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Poetry Contest

What lies beneath?
Write about undressing someone. Emotionally, spiritually, physically, or all of the above. Let me feel you really know this person as you dive deep within their soul...

Be descriptive
Three weeks
New or old writes welcome
Two entries per person

Dangerous Mind
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Be naked
Be proud
Take everything off
Before the cheering crowd

No shame
No regrets
Show them everything
Don’t be hesitant

You’re hot
You’re beautiful
Why do you think
Everyone’s cheering for you?

Take it off
Take it all off
We want to see you in all your glory
Not just parts and bits, and stuff

Be proud
Naked Goddess
We your adoring faithful
Are smitten by your presence

Above poem was inspired by a true event.  Years ago, I took a girlfriend to a local strip joint in Western Wisconsin.  My girlfriend, a college senior, was a shy reserved flower, but the scene made her a bit giddy.  Towards the end of the show she expressed that she’d like to try stripping.  So, during the amateur call, I encouraged her to dance.  Much to my surprised she stripped totally nude.  Afterwards she’d tell me that it was the most empowering thing she’d ever done.  

Indeed it was, because shortly after she moved on to better boyfriend. (sob)!

Gregory Rain
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Emily (an ending from my book. Also, spoilers ahead)

Context: Sean is on a mission to stop "Annie" (a 7 y.o.? girl who appears to (some) people (mostly in their dreams) and tries to convince them to commit suicide), in this ending he decided that he will archieve this by saving - and not murdering her....

You decided to break the glass(E186)

/Sean took the hammer,
and with all his might,
yet carefully,
he smashed the glass.
because this wasn't a story about Sean and his revenge...
this was a story about forgiveness...
this was a story about Annie..../


Girl opened her surprised Eyes
as Red as early morning Skies.
Unable to believe
what she was to perceive
she was a nightmare
the Queen of despair
it was just too insane
that after all the hurt and all the pain
he would prefer
to save, instead of killing her
"you... saved me?
I have shown you the terrors of the sorrow sea
I made you wish to die
just like your friends
and you still decided to save me?
that makes no sense!" (Annie)
"There was enough hurt already...
it is over now Annie..." (Sean)
I don't even HAVE anything else!
did you forget?
I am a monster, a demon!
I can not but make you regret!
I've even killed my parents!" (Annie)
her black words begun to turn to blue
yet hate was still shining through
while her Shinu signs
holding powers in burned lines
shined darkness...
and just like Annie herself
the world of Nightmares begun to fall apart
"I have killed them!
they were Gassed because of Me...
I still remember the Rhythm...
of their screams before the Lady in Black set them free!
all because of my eyes....
my ugly UGLY red eyes!
all that lies....
within my reach-
don't you even DARE to try!
taking my revenge from me!
it's mine!
it's all I have!
I must...
I just need more power and then...." (Annie)
trees begun to lose their leaves under her desperate tone.
while Ground began to shake and wind to groan.
"there is no-one to take revenge on Annie!
the people who killed you and your parents are long dead!" (Sean)
they have children!
grand children!" (Annie)
it's time to go home..." (Sean)
the painful words Annie wanted and didn't want to hear.
made her big red eyes tear.
"I don't even HAVE a home!
I don't have anyone...
I'm all alone....
I'll always be..." (Annie)
and so came the rain
she tried to hide her pain
she tried to cover her shame
and the shirt bearing her name
by her hands....
soft storm filled the nightmare lands
while tears of heaven danced between her fingers
singing about the memory that still lingers
Sean took his handkerchief
gently wiping away
all the Blue and all the Grey
he was a spark of light in this world made from all things Grim
so Annie suddenly hugged him
for once she felt safe
for once she felt warmth
"sh-sh little girl....
you're not alone...
I'm here with you...." (Sean)
"but you'll go too..." (Annie)
"it does not have to be like that...
I can...
adopt you...
if you can promise you won't use your powers ever again....
no matter the circumstances...." (Sean)
he said in a thoughtful style
with a kind and caring smile
Annie looked at Sean
fixer her red iris on him
storm ended and came the dawn
"why would you do that?" (Annie)
"we're both lonely....
so let's be lonely together....
don't cry...
everything will be good again...
take my hand...
I'll walk you home....
if you want of course..." (Sean)
but young lady once quirky and violent
remained silent
"come on Annie...
don't leave me waiting...." (Sean)
"I'm not...
I'm not Annie...
my name is Emily..." (Emily)
"So why does your shirt has "Annie" written on it?" (Sean)
"it stands for "anyone" or... "anybody"..." (Emily)
"why?" (Sean)
"it was easier to hurt people when they kept on telling me that i don't have anyone....
or that anyone is a monster" (Emily)
kind of clever i guess..." (Sean)
"...Sean?" (Emily)
"yes?" (Sean)
"will i have to call you ....father.... from now on?" (Emily)
"no Emily, Sean is fine..." (Sean)
won't your... you know...
won't they mind me?" (Emily)
"they knew Miracle....
they miss her too....
they're also lonely now when....
she's gone....
I'm sure they will understand..." (Sean)
and so...
hand in hand...
shoulder to shoulder...
side by side...
they walked through the nightmare world...
that lost its purpose....
that lost its rhymes..
that lost its hate.
and was slowly crumbling...
until they arrived
to the big granite door
with Rose of Entropy
Brightly shining on them...

