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Thought Provoker
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To Be or Not To Be

To be or not to be    
Desirous soul so passionate,    
Wanderlust for eyes to see,    
Lovely affair free to fornicate      
A damsel shares her true beauty      
Suitors so strong with offers of the hand    
Soft kisses upon the lips, so pretty    
Dreamy eyes, perky bosoms so grande    
An appearance so Mysterious the eye locks      
the clock nears midnight, tick tocks      
scanty whispers slaves of lust,  
the passion between her thighs    
men of honor but an actual a rogue in disguise      
Lustful, a man walks to the harem’s den    
Mad desire, a love wand, a lovely tan    
Ravenous touch flirting with danger      
seduced by a pretentious stranger      
To the harem’s room they go      
Lovers’ sanctuary, passion in tow  
escalating desire a pleasure no more    
worshipping prick mounted real slow    
The desires escalating wanting more          
The clothes of lust thrown to the door  
On the bed bodies arched readiness luck    
Moaning and groaning, a carnal fuck          
Bodies in bed, frolicking in lust,      
lay and mate, faster and faster    
sinking girth deeper and deeper    
a destiny released deep inside the heat  
A climax entwined screams every heart beat.      
The taste of forbidden passion          
eyes closed, and open them,      
all they say “to be or not to be”      
It’s matters not to me!
Written by XiaoLong
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Tyrant of Words
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So You Want To See Me Dance

So you want to watch me dance    
Giving you a hard on as a mental romance
Gripping my pole, making love to it
My passion in exchange for the hidden desires of your dick  
Pleasing myself as I touch my clit  
Naughty games with my fingers sliding into my wet slit  
My pussy gyrating making you want me  
No touching love, just feel the lustful need  
Sliding up and down my dance pole  
Imaging your dick thrusting deep inside my wet pussy hole  
The pole dividing my butt cheeks  
Parting me, sniffing me  
My hands softy caressing up my leg with a soft tease  
Back sliding up and down the pole a seductive ride  
Perky breasts bouncing side-to-side  
Palm gripped, swinging around my pole, eyes capturing yours  
More dollars onto the stage they pour  
Upside down flip, pussy shot  
G-string sparking in the dark until it fell off  
I see you gripping that shot glass in your hand  
Erection pointing north from all you can stand  
Making it rain with those dollars  
For a taste of this and to make me holler  
Up that money game  
Wind my pussy up and then sop it as it rain  
Oh you want another woman to join in to please you  
Are you leaking now from your family jewels  
One soft hand cupping my breast  
The other hand gliding down to my pussy, where it rest  
Her fingers rubbing over me, making love to my clit  
Visions of you darting your tongue inside my wet slit  
Mm you have some hypnotic eyes  
To please you beyond these dim lights would be my sweetest surprise  
The seduction of the preacher by the teacher  
Dropping it like its hot, legs opening, pussy flash  
Rolling on a bed of bills, twerking my ass  
Slap it baby, as you slid a bill under my bra’s spaghetti string  
On my knees, ass in your face, go head and part my buttocks, and taste the butter rum cream  
Umm... you such a nasty boy  
My kind of midnight toy  
Crawling to you as sleek as a tigress in pursuit  
Down your zipper goes, uum my mouth giving your erection its just due  
Throwing your head back from my oral sensual attack  
Thrusting your dick harder into mouth, better than a hand job whack  
Craving me from the hunger of my pleasure giving knack  
Sitting back  
Titty fuck sandwiching that hard snack  
Tongue tasting your tip  
Pre-cum oozing out the small slit in your dick  
I’m licking off every single bit  
The lights are on us  
Palming my head, my mouth taking in your hard upward thrusts  
Money pouring over my head...umm, no need to rush  
Drowning the flavor of your soul past the back of my throat  
Buying me for the night so no one else floats my boat  
The last time this occurred  
I was on my back until the calling of the morning birds  
Are you ready for this, for me  
My illicit needs  
In your bed, on my knees, in the shower, you fucking me as you please  

