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Fire of Insight
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Bluevelvete said:

I didn't have to wait long for my new year's wish! .... thank goodness!

Welcome back, Swagger!

Thank You blue

Tyrant of Words
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Are you dreaming about me
Eyes closed in a faraway land for me to please
Mm, at the throne of popping my juicy cherry with that hard master key
My body and mind canít conceive
Ecstasy of me detained in a time capsule of your make believe

Am I sucking your cock
Pumping the length getting you harder than a rock
Tongue bathing the tip, circling the helmet
Hosing my palm up and down, quicken licks to your pee-pee hole no relent
Nose buying in groin hairs greeting my face
Twin balls rolling around inside my mouth space

Planted kisses to the opening of your rectum  
Licking around the bum hole as lust quietly succumbs
Pre-cum crowning your dick, awaiting your imminent cum
Palming your dick, homing it to the back of my throat
Gagging, bobbing, slobbing enough to float a boat
Desires surrendering onto your vivid wet dream
Finger inside my pussy, smearing your lips with my sweeten cream

Climbing over your face for a pampering dance  
You tongue awaiting in a towering stance
Tasting me with an urgent, a hunger as you feel my soft body quake
Feeding me the wishes of my heart as if you were awake
Palming my ass, pulling me into your famished tease
Head thrown back enjoying the oral please of your tongue grease

I see your face twisting  
Palming my hips, gliding them back and forth, drooling pouring amiss
My pussy juices coated your lips
Did you swallow my essence as your tongue continue dipping
My wet pussy on your face, making love to your tongue inside me still slipping  
My essence your nose sniffing

Thought Provoker
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Thereís a devil waiting
by your door, stalking
lit by the moonlight, howling
growling at night, screaming

the fresh blood oozing, a wild scent
the heartís pumping, its the beacon
hunting you down, ohh heís hell bent
violate your soul, he would do I reckon

weaken by the world, is he truly evil
stricken at every turn, thatís the devil
turned on by your scent, is that believable?
bucking, braying, and crawling, his pain intolerable!

his straining cock, trailing those paws
ripping muscles, bleeding by his own claws
he is wild for sure, your pussy is the draw
clothes torn and shredded, his taste is raw!

he is hungry and fucking sore!
god!! he is dirty and bloody poor!
heís here to fuck me, nothing more?
twisted me, Iím a slut but I ainít a whore!

ďtake of your dress, throw em on the floor!Ē
thereís no time to be gentle, slamming her against the door
ripping her white panties with his grizzly claw,
feeling her wetness, his impulses went wild, and thatís what I saw!

ďForgive me, babyĒ spoken in whispers
ďIím tying your handsĒ, her body shivers
Iíve got no choice but to stick to the plan
I am gonna fuck you from behind, and be your lover-man

then Iíll lay you naked by my side
gonna make you be one of my bride
Iíll keep fucking till and youíll take it on your stride,
the devil is your lover-man and youíll say it with pride!

ďhe is my lover-man, till the bitter endĒ
ďThe way he fucks me, he is surely the godsendĒ
ďI am a slut, Iím a whore! I am whatever I amĒ
let him fuck me by the door, Iím gonna just say ďa-menĒ
Written by XiaoLong
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Dangerous Mind
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Out Of Body Experience

It leaves
a slight trail
between your
smooth mounds
sliding down
through the desert
of your sweat
the shallow well
over the
undulating ripples
towards the jungle
blindly seeking
the valley
of sweet tasting
to dwell for awhile
the moist cave
of your dream

Dangerous Mind
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One can tell
when one has
made a mistake
when ones suspicions
begin to grow
when one is delving down
into the valley
through the jungle
getting stuck
on unexpected
sticky tangled patches
on your way
to the cave
that feels
more like a hole
and it
doesn't taste
like honey

Tyrant of Words
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Last Night You Were Deep Inside Me

