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No Topic -- how was your day? <3

poet Anonymous

ďno topic - how was your day: Fridayís March 27th ghost still lingeringĒ

I got out of bed
some time past eleven
ďHere we go againĒ, to the neighbours rubbish music playing
Something else should have been put here
like money at the shop had been spent
Neither have been tagged for extreme content
which is the Podcast and Covid 19 thread
so it looks like this so far is the best
However, things could change
because itís something I said
Someone came down the stairs today
crying because someone pushed him into some wire
and killed him on his computer game

poet Anonymous

The time is now 1:40am.
With the directors commentary on, Iíve been watching Night of the Living Dead.
Just to win his game, did Cooper know where the key was all along?
Got me wondering
but not about us noticing the gas pump before them
Weíre bound by free speech
and to speak on stupidity
so Iím trying to block out what I have seen
But Iím far from quoting exactly
some autistic dribble
like itís them who rule the world
apparently more evolved so itís resolved
any bitch then isnít fickle
to know theyíre the reason why
everything is so fucked up
but be proud I say
that your off spring should be on a phedophiles dick, sit and swivel
plus instead of always being in one
up your ass is where you should stick that pickle
Iíd have only left one poem for haters
titled ďMinimalist BangĒ
material being I donít need you fool
because for information, I have Google

Francisco J Vera
Tyrant of Words
United States
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It is 3:40 am I am have a great night being challenged with words.  Everyone enjoy yourself.

poet Anonymous

ďRickyís Diary: Saturday, 28th March, 2020Ē

The time is now 3:56pm.
Iíve finished drawing a picture for someoneís snail-mail; no point explaining what people already know, so they can have three guesses over the image, and come with three wrong answers.
Iíd have not wrote erotic poetry, to try and get others jealous, so she knows who she is, when I say, couldnít give a fuck about not getting a like from other women, because the truth is, no one comes close to you.
Some should be brave, pull the trigger facing the other way, like Iím explaining what weíre going through, as itís only a reflection of their self, when they hear a bang, see a dead body and laugh at me.
Could never be uncreative as a minimalist writer; bet those annoying fuckers talk and ask questions, through a movie you havenít seen.

How much longer do I wait?
I spend the ten-pound sitting beside me, Iíll no doubt get a message from a dealer; ďYou still need?Ē

poet Anonymous

Itís now 11:41pm - time to make another tea again.
Had a depressing phone call earlier;
she should herself corrupt a nursery rhyme
create a wave, hurt me and glide
so sheís on a surf board
in the middle of the Grand Canyon boogying to
ďThe heels on your mum go ouch and ouch, ouch and ouch, ouch and ouch
the heels on the slut go now Iím down, now Iím down, take me off all day long.Ē
Now on self isolation
guess anyone could say
it wasnít the real conversation obviously
and Iíve done quite well of being kept in my shell
But Iíd like to point out something in Rickyís diary
because that patient in the insane asylum
isnít sick as hell
heard the statement about minimalists
grabbed his dick, held a thumb up laughing
and still pissed himself

Fire of Insight
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Friday... i called in sick, cause i felt a slight sore throat and sinus (well i suffer severe allergies during spring and fall) and since there hasn't been much to do in my dept, i thought it would be nice to stay home and burn some of my sick hours.

Today i got up at 4 am to be at work by 6, very early so i didnt put on much makeup and early morning hours my allergies flare up.  I show up to work with watery eyes and every one freaks out and an hour later I was sent home.

There's nothing wrong with me, I've been chilling with movies all day but now I don't know what to do about tomorrow, i do have to be at work by 7am.  Maybe i'll put on makeup and take couple extra pills for allergies and hope for the best.

Francisco J Vera
Tyrant of Words
United States
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It is night time I am enjoying the word challenges by people.  Everyone have good night or day,

poet Anonymous

ďRandom fictional ritualĒ

Youíve now entered the circle
at forty-one-minutes-past-nine.
Around us is him, and I donít know the5thRiddler really
even reading that Introvert poem in the corridor
Managed to now have grasped the warmth
Iíll feel it in my stomach
but you wonít with that tomato soup later
Drew Dory, Marvin and Crush in a bowl of water
need I show proof of the paper?
Shared with her, as Zoe will see not only that
but beside it a clownfish shiny sticker

poet Anonymous

For breakfast, had some marmite toast;
crunchy crunch
licked my lips
and wiped my mouth
with a bit of tissue.
Stared at the wall for a few seconds
then walked to the kitchen
washed my cup
and then made a tea.
Sat back down on my seat
but beforehand stumped my toe on the table leg
just bit my tongue and never said ow.
Left a few posts on the eternal darkness thread
hoping Iíd have made laugh a depressed cow.
Fell in love with a comment
a member made on the Covid 19 thread
and any who block or clear it off
need to end up dead
like I didnít with their troll bullshit
because the truth is out there:
they havenít diminished my strength.

