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Before, I become too submerged in my Twin Flame/Soulmate poetic pilgrimage to seeking such a sacred bond of heart, mind, body and to uplift the soul.

I wanted to wish everyone a blessed July, and a safe and festive Summer

Ladies, please make sure you are checking your breasts and make sure you are playing extra attention to your skin, by the summer months we tend to spend more time in the sun. and apply less sunscreen to our skin.

Please take into consideration if you see any more that have any irregular boarders or raised and darker in pigmentation.

And yes, if have any skin tags, makes sure you know the difference.

Moles (Nevi)

Moles are benign tumors that form when melanocytes (skin cells) produce clusters of darker pigment (melanin).
They can vary in appearance, but common moles are usually:
Round and symmetrical
Less than 1/4 inch across
Flat or slightly raised
Uniform in color (brown, black, tan, pink, red, blue, or flesh-toned)
Atypical moles (dysplastic nevi) may be larger, irregularly shaped, and have more than one color.
Some moles can be precancerous and may turn into melanoma (skin cancer).

Skin Tags

Skin tags are soft growths that hang off the skin by a thin stalk.
They form on the skin surface and are almost always benign (noncancerous).
Skin tags are typically flesh-colored or slightly darker.
Unlike moles, they don’t have roots or a deeper base.
Hair can grow inside moles but not skin tags.


And ladies if you shave your V-jay jay area please make sure you are using a razor that will lessen abnormal hair growth. I say that in part, because it can lead to inflamed hair follicles which results in cyst, or dermatitis. Therefore, make sure you are catering to your most intimate area, for me, I prefer bikini waxing(s), from a Licensed Esthetician.

If you have never had a professional waxing, just some waxing styles to take into consideration, I prefer the Brazilian and Ful Moon waxing, and take under advisement, the hair grows back so smooth and not course, softer unlit your retouch.

Classic Bikini Wax

Targets visible areas outside your bikini bottom.
Leaves some hair intact.
Ideal for beginners or those who prefer to keep a decent amount of hair.

Full Bikini Wax

Removes more hair than the classic bikini wax.
Leaves a “triangle-shaped” amount of hair on your pubic bone.
Also known as the “triangle bikini wax.”

French Bikini Wax

Similar to the full bikini wax but with narrower hair removal.
Leaves a smaller triangle of hair.
French waxes are popular for a neat look.

Brazilian Wax
Removes hair from the entire pubic region.

Two variations

French Wax Leaves a small strip of hair (similar to a landing strip).

Hollywood Wax Removes all hair, leaving you completely bare.

Californian Wax

Similar to the Brazilian but with a wider strip of hair left.
Offers more coverage than the French or Hollywood waxes.

Heart Shape Wax

Leaves a heart-shaped patch of hair.
Fun and playful option.

Full Moon Wax

Removes all hair, including the buttocks area.
For those who want a completely smooth result.

Please make sure you consult first with your Licensed Esthetician, explore different variations, however if you have sensitive skin, make sure you mention that to her, she will be the trained profession to advise you if waxing is safe for your skin.

Everyone stay blessed, have faith, and smile, always,

Love and universal Hugs,
SKC, Interim DON, APRN

Love Blog Shot (Discussion-President Biden and should his age be a call of action for him to step aside-that was a very enlightening debate).

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Spiritual Salt

This is an element I think all seer, shamans, astrologers or anyone who practices spiritual manifestation of good always over evil, ought to have upon their mental alter.

It is such a divine element; it draws in so much positiveness and it repeals negativity. I have a spiritual salt pouch, blessed over by my Haitian Elders, passed down upon each generation.  

You would not believe the universal blessing it has bestowed just having this within my realm and the mystique it has encouraged or incorporated in my everyday walking life.

The property of universal wealth, and no I am not speaking in regard to money, morse, great, health, encouragement by like-minded people without bias propels my dreams and aspirations, opportunities to excel, mental growth of abundancy, I can go on, but I think you get what I am trying to say

If you do not have or have never heard of spiritual salt allow me to lighten the sensibility of your intellect.

