Write a poem about gender relations

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“Gender relations are the ways in which a culture or society defines rights, responsibilities, and the identities of men and women in relation to one another” -

“Gender identity is the personal sense of one's own gender. Gender identity can correlate with a person's assigned sex or can differ from it. In most individuals, the various biological determinants of sex are congruent, and consistent with the individual's gender identity.” - Wikipedia

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Have a look at my written work titled: "My Collected Erotica – Volume I" as well as all of my following works: "Androgyny: The Perfect State of Being" (which I describe as: "A Gnostic Revelation and Discourse on the Nature of Androgyny and its’ Importance to the Human Race."), "Maiden Man", "Man, Maid, and Monster", "Joan of Arc’s Whisper", "Love, Reinvented", "Nameless Love", "The Angel Within", and of course "Zealous Cause" which is a poem all about the importance of Transgender rights. I have written many, many more works besides. All from my own perspective, which is that of a person who has had many different gender identities over the years. Male, female, androgynous, transgender, and non-binary as well. Currently, I am non-binary and tend to use "they" as my pronoun of choice. All of these works show my various changes in gender, perspective, and thinking on the subject over the years and how it has with me evolved over time to be a more all-encompassing thing than ever before.

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