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Fire of Insight
United States
Joined 10th Dec 2019
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When I touched her skin
The touch was not like before
It was something new


I knew she felt it
The aura was not the same
It’s warmth filled my soul


Slowly giving in
As I laid claim to her skin
Whispering softly


Seducing her mind
Breaths beating against her skin
She belongs to me


Never below me
She stands proudly at my side
My beautiful queen
Written by Wh1skeySwagger (Swagger)
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Fire of Insight
Joined 13th May 2018
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a story, in verse
She rides the train into the city every single day
And whiles away the hours it takes by hunting for her prey
A game she plays wherein her lustful passions are indulged
To find the guy who packs the most majestic trouser bulge
She walks the aisle eyeballing every handsome fella’s crotch
No well-hung gentlemen escape the guile of huntress’ watch
Her practiced mental measurements take but a moments glance
In seconds she can rank the mass residing in their pants
Today she hits the jackpot! Lumps abound of hefty size
Amongst some dudes in running shorts! One packs the grandest prize!
Her plan: to score a selfie with the unsuspecting jock
While holding up a ruler side by side his whopping cock
While strolling past her seated target, feigning then a fall
Into his lap, soft pussy square on lounging cock and balls
She falsely begged for pardon as she looked into his eyes
Her buttocks clenching in his lap to stir a horny rise
Forthwith she felt the serpent stretch and waken from its sleep
An “oow” escaped the maiden’s lips, enjoying his physique
The swelling beast compressed against the softness of her bum
The lad, surprised, stayed silent as she banged on passion’s drum
The bulge erupting under her was growing hard as rock
Enough to tip her over, was this magnitude of cock!
To steady her upon his lap, he grasped her heaving hips
She threw her arms around his neck and smacked him with a kiss
She begged him, “Pardon me, I didn’t mean to interrupt—
But, how about we talk about the first thing that comes up?

While batting her eyelashes and still grinding in his lap—
She whispered, “Show me what’s confined within your jockey strap!”
With that, she looked him in the eyes and clenched her supple thighs
Then slid out of his lap onto the floor, to his surprise
To kneel between his legs and yank his shorts down past his knees
In shock, he stood, erection proud, balls swinging in the breeze!
She had him now! She snatched her phone and ruler from her purse
He had no time to cover, her attack was well-rehearsed
She turned and smiled to snap her pic, his ‘package’ in full view
To her delight, his shaft was decorated with tatoos!
She got the shot she wanted of the young man’s brawny dick
As other phones were catching vid and camera apps went ‘click’
The lad was still bewildered as the other riders gawked
She joyously announced, “He’s got a Footlong, Tatooed Cock!”
He fumbled as his jock strap couldn’t hold It still erect
She helped him stuff his cock back in with fingers more adept
Then pushed the dude, so well-endowed, back down into his seat
And hopped back on him, crotch-to-crotch, her ‘lap dance’ to repeat
“Do you mind?” she whispered as she gently kissed his neck
“I hope you’ll let me stay right here, and ride your throbbing sex
Until the train ride’s over —Please forgive my little prank—
No need to be embarrassed! Your big dick sure earned my thanks!”

With that, she kissed him once again while writhing on his junk
Thus coaxing him to cream his shorts in torrents of hot spunk
Now soaking wet, she “oohed” and “aahed” while humping on his sex
His buddy from across the aisle enquired, “Can I go next?”
Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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Chere R Sarver
Lost Thinker
United States
Joined 27th June 2022
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Such beautiful, erotica passion written that captures the beast within us all... GREAT JOB !!!