Salt is the most important mineral on the planet

The ocean is filled with it.
Plants are filled with it.
The dirt is filled with it
Rocks are made out of it
Your blood is filled with it

Spiritual salt when utilized correctly is a source of offering positive energy with divine intention.

Warding Off Evil

In some cultures, yes, salt is thrown over the left shoulder to ward off evil spirits or bad luck.
Salt is also used in rituals to protect against the evil eye or negative intentions.

Be advised can be any type of salt, such as sea salt, Himalayan salt, Kosher salt, or you can use Table Salt.

The significant is to consecrate the salt with your own incantation. I personally use Sea salt, due to the properties of its holistic and cleansing powers.

In addition, you can also purchase, however, make sure it has been properly sanctified in its purity by someone of a spiritual ascent.

Salt is considered a spiritual sphere within the invocation of my culture.  In some religion salt symbolizes the purification of self, it offers the temple protection, and can be used in the healing process.

The Bible contains numerous references to salt. In various contexts, it is used metaphorically to signify permanence, loyalty, durability, fidelity, usefulness, value, and purification

In my culture a Mambo will often use spiritual salt in rituals to cleanse and consecrate their offering spaces, for unclean objects (bedding, furniture, and yes, even people.

All me to specify more in depth, as far as using salt in spiritual cleansing rituals, salt can remove any negative thoughts and low vibe emotions, by simply purifying the body and the soul, its divine aspiration can and create that sense of protection.

During any universal celestial such as solar or lunar eclipse, some pagans will sprinkle salt around their home, or it can be used to bath in.

Take care of yourself and please stay hydrated.

Love and Hugs, always,


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My Passion, My Love, Galloping In The Destiny Of The Wind

Strolling within the labyrinth of the mind is such a wonderous feat  
Lambs marching to the slaughter, whose souls will never sit at divinity’s feat  
Charlatans kneeling on the alter hiding the stench of their filth in the light  
Doors closing, self-mutilation high, depression rules the two brain’s hemispheres, age declining, youths raped by society before dawns early light  
How could wolves’ mouth confess I am the way, I am the righteous, see my vision, when the moment of society’s minds still worships unto the dark  
Bathing in light with false washing of sins, demoralization and deceit wrapped around their sick minded hearts  

Life sliding down each centimeter, the last connection to the divinity of its sacred baptism in the amniotic fluid to the fate of a cursed reborn  
Death is its acceptance when returned as an infant to be mourned  
There is always darkness in the womb before birthed into the light, wails of asunder to a gift of hatred, envious, and damnation  
My scrolls were already written, and no woman nor man shall disavow by the oath of the placenta’s procreation  
I’ve listened to the skies’ instructions, death, and witnesses' labor's validations  
The doctrine of my heart, mind, my soul carries me,  
In peace and in war only God can twist that beautiful key  


Weigh In Day for the New York Marathon, (November 3, 2024) I got my hair done, Saturday got my colon cleansed, and I have been spiritually fasting, I have been in the gym upon my Grand Rising and that is not speaking in reference to getting on my treadmill before I leave out to go to the gym, strength training in the evening.

I was determined not to have to lose a pound or gain a pound.

My running crew all gathered around the scale, for their free meal ticket, because whoever weighs more, has to buy lunch for all twelve of us and those guys can eat, and I always have to pull out my credit card, well not today, I am holding 123 pounds, and I have room to gain two more pounds to the max.

They were surprised, I had to set aside my sushi craving for this, yet, now I can tone and do not have to worry about cardio... I am so happy; my credit cards are thanking me as well.

Hello everyone, I am just rambling here, have a blessed day, and whatever you put your mind to it, Just Do It,.

Love and Hugs, and have faith and smile

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Sweet ramblings

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darkcloud68 said:Sweet ramblings

Ahh.. thank you.. with much sincere for such words of comfort.

