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Does love still exist in today's society?

Strange Creature
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I Think Real Love Is Slowly Drifting, Its All About A Image And Wanting To Be Somebody "Goals. " A Man Can Post He Want A Certain Type Of Woman Today And She Come Along And Tomorrow He'll Say "He's Not Ready. "  Its All About Attenton Now And Wanting To Be The "It" Couple Or Idol Person.

Lost Thinker
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I think the world is going insane and very little people even love themselves and if you dont truly love who you are you cannot love someone else ... j

Alexander Case
Dangerous Mind
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Leo_Sunset said:I think the world is going insane and very little people even love themselves and if you dont truly love who you are you cannot love someone else ... j

Apparently the world is more sane now than it has ever been.  For example, you only need to go back 100 years to the First World War to get a sense of the world's insanity.  Millions of people during WWI willingly fought and died for their country and for the better of the world... whatever that meant.

Most people wouldn't sacrifice their own life for the welfare of others, unless they're selfless.  So selfless people must be capable of love if they put the lives of others above their own.

Taking that into consideration, wouldn't we consider people more selfish now than what people were capable of during the Great War?  People these days aren't exactly leaving behind their jobs and families in droves of thousands to go fight in some bullshit holy war against terror.

I guess my point is people these days are way too selfish and love themselves so much that they will always put themselves first in society and in their relationships.

Reasons into why we as a society have become so selfish and incapable of loving 'thy neighbour' could be our infatuation with being happy, to the point we find ourselves in an impossible narcissistic mission to discover our true happiness, blind to the fact that in order to be happy, we must be selfless and humble enough to give love first in order to receive.

Lord Viddax
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You cannot be selfless with selfies. Take a picture of something else, of someone else, and adore that view, rather than your own face. Something along the lines of Native Americans not wanting their picture being taken as it would steal their soul, point of fact for some in the 21st Century.

Love exists not when you just love thyself or just love thy neighbour, but when the care and humanity is spread around multiple things. It is the time-wasting unproductive selfless action that benefits someone else, and makes you feel better, but does not necessarily benefit you. Such as giving someone an umbrella in the rain and then you getting wet.

I do agree that the standard of selflessness of the early 20th century of WW1 does not quite compare to that of the modern 21st Century. However it is better to look forwards to a time when there is no war or need to leap on a grenade than comparing a time of a war closer to home or further away. The 20th Century also lacked the Universal nature and Post-Imperialism found in the 21st Century and the ability to contact someone on the other end of the globe without having to cross an empire's borders.

Strange Creature
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real love is rare and like everything it must come to an end, good or bad. i wish i had taken my own advice because when she left she took my heart with her, i know ill be alright, just give me time. it just sucks i had so much respect for her and she threw it away like a candy wrapper. like i didnt mean shit to her, and if im being honest i dont think i did. it hurts to see her happy but as long as shes happy i guess im happy for her because if you love someone you gotta let them go.

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