the line break IS the punctuation

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the line break IS the punctuation

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Ljdynamic said:To be honest a few weeks ago my writing changed in the most dramatic way.  I wrote rhyming poems with no structure as far as visual or style.  Then I saw how someone wrote something and they were happy because it was a challenging style.  I set out to write a style myself and BOOM, my writing world CHANGED!

Well, letís get to the point (no pun intended) but noted.  I have had to look up how to use a semi colon and comma quite often, still I second guess the punctuation on every piece I write.  I have gone back and changed some, however, pretty positive it went from wrong to right and visa versa.
I do line breaks in my work sometimes because the sentence just look too long.  Having one 10 word sentence and the rest are 5 to 6 words visually bothers me.  I also like to make the line break where the internal rhyme would land, so Iím just trying to make structure.  Recently I started writing poems where I want the syllable per line to matter so that's another line break to consider so I would not want that to be read as a punctuation.  Being conscious of syllables now in my recent writing I believe I can reduce those odd breaks.  As a matter of fact, I need to go back and fix a piece I posted on here.  I removed it and will be reposting it once I restructure it.

I started doing line spacing a few weeks ago as well.  Prior to that all my work was one giant block of words.  I went back and line spaced a few random pieces from years ago and I feel that itself gave it a better quality.  I like to line breaks when I write comments or text... took me long enough to get around to do it in my poetry.

I don't know.  I just wanted to comment on how punctuation kicks my butt.

It's because punctuation is the street sign for a reader. It directs them when to pause, stop, begin anew, and so forth. Of course, much of modern poetry eschews end stops, so it's become the norm to absorb the natural pause at the end of each line rather than a comma ( unless you want that extra pause ).

It's interesting to study the evolution of poetry, and those rogues like Cummings who, like the impressionist painters, shook the foundation of the art so that it could expand.

You know we have a punctuation workshop here if you'd like to peruse it:

Fire of Insight
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Ty Ahavati.

Dangerous Mind
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yes i use the break all the time ....

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I may have thought of this before, however, never given it much thought?  Looking back I do not think I ever asked myself this question.  I would say it depends; considering on how well you know your artist/poet.  I personally use punctuation to stop my line (try to for the most part) but it's up to the reader too.

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Punctuation is important.
People are not reading the words the same ways as one another.
Punctuations are vital tools to creating the cadence you want to express in your writing.

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