Enjoy your evening, my King

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Hunger (Ode To Sushi)

You are my passion, my love
Canvas our fate  
Sink deeper into your poetic muse
Write your words all over me
Narrate my sultry moans, your grunts of love
The symphonic of your tongue gliding over my sweet lyrics
Use my butter rum abyss as your open mic
Mm… speak the essence of love into

My elixir as they seep onto the pages of your soul
Catch them on your lips
Savor my juices on your tongue
Swallow the essence of my being as a Haiku
Slow and easy, pants of short breaths
Through the stanzas of our love written among the sky
Whispered words of a sonnet as we entwine

Blend us as one
Eyes will forevermore read
Hearts will forevermore feel
Only we know the desire of its true meaning within the ecstasy of the lines
Passion generating as a beautiful poem being spoken, read

Foretelling of the lust in each cadence as you caress my body
Until the last word has been felt and our bodies inked stained
As I orbit the Safoua of your existence
Whispered on the ancient begotten winds
From the elevation of the safa and maroua peaks

Love and Hugs, always

Okay, I cheated, and had a day with some delicious sushi, then went to work it off..

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Harlem Nights

An era in time
Where the Cotton Club was hopping to some mellow jazz chimes
I saw him enter and take control of the scene
He was every woman's lucid dreams
Inhaling his aura floating on the jasmine infused air

Swooning me with his hypnotic mesmerizing eyes
A tailored zoot suit fitted impeccably, his Stacy Adams shoes, mm... this cool cat had flair
Arresting my eyes, oh, a gift to be in his poetic care
He walked the room making it up to my piano bar
His invigorating scent taking me to a place near and far

All the eager ladies waited for his words to be spoken
Inhaling the fragrance of his persona, wishing for this night for him to be between my thighs, my soft petals awoken
Count Basie love notes drifting
His pocket watch had my eyes downshifting

He softy touched the side of my cheek
I've heard about your infamous stage performances, this night our hearts and minds shall meet
I thought to myself, hopefully, under midnight skies and lavender scented sheets

I will be introducing my Harlem Nights gown line while preparing my articles on my Twin Flame/Soul Mate.

A Queen's Crown Apparel™

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As I enter the Cotton Club , as always smooth and debonair with so much flare. My confidence was so thick you could feel it in the air. Yes I am a Harlem Renaissance man. And low and behold I spotted this Beautiful Creole Queen sitting there.  Skin smooth as butter rum and I would have been so happy to have been her chair. And the water that ran through her hair. I loved me some Billie Holiday.and she got up to dance,to the tunes of Billy and I loved the way her hips swayed. I said it is so hot in Harlem tonight. I had to call my man Langston Hughes. To let him know I just spotted some beautiful poetry to recite. He said well put her down upon your canvas while she is in your sight  He said do you think she is a love poem. I said hell yes. Now let this Harlem Knight introduce his self to this French Mocha delight.  I loved this piece I love Harlem and it's great History. Yes I had to add to this tribute to Harlem.

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I stride across the floor in my Fedora hat. Moving majestically like a wild panther cat. I gaze upon her as she, is rocking to that scat. Hi Di Hi Di Ho. Yeah something like that, I sit about two seats down from her, in a dark corner grooving to the sounds as my feet steady taps.  Sipping my drink slowly putting together my rap. And it was no surprise she turned and caught my eyes, with a sultry smile on her face, I guess I am going to be her private investigator,  yeah baby I am on your case. I am going to know all I need to know about you before leave this place.  I was digging her dress, silhouetting her sexy body, smooth and satin laced. Tonight I am going to leave her with memories of the Cotton Club,that could never be erased I am going to fill her mind and space.

