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Poetry Contest

Write about one of your most vivid nightmares from your childhood that you remember. Please no more than 2 enetries per person. No less than 5 lines please.

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Looking down from the corner of a near dark abandoned room
two people and a wooden chair one tied trembling in fear
the other chuckling caressing  a blade
confused I am a feeling of dread
for I know one is me but I don't know witch one

Dangerous Mind
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He took a gun and made his way into his parents room
Now with a Glock two shots and it's over soon
His sisters next she's got the hex of death she's got to go
So first she's raped and she's beaten and she dies slow
You said you loved and you cared but it wasn't true
I call it hate and straight abuse that you put me through
Well now you're dead the blood is red in writings on the walls
Written by LBV
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Fire of Insight
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In the dead of a summer's night
i sneak out wearing just pyjamas
and down to the black beach i go
as if pulled along by a wire
i am 5

The night is so quiet the air still
the sea is calm and the tide is low
the moon emits an eerie glow
my feet are bare and cold
but onto the beach i must go

On the water's edge i see a thing
walk closer and rub my eyes
wet and covered in seaweed
sits a small wooden shed
and from a tiny square window
a yellow light shines from inside

No this cannot be

i am frightened
my senses heightened
yet i am pulled towards this
this unnatural thing
my heart is pounding
alarm bells are ringing
singing in my head
i must go on

i am there and there is a door
i hesitate for a second
rapid shallow breathing
i know this is wrong
slowly i reach out
and push the door ajar

Something grabs my arm
and roughly yanks me inside
and now it is too late
oh God
too late

There are two of them
they are so tall
and their shiny tight suits
pitch black
and their heads their heads
triangular in shape
not human

The leader the one who took me
speaks into my brain
look around what do you see?
a table my mind yells out
A Table
lay down on it face down
no i won't
i can't see their eyes
i am thrown on the table

My arms and legs are fastened
my pyjama top ripped to shreds
please please let me go
no no
leader leans in close to my ear
i am almost dying of fear
Listen Closely

My friend has a long whip for you
he will strike you three times
the pain of the first exquisite
the second will cripple you for life
but the third you little insect
it will strike you dead

Still pleading the first blow lands
my back feels like it exploded
i am just a little boy i cry
why do you hurt me?
why are you so evil?
they both laugh
because we like it

i must escape i must wake up i must escape
the second tears into me
unimaginable searing pain
a sweet taste in my mouth
i twist my head to see the brute
as he raises his mighty black arm
i am doomed

i wake up in my bed and try to scream
but not a sound comes out
my back is hurting it's burning
and mom and dad are not in the room
and i can't move my legs
somehow irrevocably
my universe has shifted

A tear puddle forms on my pillow
while all that i can think of
those shiny black suits the whip
those heads
the cold wet table
the callous wickedness
and crippled for life
crippled for life
but i live

Strange Creature
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At night alone do I suffer awake,
A tod of four and less than four feet tall.
I hear the tile floor of the kitchen thud,
Thudding, gentle scraping, akin to cloth.

Curious I peek in, horror seizes me:

Both foreign and familiar this was,
Amassed clothing balled up into living,
The creature hurt my psyche to observe,

Sadly my eyes wander downwards, I see
My mother is held by this pile of clothes
A slew of laundry that moves and breathes fast,
Engulfing my mother in the darkness.
Her body disappearing into clothes

The view was dizzying, it perplexed me
My vision bent, my body now frozen
All I could do was watch, I watched.

I cried hard in my sleep, wet face and sheets.

I never told my mother my nightmare,
I did not need more security in my bed,
I only loved her more as any child should
Because I could always lose my mother
To the darkness I do not understand.
Written by Herakleitos
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Fire of Insight
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(At 3:55am), He held my courage.
Chopped it and prepared porridge.
Fed me with the delicacy,
Impying variant fallacies.

I woke by my fear,
Broke free the tears.
Was willing to close my eyes,
But the nightmare left me entice.

Gregory Rain
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My Guarding Demon (written by... well... me... duh)

Mr.Rain:                                                  Annie:  
Sudden Dreaming, so Appealing....  
Date of Lover, once my Flower....  

                                  "what if your love's voice - haunted you' in your dreams?"  

But soon all falls into Abyss....  

                                  "bloody nightmares - full of devious grins..."  

Her fading Voice Sharpest thing is....  

                                  "and when you wake up - what the next day brings?"  

White tree Alley, whispers gently....  

                                  "her fading voice - the sharpest of all_things... ^-^"  

"Evil Valley! Consequently!"  

Iris Red glow, "Shinu" Sign show...  
Beautifull Smile, can not be Vile....  

                                  "and here comes' me! Annie! - in to your dreams! ^_^"  

Apears this Girl just her only....  

                                  "mouth full of sharp teeth - she laughs' she screams!"  

Seems nice, Seems cute, Seems so lonely....  

                                  "she'll slice your throath - she will bite it out! :3"  

So i ask Her, not knowing cost....  

                                  "when you wake up - did she just' messed around?"  

Side might Prefer? Maybe she's lost?  
She takes my hand, through this Grey land....  
Sings so nicely, walks precisely....  

                                  "well wasn't it the perfect - excel'ent time? :)"  

All around us horrors crawling!  

                                  "for the realest, the crulest - of nightmares to come?^_^"  

Fear grasps my Heart she's just strolling!  

                                  "I will let you choose - you will lose, or you fight! ;)"  

Who's this Being? so weird appears....  

                                  "not just single tear - you will cry, in the night! >D"
All not Seeing, her song reveals....  

