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Nizana said:Wonderful advice. Something so beautiful and a part of our womanhood needs to be cared for.

As a nurse, and as a woman advocate for breast cancer on behalf of the Susan Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and a financial contributor to St. Jude Hospital for childhood cancer research.

I have always and without, bias admired any woman who takes the time to take care of her beauty, do not abuse her temple with recreational drugs, or uplift her intellect to inspire others or advise herself she is fearless in all of her lifelong goals or daily endeavors.

October is Breast Awareness Month, therefore, I do hope many other women here have taken the time to read why it is so important, and can utilize this written information above, not only for themselves, put can pass the information along to family members or friends.

For child-bearing women, I would always advise prior to getting a Pap Smear, and if you are not over the age of forty, have your physician perform a bi-manual breast exam in his/her office.

If you are over the age of forty, then have your physician write you a referral to get a mammogram that can be done at any outpatient hospital radiology.

Early detection does save lives, and there are various new research options on the market or clinical trials being conducted, some women who may have been diagnosed with cancer in its early stage, who may be eligible for the preliminary studies.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, just for taking the time to read, if I can reach, teach, or preach just to one mind, then my living will not be in vain.

Stay save out there, and always be kind. If you do get vaccination(s) add a Flu shot since we are entering the Flu Season or a Pneumonia Vaccination if you have not had one within the last ten years.

Peace and Love,

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The Breastmother

Lives hanging in the balance between here and the afterlife, life and death, only to realize their breath has already been taken.
God have mercy on this world, and the creatures that roam.
No more words    
No more fly bird    
No more silver lining    
No more emotional binding    
No more desire    
Kill the flame dose the fire    
No more laugher    
No more wishing for the day after    
No more love    
No more hiding above    
No more sense of presence    
No more echoes from Heaven    
No more no more    
No more trying to even the score    
No more light    
No more, doing what’s right    
No more carrying on    
Drown the beautiful music of that love song    
No more opening my door    
No more bodies entwined to amour    
No more doing my part    
No more masterpiece works of art    
No more expressive tones    
No more answers from the ring tones of my cell phone    
No more hope    
No more sailing my boat    
No more smiles    
No more asking to stay a while    
No more sunrise    
No more wishing for a surprise    
No more set me free    
No more demands from mother’s nature’s creed    
No more my mind will soar    
No more knees hitting the floor    
Yes, to getting a Breast Exam Fairy Breastmother

The stage is used to decide what treatment options are recommended.

Stages of breast cancer are numbered from 0 to IV as follows:

Stage 0 refers to ‘pre-invasive’ breast cancer such as ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) or lobular carcinoma in situ (LCIS)

Stage I, Stage IIA and Stage IIB (early) refer to early breast cancer

Stage IIB (advanced), Stage IIIA, Stage IIIB, Stage IIIC and Stage IV refer to advanced breast cancer (locally advanced breast cancer or metastatic breast cancer).
Category 1:
means breast cancer cells have been found in one to three lymph nodes in the armpit.

Category 2:
means breast cancer cells have been found in:
4–9 lymph nodes in the armpit, and the lymph nodes are also enlarged, and/or attached to each other or to nearby tissue; or
1 or more lymph nodes under the breastbone, but not in any lymph nodes in the armpit.

Category 3:
means breast cancer cells have been found in:
10 or more lymph nodes in the armpit; or
1 or more lymph nodes above or below the collarbone; or
1 or more lymph nodes under the breastbone and 1 or more lymph nodes in the armpit.
If you are prone to getting abscesses in the armpit area, make sure you follow up with a Dermatologist, to be properly assessed a lot of women seem to think when you get an abscess under your arm pit it may be cancerous, most likely be an inflamed hair follicle, that sometimes must have an I&D (Incision and Drainage) and then packed and followed with a prescription of an antibiotic to make sure it does not turn into MERSA and something to relieve the pain

Check those breasts ladies, yourself or schedule to have a mammogram done, please... go with the flow of this month, since it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month... make it happen, be an advocate for your own health.