Dangerous Mind
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i've read very compelling poems about rape, sexual slavery, child abuse and shit&piss from some of the writers on here.

i'lltry and find some for you.

poet Anonymous

<< post removed >>
Tyrant of Words
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lack of love and fucking in the time of a pandemic

it only takes the mental promise'd
dominant agreement
of pain or a lustful debaucherous need
to soothe a fuck all of
dayglow'd heated, desirous greed...

or maybe just the visual of an ass that's bite worthy...
(It's all relative, when quarantine'd)

Tyrant of Words
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An Invitation

An invitation
To possibilities new
A smile
Eyes that speak with fire
Black bra and panties
Nothing more to the imagination
Her natural curves
On perfect display
She knows her body
Knows how it entices
What a tease
My body shaking
At these delights my eyes witness
A sensual paradise
Destination pleasure
No mystery
Pure driven sexuality
Nothing less than fire
Burning before my eyes
Fluid movements
Pushing me to the edge of no return
Taking away my control
Holding my heart and soul
Teasing me to complete surrender
I am hers
No one else's
Wrapped around her desire
I drip between her fingers
I am the moisture
She is the cup
Collecting me
Drinking me
Till I am no more

Written by AspergerPoet56
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Tyrant of Words
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Swallowed Pleasure... Wet Treasure  

Turning you on, the live version much better than those naughty pics  
Rubbing over the peaks of my nipples, licking over one, getting hotter watching you standing there licking your lips  
Mm… you like what you see  
Wetting my finger, dragging it down my chest, V-shaping my clit for you to please  
Plaming the sides of the chair uplifting my hips, striking a mid-air pose  
Head bend back, pouring honey all over my body, no matter which direction the stream rolls  
Your zigzagging tongue will be licking it off wherever it goes  

Telling me to lay back in the chair and open my legs wide  
Self-pleasuring my soft folds, tasting my essence before I let you come inside  
You had enough big boy of the naked view, take your clothes and let me a muse you
Weakening you with the jucies of this dew  
Oh… sweet mercy, I see you are so ready for all this
My mouth salivating off the wonderous of that engorged dick  
Passion and ecstasy trickles once you ease your arousal deep inside this moisten slit  

On your kness captain and make that wish happen  
Cupping my buttocks, teasing my inner thighs with the strands of your beard  
The tip of your tongue inside my sugar wall you softly spear  
Mm... oh baby... yes … yes right there
Do what you want to me I don’t care
Got me panting, gyrating againt your face  
Gripping my hips losing yourself in my sweeten taste  
Oh baby… I need to feel your dick inside, breathless off the anticipate  

Hurry baby and make this pussy cum, closing my eyes  
Leaning my head back, moaning in rapture to the skies  
Placing my legs over your shoulders, your finger and tongue interchanging upon the collide  
Seesawing my hips up and down with each tongue motion  
Illicit French speaking behind each tongue thrashing into my silken love potion  
Your tongue twisting side-to-side, licking my clit around and around  
Your drools glistening my hairy mound  

Back arched, pushing your head deeper into my feverish lust  
Locking your face within my thighs... aww… my body trembling upon that overflowing gush  
My climax coating your tongue  
Swallowing my essence, the remnants of my flavor down your chin the stream runs  
Straddling you, making love in that rickety chair until the calling of midnight  
Dick inside me, you know how I like it  

My satin sheets, my preference, my acceptance  
The cushion of my body coveting your drops of sweat  
Loving the way you keep this pussy hot and wet  
Kissing all over my body, tenderly enough to make me melt  
Holding me closer while you thrusting.. groaning right before I make you cum  
Palming the wall, buttocks flapping, milking your girth inside this butter rum  
Oh God... I feel that  
Tongues bonding, saturating this sweet kitty, your fingertips, dancing all over my back  
Making love to me in the shower leading up to dawn’s early hour  

Tyrant of Words
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Upper Eastside New York

I was out with a couple of my nursing staff last Friday evening, referred to as girls’ night out. We decided on a nice Italian Restaurant in Upper New York.

