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No Topic -- how was your day? <3

Tyrant of Words
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the5thRiddler said:Absolutely. Itís going straight to the Vatican in a few hundred years lol


Tyrant of Words
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SHITE! Shite and Shite!

Twisted Dreamer
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Ahavati said:Wow! rickE! Looks almost like an ancient artifact!

... note
(Ö just read this song .. I wrote,
.. again, .. it made me cry, .. again)

[ᴛʜᴇ ᴅʀᴇᴀᴍ ɢᴏᴇs ᴏɴ]

oh how you bring me love
in the dream of time
oh how you send me dreams
in the love of my time
I never wanna leave you
leave you alone
usher me home with
the love in your eyes
I fantasize about the love
in your eyes

it's like I was there once
outta the rain that pours
into my life
when you became my wife
then it when so wrong
and I wonder why
you had to die
giving birth
to our latest one
and the tears in my heart
well up
and they will always cry
with no reasons why
You had to leave me here
I was the crazy one
You were the gentle one
and I donít even know why
You loved me so,
.. I still donít know
why didnít god take me
instead of you,
.. the sweetest one
the most courageous one
and sometimes it feels
like it never happened
when the day is done
and I look into our daughters eyes
and I see you looking back at me
itís wonderful and it killing me
I sometimes pray that god will blind me
then I hear our babies cry out for me
and I know that Iím not a lost cause
that you are watching over me
because you saw something in me
that I didnít ever see,
.. our familyís strong
and it still goes on,
.. still going strong
and our little ones they still hold on
to their long lost mom
and I know that it's me that was wrong
all along,
.. you were the dangerous one
because you had faith in me
I will go on showing our babies love
that you shine down from above
how could we go wrong
with your song floating
in the gentle breeze
keeping our family strong
for our little ones

and me,
.. the scary monsters gone
and I see the profound changes done
in my heart,
.. and you still my beating heart
with the things youíve done
remaining on in our little ones
oh my love but I miss you so
and still sometimes
I feel like I canít go no
but then I see those eyes
and I hear those cries
and the deed is done
itís why I write this song
in all the pain you made me realize
we were one,
.. in our little ones
they will go one
daddy's still the one
now that mommy's gone
for our little ones

ĐłⱤɆ ⱠɆ₲łō₦ © May - 14 - 2019

Twisted Dreamer
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Yo La Tengo - Tears Are In Your Eyes

Francisco J Vera
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Having a great night.  Wrote two new poems "Gravesite Love, Naked Mud Angels."  Everyone be safe out there in the jungles you call home and do something crazy for yourselves.

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