Fire of Insight
Joined 13th May 2018
Forum Posts: 350

The Honeymoon Cuckold

a story in song, set to the tune of

“The Tennessee Waltz”  
Honeymooning / With my baby / At a nudist resort  
The first time that she saw me undress  
She was frowning / She was pouting / And she giggled a bit  
For my ‘package’ had failed to impress  
I remember that day / Strolling nude on the beach  
With my bride showing off in the raw  
When she told me / That compared to / Every cock on that beach  
“Hon, your penis is laughably small!”  
Honeymooning / With my baby / At a nudist resort  
Making love on warm sand by the sea  
When she saw him / Strolling past us / Virile, muscled, and tan  
With a much larger penis than me  
I remember that night / While she made love to him  
My new bride made me kneel there and watch  
And my ego / Was demolished / As she squealed out in bliss  
While impaled on that playboy’s huge cock  
Honeymooning / With my baby / At a nudist resort  
My new bride made a cuckold of me  
First she sucked him / Then she fucked him / After which she commanded  
Me to kneel down and lick them both clean  
It was late the next morn’ / As we strolled down the beach  
By her playboy’s behemoth, upstaged  
I was red-faced / And embarrassed / As she brandished the key  
To my shiny new chastity cage  
Honeymooning / With my baby / At a nudist resort  
Was a week of pure hell by the sea  
Humiliated / And frustrated / All the chicks laughed at me  
Cock and balls locked in tight chastity!  
It was later that day / When she bought me a leash—  
Which she clipped to my cage, with a ‘click’  
For the rest of / Our vacation / When we strolled down that beach  
She would lead me along by my dick  
Honeymooning / With my baby / At a nudist resort  
Tiny penis on public display  
It was mocked by / Many pussies / But the steel cage confined  
Tiny penis from going astray  
It was late afternoon / I was horny and hot  
And my balls were about to explode  
But the pussies / Kept on teasing / ‘Till in spite of my cage  
Tiny penis soon shot its last load  
Honeymooning / With my baby / At a nudist resort  
I was lashed to a chaise by the sea  
There I watched my / Darling fuck him / Virile, muscled, and tan  
With a much larger penis than me  
While still tied to that chaise / Playboy cut off my balls
Staking claim to my luscious coquette!

Then my baby / Reassured me / I would always belong  
As their castrated ass-licking pet  
Honeymooning / With my baby / At a nudist resort  
Without balls, I can’t fuck my new bride  
She exchanged my / Tiny cock cage / For a ring through my penis—  
Too large for my trousers to hide  
It was early next morn’ / My ‘Prince Albert,’ still numb  
Soon our journey back home would begin  
When she told me / He would join us / As Her Alpha-Male Stud  
Soon to father our house-full of kids  
Honeymooning / With my baby / At a nudist resort  
Without balls, I’m no use as a man  
She exchanged my / Tiny penis / For a fucking Goliath—  
Hanging huge, virile, muscled, and tan  
final chorus  
It was later that day / When we boarded the plane  
As a threesome I’d come to regret  
With my wife on / Muscled arm of / Her new stud-muffin swain  
And I on a leash as their pet  
Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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Chere R Sarver
Lost Thinker
United States
Joined 27th June 2022
Forum Posts: 7

What more can a true old lady say...I love it & remember back it the day !!! Give it a 10 PLUS !!!!

Fire of Insight
Joined 13th May 2018
Forum Posts: 350

I'm P*ssy-Whipped by You


In the morning when you rise
I’ll slip my face between your thighs
The tongue foretells the cock’s reprise
Whilst pussy-licking you

In the night time as you sleep
My lips and tongue explore your keep
My male physique bewixt your cheeks
Balls-deep inside of you

I’ll be your paramour
My tongue adores your thighs’ contour
For oral-worship tried-and-true
I'm pussy-whipped by you

That’s when you’ll cum for me
Orgasming anew
Tell me what to do
I'm pussy-whipped by you


In the early afternoon
Our rendezvous can’t come too soon
To gaze upon your lovely moon
Whilst pussy-licking you

Bent over for your backdoor bliss
Your derriere I’ll kiss and kiss
Before I plunge my ample gifts
Balls-deep inside of you

I’ll be your paramour
My cock will lift you off the floor
Erupting in that musky core
Balls-deep inside of you

That’s when you’ll moan for me
With semen on your shoe
Tell me what to do
I'm pussy-whipped by you


If your lovely ass grows tired
My phallus leaves you uninspired
A vibrator may be required
A battery, or two

My adoration lifts your skirt
Deft fingers with your hoohoo flirt
Until their tickles make you squirt
Whilst finger-fucking you

I’ll be your paramour
Your satyr too, your cock du jour
Its thrusting mass—arousal’s cure
Balls-deep inside of you

That’s when you’ll cum for me
Aquiver as we screw
Tell me what to do
I'm pussy-whipped by you


When your work takes you from home
I’ll comfort you by telephone
Direct your fingers where to roam
As if I’m touching you

I’ll charm you with my bedroom voice
Until your passion’s niche grows moist
Concurrently we’ll both rejoice
I’m pussy-whipped by you

I’ll be your paramour
On masturbation’s mind-fuck tour
By sound and fantasy’s allure
Phone sex tonight, with you

That’s when you’ll moan for me
Before we say, “adieu”
Tell me what to do
I’m pussy-whipped by you

Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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Strange Creature
Joined 4th Nov 2022
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I like the poem and the picture separately; each has its own appeal (there are those that are attracted to being subjugated just are those that seek to subjugate they are paired) but I am not sure I follow the picture in connection with the last lines of the poem that speak to equal footing and Queen status.  The picture does not speak to Queendom, but bondage.