The waiter approaching our table, was every woman’s fantasy. Adonis, as one of my friends whispered before he got closer.

The waiter erected his presence in front of our table. He placed a menu down in front of all seated patrons.

“Thank you,” my superior, who is the Regional District Manager broke the silent barrier.
“You’re welcome,” his smooth baritone voice, replied in return.

He looked around the circular white clothed table.
“Would any one of you beautiful ladies like an appetizer before your dinner is served?”

“The house salad, lite dressing please,” I spoke up.

My other three staff nurses duplicated my order.
For a waiter, he smelled so invigorating.
The aroma of a man, especially if the scent is an aphrodisiac of any arresting kind, is a sure goner for me

“Is everything all right, ma’am?”

I had to clear my thoughts.
Picture me sitting down, and this handsome waiter standing in front of me, and remember I have not lifted my eyes to meet his. And the presented picture was very hard not to notice. I cleared my throat.

“I could help you with that.”
I instantly closed my eyes in shame.
Please tell me I did not just voice my thoughts.

Four pairs of eyes darted over in my direction for an explanation behind my outburst.

The waiter looked down at my seated attendance. Funny, because, his eyes strayed down my cleavage, and the sheer hip-hugging black dress I had on, and drooping bust line was doing this woman’s body, fierce justice.

“Could I take your” The waiter shook his head. “I…I mean can I take your order now.”

“Don’t worry; I’m sure you’ll have enough here to go around.”

The waiter looked around the table.
Each one of my co-workers flashed the waiter a flirtatious smile.

“I’m sure I would.”
“Yes, could you bring me something long and wet, to parch my throat.”

The waiter smiled at my request.
A set of pearly whites was on his menu. He palmed his goatee down.

Umm, a man with facial hair, my wanderlust took control.

“Anything specific.”
“A Sex on the Beach.”
“Have you ever been to Italy? I heard the sand there is fit for a Goddess.”
“I have my Passport ready to go.”

Four pairs of eyes were waiting for the next spoken word.

“Would any one of you beautiful ladies like to join in?”
“Four or more is definitely a crowd,” I replied.

The waiter looked back down at my bust line, and the swell of my nipples were not backing down. At the moment, this conversation was very uplifting from my standpoint, well at least his point, and no flexibility in sight.

“Back to that Sex on a Beach, would you like anything else with that, beautiful.”

I pretended to act coy, by glancing down at my menu, my peripheral vision, locked in on nothing but a harden future fantasy, sweet mercy, I love the physique of mankind.

“No, I’m satisfied, for now.”

The waiter leaned downward, closer to my ear and whispered, “You will be, I get off at ten.”
“I will be around,” I whispered backed

The waiter straightened his posture. His eyes glanced back around our table.

“Oh, the drinks are still on the house, regarding the first football win of the season.”
“I love the city of the Big Apple.”
“Yes, on the verge of giving me some sisterly affection later.”
“I will never decline an invitation with so many solid possibilities.”
“Would you like to sample the house meatballs?”
“Just a sample.”
“Yes, what you can’t digest you can enjoy the rest once we get…once you get home.”
“I’m sorry, I’m a vegetarian handsome.”
“Don’t be sorry, I happen to have a weakness for a woman who is selective about the things she allows to satisfy her palate, sexy.”

Light me up like a Christmas tree I thought. This handsome waiter was bringing it and bringing it non-stop.

His dark marble-colored eyes, olive-skin tone complexion, high glossed hair; banded at the nape of his neck, pinned my existence.

I nervously licked by lips, out of habit when I’m nervous.

“A pleasure for me I suppose.”

From my lips to your dick I wanted to say.

I blushed with no shame.
One of my co-workers cleared her throat.

“I’m hungry girl.”
I looked at the waiter’s groin; hey I was in the moment.
“Yeah so am I,” floated out my mouth.
“You are the only woman here who gets fed by me personally.” He looked down at my lips. “I’m really feeling a beautiful woman who is choosy about the meat she tends to allow to escape pass those succulent lips.”

Am I on some form of a reality show? Am I getting punked here?