"Rose of Entropy! Art of Death!
With her strongest, darkest breath!
the Queen of Maggots calls upon you!
Open the door!
Let her through!
There is Blood to be spilled!
There are Graves to be filled!" (Emily)

the lines of the painting grew with sharp roses
door opened
and revealed the mirror they were holding.
Emily drew the Death sign on them, to create a portal
and once again she fixed her beautiful red eyes on Sean
"Sean?" (Emily)
"yes Emily?" (Sean)
"are you....
really sure about this?
will you really be my family?
after all I have done?" (Emily)
he responded by a simple, yet the most beautiful sentence she has ever heard
"yes... Emily" (Sean)

And so Emily and Sean entered the world behind the mirror
the "Real World"
                                                           Sean, (Annie) Emily, Rose of Entropy

My Lady Willow Wept                                     inspired by “Mogwai – Take Me Somewhere Nice”

Once in my world….
of Darkest Rainbow....
Black color poured….
over my heart....
When i saw Girl….
under Willow....
And the Rain was….
about to start....
i didn't dare to….
make single sound....
Under the….
Leaf-less Tree....
Wind Didn't Disturb….
the Sadness-Drowned....
Not Her, the Angel….
of Nobody....
Bearer of Signs….
in Crimson Style....
Filled by all the….
secrets she kept....
And all i could give was…
my Pained Smile....
To my Lady….
“Willow Wept”….

The End

Note: i'm adding this, as, despite no-one strips physically, i think that emotionally, Annie gets stripped naked.
Note2: i'm keeping the "song-poem" (or however you might call it, to keep the atmosphere, but as it's not necessarily part of the contribution (i mean it does suggest about what Sean told his parents about this weird little girl he brought her home, but that's not really contributing to the topic this contest is about), so if you'll write me, i have no problem erasing it.

Fire of Insight
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I know you well, and we are friends
Our discussion rarely ends,
We talk of politics and news
And we share diverse views

We are relaxed with each other
True feelings we should not smother
So far our friendship is platonic
A physical relationship could be a tonic

If you agree we should progress
Perhaps first we can undress
Reveal our physical form
Cuddle close to keep warm.

You concur we should commence
Both slowly strip without offense
Admire each part as it emerges
Stimulating sexual urges.

At last we are both in the nude
Comfortable together never lewd,
Our bodies and minds are in sinc
A life to share don't you think.