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As does this handsome man who stands before me
Pulling a chair out for me to have seat
Crossing my legs to give him a silent view
The passage to my honey dew

And your name is, you do not say
Yes, I would like to dance handsome, the spotlight on us as our two bodies tenderly swayed
Mmm..his breath caressing my soft skin
I see stars in our future upon a bed of silk from the wishes of our origin
You may buy this lady a refreshing drink
As he strolled away, my desires, my lust I will love for him to sink

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We Straight Bebe’s Kids (COTS)

We come straight out the womb and we rule our own cribs              
We are the New Horizon generation, documenting in real time, our laws, and word up, we never wore any bibs              
Exchanging our milk donation, we got intellectually from the boob              
The healthy juices from the beginning until we were weaned, it nourished our soul              
We the authentic Princes and Princesses and we were not manifested in a laboratory test tube              
That warp-minded technology got our Pre-Natal mission all wrong              
We heard the streets talk, how a baby supposed to learn to crawl before they walk              
N’all we straight up healthy, rebellious, but we live by our own esoteric divine Psalms              
Having mental breakdowns from off those broken ten commandments, who made those riddles up          
Word has it, some old man on a mountain by himself because at home he couldn’t get no real love          
Breaking those stones all over you grown folk's head              
No curfews in our lingo, so don’t try and dumb us down by putting us to bed              
We the Bebe’s and we are representing the Children Of The Sun, surprisingly, you may think we don't fit that bill              
We don’t lie, cheat, murder, or steal              
And we got love for you all and mad sacred intellectual skills              
Our army of kids coming all in your stores, grabbing what’s yours              
Your systematic greed denied our hands, freedom, candy, toys as our ancestor's ships were docked, their feet fresh off the shores              
Man up if you want to recognize we walk our own journey, and we got our earthly cause              
And we don’t need some dude, who we do not know, wearing a sissy red suit sliding his fat ass down our chimney talking about he Santa Klaus              
Your infrared machines invading our privacy while peeping at us while we’re still in the womb              
Exposing our greatness before we get here, we be warm and swimming in our own fluid  
We do not some corporations making profits off the poor, telling society with sneakers how to Just do it          
Each month, making plans, our mothership is our middle passage until we ease out into society from our sacred cocoon              
And for what, all this hater-raid on our hues, with gloom and doom                          
Take notes you wealthy moguls, your comfort zone is at stake              
We run these mean streets, anything not positive, or nailed down in our honor, we take              
Put our Hebrew spin on it and recreate, from there, it only becomes great              
We are your future Kings and Queens              
Bringing that Willy Wonka chocolate flavor, with our Gold Bars filled with inspiration, for all it may seem              
Our insignia, “we are the dream team.”              
You heard              

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The Tampon Debate

It has just been confirmed that the most popular brand of tampons or any product designed for us woman during our monthly periods is made of chemical toxins, and I am a tampon inserter when Aunt Flow is in town.

How could this be even possible, I am now beginning to wonder could this be one of the culprits why women are developing ovarian and cervical cancer at such a young age.

I enclosed the link below, ladies please make sure you copy the link and read at your own leisure, who would have ever thought one of the greatest products manufactured for women would have so many deadly chemicals used for absorption, which contains lead and arsenic.

I am still trying to wrap my intellect around the terrifying concept, and just imagine if you were using these products when you first started your menstrual cycle, that is horrific, that is why I stress the importance of getting a Mammogram, or getting your Annual Pap Smears, you must, in this day and cruel times of age be more proactive about your heath.

As my grann would say, we dealing with Death Merchants, there has been reported lead in baby food, that shocking news alone was enough be made aware of how corporations are making and selling defective products to consumers, then you had the Baby Powder that contain talcum, the source of that has led to lead to cancer, and the financial settlements it had to pay out to many consumers who used Johnson and Johnson company’s products over time and somehow developed Ovarian cancer, then the Hair Relaxer products, that contain chemicals that has been found to produce various cancers.

Could that be one of the reason these children in this generation are developing, learning disabilities, or they are getting diagnosed with Add/Adhd, Autism, Developmental Disorder that delays speech, or failure to thrive.

In addition, the toxic chemicals that are sprayed over the fruits and vegetables, if you buy any fruit make sure the first number on your fruit contains the number Nine (9).

I have enclosed more information on this in depth we as women are the primary shoppers within our residence.

You can learn a lot about your purchase if you look a little closer.

Turns out, those little coded stickers on your banana can help you learn more about your fruit: "A 4-digit code means conventionally grown, while a 5-digit one starting with 9 means organic and a 5-digit code starting with 8 means genetically modified," says Dan Vaché, a supply chain consultant and former vice president of the International Fresh Produce Association.