Miss. Poem I desire you as such  
You  Mr. Poetry in as much
I have a bubbling Jacuzzi on standby wonít you join me
Is there the possibility of a butter rum ass to bend over to see
UmmÖIf need be  
Wait, I would love a hard piece of that nightly hard on
As my pussy is squeezing the solid width until itís too far gone

Then Miss. Poem close your eyes
Umm, Iím spacing my thighs for a silken invading surprise
Allow the path of your wet tongue to gently glide over me
Losing its purpose in its fever awaiting need
Softy licking the peaks of my pert nipples
Duty of the man to please, the feeling to cave into, itís so simple
Tongue sailing down the slope of my curvaceous body
The last time we came together, it was in the elevator dropping to the hotel lobby

Fingers instilled into my moist delicious cream
Pants of breaths, holding back damns of Heavenly screams
Palm to your head
Back flapping on a silk covered bed
OhÖbaby...yesÖyes right there
Hands clenched as euphoric sinking, gripping a handful of hair
Tongue lashing, juices suctioning as their slapping, bodies intimately clapping

Arrival of a climatic river down
Murmurs within delight of its sounds
Umm, tongue withdrawing from a spellbinding licking
Time for the pleasure you surrender under a predawn sticking
Legs raised in space
The Duality of lust riding on faces
Chest braced
The tip of your erection fishing to enter my silken space

Hard dick sliding in
Mmm... in unity our slippery slow dancing begins
Thrusting inside
Essences collide
Rocking the inner sea
Muscular weight cushioned on top of me
Buttocks cupped
Parlaying the rush

Neck strained in sight
Ejaculation streaming, as my pussy is gloving so tight
Holding me tighter, groaning, mmm you felt so beautiful
The aura of your divinity baptizing inside my soul
An incredible feeling as you started to explode
Clenching my skin, head thrown back, such a pleasure to see, feel a man losing self control
Groaning out, SweetKittyCatís name
Titanic sinking, freeing my falling rain
Voices moaning, groaning from loverís tenderness, untamed

Humping, grinding
Sweat of the brow as we slowly unwind
Lips to lips we softly dine
Mind to mind
Sedated in the moment of time

Last night you were deep inside me
The stream of sunrise greets our bodies, my juices engrained in that trimmed goatee
Rumpled sheets, our soaked history of its slip and slide
Entangled we lay, weakened from its carnal needs, the midnight ride  
Our pleasures denote passion as desires beautifully collide

Thought Provoker
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Lover-man Too

Will you come to me Lover-man  
man of my dreams, its forever then  
your claws finding the supple place
my melon breasts covered only by lace  

the devil thatís crawling under the floor  
the beast of sin howling my name all the way from the shore  
I feel your trembling heart as push me against the door  
I feel your straining sex against my dress like the devilís fifth paw  

your ravaging body pressed on mine †
hard against the door, from behind  
a musky scent, itís blowing my mind  
come what may, this lover-manís is fucking mine!
seize the throne, donít want you to be gentle  
get into my mind and go mental, reign the mantle  
tie my hands this ainít the time for being experimental †
ahhh the king of savagery is whom I need to handle †

show me your hunger and give it to me on all four †
enslave me with your cock like thereís no tomorrow †
rip my dress now and throw them on the floor  
let the beast in you be the lover-man forever and ever more  

I donít care if youíre poor and have got a fucking sore  
I donít care if you canít keep up with me, your bitchy little whore  
youíre the beast thatís always been under my bed  
sometimes in my closet but always in my fucking head  

fuck forgiveness, fuck masterplans, just fuck me, iím nobodyís in the end  
Iíll ride the shivers and amplify your whispers, a whore just on a bend †
tied me up and toss me out and in the plan, just fuck my brains out †
poor old twisted me, fucked by my lover-man from behind and he is fucking loud †

take me to the bed lover-man, and let me lay beside you  
let me feel your hairy ripped body as I run my hands through  
Iíll be you bitch, Iíll be your slave, Iíll be the fucking lover-manís bride †
just promise me that there will be more and more fucking when I join you for the ride  

