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Fear of Fear

Lost Thinker
United States
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Poetry Contest

Write about one of your biggest fears and why you haven't overcome it yet.

Nathaniel Peter
Fire of Insight
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Unsaved (the fear of eternal separation)

Looking inside
I gauge myself
Scaled against these words
What is life to one is death to another
Losing momentum with interpretation
Defeated by the thoughts contrary
Grace contradicted by condemnation
What good is unconditional love?
When I bear no evidence of follow through
When at the altar of my spirit we wed
But action is requisite to reprove the vow
More than just the words, I do

I leave my lips on Your cheek before I turn
Like my mark is less the scars on your back
Or the nail pierced hands, but my affections set for betrayal
When what I fear most is the rational consequence
Yet that mercy would curb the appetites of wrath
Wherein justice craves blood
Like a second death penalty

Paranoia, my sins make of me an enemy to self and God
When I yield to my finite impulse to enmity and grieve hope
Did You die on the cross for the wounds of the flesh or the heart humanity takes turns breaking?
As we crucify You beyond the grave
For our inability to drink free will responsibly
Drunk on the highs of our blood lust and the ways we induce euphoria
Reluctant to look You in the eye
Lest the veil be rent and our souls are invaded by the light
As I dissipate with this dark affair
More loyal to the master of my own despair
Betrothed at the gates with an anchor heart

My lingering doubts like a slow drip at the base of my faith
I call You my Savior, but where are You when I donít feel safe?

Thought Provoker
United States
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Spit it on the Paper

I should've spit it out  

You were spoiled. You were rotten  
They always said be careful who you lay with because even when they're gone, their spirit stays  

I should've spit it out †

Because drinking from your fountain poisoned mine  
I thought I had the strength to fight you off  
But you tore down my walls and fought your way through  

I should've spit it out  

Cause fuck it, it just wasn't good  
It went from sweet to sour  
Turns out this fountain was no longer ours  

I should've spit it out  

I was evicted long before a new tenant emerged  
I was evicted long before the sign went up and made me submerge  
And still I can't get you out my system, I can't get you off my mental  

So I'll spit it on this paper  

Fucking me was a trophy for your needs  
Baby I was everything and please  
If I get poetic on you, can you hang with this flow that will be unleashed from this soul drenched in nothing but holes and rows of emptiness that I sowed  

For I was told that you possessed nothing but gold, riches that bitches could never seem to keep ahold  
Shit you drew me in with intoxicating ways and unforgettable prayers  
How clever you were, you knew all of my ways  
You'd lay me down, and stroke me unforgettably  
Something I regrettably pursued on the daily †
Whispers in my ear that you would always be here  
Wiped all the tears from the growing fears and still I couldn't get enough  
With every fuck I learned what it was like to be stuck  
Still I couldn't get enough  
It's the harsh reality that all of our formalities ended in sorrow filled legalities that fucked with this mentality †
And it's a bitch, that I still can't get enough

Unknown Artist for painting
Written by troublesome_98 (Honey_)
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Gregory Rain
Twisted Dreamer
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Lady Despair

Trying to erase her past....
She desperately longs for....
Wanting to be last....
Wanting to be more....
Loving white....
But wearing black....
With wish to take a bite....
She puts chocolate back....
Loving Rain....
But staing under roof....
Wrists decorated with pain....
Eyes waterproof....
Wishing for someone to care....
Wishing for world to end....
My Lady Despair....
My only Friend....
Just like i have always been....
My own wife....
My own knife....
Forever Stuck between....
Trying to live my life....

....And trying to run from it....

and why i haven't overcame this fear yet? Well, when it comes to depression and feeling so alone that not only other people make you feel alone but even you make yourself feel alone.... i don't see how can anyone who had previously or is now experiencing that could not fear it.... i mean... why fear death? living a life you don't want to live is much worse... and much more scarry....

Fire of Insight
United States
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Running As I Do Best

Sometimes it's the unspoken words that hold the truth, those heartfelt messages hidden between the lines that need to be read, but are only skimmed hastily.

How imperfect his pen is as it tears through my pages rewriting my scars back to surface,
retracing their prominence forcing facing myself in somebody else's view.

I see only the pain that I drowned for moments in whiskey and coke induced haze,
and he wants me too embrace the pain that returns in coming back down to my reflection.

Fingers follow his eyes opening my eyes to a future that only comes when one can except the root of the pain and not stagger to numb,
numb comes in pleasures and they rock me to sleep.

His voice is still whispering song of pleasures from the pain and I can only hush and listen tears streaming down my face...
as an artist continues memorizing my mannerisms oblviously it would seem.

But his recollection of me knows the tears and they fall from his eyes at my hand.

I was selfish in my wanting for something beyond the past,
knowing I still carried it's torch in my chest as I wrote of love I only wished I could have bared.
But I bared my flesh, my scars and hid my soul and empty from his open arms.

The artist looks at me falling helplessly as I only can turn to leave and stand in his recollection baring the flesh of fear,

A fear of everything screaming in my eyes, and I am running away as is what I do best.

Running to the pain I am familiar, the rage that fills my hollowed chest.

And I dream of the artist, drawing him in my recollections on nights like this hidden between lines he skins in broken Haste, and he thinks me oblivious to the tears streaming down his face.

Does he remember his recollection as I do his smiling face?

I am not good for any one, I am pain to the touched, I don't reach out to bleed a goat dry, but my hand severs the artists heart from his pen.
I can only hope that one day I will embrace myself and my scars the way he recollects them....


Gentle as the tides against the sand, as easily as I fell in love with the man behind the artist....

Maybe one day I will stop running from happiness...