Type of food, size, growing method and species are often all related to a produce PLU code, the specific name for these informative strings of numbers. Since the early 1990s, most grocery stores and food retailers have voluntarily used PLU codes to speed up checkout times and track stock.

Organic produce is grown with natural fertilizers, such as manure or compost, and relies on natural biological or mechanical weed control. Its soil must have been free of prohibited products for three years before gaining organic certification from the United States Department of Agriculture. All organic items are non-GMO.

Conventional produce can be grown with the help of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides to combat potential diseases and boost growth.

Since very few fresh produce items sold today are genetically modified (meaning they've been bred using genetic technology).

(Cited from the enclosed article below (07-13-24-SKC)

I Suppose we must have to take it back the old school and just use a white rag that have not been bleached when we are menstruating.
Puree your own baby food
No baby power, if so, please make sure it contains corn starch
And brush your hair one hundred brush stroke to massage the scalp for growth and go au natural.

Water and African Pride natural products brings out the beautiful bounce in my curls, and within my culture we are strongly forbidden from cutting our mane.


Take care of your mind, heart, body, and instill divine glory within the glory of your soul

Love and universal Hugs,

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The Art Of Politics

This world is slowly cruising to Hell. Sinner’s flip of a coin landing on tails, fire pit one could only tell. The harmonic dreams of illusions America everyday tries to sell.  

The docile, paradise they shall seek, don’t be naïve, justice does peek. The Believer who held on to the earthly promise, even as we endured the pain and grief, one hundred and forty-four souls entering the Kingdom, that number gives me no relief.  

Are the days long gone where we feel compassion for one another. In need, we comfort each other, in reverence not to emotionally smother.  

We march in streets to the tune of the raging Beast, invading spaces we sinfully greet, our uncivil chats louder than the path of our feet.  

Who is to blame, when politics plays the name game, Democrats’ hidden agenda Republican's polices trying to take us back, it does not really matter, we are all in Hell’s kitchen rather you’re white, native, or black.  

The Haves rules, the system, the air you breathe, to the toxic gas expelled in the air, the Have Nots suffer in silence under their wicked care. Creator, can you hear our thunderous outcries. Weary souls do not have time to wait for their pie in the sky.  

It doesn’t matter what hue of the mother. We all seem to have divided ourselves, the mirror’s reflective values is now our immoral lover, bullets flying, store fronts vandalize, we all are running for cover, no more coming together in any state of weather, someone please tell me things are going to get better.  

Is the only way to get relief from our daily strife is to take a last breath. Leaving behind pain, tears, and possession of material wealth our hands are now empty, we have nothing left.  

Pull the lever casting a vote for the next man, the best man, will we really be better off no matter who stands.  

Life, liberty and the pursuit happiness, what a beautiful declaration, yet I am not clapping.  

We must find a way people to respect each other and learn to get along. We’re all on earth, singing the same old tired song. Therefore, how long will treacherous, greed, deceitfulness, and loath continue on.  

My God I can attest; I see people in their last stages of life with so many earthly regrets, but not enough time. Wishing their breath will not be taken away in the blink of an eye. Praying they have made amends to atone for an eternal home in the sky.  

Whereas we walk around each day, self-centered in our own world, the self-appointed self- righteous spewing word of unfurl, forgetting the proper words to say, be that it may, no faith, yet on our knees we nightly pray, asking for wants, needs, is all we can say.  

Pray within your heart for self, and then for others, no rhyme, no reason. Never allowing the mind to escape to emotional treason. Be graceful to the world, bow under stress in any seasons.  

If only you could see the slow decline of a riddled or fragile body living on borrowed father time. Sight of such, is enough to blow the strongest mind. Tears will drop from the eyes. Questions of the afterlife always takes one by surprise.  

Therefore, make a promise to yourself. Evolve your mind; the body is the vessel that carries us to the throne of death.  

