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the Positive effect after a difficult break-up

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I cut off my hair.
Stitched the wounds around my heart.
Bought a new dress.
Bought a new purse.
Bought a new pair of shoes.
Bought a new shade of lipstick.
Paid generously for a manicure and a pedicure.
Said a prayer to forgive all my sins,
then after, cursed you with "the best of luck".

Just because you broke my heart
doesn't mean
you're going to break. . .me.

Fire of Insight
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I Drink My Coffee Black.

Stirring sugar into it,
Is the vision I have of you,
As we sat sipping in the morning,
And the taste of your lips,
That still lingers,
Decades later.

Cream mixed in becomes,
The liquid chocolate of your skin,
Still brings tingling to mine,
And is a memory,
That delights my eyes,
Decades later.

Decades later,

In lament,
I drink my coffee black.
Written by J_J_Jay_Jr
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Fire of Insight
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Faded to Gray

The memories have faded,    
And with them,    
Much of the pain.    
As those memories faded,    
The anger,    
Why him?    
Why not me?    
Bright colorful snapshots,    
Replaced by,    
A mellowed image,    
Washed out,    
Nearly lost to the fog of time,    
Nearly transparent,    
Of what once was.    
Bits still survive,    
In Sepia.    
I held your hair back,    
While you vomited,    
Your too much beer,    
You had at the party.    
Walking across campus,    
My arm around your waist,    
Your hand in my back pocket.    
Walking in the warm spring rain,    
Soaking wet,    
We were so very young.    
There are many,    
No longer vivid,    
Still warm me at night,    
Not forgotten.    
I thought of you,    
The other day,    
When Joanie,    
Breast cancer.    
Your wedding was the week,    
After mine.    
Yours ended,    
Mine is dying.    
I Googled,    
The name,    
I knew you by;    
I Googled,    
The name you took,    
Marrying him,    
Before divorcing him;    
Written by J_J_Jay_Jr
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dejure (vick)
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Just a simple poet
Dangerous Mind
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Never seen

I fell for you and you knew it
You seen me coming from afar
I thought you loved me too
You took me for a fool baby

The way we made love was crazy good
You wanted a girls night out with friends
I thought nothing of it you needed a break
The whole time you played me holly shit

You took your ex just up the road
A sleazy motel blocks away fuck me
I had a feeling I called up there
I asked for him they patched me through

I hung up I did not know what to do
I went and cleaned and knew something was missing
My daughter walked in and said daddy what are you loooing for
I could not tell her she was only 11 it would of not been right

She told me was I looking for the blue rubber cock
Fuck how did she know I was looking for that
She told me that the eldest found it one day
So she thought she would ask me

I was in shock that a 11 year old knew of such things
I said no I was not looking for such things I was just cleaning
And yes I was looking for it I knew what she was doing with her ex
When she came home the next day she acted as if nothing happend

Next thing I know her mother is accusing me of having an affair
I’m thinking wtf why would she ask such things this is ridiculous
I mentioned this when she got home, I don’t know why she would say that
Still I did not want to think the worst of her so I tried so very hard

I came back home and on while trying to save my married I received an email
It was her ex with 4 nice photos of the two of them doing the wood th8ng
The captions read look who the man is now fucking your wife
I wanted so bad to knock his head off of his shoulders

So we got divorced and we parted ways never to see each other again
Yes it’s a true story about me and her and her f,n ex who I hate very much
I still love her but she does not care about anyone but her self
I’ll always hate him her ex the piece of shit that he is never to be forgiven.

alon aLion
Dangerous Mind
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Insignificant Other

How does The Other          
Become So Insignificant          
You don’t even bother          
She doesn’t even warrant          
The most basic informalities          
expected in relationships          
of "normality"          
can Every ember extinguish          
from that initial chemistry          
causing you to relinquish,          
dismember painful memories          
thought impenetrable, buried,          
to her sweet lips emitting          
the most tender, most innocent,          
most human of queries          
how is it that I can spew          
the most horrid truths          
from current status          
way back to tortured youth          
after enjoying a handful          
of Level-Vibed goofs          
with a perceived          
like-feathered bird          
without shred of proof        
of identity        
rub-shouldered on "The WEB"          
Right Here On THIS:          
Our dreaded Inner-Tube          
The Other          
in temporal proximity          
a stone’s throw Away          
Right There          
gives loving care          
In every emergency          
Sadly unaware          
Of the urgency          
The silent Munch’s Scream          
Inside of me          
I`ll so readily          
leave data trails          
Of true confessions          
to strangers    
who are either    
kindred spirits          
or bizarre fetishests          
who do great impressions          
“familiarity breeds contempt”          
Even on the Soul-Mate Level?          
Is there any fate          
More terrible?          
After genuine Loved-ones          
Ideals are spun          
You find beauty          
And connection          
At an age so young          
You’re stunned          
You stumble          
As if stung          
By hypodermic          
Containing drug          
Turning your naïve baravado          
Into a genuine person          
Now humbled          
And that initial Surprise          
Into something alien          
Unbearably sublime          
And sustains          
for what seems          
a sufficient period of time          
to convince          
you cash in your chips          
Freedoms of Magnitude          
so inordinate in value          
to The Gifts          
for which you submit          
and like any other drug          
after those first          
incredible hits          
you chase          
that sensation          
through ever-lessening          
until left          
with something          
completely other          
and insignificant  

Dangerous Mind
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IS a Broken Heart Good for You?

Maybe a broken heart hurts for a reason.

Your heart may function like your stomach.

You see a custard pie at the deli, it looks so good, and you order a slice.  It tastes divine.  Now you’re so in love with that custard pie and can't wait to experience it again.

Going home, 'with pie on your mind,' you decide to take a blissful nap.

Suddenly you awake!  You’re in terrible pain.  It’s like there's a rat inside you trying to chew its way out. Standing up, you’re overwhelmed by the nausea.  You run to the toilet and vomit so hard, not only do you puke the custard pie out, but nearly expel your intestines as well.  Exhausted, you kneel before the porcelain altar and promise God, no matter how tempting, you'll never eat another slice of pie from that deli again.

I think our hearts may function like our stomachs.  Eating something that’s not good for you, your stomach reacts painfully and makes you expel the tainted dish.    Your heart may hurt for the same reason, so you reject tainted love before it does any more damage.  And like the deli where you bought that bad custard pie, you learn never to visit that same lover again.

When your heart hurts, listen.  It may be trying to tell you something.

poet Anonymous

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I'm Me Again

Miss you? Nope.
Love you? Joke.
Learn from you? I hope...

My friends are surprised that I actually showed.
They're even more surprised that I don't have to go.
When was the last time you got to be a bro?
When was the last time I was allowed? I don't know.

I'm so sorry about your girl; I know she was so sweet!
Cool it moms. I know you're happy again you'll never meet
The woman that cost you and your boy so much sleep..
Haha Well, since you said it, yeah, this is a treat.

Wow, your bp and your weight are back down!
What have you done to drop so many pounds?

Doc, I stopped something that was weighing me down.
Also, losing said weight allows me to freely move around.

I won't call you a hoe.
I won't diss you in the streets.
I won't run your name into the ground.

I will be a friend again.
I will be a son again
I will be healthy again.

Without you, I'm me again?
You need to say that again!
You need to say that again!
You need to say that again!

I'm me again!
Written by Dr_MANCHILD
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