For now I run....
Running is what I do best.
Written by Erotic_Goddess
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Signs and Forebodings

I do not fear harm to my physical being,
But rather for my state of mind,
I fear the heart ache and loneliness,
That the fates will take what is mine.
I do not fear discomfort to this body,
But the agony of taking my affection,
For one brush with death is one too many,
For I dread a long and endless dejection.
I do not fear death for itís inevitable,
But I do fear it for taking the one I love,
For when there are signs and forebodings,
I fear a punishment is coming from above.
Yes, I may be selfish and egotistical,
But I want to grow old with my mate,
For I fear the ages of being alone,
Iím want to trade places and fates.

Dangerous Mind
United States
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Facing Intimacy

Intimacy is like learning how to ride a bike. You fall,
But then you get up and try again. You hit the wall
When you are afraid and terrified of being in that
Intimacy all alone. You are always afraid to go splat
Against the sidewalk when no one is there to share
That with you. When you show yourself and care
Too much, that is always when you hurt the most.
You are terrified that people will constantly ghost
On you and disappear. You are constantly afraid
To be in these feelings and emotions that cascade
On you, while feeling lonely. You have nobody
To curl up to when you have these fears at three
In the morning when you cannot go back to sleep.
You know when you find them because they keep
You close by when you finally face your fears
Head on. They will always wipe away the tears.
Written by eswaller
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Starving Demons
Fire of Insight
United States
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How many entries can you submit?

David Macleod
Tyrant of Words
United Kingdom
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My Only Fear

Some fear spiders, some fear snakes
Some say effort is all it takes
Some fear starvation, some fear drought
It takes more than effort to knock the fear out
Some fear living, some fear dying
Some fear take off, some fear flying
Some fear cowardice and some fear violence
Some fear thunder and some fear silence
Some fear the wasp and some fear the bee
Some fear the eyes that cannot see
Some fear anger some fear aggression
Some fear being hyper and some fear depression
Some fear, fear its self
Some fear being left on the shelf
Some fear women, some fear men
Some fear lions in the lions den
Some fear judgement and some fear hell
Some fear the torture, some fear the smell
Some fear hatred, some fear love
I fear simply none of the above
But there is one fear that drops me like a stone
Itís the fear of living and dying alone

Twisted Dreamer
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Iím Not Afraid. †

There is one thing
If I were to say,
That something
That wonít go away,
Although I search
Very carefully,
perhaps looking,
around, their for me,
Its something Iím lacking,
Everyone needs it,
For protection, Attacking,
Oh my dear, Its a fear,
All consuming, ever looming,
Iím afraid, that Im concluding,
Iím not afraid.

Written by xXPaRADoXx
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Dangerous Mind
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The fear
that I fear
is the fear
that all the seeds
that I've written
lay slowly decaying
on barren ground

Thought Provoker
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Fear of nothing

I fear of nothing
and thatís my greatest fear.

What if one day †
there will be nothing at all
wake up in the morning
without nothing to do
the world full of people
idle and wasted on nothingness †
looking for something
that smells life itself
unable to find †
the alternative of something
that is already digest?

I fear of nothing
feelings thrown in the rubbish
words to remain unspoken
bodies that will never be touched
lips that will stop being kissed.

So scared to lose humanism
so afraid to fail †
in being addicted to happiness.

I fear of nothing
and thatís my greatest fear
my favorite fear would be
to have nothing to fear.

Starving Demons
Fire of Insight
United States
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Bullets In The Soul

White soul dipped in crimson    
Bleeding out  
It's as if the soul heard the word escape

Quicker the heart pounds †
Sending crimson drops to splash the floor †

Wings start to stretch †  
Longing to fly... †
Fly away from the cage †

Warrior soul is battered... †
†† † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † † †Torn... †
The fight still beats... †  
      Faintly ... †

Picking at the bars †

Lacing painful tears with courage, †
So they dry faster †
Praying to a God
that leaves a faint hint of  
doubt upon my tounge †
All I wish for is a heaven... †
A heaven accommodating enough for me. †  
† †
Written by Jadedembers (Starving Demons)
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Tyrant of Words
United States
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Sacred Contracts XXVIII: Fear

I. Confession † † † † †  
† † † † † †  
I confess embracing the ecstasy
of joyful moments in your absence
while rejecting the balance of pain
your presence brought to experience
the contrast of contractual agreement  

I confess to having concealed your  
essence within wet marshlands  
of impression to forget you existed  
dreaming to be free of outstretched  
palms and bewildering numbness  

I confess I pretended to hold you  
as an infant against my breasts  
when you reared an indignant head  
so that I could comfort and appeasa  
your wrath to regain my happiness. † † † † † †  
† † † † † †  
I confess I have always sensed you  
in the silence of uncertainty, a dark  
peal of feral stray edging against  
starvation, shaking the infrastructure  
of constructed conclusion loose  

I confess I ignored your quantum  
field of energy during confusion  
seeking instead a palpable awareness  
a kaleidoscopic portal of myself  
clothed in calm understanding  

I confess it wasnít you who needed  
my dark mantle of consciousness about  
your insecurity of being, nor desired  
what none but you could understand  
within our authentic nature of Truth  

I confess it is I who has waited  
needing you † † † † † †  
† † † † † †  
II. Absolution † † † † † †  
† † † † † †  
I do not absolve Fearís hacking cough  
in hopes it asphyxiates, nor shall coax  
it from the covert chamber of self  
as a stray I could Love†

I'll run to it, let it instruct there is nothing  
to ever be afraid of, not even fear itself; †
I absolve those who say so

We only need fear ourselves
 † † † † † †  
~ † † †
Written by Ahavati
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Fire of Insight
United States
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Thank you to our lovely host and too David on the win and to drone!

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