Make sure you look for Cancer instead of Cancer looking for you.. early detention does save lives

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In Jesus’ Name

Yes, My Lord I have told the flock as you asked
For every woman to take care of her breasts like it's a gifted task
To check each month for any abnormal lumps
Heaven thanks you for your donations that help Kid’s Cancer Research
Every month without questions you have opened your purse
Raising money for such a great cause
For anyone cancer may befall
To make sure when a parent, sister, mother is in remission they can cope
Knowing there is now much hope
Their life is no longer on pause
Clinical trials through private funding for experimental drugs will heed their call
I have been a great servant to spread the news as I stand tall
Where being healthy should include all
No matter who is the gender
Early screenings to detect is a universal sender
This month is fading fast
May my words to encourage anyone, beyond this October outlast

Do your breast exams ladies, please, and men, make sure you get screened Prostate Cancer and Colorectal Cancer, to save your life as well

SKC, Interim, DON, APRN

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Stand Up And Fight For A Cure Please Do Yor Part

The month is almost over will my words still ring true
As I stand in my Victoria Secret sexy attire to humbly remind you
After this month to continue to check those breasts
Do not let my wish or the research to find a cure go to rest
Do your part
And support any way you can by giving from your heart
Just remember as women we all stand together
Through our darken storms, Mental Health, any life changes that brings bitter weather

We give of the womb
We take care of men, woman, child, from the cradle to the tomb
We nurse from the nipple
It's our maternal instinct is that simple
We support all generations in our arms
The voice in reason to keep weary souls' warmth
We are the giver of life
To try and balance the strife

Until hopes and dreams for a cure can be found
For anyone who hears the words you have Cancer, I need you to know I am here for you in the absence of sound
I will always make the pledge to use my voice, donations, my feet to run year after year, and a penny for pound
So, when I beg of you to check your breasts each month
I am asking for all the women who wished they had found in early stages those invasive lumps
Victoria Secret intimate apparel you will always have my humbling respect of my salacious creed
Your attire to make me feel sexy and that is to all who wish to wear in their comfort, their need

And that is to launch a bra for woman to wear to have had a mastectomy
We must all find ways to support each other


poet Anonymous

… it’s worth mentioning men also get breast cancer occasionally. In the interests of balance.

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Thank you for reading, my poetess and make sure you do your breast exam this month and any month going forward.

In regard to Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the high uprising of breast cancer in women, October is declared a month to bring awareness to check breast or get a mammogram...

During the month of October various supporting companies do make donations or from everyday citizens, such as me, and financial contributions from supportive influences through the NFL (National Football League).

This month is dedicated to women and the importance of early detection to catch breast cancer in its early stages, with a basic bi-lateral breast exam, which can be done in the shower, standing in front of a mirror to look for any signs of any puckering/dimpling to the mound of the breasts, or noticeable abnormalities, such as a bloody or any nipple discharge.

In addition, get a scheduled mammogram, or to see deeper image of the breast tissue get a 3D breast exam.

I will go on to say, for any woman who have a genetic history of breast cancer or carry that chromosomal gene to make them more prone to develop breast cancer to have a mammogram prior to the required age of 40.

In Lieu Of Your Question

The older a man is, the more likely he is to get breast cancer. However, breast cancer is much less common in men than in women. Be advised the age of diagnosis for breast cancer in men is 68 years and older. The median is the middle value of a group of numbers, so about half of men with breast cancer are diagnosed before age 68 and about half are diagnosed after age 68.

There is a medical condition that I was going to bring awareness to and thank you for giving me that chance to bring to the forefront earlier than later.

Gynecomastia Is A Condition Where Men Develop Breasts

Gynecomastia is a somewhat unique side effect of some medications and health conditions.
Gynecomastia is a technical term for men who develop breasts. It’s not usually a medical problem, but it can be painful and lead to unwanted appearance changes in the chest as some men have reported.

Many medications may cause gynecomastia. This includes spironolactone, some antipsychotics, and certain prostate cancer medications.

Which common medications can cause gynecomastia?

Many medications have the potential to cause gynecomastia. If they do cause it, they do so by impacting your hormones in different ways. This is discussed more below.

High Levels Of Prolactin

As you may know prolactin is a natural hormone in your body. Men and women have it, and the level serves the body in many important roles. However, if you have too much prolactin in your body, you might have hyperprolactinemia. Subsequently, this happens to men, it’s possible to develop symptoms like gynecomastia and also erectile dysfunction (ED).

For breast cancer awareness month, ladies, time is waning, therefore, please do your monthly breast exam of get a scheduled mammogram, and make sure any Mont after that you continue your healthy journey of pampering yourself with those monthly exams.

