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Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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This is amazing

More money than sense some fucking people
taking out the the trash
Eye spy in the dumpster
A laptop and an iPhone 6 7 8 9 10
Fuck I don't know these things, just know that this trash is my treasure
What's this that I'm looking at
a bag full of perfectly good canned food
Well old mother hubbard my cubbards bear, looks like me and my brother from another eating like Kings this week.
Speaking of him, I walk in to find him setting up a perfectly good xbox
Where did you find that, in the bin my brother
This is fucking amazing

poet Anonymous


Memorable moments
I walked out of that police station
with my bail conditions
and said to that police officer that interrogated me
“Thank you very much!”
Just didn’t do the dance
like Martin Lawrence in a blue sweat-suit
But I bet someone in her family
looked like him
knowing I could carry on being true
keep writing and hopefully get around to one day
having a day of book-signing
They say I need a selfie with Anna’s

poet Anonymous

Nothing original

So I’m sitting and watching
the Wrong Turn movie
and when the cannibals returned;
are you telling me they didn’t know someone was there?
Because they’d have known that record wasn’t still spinning
“Already knew that, and plus they would have been able to smell them.”

Sometimes his mood drops
and he does become a bit groggy
that’s the clone malfunctioning again
I need to study that
Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey film properly
for some snail-mail
Ricky’s somewhere in a phone-box
smashing the receiver
against its holder
Should I even tell you about the number he dialled?
Wish I could answer my own questions
and would she
I mean, doing something over for thousand words
would it make Anna smile?

I feel like I’ve been writing nothing original
and 20 minutes has passed
since I began the very start of it
Looking out the window
it’s not Del Boy and Rodney trying to park their vehicle in a small space
just some neighbours with their hands
trying to magically manoeuvre
a removal van

Real time
it’s 5:03pm
on Monday 22nd July 2019
Should have went to the post office today
to pay some Council Tax
which will now have to wait until tomorrow
Two for a pound why not
I am like the Tango strawberry and watermelon
and why is they can’t have two bottles of small Coke for a pound-fifty
instead of Pepsi
because that’s so shit

Marion is getting married to Harry Dumb
her fictional character
because Johnny G took a piss in her sink
and I wasn’t the only one
in the living room that morning after a long night sesh
James was also on the sofa cushions
I gave her a packet of 20 Sterling cigarettes back to her
but in the story
I wrote myself in as Abdoola

Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
7awards   profile   poems   message
Joined 3rd Mar 2013
Forum Posts: 2194

Climb to the highest peek
gnow what it is you seek
said heaven is for the meek
Sleep is for the weak

poet Anonymous

“Another who, what and why”

She’s been sharing the same
trash photo of her written work for years
I’d have not used a whole tree
by the time I’m finished with snail-mail
which can be burnt
so I guess a rusty old computer
washing-up on some sea shore is not worse?
I can’t cure her ignorance
neither her jealousy
so with fabricated reasoning
she wants to tell on me
I must have wrote about Anna Grin
too much and forgot
she’s not half the woman she is
The future isn’t ours to see
but why not in real life
have a pensieve to see the past?
Because pouring tears into it
we’d be able to see just how fake some people really are

poet Anonymous

“She laughs, and I’m happy”

It’s okay to say God doesn’t exist
as it’s quite alright for yourself to not
put faith instead in the fuck-ups
who blaspheme
so you interpret their cries as
“A demon I am, life being so empty
and I come from dull, you cunt.”
A self-published poetry book is piss easy
I’d rather be at J.K Rowling’s level
or John Sullivan
for comedy or a good story
with real effort put in
It isn’t hard to notice
and I’m with you on it
the hypocrites are choking well
I’ve only the best on my shelf
so I’m not about to stop buying food
and look in the direction of some
as it’s just trash I could have wrote myself

poet Anonymous


Is a last time I’ve come back to prop-up
two fat fools whom have fallen
so if both have to watch porn
they have a problem
not being able to reminisce
over their own sexual endeavour
so Brian is a faggot
like my baby-mother ejaculating over nothing

That’s a quote from Stephen King
they should hate
I mean they’re a big fan
and I think it’s great
that he thinks
and believes dead people put on weight

