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Francisco J Vera
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Guys always be the sexy charmer.  Treat the ladies with Kindness and Respect.

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Are You Lonesome Tonight

Are you lonesome tonight  
Do you crave the taste of my lips in the hour of twilight  
The perfume scent of my Creole skin blending with your manly sheen  
Upon your rose petals sheets, treated like a Queen  
In the throne of abetting, coaxing your pleasure to firmly stand  
My fingers, mm... moving ever so slowly up my thighs my jeweled midriff, pinching a nipple, laying against the mounted pillows, giving you an invite into my moisten cove where lovers, entwine, passion shall command
We lose ourselves in the thrill of our lascivious dance  
You impatiently sit there watching me as a voluptuous peep show draped in your bed  
The lust in your eyes, when teasing you, then slowly parting my legs  
Concealed hunger in your eyes, the dampness of my dew kissing the skimpy lace  
Waiting, needed you to pull aside my panties and with your finger, taste  
Oh baby yes, lean in, and let my juices drench your face  
Imprisoning your cheeks for that... mm... feel good, feet on your shoulders, gyrating on your lips, while palming your head holding it steady  
Small kisses to my pussy hole, oh sweet sweet mercy, baby I am wet, ready  
You seized my hands, holding my arms to my side  
Letting your oral fetish consume me in heat as the tip dips farther, deeper inside  
Closing my eyes, falling, don't catch me let me enjoy this tongue glide,  
Seasoning to you, cupping my ass, on baby baby baby.. panting ..what a ride  
Your faint whispers feeling the hunger, my sugar walls, my creamy essence just a dripping  
Reaching my fingers downward, playing with my soft folds, your tongue traveling over my clit, with each puckered kiss, pinkish lick  
Mm… what sweeten wonders you find when caressing my thighs  
Back arched, moans serenading the skies  
Pleasure myself  
I love to see your inches grow when this pussy is getting wet  
Standing above me, naked, stroking your girth in anticipation  
Oh God, that glossed admission toppling, on my knees, tasting your lust without hesitation  
Head easing up and down, lips teasing the width, the length  
You smacking my ass, appreciating the view of my apple bottom rounded derriere, while my spine is bent  
Inching back, spitting on your dick  
My breasts sandwiching your hardness, making love to my tits  
Slurping my tongue all over the fatten tip  
Mm… that’s right papi… loving that satisfaction in you sss... and your manly hisses  
Taking down the tautness of your arousal inch by inch, drools streaming down my chin without any cares  
You pushing my head I your pelvis, my mouth kissing your beady groin hairs  
Moving your erection, thrusting deeper inside my mouth  
Reaching over for a cherry flavored ice cube, sticking it in my creamy butter rum  
Disappearing in my south  
Let the drizzle of my juices mix in your mouth when I cum  
Then pound your erection deep inside my slickened abyss  until I become spent and undone  
Mmm.. Are you Lonesome Tonight  
Happy birthday Elvis Aaron Presley  
I love you to the moon and beyond  
This was the spill over from that Jungle Room..
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Fuck You Later

Fuck you Later
The sweetest known compliment  
I never understood what the beautiful sentiment really meant  
Tender emotions from its caress I felt  
Honey dripping words to envelop my soul made my body softly melt  
Fuck You Later  
Tongues speaking, drawing my Chi to the brink of insanity  
The heightened pleasure only for me  
The sun has set    
Lost amore has been dealt  
Fuck You Later  
Eyes closed to the illusion of a fading dawn  
My heart’s trepidation singing a misguided song  
Where is the divided cosmic part of me  
The smile, the laughter, the man who defined my creed  
Fuck You Later  
Fed me rapture, ecstasy, my carnal needs  
On my back,  legs open, dildo humming to the highest powers that be  
Mmm what a climaxing tease  
Inspirational spiritual magnifications, mental cleansing to please  
The world evolves, living on air, yet I can’t breathe  
Fuck You Later  
Oh God, tossed in the wind of desires so many times  
Intoxicating soothing voice, smooth as fine wine  
Could only be ordained by God’s initial designs  
Faint sweet whispers in my ear  
Darling, my dear  
Fuck you later  
Passion and lust beyond the stars of a beautiful infinity of such  
The only man who I must admit captured so much  
Two lovers in exile, two different directions  
Blind faith of its detection  
Fuck you later  
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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In my darkest dreams with my eyes wide open
sleeping with needle and thread
weaving my dreams of psychosis
and then came a spider
wearing a corset

as a spider growing weary
I no longer need to weave
I grow tired

and then I forget about death
as the fiddler comes to me
breaking me from my flesh

now wearing my skin
for a second dress
bearing my soul

with aftertaste
of my shelf life
no more corset

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Shh..... My Webcam Is On

Wow, so many stories, Key5 defines who I am  
Tongue, mouth, pussy, anal screen romance
Or slowly licking the creamy icing of a female clit dance
Gyrating with dildo, head thrown back in lust, pleasing self
Behind me, glimpses of pleasurable toys aligned on a glass shelf
Orgies flogging my skin I have met  
Climaxes and volcanic erections going ballistic, passion felt
Pussy still wet
Ice cube sex…no don’t move as her pussy slit melts

Dripping into my mouth
My two fingers bell ringing, pleasing my South
More money, a hard dick plowing into the ass mmm, no doubt
Behind the glass curtain a stranger teasing his hard flesh of power  
Higher bids for a private golden shower  
Bondage foreplay, for prestige for a tantalizing illusion in the midnight hour

