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Something fishy on DU

Fire of Insight
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drone said:

Please include links
to your posts,
they will be treated
as spam and hidden.

I find this
a little strange
why do i
have to
include links
in my posts
could you
explain to me
it is
So wrong
you ask me
to explain the situation.
there is no situation.
is what i do
everybody on this site
has different
as you well know
this is why
i love this site
you can write or post
anything you like
so long
as it is not
so i fail to understand
the problem

on this site
has their own
funny ways
their own
shall we say
this is
one of mine
i find it sad
that you say
include links to your posts,
they will be treated
as spam
and hidden.
in other words
I'M not allowed
to be me
I'M not allowed
to feel free
I'M not allowed
to express
without being
my own personal

Edited 3x my typos are horrendous

I will say my peace, then bow out, this is not getting us anywhere.

If they owner of this thread would please
close it down that would help, with healing.
The isn't much more to say
Viddax has stepped up with a motive for change, there has been an agreement in that area.

Sky is gone, I love her,
and will miss her dearly.
Missy is gone, Podcast is gone, Umm. is gone as well
Crimson made her peace and is healing
I'm sorry if I left someone out .
People are like hamsters  they will gorge themselves until their cheeks explode.
Removing this thread I feel will promote healing.

Drone , I am one to always support you, always have,  but this interaction is fruitless.
There is protocol to follow on some threads that are different than others Ahavatis threads have a more stringent, precise protocol.
That's her deal
Your threads are lenient and open you should focus on those more instead of trying to change or infiltrate hers
Dude, she is not going to change or sway. ( She should not have to. )
It just is

You are free to post on my threads   I'm not concerned with you providing links.
It would be nice,  but not required.

I have a passion for the conspiracies, I love the unusual, and I enjoy trying to prove the unexpected to those who don't believe in an ever expanding reality  .
Peace and Much Love. V
Love you Sky

Guardian of Shadows
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Agreed ValóI think everyone has said what they need to say here, so Iíll go ahead and lock this thread now.

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