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Is poetry art or therapy?

Dylan Farmer
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I'd say both. Anything that makes you feel something could be called art, and I'm of the opinion that experiencing emotions without personal investment is therapeutic through images, music, or writing. From a writers perspective though putting my thoughts on paper is therapy, but it's not art. The chance readers who find my thoughts and emotions and relate to them in their own unique way is what makes it art to me, two hearts feeling the same pain without any inside knowledge of the other. It's a beautiful thing if you ask me.

Daniel Long
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I can speak for myself here. Poetry is both art and very therapeutic. I started writing when I was around ten years old and once I was first showing signs of a mental disorder in the latter years of high school, my skill really took off. Once I was officially diagnosed in my early 20's, then it became a form of therapy and it has been very effective in relieving stress, depression and anxiety brought by my disorder. Poetry for me is also an art because word play in any form is creating something, like painting a picture where you playing with shapes and colors. In poetry your playing with words and arranging them in metaphors or syntax for example.

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