Malevolent and Treachery has always been the cornerstone from B.C to A.D. The battle between Archangel Michael and his host of Angels to battling Lucifer, God’s most trusted Cherub from permitting him to overtake the third throne of Heaven. Preceding the ousting of Lucifer dethronement, in pursuit with him, one third of Heaven’s Angels. This will become my prime focus in part three of this Straight Talk Live series  
Was this the beginning of the fall of mankind’s will, the enticement of the world to choose a righteous path, or the mental adaptation the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  
If this was a case study of a patient who has denounced their faith, please be advised it also deem to be true what theology a person strongly believes in, or in certain circumstances, an atheist’s principles to adopt. In addition, if this person were accused of a hate crime, a serial killer who methods were to use human as satanic sacrifices, or any subject accused of a crime involving Satanism, or Occultism, and after my psychological assessment.  
In a court of law, the evidence renders down to what the prosecutor can make the jury believe, or in my psychology field of interest how I convince a court of law, in my best ethical judgment if this person is not fit to stand as accused by reasons of insanity or if indeed the accused it mental competent to stand trial.
There are several approaches a professional therapist/counselor must heed too, in additional, take all accurate mental disorders into account and the legality of the consideration. Most patients who have been detained for a heinous crime and after undergoing due process of the law, then facing the court system preliminaries; if, and when an defending attorney has suspicious concerning a person’s mental welfare, most offenders will be given a psych evaluation for competency.  
It is safe to assume all mental abnormities of criminal intent stems from childhood, and from reading and then having to generalize my assessments the last quarter, that perception has given me a more in-depth understanding to admit everyone’s mental capacity is not wired the same. And in the beginning the question proposed; no, mental abnormities of criminal intent does not always originate from childhood.
Outward appearances cannot tell an observant eye what truly larks behind a person’s quiet façade, I say that in part, no one can hear the thoughts of another; we can only wish for the goodness of the intellect to accept the responsibility of producing good objectives, whereas, the darkness that speaks of the mind remains sealed.
Numerous serial killers have the same incentives. Most idealistic eradicators commit murder at the command of imagined internal or external voices which they experience and perceive to be real (Paraphrased-03-30-21-SKC).
It is appalling to take into advisement “people of faith” are more likely to be murderers than atheists, yes, it is a known fact.  
This singular concept of this three part essay I have taken the time to generate, ideas based on previous case file I had the pleasure of overseeing and reading in my last scholastic quarter, yet, the case files, I assumed would have challenged my faith, and most likely, I would have strayed to the role of the maternal reasoning instead of the professional counselor.  
I am in the throne of my profession and have witnessed in group therapy sessions as a phycology majoring student these actual human beings mindsets who I might act, appear normal, beautiful in appearance, showcased handsomeness on the outside, as I stated earlier no one can hear the mind of others.  
Therefore, does religion tendencies play a significance role in the life of many serial killers and murderers?
Part Three, I would clarify that above statement/question more in detail; in addition, the title in reverence and explore Genesis verses, therefore, you may understand my conclusion(s) in its entirety.  
I know we are only connected by words here, however, if you suspect someone is suffering in silence, inbox them, only if you feel comfortable to do so, and inquire  out of politeness is that person alright, sometimes, human compassion goes a long way, and from the dialogue I hear as a student every Monday while listening and assessing in my Behavioral Studies, from the mouths of darken mentalities there lies a thin line between evil and madness… it really makes me think does people like this really exist in this world and have walked the streets among society, folks this life is not prime time, this is your mind, such a beautiful enlightenment, and the damages it can undergo is simply amazing , so take care of it at all cost, please  
Until our voices echo in beautiful union on the sacred helm of the wind, stay attuned to your inner Charkas and always stay mentally attuned
Footnote: I am on my laptop at my place of employment, on a break, any errors, please forgive until much later
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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The Family, The Elite, The Brotherhood

The Families Part I of Part III    
This written narrative under my signature, my pen is utilized to inform and decipher all the possibilities, hence more, may you keep an open mind, yes, and rely on your third eye of your intellect if you so deem.    
Before I get too deep in his narrative, please take into consideration these are my initial thoughts, silent observations, occurrences I have witnessed in the first-person aspect.    
When I was in attending college, I was psychologically brainwashed and sexually programmed to believe in this life, it is not so much as to what you know, but who you know, and who speaks of your truth.    
I am not speaking in reference to your typical neighbor, your co-worker, or your preacher, I am elaborating on the means of power, privilege, and prestige.    
The silent hushed puppeteers in society who pull stings to allow, make, or stop occurrences from taking place.    
I came to this investigated conclusion, years ago regarding the powers that be, working in the universe, which makes one take extra notice of how things are processed, mentally, financially, and politically.    
I will add spiritually in Part II, and more in depth.    
The Families And Their World Renown Influences    
There are thirteen family bloodlines who masterfully rule different sectors of the word.