If I had known this handsome Italian Stallion was waiting for my presence in an intimate restaurant. I would never have hopped on my treadmill or posted on Deep Undercover Poetry. I would had come here alone, and left my co-workers waiting without conscious.

“Beautiful, I will be back with that order. Later, I will show you how to really enjoy the fruit of your labor from off mine.”

The waiter arrogantly strolled away from our table. He looked back and winked at me.

My thong was more satisfied than me.

My four associates looked over at me and just shook their head at my brazenness.

“Girl, you’re going to need CPR much later on.”’
“As long as his mouth, resuscitates my three holes, I’m all good.”

We all laughed.

Tyrant of Words
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Baby.... Cum And Give Me Something

Candle light dancing over our embracing silhouettes
Two bodies come together as blended melodies of a beautiful duet    
Love Faces    
Body to body, heart-to-heart- falling emotions under good graces    
Have one’s heart in the right place      
Dick and pussy shared upon silk sheets, our sacred space    
My Tomcat going down on his knees    
His eleventh commandment is to thoroughly appease      
Spreading my thighs, an impatient tongue slipping into my sunken treasure    
His craving draining my butter rum juices in all its ecstasy of measures    
Cupping my buttocks, drawing my pelvis closer to his mouth    
Wetness dripping from my glistening lover’s cup as his tongue greedily consoles down south    
His hands extending, palming my perky breasts    
Tongue teasing, pleasing, greasing my soft folds, my body floating, beyond wet    
Labored panting breaths I breathe    
Pussy soaking in the heat of the inflaming needs    
Symphonic love notes, moans cadence to the ears    
Weakening my mind, my body, my soul he propels pass the cosmic  stratosphere    
Rapture pushing me over the edge    
Lust, desire, yearning instilled as his body fully pledge    
Mm… sweet mercy, surrendering as he wickedly please      
His oral fixation, licking, tasting, expunging my carnal needs    
Feeding me the abyss of internal bliss    
Hungrey tongue lashes hit after hit after hit    
Tenderly plucking at my clit      
Palming his head, my back arched in submission, his fingers serenading my pussy lips    
His tongue repeatedly dipping inside my juicy slit    
Not stopping until my pussy crests and then creams      
Mouthing my butter rum juices, thighs locked on his face, gyrating on his wet dream    
Silk sheets clenched, followed by earth shattering screams    
Toppling my soft cushion    
Palming his erection, darting inside my silken walls, now he’s pushing    
Our bodies instinctively interweaving    
Juices mixing, opulent stimulations we’re achieving    
A soft bite here a soft bite there    
My signature soft scratches in the height of passion, mingled within his chest hairs    
Sinking his hard length, the width parting me    
Come on baby, allow my flow to gush as it flees    
Peaches and cream    
So much tastier and sweeter for all that it seems  
Climatic soft rainfall crashes into his pearly flowing stream    
Lips locking    
Pussy still popping    
Dick inside throbbing    
Taking my breath as desire is robing    
Bodies slowly coming back down to earth      
Duel souls sedated from the fervent needs, my Chi gloving his girth    
This sweet good pussy got him nightly subscribing      
Mm... the whispers to my mind so weakening, his rapture is my bribing

Tyrant of Words
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The regaling of a very good girl. (+Reading)

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Fire of Insight
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dirty dimeter