The devil by my side, ďYouíre my lover-man, ohhh till the bitter endĒ  
ďThe way you are fucking me, ohhh I am is sure youíre godsendĒ  
ďI am a slut, Iím a whore! Ohhh yeah I am whatever I amĒ  
and whenever you are fucking me, iím just gonna just say ďoohhh yeah a-men. youíre my lover-manĒ
Written by XiaoLong
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Dangerous Mind
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Sexual Congress

hips pound like thunder
measured wallop of soft flesh
lusty squeals of glee
Written by Kinkpoet
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Tyrant of Words
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I briefly close my eyes †
in readying  
my lips wrap around your words  
I take a deep  
b r e a t h †
and †
Out Loud  
I begin †
to read †
your †

With a steady timbre †
a scintilla of sexy †
and an ardency  

only. †
your. †
words. †

I'm colorful †
and sinful †
in how your words †
and my mouth  
duel caress  
I pluck
each †
syllable †
as only †
my †
tongue †
can †
  †† †w  
†† † † † † †i  
†† † † r  
in such  
voluptuous a feel †
an iota †
of sleaze †
mix with †
Pollyanna †
please †
a seductive
arc †
to match the †
written material's †
meaty wealth †
steady and sure... †


I'm becoming  
so very  
pleasant in ear  
especially when †
I inflect  
that particular  
please.. †
my gentleness  
and care  
my voice  
caresses †
right there
where all  
written †
impassioned †
is now oral †
fashioned †
and pleas †
I accentuate  
with a vernacular †
ease †
lift in air †
untethered †
to sail on †
the winds †

your words †
in my voice

 we are heard

Written by Bluevelvete
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Tyrant of Words
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Iím in love with a handsome vampire
Loving the fangs of his throbbing desire
He steals my emotions nightly, after suckling my emotions out of me so rightly, while heís holding me so tightly
Sunlight comes, Iím only a primitive illusion of his imagination
Weakening me into a state of carnal damnation

Dreads of silk layering the velvet sheets of my bed
Caressing my skin as if we were immortal newlyweds
Moonlight bathing our bodies in its entwinement
He knows I wonít run Iím his only erotic assignment
Loving me, hypnotizing me, enrapturing me in the height of sheer pleasure
No love greater to measure

On land or sea, he always calls out to me
In this century
Feeling the trance of his mystery
A true Casanova infamous in history
Did I say
Heís the predator and Iím the prey
Intoxicating love but God I canít walk away

SOS! Hurry! I need a stake!
Help me out, heís running from my bed before daybreak
I need a vail of blessed Holy Water
This must be considered emotional manslaughter
A cross to brandish before his shoes hit that door
I canít take this anemic imprisonment anymore

Sadly, my feelings go with him reincarnated in another land
Draining me senseless I cannot tell you how many times offhand
A vampire in his own manly empire
Under the hypnotic trance no other mortal I shall acquire
Another night a different bed, in another time
My body a feverish need for his many designs
His DNA is now part of my carnal enzymes
Deep scars from his possessive fangs
Surrendering and succumbing unto his nightly pangs

Iím half Fairy
Immune to the hurt
I keep that thought in my head until he takes off his shirt
Then Iím putty in his hands
Always will be from the farmlands, homelands
Wetlands as I continue to stand on fervent quicksand

Tyrant of Words
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The Scent Of A Man

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Strange Creature
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Pussy connoisseur