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Queen Of Hearts

Getting out of the shower
Making sure, within an hour
Before the lip gloss makeup
A lacy thong to softly caress my lover's cup
Stilettos on my feet
And my eyes concentrating on New York traffic my patience will have to greet
I wish you this beautiful serenade in life we must all cope
For knowing today is filled with prayers and hope
The month of November in almost upon us
So, I will be making a plead to your mind, without a fuss
To do your bi-lateral mammogram
In the shower, where you lay, or in front of the mirror as you stand
I just called to say I love, and I mean it from the bottom of my heart...
Therefore, continue to check your breasts and do your part

This month is almost over ladies, so I beg with my Queen of Hearts, please continue to check your breasts monthly.

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We are moving into a new month ladies, therefore, I do hope you have treated yourself kindly, and checked your breasts for this month and please make sure you check them religiously going forward.

SKC, Interim, DON, APRN

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Happy New Year Everyone.

Here is some helpful advice to take into consideration. We are in the throne of Flu season, therefore, if you get immunized, please add a Flu shot to your health regiment, and for those who have not gotten a Pneumonia vaccination, now would be the time to invest in that precaution.

Here are some immune booster vitamins, which are good for the immune system and to ward off the common cold or speed up your convalescent stage.

Vitamins B, C and D, as well as Zinc may be helpful in enhancing your immune system and fighting any illness the same way they can help you get over a cold or the Flu.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C can assist the immune system in derailing a cold faster or if your immune system has been compromised it can ease the intensity or duration of your cold symptoms. Be mindful, if you are taking vitamin C before getting a cold, it can help reduce inflammation to the lungs if you have been diagnosed with Cov-19.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps the body to maintain the optimal blood levels of calcium and phosphorous. This wonder vitamin can protect you for the oncoming of any respiratory infection. And since antibiotics does not treat viral infections, this vitamin is a very good immune protector.

B Complex vitamins

Then you have your Vitamin B6 it acts as a charging defense mechanism to keep your immune system running smoothly and effective during the flu season.


A zinc vitamin helps symptoms related to, nasal congestion or nasal drainage. If you have a sore throat, use a Zinc throat lozenge it is soothing to throat.

Make sure if you suspect a cold is coming on, began taking this vitamin, it helps those T-Cells to keep the immune stronger and ward off any additional symptoms.

Make sure you wash your hands before and after eating... and it is best to keep a pocket size hand sanitizer on your person.

Ladies make sure you check your breasts for the month of January.

Before taking any vitamin supplements or any dietary supplement please make sure you check with your Physican or your own Nurse Practitioner for approval.
Make sure you smile, it keeps those winkles away and laugh, it is great for the soul.

SKC, Interim, DON, APRN

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SweetKittyCat5 said:Mind and Body Connected (Journal 1)

You will hear me refer to these Charkas when discussing the benefits of centering the body

Each positive energy we draw as if inhaling life itself. Please familiarize yourself with these. It will be the catalyst when speaking in physical and mental health