skanky honey
earns her money
slurpin’ semen
like a demon
on her knees for
cock to tease, her
tits a’bouncin’
suckin’, crouchin’
nutsack heavy
load is ready
trojan rubber
gonna fuck her
dick deployment
crack enjoyment
pussy plumbin’
asscheek drummin’
hoohoo spasms
fake orgasms
musky odor
spread, bent over
rock hard pecker
anus wrecker
strumpet mounted
gettin’ pounded
savage jackin’
sphincter packin’
harlot squealin’
cunt is leakin’
puckered pleasure
sated lecher
half an hour
time to shower
Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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Tyrant of Words
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My thong thief has been sought and caught    
Umm, no average Joe here  
This handsome one had me screaming, moaning, begging, and submitting, as he rode my body into high gear  
After making love to my thong thief until he lost all sense of reality, grunts echoing of his sound    
Thought it would be easy, being in control is always my common ground    
Think again    
This handsome one invented the carnal rule of sexual sins    
He justified all of them in one night    
Had me on my knees confessing unto his fucking justice, until dawn’s early light    
Golden showers as he marked his territory    
To retrieve my thong, I submitted to the eleventh sin of his purgatory    
Surrendered in guilt after I let him snake his family jewels deep in my ass    
Stirring nine inches of hard glory as he hungrily basked    
Could not stand the erotic torture of my mouth    
Withdrew his dick, lifted my legs in the air and invading my wet south    
Had me cumming and cumming a tidal wave in submission    
Doggy style, 69 his favorite thrill, plummeting my pussy over and over again in the military position    
This eager student overindulging the teacher    
Taking the will of my body pass the stars, and then suspending my climax at his leisure    
Begging him to release my pinnacle of ecstasy without a breather    

Persistently fucking me on the floor, in the pool, in the den, on the pool table, and then in the shower    
God help me, I must admit, I became addicted to his dick thrusting tower of power    
Interrogating him had my body in disarray    
Scratches, love bites to his chest as his dick drilled inside my wet pussy as he parlayed    
His mouth coveting my pussy hole, his tongue of pleasure tantalizing as it patrolled    

Arching my back for such a sweet cajole    
Then he climbed over me, ramming his dick inside my mouth, my tongue tasting the essence of my soul    
Releasing his pearly seeds inside    
Demanding I swallow his release down my throat to hide    
A thong raider smooth talking Casanova be that it may    
Fifty Shades of Grey, yet, done in his wicked and dominating way    
Bound wrists, blindfolded, a willing actress in his reality play    
Two bodies feenin without morals for the pleasure of its good    
I relinquished my ice cream, cake, and he ate me like I was food    
Lust filled desires throughout the night, my pussy walls enhacing his mood    
Return my thong now, please    
Then pull it slowly up my legs and pass my knees    

Gliding your tongue slowly up my thighs my thong following pursuit    
Mm, I see you looking and thinking about my exotic juicy fruit    
For the pleasure of getting my thong back you came to please    
Enticing my body, giving into you willing, as you teased    
Your wicked tongue and hard dick as an arsenal as they invaded to appease    

Once inside of me…an action that needs to be certified as you made me cum    
Wait…wait you pulling my thong back down again, throwing me on the bed dipping inside my silken butter rum    
Oh God this feels so good for me to even attempt to run    
Pleasuring me, pleasing me, getting me addicted, straight fucking me until the rise of the sun    
Slipping, dipping, and ramming your dick inside me once again while on my back    
You have me sore in places, for me to even speak or react    
A thong thief to please, a gifted knack, fed me pleasure my body will know when it lacks    
My thong is safety back in my drawer, a sweet undercover testimony from Sweet Kitty Cat    
I knew it was you, the one whose passion stirs my illicit moods    
Providing the feast for my mind’s mental food    
Ladies if this handsome one happens to invade your panty drawer, the blessing cums when you are trying to get them back… très bon

Fire of Insight
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Rope play done right is not just tying somebody up, it is a process filled with anticipation, enticement and sensuality, and although it will usually have erotic undertones, it is not always sexual.

It is however an experience that can bond two people together far beyond the knots.

Happy New Year Everybody

Thank you for keeping the this thread alive with all this beautiful work.

Tyrant of Words
United States
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Definitely bite-worthy😍 Sexy write S 😘

Tyrant of Words
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Wh1skeySwagger said:Rope play done right is not just tying somebody up, it is a process filled with anticipation, enticement and sensuality, and although it will usually have erotic undertones, it is not always sexual.

It is however an experience that can bond two people together far beyond the knots.

Happy New Year Everybody

Thank you for keeping the this thread alive with all this beautiful work.

I didn't have to wait long for my new year's wish! .... thank goodness!

Welcome back, Swagger!

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