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Highly recommended

- Missy -
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Ooo. There’s some great new ones in that list Mags! Thanks for the heads up. I’ve loved the new reads tonight.

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Since I have no idea how to add a poem here Id like to recommend Heaven_sent_Kathy since in my humble opinion she always comes up with refreshing writes, themes, topics and styles. She has been there since 2017 but Im really liking her works.  I have plenty of others but they are more known.

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I actually just published my first book of poetry and prose and would love for you guys and gals to check it out. It’s titled “The Layers of a Scar” and follows the path of overcoming abuse, addiction, and mental illness. Scars remind us that wounds do heal.
Unfortunately I can not post the link at the moment since I’m new here, but if interested you can go to Amazon and simply search “The Layers of a Scar by R.A. Carter”

It’s free right now for anyone with Kindle Plus so check it out and let me know what you think.
If you have Instagram and want to get an idea of my writing style first, my username is @Ms.Carterr  feel free to skim through.

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