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poet Anonymous

I can always get weed if I want it, just good to give my mind a break every now and again

Inigo Montoya
Tyrant of Words
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the5thRiddler said:I can always get weed if I want it, just good to give my mind a break every now and again

Yeah, that tolerance break is good. Although, a change of strain is as good as a rest, as they say.

poet Anonymous

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poet Anonymous

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poet Anonymous

Finding out I could float
ages it took to get up
A friendly ghost, being Casper
who hopes he can cook you breakfast
I’d have been the type of person to
get you home safely

poet Anonymous

I told him you can put the word
“Ricky” in any poem
doesn’t mean to say it’s about me
but if the word “Reemiss” appears
Why am I not gonna react
and have it blow up in your face
as best I can?

poet Anonymous

“Rodney’s Mistakes”

It is now twenty-past-six, in the evening.
Uncle Albert is sitting, reading his paper in his armchair, and Derek is standing in front of he mirror, fixing his hair.
“You better start now, Ronnie, or you’re never going to get anywhere.”
I said, “I’m waiting for the silence to absorb me, can’t think your ideas are right for me—And from Albert, I don’t want to hear another war-time story.”
“Having given it a bit more thought, I’ve come up with something else, and this time, I’m sure you’ll get it...” Derek said, taking a seat at my table before continuing: “...so we scrap the idea about Gordon Bennett, and we write about

poet Anonymous

There’s not many cash machines left
that won’t charge you for taking your own money out
What am I watching now?
Alice is finding out she’s a clone
and I wonder if someone’s told Milla Jovovich
that she had an unshaven pussy
in the first Resident Evil film
because it can clearly be seen
when she falls off the operating table
By myself, I can fight every battle
and don’t need anyone to come to my defence
though, one has looked and mentioned something behind the scenes
so I replied I doubt for the honesty you’d get a handshake
and he said
“Remember that DU competition, of what you look like?
There’s a prank made
because we never saw the skanks face
just a cheek, hair and an ear hole
so that epic photographer
should just stick to landscapes”

I do find myself constantly going
back to the second episode of The Poetcast Project
to hear Anna’s voice
And looking back in my diary
at all that she’s missed out on
I can see he is fucking besotted with her
But I can’t explain what possessed
me to write so much about her

poet Anonymous

Can show Crimsin what real rap is
because the other is thugging
I said, it’s lovely and no one is laughing
he’s asked to run her a bath, put the plug in
Showing stuff about Anna
it appears at the moment I’m not allowed
I do hope she’s alright
not asking those in her life to give a kiss
as I’d just want to knock them out
I’d rather do it myself and give a hug
I can be serious
it is just I too see through assholes
and not everyone deserves Ricky’s love

poet Anonymous

Dear, the4thRiddler

I might just give a response every now and again
see who can outsmart the other
with this fictional shit
but copy and paste to Google
Where have I been getting lyrics?
One line from his album, plus that cover
having two heads peek out from behind
the curtain of the shower
Said he was a sexy spirit
but there’s that view of him
on the toilet with his trousers round his ankles
big smile and a thought bubble
which says “not awkward”
Was a skit and I never listened to anymore
beyond the first track
I recall hearing “Dear Papa...Oo la la”
Roll your eyes at my verse crap
just means “is that it?” sarcastically asked
for their venom, it’s so fun now
because them lines aren’t scissors to cutting my tongue out
Pointed at whoever thought I’d be down for the count
Looking so hungry you could eat a thought
because you’d get kicked in the face
trying to kill let alone eat a horse
But feel free to curse some more
there’s a 99.9% chance that I’m sure
it’s nothing I haven’t heard before
Not that they’d really notice some memories
and myself sniggering
At your house, talking about evil’s coming there
but it’s not hard to trigger him
Isn’t your sister answering the door
trying straight away to put her hand in peoples underwear?

Dangerous Mind
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Am I doomed
can neither sink or swim
nor can I float or fly
What's left but to descend
then burn ashes to lash(es)

Those fated to die
oil to the earths veins
Feasts for the leeches and vultures

Dangerous Mind
United States
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So I can be humping along with my problem,

it is kind of like if I was a drunk,
always slurring my words,
always a bottle by my side,

I have been that way for ten years
and it slowly takes its toll
a little bit each day

then I find myself in a precipice,
that in the next twenty four hours,
if I don't sober up, it will be serious.