Fire of Insight
Joined 13th May 2018
Forum Posts: 350

This Ritual Repeats Each Night

a story, in verse

My Dominatrix claims a price more costly than a wife
Her levy: I must subjugate my will to hers, for life
And prove devotion far surpassing pain and sacrifice
My Cock and Balls, an offering laid bare across her knife!

My ample sex surrendering to beauty lithe and proud
She takes great joy in conquering a man so well-endowed
She wields erotic psychic skill that draws me to her flame
Much like a moth that lost its will in light so bright it maims

My manhood burgeons draped across her dagger, keenly honed
I contemplate the grievous loss my Mistress now condones
A sacrifice I fear to bear; yet, tendered every night
Beneath my Lady’s icy glare: she’s cocksure—I’m contrite
This ritual repeats each night, imperiled on her blade
With haughty smile, she claims the right to take a Eunuch Slave!
She pauses, contemplating my castration’s reason why—
To safeguard my fixation on her lust instead of mine

Electrified, my breathing slows as Mistress moves her wrist
I gingerly rise on my toes, and wait to be dismissed
Admiring my Contribution, heavy in her hand
The choice is hers: to leave It be, or else leave me unmanned

She lifts my hefty treasures yet still higher on her steel
To thoroughly inspect their bulk and sexual appeal
Then gives my Offering Her Kiss, an omen of good luck—
Permission to remain a man, approving of Its pluck

In gratitude that, one more day, my manhood may endure
I supplicate, this debt to pay, with lips and tongue adjure
That she'll consent to adoration’s kiss between her legs
From one whose masculinity is trained to kneel and beg

Her hand can feel my swelling pride—she brings restraint to bear
Behind my back, my arms she ties,  and chides me to prepare
Aroused erect before her, poised to taste her whip and crop
With docile meekness I accept the scourging of my Cock

It’s just because she chose to let me keep these Cock and Balls
This punishment reminds us both, the choice was hers because
She knows I crave to service her by Cock instead of Tongue—
I am her favored worshipper—she likes that I'm well-hung!
She whips my Phallus sharply and my Balls are not ignored
Machismo fully broken and her dominance restored
My cries of pain and passion mark the cracking of her whip
And seasoned with her laughter as she flagellates my Dick

With tears of torment streaming down my falsely stoic face
As searing-hot humiliation burns between by legs
My pride incinerated—sorely chastened—hanging slack
She'll pause until this agony has settled in my Sac

The penis whipping ends when my erection fades away
She’ll calmly kneel to kiss Its head and then I’ll hear her say
“Yet even when It hangs there, limp, It’s still a fine display!”
Then winks at me suggesting she might ride on It one day

I wince with every touch upon my manhood, sore and raw
Until dismissed, I'll stand here mum and clench my teeth and jaws
My Mistress is unhurried as she smiles at me because
She knows the terror and the pain have settled in my Balls

She lingers for a moment to admire her vanquished prize
By fingering this Trophy Set she owns between my thighs
Though limp, she notes Its length and girth astonishingly grand
Then palms my loaded Scrotum, heavy Ballock in each hand

So tender after whipping, Genitalia once demeaned
Absolved by her caress, sore Testicles are now redeemed
This glimmer of affection quickly melts into thin air
My Dominatrix, once again, resumes her haughty glare

"Enough of this!" she blurts while calmly drawing back her leg
I've learned it's senseless folly to resist, or dodge, or beg
This evening's last indignity my Mistress will inflict
I close my eyes and clench my thighs, preparing for The Kick

Her lovely foot marauds my raw and throbbing tender crotch
My Ballocks are not ruptured, but it's still a mighty shock
I crumple to the floor, convulsions ravaging my guts
Conceding to this sadist passion savaging my Nuts

She gives me but a moment to compose myself, and then
Commanded to roll on my back, defenseless once again
With legs spread wide, my withered pride presented for her view
With Cock in stripes of red, and Scrotum bruised in black and blue

She kneels between my legs and deems my punishment complete
My shriveled manhood, limp and sagging, yielding in defeat
Now, small enough to go back in the steel cage, cold and tight
I worry that my Cock and Balls might miss tomorrow night!

