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Poetry Contest

Share romantic poems.
"[Romance is] a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love. . . . love, especially when sentimental or idealized."- Google

Poems will get comments explaining good features as well as subjective areas of improvement. If you want comments, then put your poem webpage's full url link (or just the 6 digits that are within that url) at the bottom of your posts.

You are allowed to submit a poem that you've written before, even if I've commented on it or it's been in my previous romance contest.

You can submit 3 poems maximum. Don't edit your posts, after the contest has closed. poems, submitted after the contest closure, will not be valid for this contest.

Please send me a private message with any question or concern, including any about contestants who have entered more than 3 poems, contestants who have posted poems after the contest have closed, my missing comment on your poem, or any contest rule (or detail) that was broken (or suddenly made invalid) by any contestant or me.

Here's some inspiration from last competition:

wallyroo92 said:In the Stillness and the Silence

Sheís like stardust,
Beyond an imaginary dream,
Unattainable but always there,
Shining bright in the night sky,
Smiling close upon him,
†Like the memory of a reverie
That only a few dare declare.

She is his inspiration,
The source of all motivation and ideas
†That fill his head,
The muse who moves and stirs him,
With wonderful emotions,
†The notion that feeds his soul
†Like daily bread.

He is in complete awe of her,
An admiration that goes so far,
†Beyond any star in the galaxy,
A fantasy thatís just like reality,
Itís tangible and palpable,
†Unmistakable in his heart.

They share those comfortable moments,
In the stillness and the silence of a glance,
The radiant energy flows between them,
Vibrant and with a delicious torment,
Nothing else can compare,
To their romance.

Nephele said:Mosaic of Time

You lay me down in fields sanguine,
introspections of a subtle touch untethered,
your blanket of golden stars
adorning my internal night,
the warmth of amber grace
pooling in tender veins.
I drink the absinthe from your eyes,
enraptured by your emerald light,
raw intoxication overflowing
the pores of my longing depths...
Your whispered incantations
draw intricate weaves
upon the shadows of my soul,
my every breath your words
as I ache for the tip of your tongue
to give breadth to new life.
How I adore you,
my modesty reduced to the air that I breathe,
induced to a silhouetted vision-

Our esoteric selves
interlaced, unfolding
eternally stitched into
mosaic of time.          

samael said:Scribble my name

I'm lonely for your thoughts and what we could have been
your eyes they haunt me
your eyes they haunt me
i can't catch my breath
i can't catch your trail
dragging these feelings
i walk through hell
so build me a faulty parachute
and throw me from your plane
drown me in your big blue eyes
bury me under grey skies
my judgement's clouded
my thoughts aren't stright
but i need you
if it's not too late
print me up a pretty flower
tore through skin and bone
stabbing at the truth for hours
tear me from my broken throne
you bleed empty
that's how i know you love

Here's more inspiration from last competition:

Soul Summer by AtoMikbomb
Do I miss you? by J_J_Jay_Jr
For A Number Of Seconds by seekingkate

Nathaniel Peter
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"Please send me a private message with any question or concern;" but yes, since forbidden romance is still romance.

Fire of Insight
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Hidden Treasures In Your Heart (I shall discover)

I failed to comprehend the puzzling pieces of your soul...
Yet I deny to give up

What beholds within your chest?
What treasures do you keep?

Locked away with locks;
that don't even come with a key
Chained with iron chain;
that takes a saw to even loosen

Still I know
there's jewels yet to be discovered-
it's bound to be conquered..

Draw me a map to your island-
to your lonesome soul, I shall venture
Accompany you with my presence...
Sweeten your days-
with candied bacon and chocolate pieces
Treasure your pearls and gems inside,
their priceless values-
soon to be mine

Kept away, buried and entombed-
in your deserted islanded heart...

I shall uncover, set it free...
Go through rough seas and high tides to your mind,
to reach my destination;
your soul
your all

Fuel my boat-
with your love and hopes
My heart and soul, I shall devote-
for the knowledge of your thoughts...
the royal seat in your castle

I shall not abandon this journey to achieve..

Once it's found I will not let it be taken,
  † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † stolen
 † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † broken
 † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † †forsaken
Never shall it be uncared for-
For your lovely prize is a glorious pride
it's rich possession, is my obsession..

It shall be safe,
it shall be mine...

