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Three Du guests came to dinner

The Fire Elemental
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I would make you eggs. I have a particular talent for them. We would drink sparkling cider. A lovely accompaniment. And I would ask you, How often do you wonder if this is all the content of a particularly lengthy dream?

I would make you spaghetti and meatballs, a spaghetti sauce requires certain components to be done well and it would perhaps be a cultural experience for you. We would drink red wine, perhaps with cola. I would ask, Can you describe the place where the soul meets the bone? It's something I often think about.

Missy Demeanor
I would make you salmon and cauliflower mash. It is delicious and I love how healthy it is and the way it doesn't make you feel lethargic afterwards. We would drink spring water. I would ask you to describe the way being on dup makes you feel and how that feeling changes. Both of us having anxieties, both of us being involved with the podcast, for me, it's a mixed bag, sometimes find it exhausting, but there are those moments that are so fulfilling and I am glad I found this place.

Fire of Insight
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That sounds fantastic Daniel, thanks for having me as your guest and if its a dream please keep the curtains shut and the lights dim low, as long as possible

and I noticed Nomoth is gone from Du, what da F...?  that makes me very sad, he was becoming one of my favorite writers :(

Harry Rout
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Sorry...I always eat alone.

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