Securely locked in chastity, ensuring I behave
I'm grateful that she holds My Key: How dominance is played!
I tremble that some night It might not earn Her Sparing Kiss—
And end my dreams to fuck her
And my means to stand and piss!

Written by ReggiePoet (Reggie)
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Fire of Insight
United States
Joined 10th Dec 2019
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I think its all interpretation.

You see bondage, I see a woman being adored and cared for as a king does for his queen.

My queen is bound quite regularly though because she craves it and wills it, she is not subjugated, she is free and chooses to submit to her king, but she is never ever ever below him, this is the dynamic we choose,  not me or she … we, this is the dynamic we created for us.  And in life and love  we walk through life side by side as equals.

I appreciate your input, always good to have opposing views and I love hearing others interpretations of what I see, but I respectfully disagree this time 🖤

Thank you for taking time to read and ponder and reply. I appreciate you

Fire of Insight
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Thought Provoker
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It is obvious that you do not know the difference between PORN and EROTICA.  Read a book.

Fire of Insight
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PoetWarrior said:It is obvious that you do not know the difference between PORN and EROTICA.  Read a book.

Nobody forcing you to stay here, read the OP, the rules are simple, your free to leave

Thought Provoker
United States
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Just trying to educate you
“Erotica”; the root of the word is derived from Eros, the mythical God of sexual LOVE. Erotica expresses sexual love in an artful way.
“Pornography”; the root of the word is derived from the Greek “porni”, meaning PROSTITUTE. Porn expresses sex, without art. Porn titillates the libido through repression, violence, incest and other social taboos, gratuitous use of degrading slang, disrespect and/or wanton perversion.
Both forms may have a place and an audience, BUT they are NOT synonymous. (I’ve written both.)

Tyrant of Words
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Free Styling This Climax
Sitting at my computer naked and wet    
Sipping on a glass of my Moet  
Fingers' riding down to my sugary crown  
Legs gap, on my desk I am wide and open    
Been horny all day, passion spoken...    
Baby just step closer... my heated desires need to be awoken    
Reclining back    
Think about you softly licking this creamy kitty cat    
Oh baby... pinching at my nipples    
Nothing about you and I is ever simple    
Reaching over, grabbing from out my glass an ice cube    
Down my belly, rubbing it around my pieced navel jewel    
Mm... melting as the stream run, dipping it much lower    
Playing with my pussy lips a little slower    
Oh, baby I see you out there    
Rolling the tip through my fine downy hairs    
Mm.. sinking it inside my cunt    
My sugar walls scooping it up    
Oh.. yes.. gyrating to the beat of One More Try    
Caressing over my thighs    
Tasting my tasting all like the filling of a peach pie    
Back arched...    
Licking around my lips.... pussy dewy, yet parched    
Oh yes.. wiggling my fingers side to side    
Then two fingers, tight grip yet feeling good upon the collide    
My fingers slipping deeper.. mingling, cold, yet my pussy stirring    
You ever heard a cat in heat softly purring      
Gasping for a climax... licking over a nipple, panting    
Up down.. fingers jiggling, slanting    
Oh...this feels good... closing my eyes    
Cannot help this feeling but to go with the ride    
Looking at the avatar    
Oh baby.. taking this pussy to Mars    
Mm... my sweet essence cresting, resting    
Coated my fingers that's still all up in my wet nest    
Teasing my soft folds... here taste me    
Wiping my creamy release all over my computer screen    
You like    

Tyrant of Words
United States 18awards
Joined 17th Sep 2010
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In Your Mouth......

warm to hot
awash of wet annointing
I am held


…...I close my eyes
deep, brown rolling
into my head,  
beyond my mind

I sigh

the rush
Cum overflowing
I feel your essence,
your prowess and power

opening my thighs, slowly

my hardness
baptized by a hellish fire

(my hips starting to grind........)

      your mouth

all over your hands

my savage arousal  
dies away.....  
….....ever so slow slowly

dripping from you beautiful rouge lips

speaking lustful dreams........mmmmmm       from your mouth

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