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Something to Write About the Day We Can Stop Counting

David Macleod
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Gun law is a conundrum
I don't know where I stand
I am normally very opinionated
but the rules and the 2nd amendment
cause me nothing but confusion

I have stared down the barrel of a gun twice
both times sawn off shotguns: I complied
It's hard to be a hero when staring at that
In the UK four types of people have access to guns
the landed gentry
the armed forces
and now the police
ordinary citizens don't have access

Is this what America wants?
sawn-off shotgun beats fists
every single time, no exceptions
the control of arms in the US is too late
the black market is a flood
it's definitely a buyers market

If you want a gun for nefarious purposes
you can always just get one
I could get one here if I really wanted
Mass shootings will never stop
America can not wake up from
her 2nd amendment dream
it's all too little too late
I wish I had the answer
but I don't!

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