Would a narcissist
spend so much time alone
having the opportunity to go out
and be somewhere else all the time?
I think not
Looks to me like some of my haters
need more of that crowd to survive
any bald man wanting the hair
from my balls
I’d have Charlotte slapping her
I’m Ricky from Northampton
and I’d show a selfie
if it weren’t for fictional characters
tricking others into thinking
it’s not them that
would be defacing photos like a kid

Unbeknown to me
I could be speaking to someone
trying to befriend me
on yet another fake account
Who then really is the pathetic low-life?
Can’t find my Instagram
I love seeing him upset
Reminds me of a woman upset
explaining her first time of having sex
yet she wouldn’t have got up on a dick
and rode it like no fucking cow girl

poet Anonymous

“Stronger than I was”

I was dissed with no shame
to then have his followers too snorting that cocaine
Over-confident agreeing with a free verse mumble rapper
hoping the real lyricist would
make them famous after
Usual playground bullshit tactic
but that only made me greater still laughing

poet Anonymous

“Yawn During Duels”

Mum is always able to see
through people’s bullshit
because she gives enough of it
like total light is seeping through our pores?
But both of us stood in darkness
when I back-flipped
and kicked the light bulb out its socket
Middle finger to a rape story
I yawn over, have a right to show it
so I may have left you high and dry
because I’m raped everyday by fakes
not saying my trash like yours is great
but no rhythm to them in the bedroom
who don’t like to rhyme
So further into oblivion, I might just blow him
Who didn’t like using a computer or pick up a pen in school
yet thought “Ooh, I’m a poet”
after seeing some cleavage in a erotic females profile picture ?

poet Anonymous

“Customer is always right”

It’s been over a year now
and I still haven’t heard anything
I’ll start from the beginning
Bought a Vodafone SIM card
but it wouldn’t let me use the internet on it
and it said something about the
internet rolling-over
to the next month if it wasn’t used
Didn’t happen
so I rung up and enquired about the situation
and some woman tried to serve me her bullshit
I didn’t pay attention to the
“...phone calls are recorded for training purposes...”
so I just said “Fuck you, and everyone that works at Vodafone.”
She rung back and advised me to get a solicitor
for my threatening behaviour
“Why call me back for? Fuck off.”
Threw the sim
and moved to a better company

poet Anonymous

Failure wrote on his curtains
Give us peace of mind, show disturbance?

poet Anonymous

Don’t ever listen to a little boy
who hasn’t got no kids
tell you how to be a father
I’ve saw many of them on DU

poet Anonymous

“Future Not Yet Written”

Eventually, when writing
I’ll have to refer to my first baby-mother
as “tubby”
because when “my baby-mother”
appears on some posts
I’m not actually writing about tubby
Get it?
Brian will be in his element sooner or later
I do doubt he’d smack her kids
but he’s all for disciplining his own
having saw it with my own eyes
But I mean being in his element
of beating up kids
when Alex and Tyler get the old
“Your mums so fat” (not) jokes
or he could just be genuine
not get involved and think I’m not arguing
as I’m gonna look an idiot

poet Anonymous

“That radio transmission”

Seeing as we’re all on the moral high ground
and throwing out opinions
Why don’t you give your love poems
to your partner
instead of posting them on a website
just to try and get in other women’s knickers?
I assume here you need a like
because she didn’t with them?
Ricky may have complained about getting no attention
it’s just a case of you saying you’re not fake
those that matter don’t mind
and those that mind don’t matter
so you’re in a bit of a pickle
Older than me and still looking as immature

poet Anonymous

Brian’s mother would sure as fuck
read your book
and then like other authors
regardless of who they are
throw it in the bin
so I’d tell her for you as I’ve seen and smelt it with my own eyes
other words, tell her she’s wrong
and she stinks of piss
I was writing about Eminem’s Stan
not her dizzy gimp
But it’s cool hoe, I’m still stalking outside your house
so look on the atlas
Britain from America is only about 10cm
Now it’s then only took
me 5 minutes to fly over
in an inbox message and wonder what the fuck you’re talking about as well
I only trust two people
one is me and the other definitely isn’t anyone on the DU site
so I think she’s proud
I remember everything
and I’m telling you now
none of them are my friends

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