Hindu style my Chi centered
Resting upon the throne of mother’s nature gravity we call life
Myrrh and Frankincense floating throughout my island of paradise.
Engulfing the streams of awareness oblivion unto the unknown overtaking me in a trance state of existence, a spiritual mirage  
Deep breath in deep breath out  
Eyes closed  
Letting go of the past, present, adaptation to accept the future  
of life embedded with the swirl of my being forbearing such wicked deeds, relieving such paganism ideology, life’s greatest hindrance upon the bearer.  
Deep breath in, holding it, my negative energy grouping, a typhoon to the surface of each bated breath it becomes evident.
Deep breath out, ashes to ashes dust to dust  
Rebirth of my core conformed in waken state  
Channeling seven Charkas within the dynamism which is founded upon the foundation of my core, the creation of my universe  
The amendment of my life instituted within the pages of infinity.
My Root Chakra (Muladhara-element Earth) bowing down to the wondrous gist of my intellectual stimuli  
Granting me the widow of wisdom, the door of serenity, the cloak of knowledge, mental clarity, the pinnacle upon my femininity.  
Inhale…exhale, slowly drifting within the beautiful flow, irrigating my empty vessel, instilling with purity, head bowed unto glory, under grace, allowing the silhouette of my soul to astral plane, seeking the greater gifts, unseen, unheard, unimaginable among the vastness of the galaxy, leasing through the breaths of my nostrils the feel of the Ohm, worship your temple, the kiss of your being, nourished, the epiphany of my soul, heart, mind, and physical senses in regal harmony    
Reaching out, grasping spiritually of one’s self. My Sacral Charka (Svadhishthana-element Water) the abyss for which God made women to defend the divinity fruit of one’s womb, for which she creates to bear, the necessity pedestal of my own sexuality  
One within the mind, soaring higher, and higher, body dissembled in the duality of  reality and the subconscious, the pinnacle of my person, mental clarity of the mind merging into my Solar Plexus Charka (Manipura-element Fire) anchoring deeper, the meaning of who I am, reaching out to the fifth dimension of thy free will, within self, the will to be, the will to belong, the comic connection, beaming signals of enlightenment, take my hand, dance in my self-confidence, yearn for the fated butter rum drops of me; stimulating, addictive, endless, the principal of my self-worth whispered, hunger for my self-reliance, bath in my sexual rejuvenations, a thousand caresses of  virginal passion bequeathed.  
Oh God, I feel your benevolent presence, the chanting unto of your mightiness, cleansing me in the cradle of my Heart Charka (Anahata-element Air ) calming me, blessing the pumping of blood, sustaining me, emotionally tapping into my ventricles, my atriums, with each contract, the four chambers of my life line, fine attuned to the vast universe, the creed of my healing, my whispered loving, unwavering forgiveness, bows to the love of the land I give, nothing in return I expect to receive within the sun, the stars, the moon, the Heavens above lay at my feet ordained.  
You speak with wisdom, I responded with candidness, silken words, linguistic, beautiful fingers moving for the hearing impaired delighted unto them to convey, without words to speak, tales to seduce you, to lure you, my Throat Charka ( Vishuddha- element Akasha) the sentimental of my self-expression of the emotions for which I speak upon the truth, balancing the Feng Shui of my perseverance.  
My Third Eye Charka (Ajna) inhale and exhale, a guiding voyage far beyond from what the mind could ever grasp in one lifetime, greater forces deeming me the wisdom to unlock the variations of life’s trilogy; Father, Son, Holy Spirit, my Chi is a beacon to siphon the positive energy from the cosmos, holding the truer meaning of one’s self for one single moment in time, a crystal ball glimpsed, watching as my life is in motion, yet confined by the harbors of time, yet centered,  tapping into that clairvoyance,  deep breath, still it.  
Exhaling my breath into destiny, my nakedness sitting at the throne of the Pearly Gates, love, peace, the revelation, of the second coming of my identity. Stripped away my bearings, my earthly possessions I deemed imperial, my person asunder from earthly passion, lust, desires, rapture. Sacred oil spillage to my temple, a spiritual deity I have channeled of my Crown Chakra (Sahasrara), the poignant ability at this plateau of self-knowledge and understanding your existence, my soul has blended unto my body, my Kundalini, my Nirvikalpa, duel purposes in life unto others, wanting, needed to stay in this realm. Echoes of distance heartbeats, retreating to descend back into self, unto you realize you are the spiritual manifestation of your own equation, your own creation.  
Karma, Fate, Destiny, and the Rebirth, navigating through the creed I have come to accept womankind/mankind as they are, and not as I deem them to be as a human soul.  


I will post on Friday or when time allows. Please take into consideration I am a student as well

This is cool! I’m new to some of this stuff and have no solid opinions to share.

But I do have a question: have you worked with monatomic particles (Ruby-red nano-gold, ORMUS, etc)? Experience? Opinion?

What about crystals and grounding? Personal experience; I recently got a new grounding sheet. Seems to speed healing and reduce inflammation. Been wondering about getting crystals for my environment, too. 🤷🏼‍♀️

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Just Breathe

I will be bringing to vision my soothing intellectual aids I utilize daily. Some of these body rhythmic practices dates back to centuries and with years of self-practice is the religion I speak for my persona, my aura, and the climatic overtures of my earthy company.

If you have no formal training, I will softy advise do not try the manipulation, due in cause you will direct these neurotransmitters elsewhere.

The Practice of Reflexology is to pinpoint the pain, using, pressure points to manipulate this course of pain to diminish in its intensity.