Silence pleads in the dark, regrets the whys. Last rites, preacher has verily testified. An obituary read from birth to sunset by church designs, grief follows for a while, tick tock of life continues to fly by.  

After the threshold has been crossed, stripped down to the essence of your soul, your life flashes as the Almighty behold, a precious life has flashed by a wondrous being already foretold, your earthly life as your credits of love, understanding, and compassion rolls.  

Make good choices while you’re still breathing, believing, no time for deceiving, it will carry you through, in the infinity of time, give you your spiritual just due.  
Live, laugh, and love. Your soul will be reborn above, should it matter who or what you were.  

Down here in the wicked abyss, we can only reminisce, but once those eyes close, sadly, that’s it.  

Make Love, with your five senses, Peace unto each other you, seek, and not be an enemy to War, only blood shed unto the land it slowly seeps, and disunity and chaos we shall come to reap.

As we blend our intellects to come to a beautiful understanding of our true purpose, be safe, stay strong, and remain humbling in your daily travels.

Love and Hugs, always,

Live Blog Shot (Discussing The Assignation Attempt of Donald Trump)

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By The Oath Of My Blood

Love, respect, honor, is the root of the universe    
Men’s kindred spirits saturating his sacred seeds of life in the bed of Mother Earth    
The land of ancient rites of his passage he bestows    
Bequeathing the beautiful expansion of crowned Kings, Queens    
To the throne of grace, his reverence speaks of his greatness    
We kneel, bowing our heads in the benediction of unity    
Chanting to a higher calling to bestow, truth, justice, peace    
Whole Blood, Plasma, Serum    
Galloping through our veins    
Yet, we claim power, uplifting to the madness    
Falsified insignias we parade in hindsight    
Glorifying, gloating of self-righteous power, privilege, and hindrance of one another    
Are we not the same when the lights go out      
I hear you cry out, yet, I cannot see your fears    
I reach out for you in comfort    
Darkness shrouds my way    
We are not of our Creator’s shame, we are the same    
The womb, the cradle, the suckle, the crawl in the beginning of life    
Common necessities of survival we share    
We all wobble to stand in this world, our identity defines our stance, once erected      
It gives us our Strawman’s marking for the progression of our wayward footsteps    
Segregated in the minds by tones, dialects, cultures    
Only do we humble in daily strife, as we all befall to grief, as a whole    
An ungodly intellect speaks in the dark what an ugly heart refuses to surrender in the light    
You may censor me of my free will with agitated words, bind my presence with unorthodox deeds    
However, never, the power of anyone's life force that blinds their hearts seeking truth, covers their eyes in disparity, and restrain their hands from need    
For which we all bleed, let my soul uprise for the past seepage in the fields of sweltering labor    
I am the corporation of my soul that embodies my minds, gives credence to my heart, and passion to my oral dialect    
When you walk pass me, do not shudder, tremble, or turn away    
By the chance of fate, it could my blood that pumps through your veins    
Extending your life, your lineage as I bleed for you    

This thoughtful inspiration came upon me when I had my nursing staff, and doctors donate blood today, as I sat there, intently watching my commodity centrifuge I wondered where my donated pints of blood would end up and within whom.    
United We Stand, Divided We Fall    
I am in the midst of gathering pertinent information about my Strawman’s Account Piece. Measuring out the bureaucratic ways to see if you can really emancipate your person from the dividends of the government and be your own individualized corporation, whereas, you get paid, and become exempts from paying taxes. Be advised that number on the back of your birth certificate is only a rhetorical trade-off for government purpose, who utilizes your person, as a borrowing and trading tool.    
From the information, I’ve gathered this far, it is much deeper than what meet the eyes. and very confusing in the beginning    
Be safe and vigilant my friends  

Love and Universl Hugs,
SKC, Interim DON, APRN🤎

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Straight Talk Live (Politics, Civil Unrest, and Finding Some Common Ground)

