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I Deplore Poetic Competion (& swear maybe never to do it )

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Poetry Contest

Tell us, (poetically of course), why poetry competition is so distasteful, regardless of whether you believe it or not
CONGRADULATIONS ---- "winners" chosen by lottery--- wee all "Losers".........(we should meditate on that)

Paul S...
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poetry should
          & should not
  be written in the moment,
           of the moment,

for the moment,
      wait a moment ..
 hang on a moment -
    the moment
     don't last !!!
  and last being my general position
when it comes to
            competition ..

   I refuse to come first -
         that'd just be
                crossing a line ..

poet Anonymous

I would give a High 5
and say ``Amen!``
to end all competitions
Ďcause fuck it & face it
it`s an enter at your own risk;
everyone looses
even if you win
eyes roll, heads shake, teeth grit
we`re ready to spit
what is truly in our thoughts
and it isn`t Congrats!
but rather this competition sucked!

yeah, it`s cruel
but it`s the nature of the game
either grow thick skin
or just don`t enter

poet Anonymous

I try to take it
one competition at a time, and
not look ahead to the next competition.
if i stick to my competition plan,
then i have no excuses.
i leave it all out there
on the paper
if i do the one percenters,
then the other %99 will
take care of itself
itís all
and rhymes
they say it is a competition
of indentations
if my poems are not on the same

then winning is impossible
sometimes i take one for the competition
obviously word count
is the only statistic
that matters

but most of all remember
there is no
in competition

Fire of Insight
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Supercilious Shooting

Catering to
subjective tastes
like groping
for befitted tools

Spittin' submissions - stanzas
at the range where
spirit meets culmination
Playin' a fool's pastime
throwin' hopes at hitting
inconsequential pigeons
of clay

For in blasting off
we are kids armed
with orange plastic rifles
aimin' through our screens
in inane arcade firing
at petty pixelated ducks

& you're the one who set us up

Tongue-in-cheek, of course! No serious insult intended, I enjoy friendly competition. It's all love guys!
Written by AtoMikbomb
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William Colten Sorrells
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Skid Mark Art

Trying to shape my words
to appeal to the tastes
of the majority

it works about as well
as teaching an old dog
tricks he already knows

if I should win
that mark of acceptance,
then I have truly lost

inspiration strikes
like a chili fart
not wise to force it

but sometimes I still
squeeze one out for fun
and then toss the pair

so I'll leave this here
so that all of you
can get a good whiff
Written by 0bs3ss3dp0ss3ss3d (William Colten Sorrells)
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poet Anonymous

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Like music, food, books or art,
Taste in poetry too is subjective,
Everybody has a right to their opinion,
Everybody has a different perspective.
Iíve written works at the last minute
And won it,
While Iíve poured my soul on others
Then swung it,
And missed,
Like an at bat or a rap battle diss,
I just didnít know that to make of it.

While the pieces that are near and dear to me
Didnít get as much recognition,
There are others Iíve shot in the dark,
And hit the mark like a magician.
I donít like to compare myself to other writers,
But rather read their work and be familiar with their talents,
So for me itís truly an honor when Iím awarded something,
Not to mention be confused when it seems unbalanced.

Each one of us has a different approach, flair and style,
The way we see the world and what we want others to perceive,
The lives weíve experienced, each in its own unique way,
Comparing each otherís creations regardless of what we believe.

Competitions are a mere gauge to test your temperature,
Not just to be recognized but to engage yourself as a poet,
Not just to get praise but to reach deep within yourself,
And find the words and see how far you can throw it.

Competitions are about your understanding of the topic,
Putting your best work forth and improving your skill,
It also helps if your subject connects with the reader,
And the more profound it is the deeper it can drill.

So while I may agree or disagree with some,
I have to keep in mind that itís still subjective,
Poetry is a personal view of the world around us,
But if you stir emotions then you know that itís effective.

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The more you are heard of and get read
The more opportunity to get into their head
Its not about rising above your peers
Its just another way to get into their ears
Some seek out titles, like 'TYRANT OF WORDS'
for their own Ego trophies and gold star awards
earned for everyone to admire and see
behind the golden bars of hypocricy
Like every other player behind the scene
Its just another route to shout and get seen
without having to admit to entering a competition
But by hosting one - one can accomplish their mission
and scream "LOOK AT ME!!!!~-LOOK AT ME!!!!
These Dungeon masters shout out like children buildin'
without admitting that that's what its all about
They want you to hear you sing like tortured birds
so they can admire their trophy as "TYRANT OF WORDS"
Written by archetype23
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Rebel Phoenix
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Is not art interpreted?
And does not each interpreter define a piece from  within?
Is it true that the beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and from that can we not ascertain then, that no two interpreters will admire one piece in the same way?  Competitors gain points to decide a winner yes?
How could such a system function?
Better yet,
Who dare to cheapen passion and art to a sport?

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The Hopeful Loser

i can't stand these poetry competitions
yet drawn to them like a pan to frying
i enter full of hopeful creative intentions
and shuffle off self doubting and crying

i will never ever win one of those things
it tortures my mind and my very being
Now i will see what pathetic tact brings
yes this is real desperation you're seeing

i am a lousy poet the worst of the worst
but i will humiliate myself just to win it
i am begging you oh please make me first
you know if you don't you're a giant tit

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