Throbbing pussy pulsates parry for a penis
Klit sounds sticky
Because cum works
Smacking labiae taste willingly sperm
Pucking prick
Sprinkles fizzy seeds
That penetrates through Desire
Wet, naked teases
Pussy munching man
Greedy drooling dude
Licks juicy vaginal potion
Sink into the swollen pussy
Swollen! Ass too
Wants to mime pussy
Ram into the backdoor
Lubricant is enough
Ejaculate enlightenment
Inside her
The stretchy steam hammer roaring
Depriving ejaculate expectantly
Holes liquid
Semen as well as juice
Nutritious nectar
Ambrosia from anvil
Holds hard hammer
Pumped penis
Pussy milks male monsoons
Lap is drinking sperm
Genitals glisten with soaking wet glaciers
Glans conquers the excitement of a welcoming
Gate of pearl clit pussy
The starving the
Tail loops
Plowed with a twitch
The rough dick
Filigree flesh of a fine woman
Lustfully lisping litanies
Whispering while She is
Squirting from her cunt
Fucking follows stunned mind
Which glides into arousal
After close combat
Penis pussy
Postcoital paralyzed
In individual insomnia
Longing abdomen
True to mighty might
Sore fucked
Second intermediate round
Until blood blossoms.
Tribute to noble testicles
Huge Brazil nuts
Mouth sucks milky marinade
She lowers herself
Applying with legs spread in the morning
Bumps of stiff cock
My Mariana Trench now milk-soaked pussy
Cunt = creampie

Tyrant of Words
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seducing your senses I reveal my true nature
darkness greed tantalizes your desire
my sex demon awakens and I'm your porno nympho

sweet ass seduction
licking your hardness
I look in your eyes, we lock onto each other
you turn up the heat
all of a sudden we're on another level

you want all of me
titillating, unraveling before you
no doubt we're about to get down to business
pink blush says I'm feeling you
wet and slick with need
you pet my pussy until it purrs

when you enter I know you mean it
pounding home your intent
marking the soul of me
I burn within
holding on tight, lest my senses leave me
my sanity tenuous
how is that you do this to me?

my body succumbs
beautiful expletives escape my lips
I leave fully sated

Written by smackdownraven
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🔥 🔥 🔥

Tyrant of Words
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Blend Me Baby

Close your eyes my love
You feel my soft hand caressing your cheek
Leaning in blanketing your lips under mine
I feel your breath intake
Your body silently flinching then relaxing
Feeling the heat of my closeness  
Sniffing the aura of your manly scent
Reaching my hand downward
Feeling the hardness of your anticipation
Mm... cupping your eagerness
The aroused vessel that dominates my passion  
Once you part me for your offering
Then hungrily slide the nature of your lust deep inside my soft folds
Ahh.. the tight fit, kissing the width
Lips searching mine out
Tongue bounding, twisting, pulling you even closer
Moans escaping, hisses echoing
Mm. sinking, faster you plunge
Oh yesÖwetness, swishing  
In my ear, your tongue plummeting  
My body shaking, the back of your neck, I cup  
Needing, you closer than space allows
Arching my back as the tip of your arousal dips in and out
Mm... you palming a breast then claiming the swollen bud with your mouth
Oh, sweet Jesus
Eyes rolled back  
Wetting your two fingers then darting them inside my mouth
Tasting the creaminess of me off your fingers
My body twerking, gyrating movements behind the hunger
My pussy walls dancing to the drumming beat of your girth
Memorize me my love
Harder, deeper baby...oh yes, just like that  
Sucking my breast nipple  
Legs wrapping around your limbs
Bodies pasted, your gluteus pressed  
Taking in every inch of you
Hammering into my moisten core
Your neck strained to the Heavens
The cry of your animalistic conquest ringing out
The crest of my wet cunt, drizzling, clamping for the liquidity damn
In and out, slicken and suctioning, pounding me, bursting my pleasure pinnacle
OhÖ. yesssssssss
MmmÖ Oh God.... blend me baby
Our bodies jerking in the sweetest aftermath
Your kisses saluting my lips
Mmmmm.. its that butter rum love
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Tyrant of Words
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What Is The Meaning Of Love

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