Singing of Death, Best Friends last Breath....  
How from my Nose, i shall sneeze Rose....  

                                  "And what would you do - if your best frined died?"  

Claret lines of Despair she says....  

                                  "And what would you do - if you every day saw blood? ^^"  

My attention somewhere else stays....  

                                  "what if you sneezed it - from your nose? :O"  

Dreadfull mistake, not to listen....  

                                  "how long, will you maintain - your happy pose? >D"  

What comes I'll take, Red Eyes glisten!  
Despair she sees, Smiles through my Dreams....  
With evil Songs, for my Life longs....  

                                  "deep in the depressions - the Darkest Dreams Dont Die...."  

All she says soon happens to me....  

                                  "I keep on coming - you keep asking why? :O"  

Still wondering how can this be....  

                                  "I surely have my reasons - don't care if you "deserve" ;)"  

Will to live is getting Idle....  

                                  "killing you in nightmares - hope the pain's soo serve :3"  

While arrive thoughts Suicidal!  
Going Insane, as She brings Pain!  
But through Red Signs, my Claret Lines!  

                                  "but I wont stop coming - no I wont give peace..."  

Enter Grey World, no Ligth, no Hope....  

                                  "keep slicing your soul - won't leave a piece :3"  

Begging white trees for Sturdy Rope....  

                                  "standing on the bridge - feeling cold night breeze ^_^"  

Darkening Rise! Humor of Sin!  

                                  "last words I told him, never repeat please :O"  

So i Realize, With Her akin!  

Come close Honey, When night's sunny!  
Shinu Sign Sings, Sweet Despair brings....  

                                  "click click boom - no more weep! ^_^"  

Tell me Tales from world Grey and Mad....  

                                  "swallow all your pills - and go to sleep! ;)"  

Make my life so Joyfull and Sad....  

                                  "So say your name and last pray tonight :3"  

Lovely Nightmare, Tears me apart! ^^  

                                  "there's only one truth - the truth of CRIMSONITE!!! >D"  

Demon i Bear, Deep in my Heart! ^^

note: it's about this Lady called Annie i used to have (still do have actually) recurring nightmares of (but for the record they begun when i was 14 after my Miracle went back home so it's pretty borderline childhood)
note2: it's technically supposted to be a "poem-duet" but the formating competitions have doesn'T seem to handle that (or i'm unable to make it do so anyway) sorry for the inconvinience

Fire of Insight
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Haunting Evils

A fierce force    
Chasing thy weakened hope    
To the imprisoning room    
in fear    
A loud    
Bangs the locked door    
Quiver and shake-    
for it comes for thee...    
Next to the door  
Back pressing against the wall;  
Cower in fright...    
As those demons are approaching    
Slamming sharpened shame    
Through telegraphic transition to mind    
The air fills with great stench;    
Rotten flesh    
Rotten food;    
It suffocates    
Clogging up the nose  
Drowning the fragrance    
There's no life    
No light to live on   
In this darkened room;    
exposed and bare    
Of fragile mind      
Fragile soul...    
Shelter our hearts;    
Slowly it shall kill..  
Vital forces cleaves through    
Disintegrating our life  
Our being    
Impregnating hatred inside    
Implanting luscious lusts and dreams    
Stay inside...    
Never come out...    
For vicious monsters seek thy all    
Written by SourMelon0313 (H)
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Fire of Insight
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Thing Of Nightmares

I woke to dark, cold, bare skin
No recollection of time before or how I had ended up here.
I feared for reason why I'd be here this way.
Feared knowing reason why my wrists were bound and my legs were braced.
Hazy mind, body struggles for release.
Not my own....
I knew then I wasn't alone.
That someone, something I feared was close at hand.
He exited the dark to allow me gaze upon my nightmares and my screams were muffled down the barrel of a gun.
My heart pace fast, my eyes screamed and paced searching through darkness for a means of escape that never came.
Sweet sixteen, innocence stolen by him.
Mocks her tears and fright with Satan's laughter and forces himself on her.
No shame for him, but for me I was filth, disgusting, something to be swept under the rug to hide from the world, dying while he only delighted in the silence of my misery.
Suffered this way three days, two nights before I was allowed the chance to run.
Rape was only the tip of the iceberg, the least of the pain he inflicted, it was the in between moments when his insanity shuttered me very core.
Moments, hours at times of beatings with objects, seemed he'd use what was easy to find and Satan would laugh as my pain cried.
Prayed to be released from this world, a cage I trembled helplessly in.
His favorite thing it seemed was a rusty old coat hanger he'd heat and use to burn my skin, he smiled a monsters snarling drooling grin to watch me try without hope to move away from it.
His hands wrapped my throat as a scarf might and I fainted many times hoping one time it'd be just tight enough so as to fade from this world and from the haunting that would remain.
Even after bars locked him away, it did little to ease my mind, for in restless sleep he'd be back again, a thing of nightmares free, and I was bound and my screams went mute down the barrel of his gun.
Written by Erotic_Goddess
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Dangerous Mind
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Dark Nightmare

A dream where you keep falling with no end in sight.
Darling, you wake up in the middle of the night
With a cold sweat because you are too afraid to
 Stumble into the darkness and hole around you.
All of this unknown darkness keeps you up.
You are too afraid to drink what is in the cup.
Everything is swirling and too out of control
For you. All of it makes you want to be whole
Again because these nightmares always keep
You too paralyzed. You could let the light seep
Within you as the light comes through the crack
Of the windows. You cannot yourself black
Out and forget it all, but you can do your best
To forgive the nightmare. All you want is rest.
Written by eswaller
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