Belonging to my treasure- chest,
my heart...
Right inside my palms I shall hold it tight
Kiss it delicate love, keep it in sight

Love shall guide my way
Written by SourMelon0313 (H)
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Fire of Insight
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Confessions of Poetic Love †(spells, flowers , n' madness)

You've seduced my mind †  
with poetic art † †  
† † †
left me crazy in poetic madness- †
Birthing hopes that seem unreal; †
† † †
I'm lost; † † †
I can't confine † †
silly thoughts afloat †
† † †
Your intense words † †
unintentionally †
leaving me in awe †
† † †
What will you do now? †

My heart † †  
'tis in your hands † †  
will you water this flower †  
or leave to wilt; †
† † †
It yearns for sunshine † †  
for daylight... † †  
to grow † †  
transform † †  
blossom † †  
†spike †
† † †
† † †
It seems† †  
I've met my match †
(maybe) †
† † †
Forming unspeakable dreams † †
imagination pleads mercy † †
extending †without limits † †  
not a †boundary seems to build †  
† † †
Is love just a cast of spell? † †  
† † †
Or is it† †  
a poison that kills? † †  
† † †
leaving one never the same † †  
† † †
Impossible un-doings † †  
of its effects, it affects † †  
tainting the clueless soul † †  
not knowing of its harms† †  
† † †
Yes, † †  
being in love has its benefits, but †
at a stupendous price † †
too costly to sell †  
too precious once bought † †  
† † †
In a daze † † †
a haze once fallen† †  
Perplexed...† †  
For there is no blueprint † †  
or directions† †  
no structure † †  
to mold into its perfect form † †  
† † †
What to do in these poetic illusions? † †  
† † †
Falling in the pit of love; † †  
would we plant a garden? † †  
† † †
Or would I... † †  
be left abandoned † †  
† † †
† † †
† † †
† † †  
† † †
Written by SourMelon0313 (H)
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Fire of Insight
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Pinstripe me
up & down
full fern vernal
French garden eyes
I'll toy with obstruction
though I suck at stacking blocks
I'll write off
those husky forearms
like they don't
like they don't...
do shit for me
Driving The Tank home
(a Volvo old as me)
thickset (rat-tat-tat) songs spewing
dewy fantasies
You'd be my buoy
you'd drink me swimming
you'd lift my lungs  
from gravity
Written by AtoMikbomb
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Nathaniel Peter
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Twisted Dreamer
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Reality Is Too Much

The nights
Aren't long enough
For me to see
My love

Too short
For us to get close
Now it's time to go

Time goes by too fast
For this moment to last
Any longer

And the road
Is too cold
To walk

The days
Are too long
Too much time
To be on guard

The sunrise
Is the arise
of stressful situations
In this cursed life

Too much time
To hide
From the sunshine
Something I should enjoy
But certain things are best to avoid
Always finding reasons to die
Or do I just not know how to enjoy this life?

..   I tried

I can go on
But reality is too much

^ Might've put that up before

Thought Provoker
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the rambling of a sleep deprived young woman

"I love you"
Three words thrown around
But what do they mean?
I thought they meant something
"I'll stand by you"
"I'll support you"
"We're a team"
"I never want to lose you"
But do they really?
Do they mean anything at all?
I've heard these three words,
Three stupid words
From many people
From family to friends to cruel human beings
Yet my mother never speaks to me anymore
My sisters ignore most my messages.
My friends send half responses,
And past 'relationships' leave me broken.
Even now with my current lover,
I hear him say those three words
But what do they mean?
Is love really screaming at me in the early mornings,
When I don't have whatever you need out and ready?
Is love sleeping facing away from me,
As far over as the bed will allow?
Is love insulting me,
Or laughing at me when I don't know something?
Is love really supposed to hurt like this?
I've transplanted myself into an entirely different climat,
I've traveled across country to be with you in your time of need.
We said things would be better once we left Florida,
But instead I sit home alone.
I get insulted.
I know noone here but your exes.
I patiently wait for you to come home,
Hoping you're not too tired from work,
But knowing you're heading to bed once you get here.
I long for you to look at me the way you used to,
To make me feel beautiful again
And more than anything,
I silently beg to hear you say three words,
Those three words..
'I love you'
But what do they even mean?
Written by sweetdevil (CortneyB)
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Tyrant of Words
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There Are No Words

There are no words to describe this feeling,
There arenít any ways to explain this emotion,
Iím speechless at the astounding deepness,
The way she glances right into my soul.
I stammer and stutter,
I canít even utter in coherent terms,
My mind goes a thousand miles a minute,
Yet somehow the passion lingers
†In slow and gradual w a v e s.

But I think the best response is silence,
Quietly appreciating the beauty
And the loveliness God has granted,
Like panoramic pictures of splendid sunsets,
No caption needed,
Just the sheer admiration,
When I find myself
†Spellbound and enchanted.

But even in the quiet reserve,
Regardless of what I think I deserve,
My absolute adoration for her
†Is beyond measure,
Like a treasure one finds and hides
†From the rest of the world,
I revel in the delight of her smile,
Her glimpse,
Her voice which serves
†Like an embrace that cradles me,
† †And caresses me into the night.