Serious to me, it needs to be something to
wake me up from my slumber
go straight,
I am an expert at going the narrow path,
I thnk about it all the time, I know all the ins and outs
of how to go straight
I put it off for another day and ten years go by

But I am a secret ballerina in going straight,
something, somebody, or in my case both,
triggers my transition
which in the generalization of this concept,
led me to flip the switch
the eject sequence is activated
Hook up the needles
hit the sixty seconds until separation
Aww the headache
the hang over
but I have my game plan
I have a hundred distractions to pull
me back into the lower orbit
but that is for their needs
I am flying to a different tune
my head is clear
and I'm feelin' aw-right

poet Anonymous

“Good Nights Await: Ashes in the Wind”

Having woke up in that room
Paul Sketchers had soon walked through the door
holding some files and a tape-player
“They’ve said from quarter-to-nine
you’ve been writing non-stop
Now I need you to tell me what I need to know
because at five o’clock, I’m signing off
I’ve just been listening to my parody verse of Eminem’s Venom song
As in once you’re in that other room
no one is gonna be able to bomb the lock
You’ll have writers stop
like his metaphors that do make sense
not just random multi syllables get pop-a-lot
I’ll give you what...the shock.”
The door opened
and someone was talking on the other side of it
but it closed shortly after
“Look, I assume doctors here have also
made you feel like you’ve lost the plot
complaining about people leaving you waiting
screaming fuck the block like 2pac
stood on a box, and you love the hardest?
Just saying, why in a bath do you wear a
scarf besides just sitting naked?”
I told him to quit with the sarcasm
and the edge I would have over him
is waking up tomorrow morning without a hangover
Opening up his folder
I was shown a photo of Anna Grin
standing inside a burning ring of fire
“How do you know?
Haven’t been exactly cool and popular amongst the Deep Underground, have you?
Some wanted you to give back your badge
rock-bottom you on your desk
before you clear it out
I hear they’ve confiscated that painting of yourself
in the school playground
and seven-days later, it now has somehow
them thunder and lightning clouds
They said you had nothing else to write about
then I heard this...”

“You’re judging someone that jumps at the slightest sound
You’re hearing me shout but don’t see
I’ll have a certain reporter throw out his accusations
Don’t turn any mirrors around
when you’re probably sat in front of one
during an interrogation
he shouldn’t have his back to it
A game by them shouldn’t have been played
yet they start it now.”
The tape-player has been stopped
and Paul went on to say
“Would you highly regard me as slightly stupid?
Your own hypocrisy isn’t improving
What about the one you’ve been playing?”
Told him, that others would find Reemiss typing
That the “ps” paragraphs in his girlfriends diary
are actually his statements
And I will be on one sky dancers thread
going back and putting new flows
on old posts
when the smoke clears
it wouldn’t be a crime scene

poet Anonymous

“Good Nights Await: Don’t Be A Plonker, Ronnie”.     (still working on it!)

Eamon came running into the canteen door and shouted
“Crimsin doesn’t need to read out The Dark Dare poem of hers
because after she’s finished watching The Goonies
will you all surrender?
I explain what’s happening and my head explodes
call it a “red fingernail polish” spell
but it’s her walking around with that dark blue robe
with bright yellow stars over it
they call her Brenda!”

I eventually woke up in Spiral’s office
him shaking his head as I heard him say
“Shouldn’t have any caffeine past nine o’clock, might sleep more at night, and then not
have random naps in the day-time.”
Shut his office door and saw Ryan in the corridor
“Had another argument with Chloe.
Shouted to her over the phone, that
regardless of you being pushy bitch
I’ll still be hers, not balls deep in the ass
because they’d be swinging
and hitting her pussy lips
Ohh, lick of the index-finger
wiped down as a one point to me.
Then she hung up
after she mentioned something about
the Umbrella Cooperation not actually selling umbrella’s.
So I couldn’t have said shut up.
I just returned too, watching Resident Evil: The Final Chapter—
Anyways, haven’t you got that video tape?
And they say it’s Hannah’s voice
screaming at John
that she doesn’t want to pester him about him not being genuine.
I was speaking to him earlier, that patient with the ghostrider name-tag
and I’m more interested in that film where that girl kills everyone at her school
what was it...Barry?”
After mentioning Video Tape RS001

Guardian of Shadows
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to have
nvaded your dreams
good fellow

I was trying
to get someone else

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