There are several ways to assist in the healing of one’s own body mechanics. In my culture if there is an herb there is a cure of its raw sustenance to garner.

Residing with my grann in Haiti, has taught me the power of love, healing, and to respect the inhaling and exhaling breaths evaporated in the air by the expelling of good intake and outtake of oxygenated blood of the Chi.

Within the properties of those dynamics, your train of thoughts to become more effective, more pronounced in the progression of action.

Subsequently, your mind is attuned to discern the parallels of cognitive of memory, which is beneficial to slow the progressive stages of Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

You are the embodiment of how you think. I never understood that perceptions until I had to analyze just what is meant by its annotations.


Rebirthing is the beginning of my soothing practice, prior to medications. Rebirthing is a beautiful energetic   style of breathing, and being an avid marathon runner who is in training, breathing correctly for the duration of twenty-six miles running is an achievement, however, please keep in mind your stamina is what carries you, coupled with a consistent pace, and the breathing techniques.

Connective breathing is the practice of you inhale-exhale-inhale-exhale without taking those pulses between breaths.

This practice brings more oxygen to your blood, in the end, charging your circulation system, and to destroy toxins more quickly.

One you have this source of pleasure perfected where you are feeling the benefits of its invigorating recompenses.

This deep breathing technique will leave you feeling mentally euphoric in a profound state of mind, trust me, when I advise you, the tension will diminish, giving you the senses of sensations where tension or stress would block these sensors.

The central source of energy and its basin for the human body is known as the hara, which is the soft area between the rib cage and the pelvic bone, this is where energy is flow from, into the meridians of the body, circulating freely along all vital organs. The Tsubos does connect to form the meridians.

Trauma and stress are factors that could blocks those beautiful energetic charges, simply press on the Tsubos will likely release the trapped energy whereas, it can circulate.

I will go on the record to say, with years of practice unconsciously thoughts will begin to emerge.

Next journal I will emphasize more on proper breathing techniques when channeling those seven Chakras.

SKC, Interim DON, APRN

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Well ladies, the ending of February, is fast approaching.

Therefore, make sure you have or is due to perform your own self-breast exam.

Reward your existence by being informed of your health and staying in the know.

Spring will be here very soon, and we must condition the body once that hour has been adjusted to daylight saving time.

I will recommend early morning stretches, and for all you athletics, or runners, a fifteen-minute jog, on the treadmill or in your natural elements.

Then a nice protein smoothie to give you a boost of endorphins and to regulate your heart rate.

Then you are ready to face your day as it unfolds.

The in between beauty regimens.

An hour treadmill run, downhill, its less impact on my ankle.
Yoga stretches
Orgain Egg and honey mask

Mango-Almond Smoothie Bowl

½ cup frozen chopped mango
½ cup nonfat plain Greek yogurt
¼ cup frozen sliced banana
¼ cup plain unsweetened almond milk
5 tablespoons unsalted almonds, divided
⅛ teaspoon ground allspice
¼ cup raspberries
½ teaspoon honey

If you are allergic to any of the ingredients, then substitute or leave out altogether.

SKC, Interim DON, APRN

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I will be finally embarking on a new year of marathons, a new me, and a new meaning. And I will feel privileged of you to embark on this journey with me.

Some traveling tips before I board a flight, this early and some safe traveling tips.

I never travel with a large amount of cash, if I must it is never over two hundred dollars.
I fly a lot, and when traveling, rent vehicles, meaning, I suggest a credit card for purchases such as that
And have a backup source of financial means for purchases; debit card, Cash App, Netspend.

It is used in reference to lessen the chances of identity theft from your main credit card, and unrelated bills should be paid with smaller a less finance option as well.

When going on a cruise, just remember when dock in some of those exotic islands you may return with only one bottle of purchased alcohol. It is always best to pay for the exclusive package, meaning, beverages and alcoholic drinks are included.

Ladies, my rule of thumb is to save on gas is to never allow your gas tank to dwell under half a tank. You will be surprised how much you save.

Try it out for at your leisure, allow your tank to go to half a tank, fill up, or, when your gas light come on and then fill up your gas tank, compare.

I guarantee you will be surprised and more cost effective conscientious.

Invest in one of those camera monitors, whereas you can monitor your residence, through your cell phone. I have ADP home security and they are very reasonable, and they have a very great additional monitoring services to alleviate your concerns when it pertains to home security.