Watching you stroke your girth, echoing grunts of submission filling your ultima needs
The deeper the dildo tease
The slicker the pleasure of your carnal lust I feed
Getting my pussy soaking wet as I watch your emotions bleed
Smearing your pearly desires on your screen, dick still toppling your seeds
As my passion never falters as it leads

Whips and chains  
Legs spread open, fist fucking to make the pussy rain  
Clit ring jingled catching the moans of agony’s sweetest pain
Come closer, stick out your tongue
Legs gaped open, dripping honey poured, you licking your screen until I moan and cum
Stroking your cock faster…mmm….oh yes there’s your pearly kingdom on the run  
Strained grunts behind the illusion of tasting my honeyed butter rum    

Oh…yes…yes…yes.. the screen is still there
Requesting me to scoot even closer for a still shot of my fine pussy hairs
Standing up, straddling a pair of soft lips
Clitoris pulled she’s tasting the sweet remains from off my clit
My ass palmed, pulling me into her hungry bliss
Her mouth suckling me, as I’m pinching my nipples…mmm, she’s making love to my wet slit
Gripping her hair tight, sinking her face into my pussy hole, controlling her head movements with a greedy twist  
Making her swallow my warm cunt juices, gyrating on her mouth to her every arrowing lick
Climaxing down her throat my juices her tongue pampering and then console
Moans to the Heavens you have to feel it to know
Kissing all over my clit, my drippings coating her soft lips, for this private twosome show
Oh no…times up… pussy still needs completion, voyeurism screen affection
Passion filled from a webcam engaging private selection  

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Mm... Santa Claus is Cumming…    Oh, To Town

Mm… I hear Santa’s whispers enticing me in the wind    
My nice and naughty list he needs, and how the pleasure softly blends  
I love when he grunts ho…ho…ho    
Slowly pouring honey over my feet then licking over each toe    
I just stopped through to say hello and give him my list    
Last year I sat on his lap while he tenderly played with my tits    
He had me in the throes of his orgasmic bliss    
Tongue to tongue, licking around the contour of my luscious lips    
Kissing over his saturated beard    
He was aroused to the point of fulfilling my naughty list, from what I remembered... oh dear    
Santa lifted me up    
Sliding my thong to the side, wetting his finger, then snaking the length in my lover’s cup    
Easing his North pole deeper into my creamy south    
Capturing the pleasing moans while serenading him from my mouth    
Smearing my essence to the side of my neck    
Passion marking my skin… oh sweet mercy, he keeps my pussy so wet  
Santa Claus Naughty Letter One

Tyrant of Words
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A Fifty Shades of Grey Moment

Mm, its time for a Fifty Shades of Grey Moment
Mind, body, heart, and soul, gratification of its true components
I hurry to disrobe
Moments such as this happens around the globe
In the bed alone as I lay
Did I say
A woman’s private toy of pleasure
Silent moans of release from its measure
Hand to vibrator stroking private parts
Cone shaped dome humming away in the dark
Duel, high powered, my body gyrating under a slow intensity
A breast cuddled, one hand worshiping my secret garden without mental density
Climax on the way
A beautiful alone time to play
And today is my birthday
I woke up like this
And yes, I’m a Miss.
Man, at work so he can’t taste or hit this
What’s a girl to do
To drive away my Horney blues
I lay upon my silken sheets
Reaching in my image archive to cerebrally meet
A man of my imagination to carry me over a euphoric throne
My vibrator is always determined to make me moan  
Its duty and passion is to make me cum
My private time being thrilled, desires of the mind to be won
Caressing the hilt twirling it around
As I’m inching it slowly down
Playing hide and seek
Moving my toy faster to the melody of my erotic body tweaks
From the heightening pleasure
Self-pleasing my hidden sunken treasure
Pre-climatic juices begin to join the game
This moment in time has no name
Wait, maybe a Fifty Shades of Grey Moment Elation
A soft calling for female masturbation  
Silken passage the tip as I glide
No man needed once the helmet is inside
Back arched in grace, Oh God this feels so good
Does this act question my womanly sainthood
Men reading this concept think the act is misunderstood
It’s never abstractive
Don’t have to shake my hips or even be attractive
I love you men with all I have
Sexual power under my hand is like soothing salve
See I’m finished
Mental image has completely diminished
Wet between thighs better than day dreaming
For a moment yes, it was uplifting and quite steamy
The low speed brings my trembling body back down to earth
I feel at one, a soulful rebirth
I place my vibrator away for other lonely times
When no one else is around
No aftermath sounds
The beauty in its humming
As my vibrator is drumming
To the beat of my carnal tune
A quick feeling gone too soon
Sensitive lips kisses my vibrator as it withdraws from its job
Clear coated of my essence, this time no pearly globs
I’ll see you soon, maybe even at noon
Under the stars or the bathing light as it streams into my room
From a luminous high sitting moon
I feel so relaxed, elated as I put my vibrator away
Until it’s needed again to come out and play
One could only hope and pray
I have to say
Don’t worry there’s no need for any foreplay
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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Related submission no longer exists.

Fire of Insight
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Fire of Insight
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Fire of Insight
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Chere R Sarver
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Now that's better than real passion... GREAT JOB !!! I throughly enjoyed !!!

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