The upper echelons controlling everything from the school systems, pharmaceutical, the bank systems, the music industry, the media, to the oil refineries.    
A hidden agenda to bring mandated laws under the New World Order; as we speak, we are moving into the throne of that agenda.

With the rate of broken school system scores, computer technology has replaced the thirst with the press of a button, informative aspects is at our future generation fingertips, producing more zombified intelligence.
Prescribed mood altering medication to control and disrupt your children’s brain raves, yet, lessening the essence of brain cells to properly regenerate, it is a designed plan to mental manipulate.   
The medication crisis, outbreaks, disorder caused by the media, with limited amount of proof.  I call them propaganda scare tactics.
You feed the masses chaos, and surely, the world would mentally succumb.    
The fear, the pandemic is controlled by powerful people behind the scenes whom has a hand in the soil to cause anxiety, then to sit back and reap the rewards throughout , by the means of manufactured, created, or falsehood claims of several contagion elements.    
It was a rumored theory the Rockefeller Foundation manufactured the Zika virus and to this day, does hold the patent to the virus, however, as I stated, the theory has never been declared, denied, or refuted.    
The CDC is bought and paid for my friends this narrative is so much deeper when it pertains to medication,    
As a Nursing Director/Critical Care ER Trauma Nurse Level III. I know the dire straits, when you mix required medications for the needy, the business behind the supply and demand, and spiking profits rendered in the end.    
Then you have mainstream voices singing about wearing gold chains around their neck, mansion, bitches, and hoes they fuck, that is not even placed in the steps of hierarchy, it is not even a threat to cause panic or an alarm; not unless members in society speak ill will of exposure, and denounce the secrets one must take as an blood oath to uphold.    
We need to wake up and realize this world does not operate on gold and titanium or obtaining earth’s beautiful resources; it is ordained by blood and the monarch of power.    
These families have made astronomical contributions which, are warranted, however, there comes a sacrifice with that hefty price tag.    
Sacrifices in the name of Satanism, inbreeding to retain power within the structrul roots of the family, and tactful orders one must adhere to carry out initial plans, which would not disrupt the progress of order you and I will never come to comprehend, even with a keen eye, a superiority stability one will never come to grips.    
They say knowledge is power, is it really, no, it can be your downfall,  an end to your death or demise.  It appears some have fallen to that destined cause and consequence effect.    
The late Mickey Leland who made several trips to Ethiopia to help a third world country in need, and to combat hunger. He is remembered for his advocacy and organizing the Black Citizens Action Teams politically correct, the Black Cats, a worthy cause to protest police brutality.  Dies in a plane crash on one of his mission, he was very vocal in Congress to play close attention to world related issues, moreso, bussing in the wrong ears, in regards to the wrong issues.
Dr Sebi, a naturopathist is famed for curing all diseases including diabetes, cancer and AIDS, who died in police custody, his methods would place a damper on the pharmaceutical development, meaning more medications, for you and more profits for their stock profile and shareholders.    
Today, Sebi’s cure for all modern day diseases go unrecognized. Truly a Noble Prize is past due and thousands around the world have died unnecessarily.
Dr. Sebi cured Lisa Left Eye Lopez and she promised to talk about him and make sure he gets famous, then she died.    
He has also treated Michael Jackson, who swore by his therapy.    
Excerpt from https://newsrescue.com/the-black-man-who-found-a-cure-for-aids-all-diseases-taken-to-court-and-won-in-new-york/    
Cited SKC-08-11-19    
Dr Sebi methods to his cures were unorthodox, yet was holistic, and tolerable to the human body.    
I have laid out the format, therefore, allow me to introduce in brevity some of these families and their bloodlines in Part II titled the Elite, which dates to centuries up to date.    
I would evolve more on the Original Illuminati and their New World Order, a global hidden agenda, in addition more focal points on the Skulls And Bones, and the Freemasonry in Part III, The Brotherhood    
Until our souls engage to speak of greater truth continue to seek knowledge and accept wisdom  from all intellectual avenues.
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Footnote (05-27-23)

It appears we have arrived at a crossroad in humanity, this piece was written in 2019, I have been writing my Straight Talk that has led up to the moment. War, recession, financial institutions merging or failing to stay afloat, medication shortage, chemtrails, the dollar is slowly being phased out, we are in digital currency, digital coupons. Some shops do not accept paper cash, political turmoil, #WOKE, Implanted Brain Chips (Elon Musk).