Fire of Insight
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Double strip

Of course I'm looking,
isn't that's why you wear that push-up bra?
I saw you look too,
it's not padded with a sock.
If you would bend over just a bit,
I would have a much better view.
Now squeeze them together,
just a little more;
very nice nipple show.
Thank you.
they make a "push-up" for a guy to wear.

I saw
your eyes go there
just like mine go where they go.
How much is "pushed-up"?
Same question back at you.
this is now,
"If you show me yours,
I'll show you mine."
Not here?
That will do.
push-up with pink lace.
mine is a v-neck t-shirt.
Shirt for blouse.
Sounds fair to me.
Show me yours,
I'll show you mine.
That was the deal.
Sandals off?
that rates showing you my socks.

Switch it around a bit?
remove from me whatever you wish,
I'll remove the same from you.
Belt, zipper, jeans to the floor.
Yes, I will step out of them.
No belt, elastic waist, yours pushed to the floor.
I'll help your feet out of them.
I like the pink lace trim on your bikini,
to match your bra?
Very nice.
So, t-shirt off over my head.
Even an unfastened bra can't fall off,
if you hold your arms that tightly to your sides
and your arms folded in front like that.
Fair is fair.
You're seeing mine,
I get to see yours.
I don't think you really needed that push-up.
Yes, I mean it.
Your welcome.
So how does this work?
Your bikini and my briefs and socks.
Two (or three) to one.
You want the score to be tied?
Kneel down and remove them.
While your down there,
does it look like a sock in there?
You really can't tell?
Don't try to hide it.
I see your grin.
Then remove them.
No sock.
Just me.
All me.
You thought it would be bigger?
It will get bigger,
You won't have long to wait.
You will see.
My turn.
on my knees.
Just like you were.
No, I don't need to,
but I certainly want to
slide my hands inside your bikini,
down your legs,
and back up again.
I notice that you're wet.
Just from this double strip?
Can't imagine
how wet
you'll be
in a few more minutes.
it is getting bigger --
I told you it would.
If you want it bigger . . .
Oh, you know what to do?
your hand
you certainly do know,
exactly what to do.
Keep doing it,
Your mouth too?
anything you want to do.
Let me lift you
up onto the edge of the counter.
Fair is fair.
My mouth on you.
You didn't know if I would?
Of course I will.
Whatever you want me to do.
You notice a drop of wetness coming out of me?
And now I look big enough?
suppose we mix wetnesses?
Of course, I will take your nipple in my mouth.
One then the other.
Not to worry.
I have no intention of stopping --
wetness mixing.
Rhythmic sucking
and licking
will match genital meshing.
Hands on the back of my head.
My mouth mashed into your breast.
I am absolutely not complaining.
Legs wrapped around my hips,
I do like that,
helping me rhythmically drive into you.
My body stiffening,
Driving deeply,
Giving everything,
Your contractions tell me that
you wanted everything I have just given.
Was it necessary to
yank my mouth from your nipple
to your mouth that forcefully?
Bruise my lips with yours?
OK, fair is fair.
Yes, I'm still in there.
I thought not.
The grip of your fingernails on my butt says,
not slowly,
not gently.
Let go of my ass, lie back on the counter.
This will not be done either slowly or gently.
That is
what you want,
Wasn't it/
I did say whatever you wanted.
One question.
What is your name?
Written by J_J_Jay_Jr
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Fire of Insight
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dressed for me

she stood before me
did that thing with her eyes
licked her lips
flipped the hem of her skirt
lace stockings
heels highlighted the curve of her butt
blouse button open
"I dressed special for you."

I stared
licked my lips
appraised her
toes to bouncy blond hair
appreciated her cleavage
admired her legs
loved her mouth
hard in my pants
"I prefer you undressed for me."
Written by J_J_Jay_Jr
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Fire of Insight
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It was early in our friendship
She came and smiled at me
'Would you like me to strip?'
'Of course' I said with glee.

