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poet Anonymous

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Need The Thrill

Need the thrill of affection  
The weightlessness of losing myself
Within a fire breathing kiss
To believe in heaven
When I feel the softness of your lips
Want to be carried away 
Taken by the intoxication 
Set my feelings on fire 
The rush of heartbeats in my ears
My name on your lips 
I just want it all
The danger of lust 
Shivering anticipation of seduction 
Naked passion pouring out 
Become reckless in your arms 
Let the borders dissipate 
Where nothing is as it seems 
Merge like spiritual entities
Be completely immersed 
In the entanglement of you 
Written by AspergerPoet56
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Kristopher Sander
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Hello B,
When you are in love, submission, slavery, obedience, and the chain are the paths that lead to salvation, freedom and awakening. This is the impression I gather from your poem. Unfortunately, I hail from a culture where I have no exposure to BDSM, PERVERSION AND TWISTED SIDE OF RELATIKNSHIP. Unfortunately, we are taught sex is for procreation. Despite the fact, I am from the land of KAMASUTRA. You beautifully worded and build a pyramid of love, joy and freedom.

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You're a kind kind soul, KS.

Thank you, my friend
🌹 - 💙

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Adult Entertainment, Phone Sex

Adult Entertainment  
Adult Entertainment, risqué as can be, seducing the mind into a web to see  
To mentally flee, for some not their cup of tea  
Degrading emotions set free  
This has been a fascinating hit or sometimes a personal mental trip  
Somehow the topic landed on my Nurse’s wish list  
To discuss, in as much, for a sensitive narrative as such  
Various channels to choose from  
Some seem to stick out like a sore thumb  
A visual aid, and then some  
Mood enhancers  
Ask a man for their answer  
I’m sure he would say it’s the ultimate advancer  
His private lap dancer  
No money exchanged to take a chance  
For an uplifting palm romance  
Men and Women parading the essence of their being without any shame  
Silent action, arousing moans, no spoken names  
Instant money for a skin’s game  
Fame for some who has stake in a future acclaim  
Lights, Camera, Action  
Theatrical scenarios played out in all its splendid glorified satisfaction  
Two bodies simulating reactions  
Introducing your mind to its releasing stimulating abstractions  
Single or your sexual partner  
Man adding his watering hose as a woman’s private Gardner  
Phone Entertainment
Phone Sex, better at the moment if you have just been vexed by an ex  
Take my mind with your voice to dreamy places  
No discrimination with races  
Kiki, with the smokey eyes, a blessing to some in disguise  
Telling you what you what to hear, with small embellished lies  
Whispering sweet words in recipient’s ear  
It’s between me and you, no one else could hear  
No scripts, no stages, only beautiful carpet ride grandeur lies  
Tenderness, Enticing, Haitian Creole dialect, soft mummer outcries  
Lifting the libido of the harder gender, as it sweetly applies  
Pulling the emotional silk over one’s eyes  
Words to the wise  
Clients repeating  
Half hour verbal meetings  
Seeds of life always depleting  
My newest favorite wicked pastime  
Dildo in one hand, in the other, a glass of wine  
Moans and grunts no set clocks of time  
Releases to fill the empty needs  
From a soft voiced tease
Written by SweetKittyCat5
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4 am

Let's face it, 
somewhere between dreamless sleep 
and ambiguity of wet dreams
there's blackness of the night
where silence hangs 
trapped, in the sweat drops
beneath your cock 
for my soft lips 
and eager tongue
arousing your flesh
to lap it up 
with a 4 am 
fuck in mind.

I feel 
your naked body
spooned perfectly
carved against mine
one hand possessively 
claiming my breast
the plump mound
shaped in your hard grasp
the other hand draped
on my hip, casually imprinting 
with unspoken truth
of belonging 
feeling warmth 
of your fingertips
gently grazing my skin
sweeping each breath
in synchronicity
rising and falling.

I turn
ever gently
searching your face
in the darkness 
for vulnerability
of boyish smile 
glistening dew drops
stream from somewhere
where memories are born 
falling carelessly
in the forest of your chest.
My finger trail the path

a part of your essence
beneath my skin
but it disappears 
as quickly as it appears.

The lava moon
burns with desire
hanging from frameless 
window, examining 
suspiciously the uncertainty
of the night
as I glide
like a gracious breeze
swaying my shadow
hovering over your spark
draped over your hard bones
trailing my tongue.
Shadows slide on grinding flesh
crushing petals
between the thighs
for the sheer lust
with primitive hunger
of carnal desire
in the ruins
triggered and cocked.

Your hand 
upon my head, pushes

pulling a handful 
of my tresses

raising your hips
knees fall back
urging me to take you in

'till i feel the choke
expanse of the air
brushing away
from my lungs
feeling the rush of surrender
sweet and salty
with the tides 
of the moon
the utmost fury
piercing the night.

You rise
heaving from the present
drawing my face
in your hands
kissing my moist lips
just as your fingers
to explore, cunningly
the shimmering
sluiced in ecstasy.

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Fading into the pigmentation of my fervent skin
The pleasure of its carnal feast I do indulge
Falling prey under the masterful calling
Body trembling, with an overshadowed need
Mysticism of its trance misting
Soften in the heightened crest of carnal greed

The comforts of my body to bow until the woman within
Of sweet mercy, I beseech you
Search my window of pleasure
You have awaken, opened
Carrying me on your whispers
Closed eyes, the curtain of enlighten has been drawn
The master key of my pleasure abyss has been unlocked
Physical atonement
Remnants of its desired reasons has reached its zenith

Aroused, demanding
Softly erotically playing the lyrics of my body

Amelie Flora
Strange Creature
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I love the art of sexuality, and celebration of it, this page is on fire, I intend to return to this page again and again, I crave the hatred of sex to come and be broken by this eternal fire, undeniable truth. very excited. thank you

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Dawn bird perched on solid oak
hymns of ancient story
prior to brew or early toke
there, in golden glory

Offers up his majesty
oil, for ease of slipping
here lays opportunity
poised in morning's gripping

Ending night's inertia - hard
rising in tumescence
David's vision on my part
gift of waxing crescent

Full of seed, he slips his gift
waked to early treasure
left to bathe on lover's cliff
washed; divine in pleasure
Written by Deathkitty_134 (Khach0)
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Thought Provoker
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Haha, thanks for sharing, I was going for classy smut, not sure if I... pulled it off ;D

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i thought it was classy smut

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Rina, still got it..


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