I watched the Republican National virtual convention. I must admit I stand more baffled now than ever before.    
My friends where is the direction of this country heading, days of old, I usually would have made up my mind, who is the best candidate who will get my vote in November.    
You have President Trump and Mike Pence's political agenda, trying at best to convince their American constituents once again, why they should be given four more years to turn our failing economy around.      
My question I put to the reader(s). Four more years of what. Chaos, Separatism, incompetent word choices when it pertains to mending the rift between racial despair, ignoring gender equality, bipartisan when it comes to the policing of America where we can feel safe as any race when we walk among our streets.    
Four years ago, the promise to Make America Great Again, was the cornerstone of the Republican party’s agenda. To bring more jobs to the economy, more surplus in our paychecks, restricting trading to China to boost our own lagging economy, and rebuilding infrastructure in our cities, and the lessening the greenhouse effect due to global warming    
This was to be a celebration of what surely will never come to past. We are at the threshold of casting our vote for a Pontus who will lead this great nation into four years of prosperity or continued wallowing in today’s volatility.    
The House of Congress' powers supersede under the Republican's house majority, have not maintained most of their assurances to the American people. In addition, various laws have been vetoed once it has reached the president’s desk; economical mandates, which would have progressed our country in the right direction.      
Excellent medical care, through privatization or through Medicaid.      
This campaigned promise was the root and the fundaments of President Obama's outline and was set in stone when he was in office.    
Disassembling and then amending the Affordable Care Act with Congress’ approval was the biggest culprit of President Trump agenda to reason.      
His assurance in his first public speech after taking office was to have us to believe, medical insurance would be affordable to all. Premiums would not skyrocket for anyone who have private insurance, and the cost of medicine would be affordable to all senior citizens.      
I am a Nursing Director and I interface with Medicare for reimbursement for the residents who are housed within my Nursing and Rehabilitation.      
Lower cost for medicine, medical aids, and transportation have increased and various medicines have been deferred or changed at a whim's notice, due to much needed medication not on the Medicare formulary. The price tag of taking care of our senior citizens is very costly.      
Be advised within the first one hundred days, President Trump, went after with much aggression, severing the Affordable Care Act, however, due to the votes in Congress, it was eventually amended.      
Nevertheless, the repercussions were far too severe; for some, it was challenging for seniors, when their Medicare without a Supplement plan placed then at a disadvantage and most pharmaceutical companies due to the projective loss of insurance, raised the prices of medications, which was desperately needed, meaning some citizens went without medication. Or had to compromise lessening the usage and dosage of their medications according to how it was originally prescribed.    
The dire consequences had several American citizens without affordable healthcare insurance, or succumbing to lengthily researching through the Market Place, and over usage of the ER reached it peaks.      
The biggest failed promise President Trump advised the American people during his first term was the building of a border wall and have the president of Mexico to pay for the labor, reform illegal immigration.

According to ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement an agency to protect America from the cross-border crime and illegal immigration that threaten national security and public safety). They have ostracized the pressure to arrest and send illegal immigrants back to their county.    
Then you have the laws of DACA, who have retained children of illegal immigrants in tent cities, withholding the basic fundamentals, health, food, and proper housing until proper deportation.    
President Trump pushed its reinforcement with several laws and misappropriated funds siphoned from other worldly causes to carry this plan and to keep it in effect.      
I have yet to see a border wall built, the man had four years in his first presidency, I see a wall erected, and uncompleted. And as it appears more now than ever illegal immigrants from afar have permeated America’s soul. Another failed promise.      
It does not really matter who you cast your vote for as long as you can live with your conscious the day after.      
In my next segment of Politics, Civil Unrest, and Peace, I will compare this Republican administration with the Democratic agenda.      
When African Americans first obtained the right to vote after the passage of the 15th Amendment in 1870 nearly all identified and supported the Republican Party and its candidates, rewarding the Party of Lincoln for its commitment to ending slavery and expanding black civil rights.      
I will elaborate in more depth the reason behind the crossover in polices that have us now polling for the Democratic ticket.      
Now that’s Straight Talk Live for you, until my fingers create the buzz of what’s going on or going down, stay safe, stay strong, and stay beautiful.

Love and Hugs, always,

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