She turned, her dress now unzipped
She grabbed it with a grin
Over her head it soon flipped;
She was naked to her skin.

She wore no panties or bra
Her figure was so lush
On her pubes, I saw with awe
A luscious ginger bush.

Dangerous Mind
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Undressing Me

Your eyes, undressing me slowly as
Your hand stay still, but it is way more
Than the physical act. Something has
Us tangled in knots. Let it restore
Confidence as it rolls down with
Everything on the floor. Your jaw,
Unhinged and open. The wordsmith
In you stays quiet as the shirt, bra,
Pants and underwear slide off my
Body easily, but you are undressing
My soul too as it is far from dry  
Along with my mind. All the stressing
Is gone along the feeling of being
Naked in every way right before you
And your eyes as you are seeing
Me for who I am; someone true.
Written by eswaller
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Tyrant of Words
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What lies beneath the clothes you wear,
When your body is to mirror bare?
Are your first thoughts of confidence,
Or are they dread and diffidence?
Do you see triumphant beauty,
A strength more than from the body?
Does it make you think, "I am unique!"
How well lived a life does it speak?
Comfortably round or lean-mean,
Flesh and blood person, or machine?

What are best bits that make you proud
To unveil, however endowed?
Has experience left it scarred,
Any blemishes by it marred?
Do you see bits that look too odd
To like, or do you thank your God,
Whose Psalmist poet David said,
"I'm fearfully, wonderful, made",*
Best bits alike and shortcomings
You give to Him as offerings?

"Praise God for the body, shalom, shalom."

*Paraphrase of Psalm 139 verse 14: "I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well."

Strange Creature
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Glass Goddess

When first I lay eyes on you  
A familiar longing wells up within  
Warm, unbridled arousal  
Pulsates through my body
Awakening dormant desires  
Engorging abstinent fingers who  
Ache to caress  
Smooth, voluptuous curves.  
Your sexy, round openings lure me in
Your luscious, full lips flirt  
Begging me  
From across a crowded room  
For an endless, passionate kisses.  
I rarely say no.
Without pause, I pay  
The madam wraps you up  
I escort you to my room.
Ravenous as I am  
I savor undressing you
Carefully peeling away your  
Skillfully unzipping your
Bubble-wrap dress
Revealing your
With hungry hands  
I cup your sultry body to
Fill your maiden’s well
Trickling liquid into your chambers
Like sweet-talking a girl
I make you moist.
Only then, do I offer up my  
You welcome my  
Intoxicating bud
Devouring my
euphoric delight with your
Virgin bowl.
Artistic fingers
Delicately rim  
Then plug your  
Subservient hole.
I spark a flame.
Alas, our lips meet
Your thick  
Sturdy trunk presses firm on
My mouth
I suck
Long and slow
Milking your thick sexy smoke
Into your rigid chamber.
I imbibe your hazy nectar
A rush of heaven is delivered.
As promised.
Delight wipes the tiny spatters of  
Your salacious juices from  
My well-pleased lips.
I drift into a tangerine dream
Warm golden sunshine
Flows through my veins
First times can be awkward
Or beautiful like you
Written by Spilled_Inkster
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Guardian of Shadows
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Do You Love

do you love
do you embrace
the strength
of his wants
inhale the scent
of his desires
kiss with love lust

do you love well
holding the length
of his soul
within the fold
of your heart
does he move with you
in love's life rhythm

She says "with the gentle brush
of my beloved's hands
his love in flower folds
ecstasy in truth foretold."
Written by Grace (Idryad)
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Nathaniel Peter
Fire of Insight
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Bare yourself
You show nothing
Youth is so yesturday
Who's the bait and who's the fillet?
Sweet tooth rot for eye candy accolades
Panhandling curves
We pay dollars for bodies
But offer only pennies for thoughts
Beauty comes with a sell by date
Words are cheap but souls are auctioned at social brothels
Time is a wrinkle that creases past iron cosmetics
Worn beyond mended efforts to patch a leaking perspective
Like trying to go deep sea fishing in kiddy pools
Bobbing for shallow hearts...