Francisco J Vera
Tyrant of Words
United States
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It 3:30 am I am reading poetry and having a great night.  So everyone have great night or day

poet Anonymous

<< post removed >>
poet Anonymous

^ Glad to hear youíre feeling better.
Iím all healed from what I went through, and am so happy that I can now sleep on my stomach again. No more sleeping upright

poet Anonymous

<< post removed >>
poet Anonymous

ďGood Nights Await:

The time is now 5:46pm.
Makes a change, doesnít it? The tv is off, and Iím not watching Night of the Living Dead.
Thereís a thick prick damn iPhone, Pritt stick, sitting on my desk, phone isnít being compliant, Iím yet to lift it up with telekinesis off the desk. Brain cell pop, take off my head, Iím gonna stick to you.
But long story short, Iím invis-ball.
As much as I bitch and moan, really thankful for the Deep Underground Poetry walls.
Has my lack of effort been critical, people leaving me? Donít know how many times I can say, I hate that people canít see behind these insane asylum walls.
Here I am again, on the no topic explaining my day thread; Dr Spiral kept constantly asking in depth to say only what the Latvian ladyís name was, told him Iím not gonna wait around forever, for him to umm get the message?
Do I spam the thread? Should have maybe just put ďI am upsetĒ. Still trying to process one phone call.

Bought the last song to Eminemís album today, which is ďLittle EngineĒ. The random hammering in the background, that how his brain sounds, Reemiss is at now too so funny. But I is missing haha Ricky Dead, yet you know I donít care for those who donít love me.
Not in danger, yet the noise reminds me of my neighbours.
Like me a day ago, receiving an email from Rhymers Block, telling me they havenít seen me in a while, they need a post.
Though, theyíre sick of it, and thatís me being a minimalist, just trying to annoy them as well. So I scribble spell, how do you spell surpell?

Should have got it earlier, when I was in the shop, but I didnít. Thatís some gas.
Warm this room at the moment isnít.
Want to go shopping but canít, thereís a bang with a ďYes you can!Ē
Trying to keep up with what everyone wants, you know thatís just hard;
think to go at eight in the morning, and a stupid hundred mother fuckers think the same, so the building is packed. So Iím gonna pay anyone to come in with a toy gun with me, keep to my ankles walking backwards, start shielding my back.
My bad, Iím going off track, mother fucker stupid?

Why do they think the whole thing was a ďDisaster meets DestructionĒ collaboration?
I mean, if theyíre making jokes about films, they never pronounced us anything, because Larry has crabs and walks around with a Corona Virus carrier bag.
Spectators saying the competitor is in the car park screaming
ďThereís a Rottweiler barking
for a bite, looking like that wouldnít
compared to your favourite pussy cat animal
so fack off, know youíre somewhere probably watching Catwoman!Ē

Guess this is no desire to get deep or share anything personal.
Just had few in angry denial, they werenít hurt at all, tried to curve the ball throwing it through the window, someone they did chase when I was just playing curby, and with one of my marbles I hit their face.
Thereís a mental image of myself across from Hervey Close, chilling with Jake and Luke in the past.

Do you really wanna know what Iíve been watching on YouTube?
Or should I have just wrote ďSet up, I amĒ
have some new news, maybe not, they know, really confused, only fire with can I kill meet Ďem, Sagittarius without the horse dick, from Heaven, itís like a dire legion.
Iím closing the curtain, just saw a serpent.

Whatís that true line?
Iím going down in her WhatsApp archives.
Beautiful pictures, thatís of my snail-mail, not her knickers.
Iím misunderstood. Yet forever a no one, so I hope people are a better listener.
I choke alright not taking my own advice, putting them in my Anna Grin doll
so she can see through my eyes
Iím in two minds about the title being Introvert

Fire of Insight
United Kingdom
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20:35 - North of England.
Second week of isolation.  Got up at 07:30am (usually I get up at 06:00 but I don't have to commute anymore), ablutions, breakfast and started work.  Have a laptop with VPN that connects to my desk top PC and so I've been doing reports, advising other members of the group on microsoft TEAMS, I did a feasibility study to decide which direction to take one of my projects, completed a financial stock audit for a customer (of their product at our company) and planned part of another project with a colleague.  (Had some lunch in the middle of that and had a walk to the bottom of the lane and back).

Finished all of that at 17:05 then did some yoga, had food then watched some TV.  (Now to write some of this in my diary).

Fascinated to read some of your other posts ... hope my snapshot is of interest.

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