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I love a black woman.

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Write something romantic of how you love a black woman

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I Drink My Coffee Black.

Stirring sugar into it,
Is the vision I have of you,
As we sat sipping in the morning,
And the taste of your lips,
That still lingers,
Decades later.

Cream mixed in becomes,
The liquid chocolate of your skin,
Still brings tingling to mine,
And is a memory,
That delights my eyes,
Decades later.

Decades later,

In lament,
I drink my coffee black.
Written by J_J_Jay_Jr
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Nubian Minnesotans

Somalian women
Walk slowly past me
Dressed in beautiful robes
In a spectrum colors
They're adorned in
Mystical fragrances
Of fresh cut flowers
And blended citrus
Bring back to me
A childhood memory
Of when I was enchanted
By my first bowl of
Fruit Loops cereal  

The Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis Minnesota is home to large population of Somalians. Nearly everyday I encounter these wonderful people.  Most fascinating are the beautiful Somalian women wearing their bright robes of many colors.  Adding to my fascination, these women wear natural based perfumes that are fragrant but not over powering.  

These new citizens of the far North, bring colorful beauty to our streets, especially during our long dreary winters.  

Written by snugglebuck
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Drawing Deep The Well That Night

The smoke and ash from glowing embers    
Left from a fire that raged hot that night      
Was when she in her darkest thoughts had      
Wrapped me in a deeper velvet, covering      
A bed of lamb's wool, to be smothered      
In a traditional, biblical love.      
Where my paleness was the milk & honey      
That laid among the goat herd with their teats      
Full & dangling as I woke from their bleats.      
And there she was, the warrior shepherdess      
Waving the herd aside like a sea parting      
Just as she began to kneel over me,      
With musk descending, my arms reaching,      
Our bodies curved as goat bells scattered.    
Written by Heaven_sent_Kathy
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