Bill Gates is buying up land unbelievable, if there is a food shortage, where can you plant. Two things I will always say to have, a storage of canned foods, antibiotics, a water purifier, and a generator. You taint the water reservoirs you kill the masses.

How many acres does Bill Gates own

With the Washington state acreage and other recent additions to his portfolio, O’Keefe calculated, Gates now owns at least 242,000 acres of American farmland. “Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, has an alter ego,” O’Keefe wrote: “Farmer Bill, the guy who owns more farmland than anyone else in America.”

What is the truth about Chemtrails?

Truth Wins. Chemtrails, also known as Geoengineering, is the spraying of toxic chemicals from planes in our skies. The spraying is ongoing and has been especially prevalent since 1992. The chemicals being sprayed are primarily Aluminum, Barium, Strontium, Titanium, Cadmium, Mercury and Lithium, and many people deny this ongoing program.

The body can only survive three days without water, no more than four days.

Be advised these things must come to past, it is not going to ger better, I am so sorry to say that we are heading into a great division; not so much as spiritual.  In these malevolent times, I’ve noticed society’s anger in increasing, violent acts are committed by children under the age of eighteen devoid of feeling or remorse in the aftermath. Readers, please be mindful when you are driving, practice patience and if your windows are not tinted, watch that middle finger in anger, it is causing death in road rage incident, therefore, be slow to anger.

Happy Memorial Day to all the Veterans and thank you for your military contributions to your country.

SKC, Interim DON, APRN

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As I sit at my desk and ponder the time of my residents’ lives while signing off for billing under Medicare and private insurance.

It makes me wonder, how can vitality slip away from us, where we are in the prime of our lives, year by year, knowledge and wisdom we gain, the past remains the key to our longevity.

Is their disparity in healthcare in lieu of providing short/long-term care. Is the myth really as predicated as I once have believed but turned my head to ignore the rules of its hidden regulations.

The cost effectiveness shaved unto the segmented of society of geriatric care.

Those that have the currency really makes the rules and those without, only stifle by without a clue.

I solemnly ponder, as I look upon faces, gray hairs nestled upon the scalp foretelling the wealth of lineage in those deep lines of time filled with laughter, regret, sorrow, or happiness.

Being the Interim Director of Nursing for a non-profit Nursing and Rehabilitation Residential Health Organization my staff assured under my care is to oversee the population of geriatric care and maintain the vital well-being of their person.

And as I’m deterred in the hallways, prior to arriving to my office, held up by pushing bodies filled in wheelchairs humbly morning greetings for breakfast, slow moving walkers in my pathway, trying to stretch those long-forgotten limbs, or walking by residential rooms, filled with souls who have been there as long as me; many for long term nursing care due to an unforeseen medical related issues, strokes, who has been left in my staff’s rehabilitation care.  

Casting my eyes upon dethroned appearances without the capacity of a no longer thriving mind, forgotten by loved ones, not even acknowledged by a card, a hug, a longing kiss, or a soft caress.

This musing came to me as I look upon life as a blessed commodity rather than a civil duty. When you have placed yourself in someone else’s shoes, not by the fit, but by the core of heart, the delicate complexity of the mind, or the embodiment of their soul, you will come to realize, life is meant to be enjoyed, revered in kindness, echoed in laughter, and enjoyed as seen and experienced through the eyes of an innocent child.

I hear so many troubled horrific stories told from the onset of one's youth to adulthood, how minds have systemically become distorted in its way of thinking, failure to thrive in the real world.

Controlled dosages of scheduled classification medication to wake them up, calm them down, put them to sleep or a pill to change the molecular structure of the brain’s hemisphere, ping-ponging a zombified existence just to sound or appear normal to a society that could care less if you are sane, insane, coming or going.

Holding onto the cold hands, warm hearts layered with thin veiled blue veins, giving a reassuring pat to comfort withering souls, advising their turmoil minds they you have lived a great life, sitting in silence sharing pictures that cannot hold memories once the mind forgets of a person suffering from Alzheimer's or Dementia, and yes the intellect it is a terrible thing to waste, therefore, explore it to the fullest, learn something new, challenge it, and push it to the brink.

