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Tyrant of Words
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A strummer of strings⁠, among other things,
As soft as the thrum of beating wings;  
And, when that forgotten son does sing,  
O’er forest and fjords, his heart does ring.  

He rises with the restless day,  
With a hopeful smile upon his face;  
Despite the obstacles in his way,  
Of his fear, he shows no trace.  

On days he doesn’t feel his best,  
He grunts and pushes through the pain.  
Some days his brain’s a foggy mess,  
Left (out)standing in the pouring rain.  
An honest man, with stoic stature,  
Wondering through his wizened woods;  
By camera shutter, the poet captured,  
Earth’s enchantments, as he could.  
Through a looking lens of grace, he gazes,  
On grasses of the earth, he grazes,  
Spitting fine poetic phrases,  
Whilst on the finest herb, he blazes.  
Made of sugar, spice, and everything nice,  
With a pinch of piss and vinegar;  
And although he has the gift of gab(e),  
He’s an extraordinary listener.  
I can only hope to be, someday,  
A man of such integrity…  
And to think I let my silly problems  
Get the fucking best of me.
Written by NewBeginnings
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I will miss you dearly, my friend ❤️
It's hard to believe that you're gone, but your memory will live on...

Dangerous Mind
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My deepest condolences to Soul's family, friends, and fellow poets. He will be remembered <3

The video on the previous page, of him quietly, beautifully.. playing guitar, is perfect -- I'm glad I got to see it and would encourage everyone to watch it <3

poet Anonymous

Guardian of Shadows
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Slán abhaile

Goodbye, my friend
I hear the food is nicer there
and the forest is thick with creatures
who will eat from your hand

slán abhaile, mo chara
is finscéal tú, do chroi, ceol, craic
beidh sé mar chuimhneachán ort.


Thank you all for your beautiful reflections. I feel I'm lucky to look back and chuckle to myself. it's great to see the poetcast project here, he absolutely loved it

translation to the above verse: goodbye my friend, you are legend. your heart, music, craic
it will be something to remember you by. goodbye


Dangerous Mind
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Stupid Love (No Poo 15)

for a stupid heart
that believes there is love
pull the shutters down
Written by AspergerPoet56
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Guardian of Shadows
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It was not always like that
it was also
All I know is...the weather/season is improving
and maybe I can be out within nature
once again to rejuvenate

and then we walked
down the hill

Tyrant of Words
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the unknowing of loneliness.

I am but a single rose
my thorns plague~
up and down my spine
A constant scarring
twist and curve
into a dangerous beauty
When closely a look,
To laugh -
such devious petals;
serve as secret conceal
'Tis you and me and ours—

is mutual sunshine
mixes an earthly divine
Sparking and igniting
a lonely vine
....as together with you,
now two

only. for. you.

I shall climb,
with petals extended
my unfurled reaching out
to such heavens high
and softy,

so very softy

A very unlikely two,
Unusual and new to bloom
In wonderment-
O' how the wonderment
of all they knew to be true,
in the warmth of their sunshine
and now,
in all purpose apparent
... they are but two roses

united and always

Written by Bluevelvete
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11/26/2020    9:10am EST


Tyrant of Words
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The color of my faith
Seen in blue
The true potential of my soul

NoPoo #2 (11-26-20)

Dangerous Mind
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Some Sextets Of A Palindromic Plying Phasal Mind~ 'MANAM'::மனம்-  In Our Undying 'Soul'ing Love

mysterious anonymities~    
மன ஜனம்:: Maṉa jaṉaM
who are they?!.. these    
disjointed deja vu insurgence    
of a random alien~ known    
mixed characterizations    
in a daily gherao over    
dreamy reeling surrealities-    
 a drastic expanse in    
horrific drilling inevitabilities    
 of sudden~ switched morphings…    
an unbearable live series of killer    
documentary nightmarishness...      
lump in the throat’  weighted mind    
::மன கனம்:: Maṉa gaṉaM
cleaving deliquescent stress & strains    
of a vicious vaunting~ sabotage  times    
stride as squally cyclonic juggernauts    
in smother~ strangulating clouded mats    
of hard~ sedimentary  illusional greys,    
neither in a thorough~    
blown away traffic clearance    
nor in an awaited eventual    
teary~ equatorial outbursts    
bloody mind battlefields      
::மன ரணம்:: Maṉa raṇaM
warring decisive in the karmic fronts    
of summating accounts of Sins & Bliss..    
the inner motherly chaos leads this    
warrior mindchild amidst the bleeds ..    
in a shining singular noble purpose    
& healing elemental purity,  of Love    
enter the rejuvenating mind~ forest    
::மன வனம்:: Maṉa vaṉaM
undeniably the forces of destiny..    
these metaphorical 'fourteen Ramayana    
years of foresting liberational penance      
falling divine … as if a deathly    
castaway curse of a raging sage    
to those worldly (un)commoners..    
all i feel is this 'now'    
::மன கணம்:: Maṉa kaṇaM
meditating sword~ sharp    
decanting delicate minds    
flow fluidic in ‘the moment’    
-mindfulness’ harnessing    
marriage of the minds    
::மன மனம்:: Maṉa maṉaM
the eternal. 'soul'ing love.    
this one us.    
is there a  death ever?    
Written by summultima (uma)
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#NoPoo/ 14/ 27112020/ 00:21:13

Dangerous Mind
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Soul my dear friend Gabe
we stated the Dup journey together
I will miss you for alway and forever
sweet thoughts you had many
positive reinforcement you shared
plenty, you cared...

always putting everyone else first
your vision was to love not hurt
I will miss you my friend
forever and always
Rest In Peace my dear friend
Broomie ❤️

Tyrant of Words
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ThePoetcastProject said:

(A little guitar from him here: https://youtu.be/5sNMz9lSGcI)

Love this. ❤️😢

Guardian of Shadows
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Another day dear
It is too bright
dreaming of bridges
and shady woods
where I was
but never went
wishes lived through dreams
and faded yellow ribbons hanging on hundreds of oak trees
gently tied by those beloved left behind

poet Anonymous


i keep my face down, I keep my gaze down

for there is
something in my chest
that aches to come out
my jaws are locked in tight
from the eyes it shouts

Guardian of Shadows
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flying through the land of dreams
of tall pine trees
and everlasting greens
spires of churches in vast green fields
sounds of singing hills
quiet hamlets

Swimming in bubbles
colours of the rainbow trapped
within the wet orb
floating away over the garden
of blue bells, tulips and dandelions
there is tranquility

In my dreamscape I am
I want to see
You there too

Dangerous Mind
United Kingdom
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A Write of Loves Passage (NoPoo 16)

   lets engrave our souls
      marking with fiery passions
      our every heartbeat
Written by AspergerPoet56
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