I will never find the right words
†To fully express my love and devotion,
Because like every drop of water in the ocean,
†Each one is my thought of her.

William Colten Sorrells
Thought Provoker
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I've walked away a dozen times
but I come back around to find
that even with out history
there still remains some mystery

I find it easy to forget
she has a lot to teach me yet
so close, but yet so far away
I keep her with me every day

so much remains to be explored
I never know what lies in store
a hundred times I've lost my way
but I still find her just the same

she holds the cure,
she's my affliction
she makes me pure,
she's my addiction
she's that which
cannot be attained
I wouldn't dare
to speak her name

she's that which
be achieved,
that one
that haunts my dreams
I keep her close,
but far away
she'll be the death
of me some day

sometimes it's easy
to forget
I haven't even
had her yet
so close, but yet
so far away
I think about her
every day

Written by 0bs3ss3dp0ss3ss3d (William Colten Sorrells)
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Nathaniel Peter
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Layaway Love-songs

Writing a letter to the future
I travel through time in my mind
What would you think?
A twine flesh of vessels forged as one
To put myself in the shoes Iíve yet to fill
My prayers make investments in love on layaway
A future beloved where wisdom reserves your place
These words inadequate
Seeking to romance the thought of you in theory
Involuntarily waiting with one less piece of my heart to give
For all the things Iíve said to others only ever meant for you
Trying on skins in a generation of shopaholics
Like rental affairs with clashing designs
Some fashion statements say all the wrong things
You remain as an undiscovered enigma too abstract for words
Just feelings like a heart in anticipation of its flutters
But Iíve known too many faces that clip the wings of these butterflies
Before Iíve even had a chance to find new highs in the sky
Off timings and unequal yolks like herding unbroken oxen
I wrestle between moving forward with one eye
-   Sucker for the beauty I see that robs from the face of what I donít
Trying to figure out a way to place faith in finding
Knowing only that even God canít override freewill
And the vows of better people are ever binding
Their bonds graced of something that onlookers canít unseal
Star gazing into the eyes of a thought that seems as galaxies away
Seeking a hand I reach into the void and even for a glimpse
We get snagged on a stolen moment, and Iím wrong if I ask you to stay
Blurring the lines of love for war
Itís me Iím fighting and itís not a question of an unknown love
But whether it is that Iím worth waiting for
Thereís no commitment in the chemical makeup
And true love is greater than euphoric sensation
Faking connection, we resign ourselves to surface placation
And the thought of all things wrong with me intrudes
If life had a soundtrack it seems mine lacks substance for these interludesÖ

Strange Creature
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Bowl of Cinders

I sit in a bowl of cinders
the fiery ashes swirl
they tantalize yet burn me
fascinated, but unable to hold
so I sit in my bowl of cinders alone
surrounded by a beautiful portrait of pain
In the portrait I see a face
I see you
Written by JacktheRipper
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Fire of Insight
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Only When You Exhale

Love burns the flesh and bone maddening the heart on brink of insanity.

Stammering to hold on,
insecure with ourselves and accusing with eyes full of tears.

Unraveling the fortress we had begun to build to protect ourselves from scrutiny, from the outside influence pointing fingers,
labeling what has no explanation.

There is a hole in our walls allowing the past to lash it's deadly tongue on our future.
It means us bleed apart, it means to sever the bond between hearts leaving us without breath staggering to separate corners to repair what can never repair if we are dead.

We need only to hold on to one another, allow our strength to deafen the screams of doubts that threaten ghastly shadows over our life.
We can take the pain of losing all else,

say for this....

Where I exist is where you beat, I can only breathe when you exhale.

Know this...

Love is a sword that can sever the past.

Troubled mind need not wander searching for reason to let what killed us once breathe again.

We are here!
Written by Erotic_Goddess
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Strange Creature
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Dreaming of love

Standing at the edge of the sea
Itís where one world ends and one world starts. Staring at the horizonówishing you were here
I ask myselfóIs there anyone out there for me

Although many live here-Earth is a lonely place
A place where cold and darkness seem to overshadow us
Sometimes I feel this cold that paralysisís me
I ask myselfóin such a cold place does anyone carry warmth.

I look out from a top a tall mountain
Wishing I was an angel-to be closer to God.
A feeling of warmth-My soul which feels peace
Than I realize Iím still on earth-his warmth inside me burning with contentment

What do I do to find my love
I know sheís out there-I can feel it
Sheís almost in reach-but still a blur
What will I do when I find her-share my warmth
But until then-Iíll keep her alive in my dreams. My love.  (C) Copyright
Written by: Jason Constantino.

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