Time is the manufacture of how you use it or what you make of it, most will only realize there is not enough when the value of it has been shortened in age, or by the devastation of a terminal illness.

The old adage ‘live life like there's no tomorrow’ holds so much grace in its truest form when you do not know if you will cross over into one.

That is why I will always advise anyone to live your life to the fullest, like no one is watching, laugh, it is good for the soul, and to cherish the moments when in the company of loved ones, time is not promised, and neither is the next breath.

In as much, when you look back, you want to smile in remembrance, pump your fist in glee, even in your darkest storms you never gave in, or you've never gave up. You will then discern the only baggage the soul has while breathing is nostalgia.

I’ve seen wrestling spirits on death beds, the ending of memories, and I have heard new parents' joy of their moments, in the beginning of new ones.

And no matter how much wealth the soul has accumulated through the course of their lifespan. No matter how poor the soul is in the toll of empty success. Eternal rest in the unknown is all that seems to matter and a soft hand with words of praise, letting ears know they have lived life their way, struggled in their time, have been the best they could have been and hopefully, have been an example to have assisted others.

Only a bitter heart, likes to sit in the reflective company of self, therefore, live, love, laugh, and enjoy yourself you only have one shot of life, please make it count in all you do and in all you say.

Have a blessed day world... it’s yours to enjoy and share your existence among others.

SKC, Interim DON, APRN

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Your Temple , Your Destiny, Your Greatness

Charge Nurse 2016-2019    
ER Critical Care/ Trauma Level III    
Nursing Chronicle
This narrative was written back in 2019, yet it resonates still in my heart here today.  
The temple of life, it guides you, it defines you, and it grounds you. Positive energy and a soulful lifestyle will transfer into the afterlife.        
As a Charge Nurse, I have seen my fair share of people when they are at their crossroads in life. Mental or a major Medical crisis have brought them into my existence. Placing their livelihood at the throne of my care.        
I could not stress the importance of keeping the human mind, as well as the human body in its pureness state. In reference to that statement. Love the skin you are in, take care of the skin you are in.        
This world is plagued with so many adversities we must all face at some point in our life; silent addictions, sex addictions, enslaved to recreations drugs, or the stress of life and its related issues in general. The destroying mechanics, within one’s life, which has repercussions, mainly as you get older.        
A typical day for a Charge Nurse depending on the floor/or unit you are assigned to assist. You will sit in and converse among other staff members to provide ultima and quality care to any patient; the LPNs, and the Patients Care Assistants make up this wonderful dynamic.          
I am really amazed, at the young patients, whose life has been cut short, not by Father Time, but by bad decisions, or neglectful lifestyle choices.        
Drugs, and no, I am not speaking in reference to medications prescribed by a physician. Unfortunately, I am placing emphasis on the limelight recreational drugs. From, Heroin, Crack, Cocaine, Crystal Meth, and that’s just to name a few.          
So many lives have been lost for that all time high. An addiction of the mind, which becomes, more of a sickness of the heart, a spirally pain, rather than an uplifting pleasure. If you have never seen a person who has overdosed on an Opiate and rushed into the ER. You are faced with a hectic environment, overworked, and underprivileged crew; all acting on impulse and adrenaline. A staff dealing at best, with no medical history, other than the presented circumstances. In the blink of an eye, patients are given one, or sometimes another injection of, Narcan just to restart their life.        
If that is your centered demoralizing world, then you have not experienced the flip side of living life for the greater good.  