I always carry my Bear Spray in my vehicle and in any rental I occupy.

If you are older and a female, please be careful and one stop in place that have stirring population.

Spring break will be here soon, and traveling will be at its peak, therefore be vigilant, always travel in numbers, leave who you came with, when you arrive at your place of entertainment, take your cell phone and quiet and discreetly scan your surroundings, and include a date if something was to break out, your need facts not unreliable memories, if asked.

Please everyone be safe, and I could not stress the importance of that.

Happy traveling everyone and have a great weekend in the process.

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I am 41 and do not do breast self exams. I know all too well that lumps come and go. I have breastfed 11 children so far, preferring child-led weaning and gentle parenting. Mammograms and cancer prevention seem - to me - be increasing mortality from cancer. Not surprising when modern medicine is white supremacy on steroids.

My lived experience, for what it’s worth! 💖

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Thank you for taking the time to read my Health Forum my poetess, yes, your comment, may be your personal crusade, in regards to why you do not do breast exams and I applaud your natural methods as to how you prefer to breast-feeding your kids versus bottle feeding.

I will advocate that existence it is a great way to bond with baby during post-partum once your body begins making colostrum. It’s highly nutritious and filling and serves as your baby’s first.

I cannot assume what you exactly meant when you stated, as I requote, your partial statement, 'lumps come and go', therefore, I will briefly give you the information for the lumps that do not go away, or must be biopsied, it is best, you categorized, when you say lumps.

As an advocate for Breast Cancer Awareness, I will always advise any woman to be conscientious of her health and be ab ambassador for her own health.

When she is performing her monthly breast exam to be more aware of any swelling of all or part of the breast, skin irritation or dimpling any faint breast pain, nipple pain or the nipple turning inward redness, scaliness, or thickening of the nipple or breast skin, a nipple discharge other than breast milk.

Now let’s speak in reference to those lumps that may or may not go away on their own accord, or with the aid of an antibiotic.  

Cysts close to the surface of the skin may feel softer, like large unbroken blisters. Those that develop deep in the breast tissue will feel more like firm lumps.

Please take into consideration, breast cysts are most common in woman thirty to the age of fifty they will lessen and then disappear altogether after menopause, however, in some women they are more prone to last through the duration of their life throughout life. In addition, after menopause, breast cysts are more likely to occur if women are taking hormone replacement therapy.

Breast cysts tend to become larger and more tender right before your menstrual period starts.

How are cysts diagnosed and treated

Once the suspicions lump has been confirmed your physician may confirm the diagnosis with a mammogram or ultrasound. This is where you will be schedule for a fine-needle aspiration. The procedure details a very fine needle into the cyst and drawing fluid from it (aspiration). Be advised once the fluid is aspirated, the cyst will disappear. Nevertheless, the cyst can reappear later, cysts tend to be non-cancerous (benign).

Abscesses are collections of pus that form in the tissues of the body.

You may not believe in performing breast exams, but for the women, who are being diagnosed with breast cancer and wishing they had utilized some form of preventive measures. (self-breast exams, mammogram, diagnostic mammogram, or a 3D mammogram, then I will always advocate for them).

I will always paise my voice in rejoice when a female has completed six weeks of Chemotherapy, who when tired, nausea, frail, yet can still smile under the duress of localized radiation therapy, blood tests with Oncologist or Hematologist, alopecia has taken her spirit, her courage, to feel fer femininity, to believe she can endure, and not to forget she has to still go to her regular appointments with her medical doctor.

So, therefore, correction, my poetess, not all lumps go away, those frighten discoveries leads maybe to a second opinion, a 3D mammogram, an ultrasound, biopsy, the matter classified as benign or malignant and then if is in malignant then what stage, then a referral to an Oncologist.

White Supremacy has nothing to do with the evolution of Western Medicine

Who is the father of Western medicine

Western medicine has its roots in the Western part of the world, namely Greece. Experts credit the Greek physician Hippocrates as being the father of Western medicine. Hippocrates and Hippocratic physicians believed that illnesses were the result of imbalances between blood, black bile, yellow bile and phlegm (what they called “the humors”)

Going forward, and I will politely state this out of respect, please do not make this roundtable about politics or race relations; this forum is about medical related issues, concerns so within those limitations preserve it in its highest esteem going forward.

SKC, Interim DON, APRN

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