Fire of Insight
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Unsheltered Burdens


I unsheathed his heart from the leather holster he concealed its Sharp and divied edges beneath

fearing not the cut of flesh or loss of blood to follow after.

Carressed the brittle decay of his sharpness with my secrets

and delighted at the way he slowly unraveled from the binds that had held him dormant,

opening his veins too allow me see the pain beneath scarred and tattered skins.

I drank thirsty of his worries, feasted on his streams of thoughts letting my ears carry his weariness,

He was hesitant to bare completely the complexity of his mind, but this tender hand stemmed him to speak clearly and completely leaving no stone to remain in the polluted lakes of shadow.

Unconciously I trace each life line with my irises memorizing every torment the flesh withstood.

Hand of a surgeon cautiously removing the shades from his life.

How beautiful it is to listen too a soul unravel itself from the ghosts that trouble it's sanity

and be the hand that guides it to stilled waters to bathe in relief..

To watch a burden remove itself from a mind that feared all but what is known.

To watch the pieces of shattering pick themselves up from the chests floor and dance to piece together a heart once more.

"I see you" I whisper

See the fear in your opening...

Know you would sooner run then allow another cut rupture the vein of your subconscious.

I see the dried copper on the walls of your irises, how they scream of the tired wanderer's trials,

How they hold so much concealed by the falsehood in your confident thin lipped smile.

Tricks of the restless mind, pretending there is never more then what meets the eye.

But I resignate in your truth, drowning so lovely in your chaos, caressing the surface and the layers beneath the lie.

You could turn from my knowledge and believe you still remain isolated and unknown...

You can believe that you hide between the stars and space gravitating in no one, no where...

But I still see you, uncloaked of false pretense, jagged around the edges,

Still feel the cold that whimpers in your hollows sucking your will from your breath.

I know what borrows in your veins arguing with lady death and three leaf clovers with no real listening being given.

I listened to what you were saying when you said nothing...

My how I am consumed by that beauty...

Injury is only temporary, and scars fade in time, but I could always trace them with my own.

Know you can only hide from ignorance and vanity, but you can not escape a persistent outstretched hand that fits perfectly in your soul.
Written by Erotic_Goddess
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Tyrant of Words
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Webcam Romance

You in your black panties
No face
Nothing else
To identify you
But I know
What lies beneath
The wanton desire
The magical songbird
The butterfly in the sun
My lustful goddess
The woman who makes me
Stir with desire
For you
Lying and waiting
In your black panties
On the bed
With love in your heart
And fire in your veins
I found you
You were waiting for me
Tho not knowing I was coming
I’m here
At the beginning of the dawn
Arm around your waist
In a state of bliss…
Written by PoetSpeak
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Tyrant of Words
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One glance is enough to let
 My imagination wonder
At what lies beneath as I breathe a heavy sigh,
 But I…
I’m the kind to close my eyes,
 And delve into visions to deeply fantasize.

Your glance however is
 Profound enough,
To see right through and into my thoughts,
 So I…
I bare soul to you, unopposed,
 Exposed, without reserve, giving you my all.

My smile is unpretentious,
 Sincere if I may,
Because the thought of you is very stirring,
 Yet I…
I try to compose myself,
I’ve already undressed you with a naked eye.

Your smile strips every bit of me,
 From crown down to sole,
All the way to the essence of my being,
 When I
Look deep into your eyes,
 I know you know me to the very core.

My glimpse is only a pique
At the fantasy within,
Peaking beyond anything you’ve known,
 Though I…
I will do nearly anything,
 To satisfy your desires and your wants.

Your expression is heavenly,
 Splendid and superb,
There is power behind your thoughts,
 Because I,
I’m completely stripped,
 Entirely within just by your look.

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