In this society, parents who have befallen to addictive drugs, is such a sadden occurrence within their life. For such a zombie existence, without seeking some form of counseling. You make innocent children a product of the social service system, rushed into foster care, or placing some families on the path, as someone special once upon a time, stated, the village of the Invisible People. And the last time I checked, there are no color barriers or gender preferences.        
I was compelled to write this article as a reminder how blessed and fortunate I am to be accounted for. Before I went on vacation, there was an incident that came across my path. Without violating privacy. A rather frail gentleman was admitted for Hepatitis, Cirrhosis of the Liver, and Stage Four Liver Failure. He went on to explain to me, with sadden jaundiced eyes, and a heavy heart, if he had one wish at the moment, it was for him to have taken better care of himself; no excessive drinking, or IV drug usage, and regrets he never gave his life to Christ.        
In these perilous days and times, we all must take care of ourselves, and surround ourselves with good people. Positive people in life who have the best interest of our heart.        
That saying does ring tree, Birds of a Feather does Flock together. Therefore, make sure you soar with someone who will take your mind higher, keep you grounded in faith, or cushion your falls; mental, emotionally, and spiritually.        
Someone once noted, why I am not a fan of the, I will say, the arts here; in other words, why I do not have more fans, moreso, a lover of self.    
I had to really think about such an unjust statement. At the time I called it an unfounded assassination of my character, forgiven, but words never forgotten. However, my response, had I got the time to address that person privately. I would have stood proudly to say, as a Charge Nurse.        
My fans are the universe, without color barriers, or the inequality of man and woman. If I had one chance to convey the meaning to be someone else’s fan, I would have to say; I am your fan, when I’m up on a transporting gurney; I’m pumping your chest with compressions, while you are being rolled into the ER Trauma Center, placing a resuscitating bag over your mouth to continue the breaths of life. I am your fan when you are bloody, and Universal Precautions has no time to matter. I am your fan when I am holding your hand; when you are struggling to breathe, your life knocking on death’s door. I am your fan when I’m holding onto a bent knee when life is pushing through into existence, cheering on your moment in time. I am your fan with comforting hands and silent tears quoting Psalm 23 over still waters, when a cherished life has quietly slipped away. I am your loudest cheering fan, patting you on the back after witnessing you take first steps with a prosthetic leg(s) due to diabetes or some form of disease. I am your sadden fan when flowing beautiful hair has fallen out your scalp; reminding you that you are still beautiful within, and to keep fighting. I am your sympathetic fan when I’m unwrapping, cleaning, and then rewrapping ulcerative wounds. I am a fan, of self. The comments signed once I get home after a day of being in nurse mode for eight hours, sometimes twelve, or a double shift until coverage is found, and only after sitting down to sigh can I appreciate my small part in society        
As divinity appreciation, and its beautiful powers that be, whispers in my ear, job well done, that’s all the accolades as a fan I will ever need in this lifetime.  
In remembrance to all the lives who have come under gun violence within these last two weeks.  I came upon this narrative I wrote on the back of an itemized medical supply receipt when I was counting pills on a Crash Cart… wow.. those days working in a hospital setting will always be my best memories due to the challenge, the raw adrenaline, the fatigue, overstressed, and always understanding, no sleep, no time for lunches, and springing into action once that ambulance pulls up... and the relief in patient’s eyes after my team have calmed their fears, the good old days when I felt my profession really matter the most.  

Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Tyrant of Words
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Straight Talk Live  (Finding Some Common Ground)

This world is slowly cruising to Hell. Sinner’s flip of a coin landing on tails, fire pit one could only tell. The harmonic dreams of illusions America everyday tries to sell.  

The docile, paradise they shall seek, don’t be naïve, justice does peek. The Believer who held on to the earthly promise, even as we endured the pain and grief, one hundred and forty-four souls entering the Kingdom, that number gives me no relief.  
Are the days long gone where we feel compassion for one another. In need, we comfort each other, in reverence not to emotionally smother.  
We march in streets to the tune of the raging Beast, invading spaces we sinfully greet, our uncivil chats louder than the path of our feet.  
Who is to blame, when politics plays the name game, Democrats’ hidden agenda Republicans’ polices trying to take us back, it does not really matter, we are all in Hell’s kitchen rather you’re white, native, or black.  
The Haves rules, the system, the air you breathe, to the toxic gas expelled in the air, the Have Nots suffer in silence under their wicked care. Creator, can you hear our thunderous outcries. Weary souls do not have time to wait for their pie in the sky.  
It doesn’t matter what hue of the mother. We all seem to have divided ourselves, the mirror’s reflective values is now our immoral lover, bullets flying, store fronts vandalize, we all running for cover, no more coming together in any state of weather, someone please tell me things are going to get better.  
Is the only way to get relief from our daily strife is to take a last breath. Leaving behind pain, tears, and possession of material wealth our hands are now empty, we have nothing left.  
Pull the lever casting a vote for the next man, the best man, will we really be better off no matter who stands.  
Life, liberty and the pursuit happiness, what a beautiful declaration, yet, I am not clapping.  
We must find a way people to respect each other and learn to get along. We’re all on earth, singing the same old tired song. Therefore, how long will treacherous, greed, deceitfulness, and loath continue on.  
My God I can attest; I see people in their last stages of life with so many earthly regrets, but not enough time. Wishing their breath will not be taken away in the blink of an eye. Praying they have made amends to atone for an eternal home in the sky.  
Whereas, we walk around each day, self-centered in our own world, the self-appointed self- righteous spewing word of unfurl, forgetting the proper words to say, be that it may, no faith, yet on our knees we nightly pray, asking for wants, needs, is all we can say.  
Pray within your heart for self, and then for others, no rhyme, no reason. Never allowing the mind to escape to emotional treason. Be graceful to the world, bow under stress in any seasons.  
If only you could see the slow decline of a riddled or fragile body living on borrowed father time. Sight of such, is enough to blow the strongest mind. Tears will drop from the eyes. Questions of the afterlife always takes one by surprise.  
Therefore, make a promise to yourself. Evolve your mind; the body is the vessel that carries us to the throne of death.  
Silence pleads in the dark, regrets the whys. Last rites, preacher has verily testified. An obituary read from birth to sunset by church designs, grief follows for a while, tick tock of life continues to fly by.  
After the threshold has been crossed, stripped down to the essence of your soul, your life flashes as the Almighty behold, a precious life has flashed by a wondrous being already foretold, your earthly life as your credits of love, understanding, and compassion rolls.  
Make good choices while you’re still breathing, believing, no time for deceiving, it will carry you through, in the infinity of time, give you your spiritual just due.  
Live, laugh, and love. Your soul will be reborn above, should it matter who or what you was.  
Down here in the wicked abyss, we can only reminisce, but once those eyes close, sadly, that’s it.  
Make Love, with your five senses, Peace unto each other you, seek, and not be an enemy to War, only blood shed unto the land it slowly seeps, and disunity and chaos we shall come to reap  
As we blend our intellects to come to a beautiful understanding of our true purpose, be safe, stay strong, and remain humbling in your daily  travels  
And That’s Straight Talk Live For You
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Tyrant of Words
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A Navigational Forecast

Should a person vital organs be donated without consent
Sadly, organ harvesting seems to be a practice of relent
Missing people who have suddenly disappeared
Another rich person in another country life expectation has been bio-engineered

Trust me America, stolen organs are on the rise
At an alarming rate that the news report chooses to hide
Blood type matched from a black market computerized database
Studied interest profile to abduct to take
Posters, milk cartons, hopefully a face of the past shows up
A heartbeat not of their own donated to another by chance of unethical luck
No one wants to talk about this hidden transmit
Being a Critical Care ER Nurse, I swear this conversation is a big hit

Patients of third world countries organs voluntary donated
Body parts have been surgically segregated
The higher bidder’s money, lips sealed under intense interrogation
Cambodia refugees
Here without a breath of energy
Voluntary butchered beyond despair
Life expectancy now hanging in the balance by thin air
Meals for the family one must eat
At the price of donating their consecrated meat

This is a business…shh my lips are sealed
Money, bills, look the other way for a meal
DNA match for ancestral history rites
Here today, disappeared tomorrow, now supine under an involuntary knife
Read through the lines
My doctrine of oath has seen, once various future kings and queens
Poster face now, donor waits across the continent unforeseen

Consent forms, where the hell are they
Practice of unethical dismay, sadly it just goes down that way
White collar by degree takes all
The higher ups final call
Grants, stocks, boardroom meetings
Yet, the cycle of black market harvesting keeps repeating
These are such mean streets
Make sure you watch your heartbeats
There are bidding wars to compete

For life sustaining body parts
Hushed requests of the kidneys, liver, and the heart
In the progress of unknown destination, they depart

Operation here comes the iced filled red bio bag
Presence marked expired before the official toe tag
You fall ill, knowledge better be your intuitive guide
Or not, half of you here, the rest of you on a private jet ride
Stay Alert
For all it’s worth

This Nursing Chronicle was written and then posted  in 2018 -Entitled (Missing).

Footnote Noted Today

This is a serious matter, and yes, it is still happening, therefore, make sure you are hesitant about entering your DNA, in one of those ancestry registry, just remember your DNA should be personal to you. If perhaps someone is wanted in a crime,they will check that data, base, and if any of your relatives have registered, God forbid you are innocent, just a thought to keep in mind.

Power, wealth, and prestige, something refuses to give earth those last breaths of life, therefore, to prolong longevity and recyclable those dying organs, you have harvesting, voluntary, or by involuntary.

SKC, Interim DON, APRN

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